At least this store sign will tell you the bitter truth about ‘No Man’s Sky’

15 days ago

Sad, but true.
Image: reddit/hotsqueakybiscuits

Oh, No Man’s Sky. You showed so much promise.

The hotly-anticipated game looked incredible with its infinite universe and seemingly revolutionary gameplay. But its players have found it to be a few cents short of a dollar. A Happy Meal with no toy. In other words, boring and disappointing.

So, as players fume over a game that fails to live up to expectations, you’d expect game stores to do what they can to sell off all stock of No Man’s Sky quickly, before the little Johnnies of the world realise that it isn’t good.

But Australian/New Zealand electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi won’t lie to you, as demonstrated by this hilarious sign posted on the /r/gaming subreddit by hotsqueakybiscuits, calling No Man’s Sky “the best refund simulator of 2016.”

“10/10 would refund again,” the sign adds.

Image: reddit/hotsqueakybiscuits

JB Hi-Fi are well known for their cheeky store displays, such as this sarcastic “games for girls” shelf put up a few months back, with many more available documented at this website, JB Hi-Fi Reviews.

Now, where did that receipt go?

[h/t Kotaku]

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‘Pokmon Go’ players are looking for love on Craigslist

17 days ago

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 11: (L to R) Michelle Macias and Sameer Uddin play Pokemon Go on their smartphones outside of Nintendo’s flagship store, July 11, 2016 in New York City.
Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Thanks to the new addictive app Pokmon Go, millennial missed connections are on the rise.

A slew of Pokmon Go trainers posted missed connection ads on Craigslist for people they interacted with while playing the game. Let’s help these hopeful souls find their Ash Ketchums.

A shy San Francisco trainer is feeling positive.

Image: craigslist

A Chicago user will stop at nothing when it comes to Pokmon metaphors.

Image: craigslist

One Atlanta player professed love for a generous player who turned a PokStop into a lure stop.

Image: craigslist

One Team Mystic member is proposing an innocent Chicago meet-up to catch Pokmon together.

Image: craigslist

A Chicago resident’s friend got in the way of this PokConnection.

Image: craigslist

Two Arizonans exchanged info on the whereabouts of Sandslash and Magmar and one of them is hoping to exchange a little more.

Image: craigslist

Image: craigslist

A Seattle user is hoping his crush will forgive him for “nerding out” over Pokmon Go.

Image: craigslist

One person from Maine looked past love and selflessly used Craigslist to reveal the location of a sneaky Mew.

Image: craigslist

And a Dallas resident is still trying to flirt their way out of a ticket.

Image: craigslist

Love is just around the corner. Rather, just around a PokStop.

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Japan’s Cup Noodles Museum is both educational and tasty

20 days ago

When Kylie Jenner Snpachatted about her fancy instant ramen, the internet exploded.

So when a whole museum dedicated to Cup Noodles opens…we get very, very jealous.

Cup Noodles Museum, located in Yokohama, Japan, allows for many picture-taking opportunities.

A photo posted by John (@ks0805.s) on Oct 10, 2016 at 6:26am PDT

The museum is not only delicious, but it’s educational, too it teaches visitors about the history of instant ramen and its inventor, Momofuku Ando.

But let’s be real, the best part is probably getting your own custom Cup Noodles made.

A video posted by Chiaki.m (@chii.m112) on Oct 5, 2016 at 4:04am PDT

Not only do you get to choose your own ingredients, but you also get to decorate your cup.

A photo posted by Minako (@xshintuuu) on Oct 9, 2016 at 5:55am PDT

A photo posted by Haruka Kanai (@hrk___27) on Oct 10, 2016 at 2:54am PDT

And there’s even a workshop where you can make your own chicken ramen noodles.

Making my own instant noodle

A photo posted by lazybee (@lazybee) on Sep 22, 2016 at 2:00am PDT

A photo posted by koo (@nomline) on Sep 21, 2016 at 11:57pm PDT

You can pose with a variety of noodly art.

A photo posted by marcel_oka (@marcel_oka) on Oct 7, 2016 at 4:09am PDT

A photo posted by ShinWong (@theinvisiblelady) on Oct 9, 2016 at 12:45am PDT

A photo posted by Best (@hiyokora) on Oct 7, 2016 at 7:30am PDT

And you can take your custom, vacuum-sealed creation home via a high-tech bag.

A photo posted by Yuki Sato (@satoyu129) on Oct 6, 2016 at 12:00pm PDT

Is anyone else suddenly hungry?

[H/T: Foodbeast]

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Miley Cyrus possibly Instagrammed evidence that she married Liam Hemsworth

1 month, 13 days ago

Image: mileycyrus/instagram

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie, and since then, their love has had all the twists and turns of a Sparksian romance, including a broken engagement and reunion.

Now, based on Instagram, it seems like they may have finally tied the knot. Miley shared a shot of herself tongue out wearing a Pineapple Express bathings suit and a wedding band.

pool daaaaaze

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Jul 24, 2016 at 3:52pm PDT

Recent hints that they’re making things official this time include her Hemsworth tee and tattoo of Vegemite paying tribute to her love’s homeland.

Between Hemsworth and the couple’s many dogs, Miley has built a cuddle-friendly life for herself.

So much love in one pic…. get ur happy hippie teeeee hereeeee

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Jul 17, 2016 at 5:01pm PDT

But Hemsworth also seems pretty close to this alien, so you never really know what’s going on behind closed doors especially where Miley is concerned.


A photo posted by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on Jun 29, 2016 at 5:12am PDT

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This sweet proposal photo has the internet totally delighted

1 month, 26 days ago

A proposal photo blew up across the internet on Saturday thanks to a happy bystander pictured in the photo’s background.

Carlos Jair, a Twitter user from Houston, Texas, shared a photo of the moment his sister proposed to her girlfriend at the Art Institute of Chicago. In his tweet, he drew attention to the delighted older woman smiling at the happy couple.

His sister Jessica tells that she and the photographer were looking over photos taken the day of the proposal when they noticed the woman’s sweet reaction.

“It really made that photo even more special,” she told

Carlos’s tweet garnered more than 276,000 likes, more than 89,000 retweets and even drew a congratulatory note from Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James.

A few hours after Carlos posted the photo, Jessica shared the couple’s proposal video.

She’s also asked for Twitter’s help in finding the woman who made their photo such a massive success.

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Tituss Burgess’ gloriously scathing Yelp review will give you life

2 months, 3 days ago

Image: netflix

If you’ve ever had moving woes, feel vindicated in the fact that there are heroes out there who are fighting back.

Tituss Burgess, “Emmy Nominated Actor for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, currently streaming on Netflix,” wrote the perfect one-star review for a Brooklyn moving company July 13.

The company in question, Franks Express, which not only neglected to do their job, but also asked for a Yelp review before it was done, left Burgess extremely disappointed to say the very least.

Image: Yelp

“My name is Tituss Burgess. Im an Emmy Nominated Actor for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt currently streaming on Netflix. That’s besides the point. But watch it,” Burgess’ review begins instantly proving credibility because there can’t be a person on the planet who doesn’t love Tituss.

The rest of the review details how things quickly escalated with Franks Express. Here is a timeline of events:

  • 11 a.m.: Burgess calls to arrange a pick up of his couch. The representative quotes that they will be at his home at 1 p.m.

  • 1 p.m.: No movers.

  • 1:30 p.m.: Still no movers. Burgess calls the company again to check on the arrival, the representative tells him that he is late and will give him a discount in exchange for a good Yelp review. Burgess, understandably, asks that the job be completed before he does that, and the representative tells him, “no review no show.”Texting back and forth continues for 45 minutes. During this time, the representative calls Burgess a nasty, anti-gay slur.

“It completely threw my entire day….I’m going to post this to Twitter, to my Instagram, to my Facebook. You messed with the wrong Queen,” Burgess wrote.

He perfectly recapped his scathing review on Instagram.

And shared both the review and the saved text messages to Twitter. Warning for anyone out there who is sensitive to anti-LGBT language, one of the messages contains an anti-gay slur.

The above tweet also includes a telephone number that does not match the Franks Express Yelp page, however, when we Google searched the number, it brought up another moving company that has several numbers and several different names, and has many reviews that users have flagged as a scam. It is not clear whether Franks Express is affiliated with this company.

Franks Express has responded to Burgess on Yelp, claiming they had nothing to do with the incident and that Burgess never called them. However, it’s clear from the text messages that Burgess dealt with some unprofessional mover via phone.

Image: yelp

At the moment, Yelp is monitoring the Franks Express page “for content related to media reports.”

We are with you Tituss. Stay strong.

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Fag activists are hurling a giant LGBTQ dance party right outside Mike Pence’s house

2 months, 16 days ago

Image: jean vandevanter white/ werkforpeace

Chevy Chase, the quiet D.C. neighborhood soon to be home to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, is about to get truly, really loud.

Activists behind WerkForPeace and #DisruptJ20 have joined together to plan a huge queer dancing party outside of Pence’s new home this Wednesday, Jan. 18 th. Queer dancers and their allies will follow a dancing route through Pence’s new neighborhood, hoping to get as close as possible to his home.

“We have planned a route to dancing through Pence’s neighborhood and celebrate queerness, leaving behind traces of rainbow and glitter that he is bound to see and never forget, ” Firas Nasr, a representative from WerkForPeace, told Mashable in an email. “Our most important point is to celebrate our love for one another and our diversity through dance and self-expression. He will know we are there! “

Image: Jean van devanter White/ werkforpeace

LGBTQ activists are deeply concerned about the vice president-elect’s recordon issues pertaining to the gay community. In the past, Pence expressed support for conversion therapy, a dangerous practise currently opposed by the American Medical Association.

Trump himself has promised to sign the First Amendment Defense Act,which would allow business, landowners and even hospitals to turn away LGBTQ people if their needs violate the owners’ religious beliefs.

WerkForPeace wants to make its opposition known( and, in a welcome growth, actually have fun at the same period ). The group, coordinated after the Pulse nightclub massacre, has schemed similar dancings in the past. And members are expecting a large turnout for the Pence protest 😛 TAGEND

“Over 2,000 people have expressed interest, and virtually 500 people have[ RSVPd] to come out and werrrkkk! Yas queen! ” Nasr told Mashable .

Pence’s new neighborhood hasn’t exactly welcomed him with open arms. Previously, Pence’s neighbours plastered the region with lesbian flags and signs that read “This Neighborhood Trusts Women.” Pence has also expressed support for defunding Schemed Parenthood and overruling Roe V. Wade.

“We choose to bring the dance floor to the streets and assert that #WeAreHere and #WeWillDance. No longer will we remain silent about intolerance in our country, especially when it is occupying one of the highest positions in government. Instead, we choose to stand together and #werkforpeace, ” Nasr told Mashable .

Image: jean van dewanter white/ werkforpeace

More details about the event can be found here.

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Jon Snow’s fate helped Kit Harington get out of a speeding ticket

2 months, 17 days ago
Warning: Spoiler alert if you haven’t been watching Game of Thrones !

Turns out that nothing is sacred when it comes to the possibility of get a speeding ticket and even the mighty Jon Snow disintegrates before the law.

Kit Harington to halt The Tonight Show and spoke with Jimmy Fallon about who knew what about Jon Snow’s fate before the most recent season premiered.

Harington tells a policeman once pulled him over for speeding, and asked him what anyone would, really: Is Jon Snow alive? Oh, and whether Harington gets a ticket or not depends on his answer.

No pressure. The Lord Commander devotes the right answer.

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50 very unlikely things we want from the Democratic National Convention

4 months, 3 days ago

Image: alex wong, Getty Images

We got through the Republican National Convention , now it’s just one more week until we’re officially in the race for the White House. There’s merely one more candidate to nominate.

The Democratic National Convention will gavel in on Monday afternoon, where Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will likely be nominated at the Democratic party’s nominees for President and Vice President of the United States, respectively.

There will be speeches. There is likely to be celebrities. There is likely to be flag pins.

We hope there will be so much more.

1. Tim Kaine does a harmonica solo.

2. Tim Kaine and Bill Clinton do a harmonica/ sax duet.

3. Bill Clinton shares his best vegan recipes( yes, he’s a vegan now ).

4. Hillary rent off some sassy one-liners.

5. Elizabeth Warren lays down some murderer Trump puns.

6. Elizabeth Warren challenges Trump to a rap battle.

7. The Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays as Bernie Sanders comes on stage.

8. Lin-Manuel Miranda writes Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders a devastating hip-hop medley.

9. Unlike the RNC, person talks about policy.

10. Bernie Sanders wails, “THIS ISN’T OVER! ” And does a stage dive.

11. Again, teens flood the convention looking for Pokmon.

12. Beyonc performs a spectacular new hitting dedicated to our new, all powerful gynocracy.

13. A video tribute to menstruation. Deal with it.

14. Hillary ends her acceptance speech by saying “Hillary OUT! ” and falling the mic.

15. A synchronized dance number

16. Hillary discloses herself to be a benevolent robot, hoping to bring peace to us humans.

17. In the name of transparency, Hillary reads every ecard, chain letter and intra-office meme she sent between 1996 and 2013.

18. Hillary changes video games by wearing a crop top instead of a pant suit

19. There is a sketch starring Jimmy Fallon.

20. Bernie Sanders announces his next move as KFC’s new spokesman, Colonel Sanders.

21. Nobody mentions emails.

22. Larry David stands in for Bernie Sanders.

23. Bernie Sanders paraglides into the convention stadium.

24. Bill Clinton announced today he, Obama and Chelsea are forming a band and touring the country.

25. They are called Barry, Willy and Chels.

26. Obama challenges Hillary to a game of stone, paper, scissors for the presidency.

27. Tim Kaine sings a heartbreaking ballad called, “I’m Only A Little Bit Boring.”

28. It’s actually merely Obama in a Hillary mask.

29. Joe Biden kisses Tim Kaine to transfer is Vice Presidential powers to him.

30. Hillary’s acceptance speech is merely 15 minutes because she knows some of us have to be up in the morning. Maintain it short and sweet, Hill.

31. Al Gore talks about whales for 45 minutes.

32. Kate McKinnon stands in for Hillary for the duration of the convention.

33. Hillary’s speech is annotated with GIFs.

34. Bernie Sanders turns the tables by impersonating Larry David.

35. Elizabeth Warren stands up and says, “Screw it, I’M running for President, ” and the crowd cheers.

36. Russia will hack into the screens, demonstrating Season 4 of The Americans

37. Trump will somehow appear on stage every night.

38. Obama will spend most of his speech talking about all of the mystery novels he will read once his word is over.

39. In an effort to appear cooler, Tim Kaine will wear sunglasses for the duration of the convention.

40. Bill Clinton alleviates his ‘9 0s glory by giving his speech wearing a choker and a flannel shirt tied around his waist.

41. Someone please merely admit that climate change is real.

42. Lenny Kravitz appears on stage as 90 percent scarf.

43. Nancy Pelosi and Stephen Colbert do a hilarious presidential version of “Who’s On First? “

44. No one utters the phrase “All lives matter.”

45. The Wyoming delegation, who play Pokemon Go as Team Insight, gets into a big fight with the Michigan delegation, who are Team Valor.

46. People spend the entire convention trying to decide where they’ve find Chlo Grace Moretz.

47. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is nowhere to be seen. At all. For the entire convention. Please just stay away.

48. Everyone watches The West Wing for four days.

49. Unlike the RNC, Democrat will actually talk about their nominee in speeches, rather than the opposition’s.

50. Peace on earth and good will towards men and women.

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Couple’s love of puns and ‘The Addams Family’ becomes a great Halloween costume

5 months, 4 days ago

If you love puns, Halloween offers the best opportunity to let your silly antics run wild.

Reddit user SavioSega shared a photo of he and his wife dressed as Morticia and Gomez ‘Atoms.’ The two constructed themselves into the building blocks of matter while playing on The Addams Family name. I’ll likely created more groans than frightens this Halloween.

These goofballs clearly knew how to keep the All Hallow’s Eve magic alive. Just look at those protons.

The Atoms Family from funny

Opposites truly do attract.

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