Screaming, fist-banging and ‘spit on my face’: What it was like to work for Wynn

13 hours ago

Las Vegas( CNN) Steve Wynn slipped a pair of vampire teeth into his mouth and walked into federal employees session at his glittering Las Vegas casino.

It didn’t work.

The 15 merchants he faced inside the Wynn Las Vegas — all fuming over his new policy that greatly reduced take-home pay — would afterward file a complaint against him with the National Labor Relations Board, “says hes” threatened to fire them if they unionized. They told a board judge that the mogul constructed his phase by hurling a tantrum, wailing, belittling them and slamming his fist on a table.

Former cocktail waitress celebrates Wynn resignation

U.S. slams Iran for arrests of Baha’i leaders 8 years ago

29 days ago

( CNN) The United States condemned the 2008 arrests of Baha’i leaders in Iran Saturday and asked the Islamic Republic to free them.

Iran arrested Fariba Kamalabadi, Jamaloddin Khanjani, Afif Naeimi, Saeid Rezaie, Behrouz Tavakkoli, Vahid Tizfahm, and Mahvash Sabet. They were all convicted of espionage, insulting religion sanctities, and propaganda against the Islamic Republic. They were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

“We join the international community in condemning their continued imprisonment and calling upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to release them immediately, along with all other captives of conscience in Iran, ” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement issued on Saturday.

Sources: Vegas killer paid money for property and privacy

1 month ago

Mesquite, Nevada( CNN) He seemed so ordinary, only another house-hunting retiree, when he strolled with his girlfriend into the sales office of the Sun City development in late 2014. The agents had just what Stephen Craig Paddock was looking for — a 2,000 -square-foot, two-bedroom stucco rambler on a cul-de-sac.

He stood about 6-foot-4 but came across as “low key and relaxed, a good guy, ” one of the real estate agents recalled, speaking on condition of anonymity. Balding and paunchy, Paddock was the opposite of flashy. On his application, he said his income came from “gambling.” He gambled about$ 1 million a year, he told one of the agents.

And he paid money for the house, the agents said — $ 369,022.

Former Miss Alabama on why she called the Dallas shooter a ‘martyr’

1 month ago

( CNN) The first African-American woman to be crowned Miss Alabama stirred up a lot of dispute when she called the man who shot and killed five Dallas police officer a “martyr.”

Kalyn Chapman James posted a Facebook video on Sunday where she told viewers that she didn’t feel sad for the officers who lost their lives, and that she’s more upset at ensure black men being gunned down by police.

2016 Presidential Campaign Hacking Fast Facts

1 month, 18 days ago

( CNN) Here’s a look at hacking incidents during the 2016 presidential campaign and Russian meddling in the election. For details about investigations into hacking and efforts to interfere with the election, find 2016 Presidential Election Investigation Fast Facts.

November 2015 – The FBI reaches out to the DNC again, warning them that one of their computers is transmitting info back to Russia. DNC management later says that IT technicians failed to pass along the message that the system had been breached.

March 19, 2016 – Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta receives a phishing email masked as an alert from Google that another user had tried to access his account. It contains a link to a page where Podesta can change his password. He shares the email with a staffer from the campaign’s assist desk. The staffer responds with a typo – instead of typing “This is an illegitimate email, ” the staffer kinds “This is a legitimate email.” Podesta follows the instructions and types a new password, allowing hackers to access his emails.

North Carolina, Mississippi measures have companions elsewhere in U.S.

1 month, 24 days ago

( CNN) A combat is shaping up across the country over various pieces of legislation that supporters argue protects religious beliefs while others argue are tools to discriminate.

Despite the ferocious attention get paid to freshly passed laws in Mississippi and North Carolina, nearly 200 bills have been proposed in legislatures in 2016 that could lead to discrimination against lesbian, lesbian and transgender people, according to Eunice Rho with the American Civil Liberties Union.


Mississippi Governor signs ‘religious freedom’ bill

Roy Moore, Jerusalem and LGBT rights: Why is religion so divisive?

1 month, 25 days ago

Washington( CNN) Religion didn’t come up when Jack Phillips, a Christian baker in Colorado, told a lesbian couple he wouldn’t make their bridal cake in the summer of 2012. Shaken and embarrassed, Charlie Craig and David Mullins say they quickly left the shop without seeking an explanation.

“He shared his religion, and I shared mine, ” said Munn, who attends a nondenominational church in Wyoming. “Within a minute I knew there was nothing more to be said.”

After 5 years of litigation, the dispute between the lesbian couple and Christian baker reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday. But while lawyers debated the legal issues in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a different define topics could be asked about the conversation between Phillips and Munn.

Faulty hot tub wiring triggered wildfire that killed 4 in California

1 month, 30 days ago

( CNN) A California wildfire that killed four people and cost virtually $57 million to extinguish was kindled by faulty hot tub wiring at a home, officers said.

The so-called Valley Fire raged in Napa and Sonoma districts near San Francisco in September last year.


Middletown residents take shelter after wildfire

Muhammad Ali to be memorialized Friday in Louisville

2 months, 6 days ago

( CNN) Muhammad Ali, known as “The Louisville Lip” as he began his ascension to boxing greatness, will be celebrated in his Kentucky hometown with ceremonies on Thursday and Friday, a family spokesman said.

A public monument is scheduled for Friday at 2 p.m. ET at the Yum Center, a basketball arena in the city where Ali grew up and began his amateur career as a 12 -year-old. Datum on tickets will be released later. The Yum Center has just more than 22,000 seats.

Trump Tower climber: Who is Stephen Rogata?

2 months, 19 days ago

New York( CNN) Whatever his intentions, Stephen Rogata had arrived — to borrow a famous Trumpism –bigly.

For three harrowing hours, the young Virginian soared high above the scorching streets of midtown Manhattan.


Man who climbed Trump Tower had video message for Trump


Trump Tower climber wanted meeting with Donald Trump