People Are Losing Their Shit After Release of Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails

12 days ago

Today on July 11, 2017 Donald Trump Jr. shellshocked a whole lotta people when he released his own emails — practically pulling the trigger to his own head, and providing irrefutable proof that there was some collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia

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29 Ridiculous Scottish Tweets Perfect For the Saturday Pick-Me-Up

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Dear Mr. Know-It-All: Someone Is Hate-Retweeting Me. What Should I Do?

1 month, 28 days ago

I think someone is hate-retweeting me. She has 25 K followers! Should I call her out?

Easy. Couldn’t be easier. Hate-favoriting and hate-retweeting is childish behavior. So if you want to be bold, by all means call her out. And if you want to be less bold but perhaps guys more efficient, only block her: Game over.

And yet, can I be honest? This may be the most subtly amazing topic I’ve ever had to pretend to be a know-it-all about. Because if I push merely a bit on your premise, it all goes soft. I can see ancillary dilemma, qualifications, and niggling unknowns pile up until the kind of clear, objective truth I’m required to find get hopelessly boxed in. There’s a lot here to pick apart. Let’s start with the corrosive, discombobulating nature of spite.

Ever heard of the Spite Fence? Go back to 1876. San Francisco’s Big Fourthe four main bazillionaire railroad baronsall decided to build mansions on a scenic, empty hilltop: Nob Hill. At least, it was mostly empty. Bounded within the large property purchased by one of these magnates, Charles Crocker, was a little house on a small, separate parcel owned by an undertaker named Nicholas Yung. Crocker wanted Yung gone; Yung wouldn’t sell. Crocker, bewildered that his fund hadn’t made this inconvenience go forth, maintained making offers. Yung maintained declining. So Crockerovercome with spitestarted a flame war. Or a wall war.

Crocker constructed his manor. Then he built a 30 -foot-high wall on his land that effectively surrounded Yung’s property. It shut out the sunlight. It shut Yung in. It was ridiculous appearing, and people came from all over to gawk at it. There was a kind of class warfare brewing in the city at the time, and one activist pamphlet singled out Crocker’s fence as a very obnoxious symbol of the domineering spirit of the wealthy. The San Francisco Chronicle called the Spite Fence an inartistic monument of bitternes and a commemoration of malignity and malevolence. Yet Yungthe simple mortician, just wanting to live their own lives, in his housedidn’t sell. The mortician was himself essentially buried, though still aboveground. But he just took it, took the high road, and let that towering manifestation of Crocker’s out-of-control id speak for itself. Yung never even retaliated, though he thought about it. His wife said, There are some things to which people like ourselves do not care to stoop.

You must feel like Nicholas Yung: tweeting through their own lives in a pure, happy-go-lucky route, only to ensure a wall of spite building up in this other person’s timeline, one hateful retweet at a time, to rebuke you. And like I told at the outset: How nasty that is; how immature. But why do you think these likes and retweets are hate-likes and hate-retweets, as opposed to supportive likes and supportive retweets? What would result you to this conclusion? I can’t help but wonder if there’s something you’re not telling meif you yourself fret there’s an arrogant, airheaded, obnoxious, or self-congratulatory tone to what you’re tweeting, the sort of stance that typically elicits that kind of resentment online. Are you, for example, relentlessly issuing tidbits like So lucky my newborn sleeps for 12 hours each night !!!!!! Almost enough time for tantric sexuality with my amazing partner! or Just had lunch with Bon Jovi! #blessed?

I’m not saying you are. I’m just wondering. Honestly. I don’t want to blame the victim. My phase is, the victim of one various kinds of obnoxiousness can be a perpetrator of another. You ought to give that a hard suppose and figure out which side of this Spite Fence you’re actually standing on, before you poke your head over and start shouting.

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Twitter’s latest feature tries to identify your BFF

2 months, 7 days ago

Twitter thinks it has identified your BFF. The company is currently testinga new feature that they are able to highlight the tweets from a select, single account that Twitter thinks youll want to see. Yes: a single persons tweets will get their own special place on your timeline. The feature is similar to Twitters In Case You Missed It which rounds up the tweets from thoseaccounts you more regularly be participating in, or others Twitter thinks you might like.

And like In Case You Missed It, you can dismiss thisnew BFF module when it appears. This will indicate to Twitter that you want to see this feature less often.

Twitter confirmed the test is underway for select users on iOS, Android, and the web.

The account it chooses to show you is based on a number of signals like how often you engage with the account in question. Repeat engagement is also used to determine whether or not Twitter shows you the module at all.

Originally merely a chronologically-ordered feed of information, Twitterhas taken steps over the years to make its service more approachable, and its always testing out new ways to boost tweets, likes, and retweets.

As a part of these efforts, Twitter has tried to distance itself from the chronological timeline, to one thats more algorithmically ascertained. The companyhas not gone as far as Facebook in completely re-ordering the content it displays. Instead, it pushes tweets it thinks you wouldnt want to miss up to the top of the screen, to be shown when you return to its app after being away.

This is where youll find the new module, as well, if youve been opted in.

Its unclear how well Twitter has correctly figured out whose tweets you want to see the most, however.

But those who are in the experimentation now seem to find it funny that Twitter is pointing them to the tweets from a single individual.

Jokes one Twitter user, I dont guess I like anybody enough to justify this new feature youre trying.

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This good ‘Uptown Funk’ Twitter bot gonna give it to ya

2 months, 18 days ago

Brilliant net artist Neil Cicieregais known for devising ‘animutations, ‘ creating the Potter Puppet Pals, and dropping the: fire emoji: bizarro mixtape Mouth Sounds. His latest creation is a super-catchyTwitter bot that launched on Friday.

@BlanktownBlank produces weird new lyrics for Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s incurable 2014 earworm “Uptown Funk.” Thugtown Spunk gonna give it to ya. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

There are dozens of these now, and almost all of them are funny.

One of the best the specific characteristics of Cicierega’s bot-town bot is that it also changes Twitter names periodically. Recent entries include Utztown Blub, Mumptown Gus, and Hushtown Judge. It’s a subtle touch that squeezes the last ounce of amusement value out of a song many thought had been bled dry long ago. Such is the genius of @NeilYourself.

Screengrab via Mark Ronson/ YouTube

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50 Hilarious Tweets With Surprise Endings

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The Best FAILs and LOLs From the Start of the NBA Preseason

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Girls are sharing their clothing sizes to send an important message to the fashion industry

3 months, 1 day ago

LONDON Women are sharing photos on social media of their cothing labels in a bid to show the wild difference in sizings and to challenge the fashion industry’s approach to body image.

During London Fashion Week, the Women’s Equality Party( WEP) launched a hashtag exhorting women to share their garb size, using the #NoSizeFitsAll hashtag.

According to WEP, one-in-five women in the UK cut the label out of their clothes and 70 percentage nation they do so “out of shame and shame at their size.”

A photo posted by Women’s Equality Party (@ wep_uk ) on Sep 16, 2016 at 3:41 am PDT

“The # NoSizeFitsAll campaign seeks to overturn the presentation and idolisation of uniform body types by the fashion industry. Let’s start by overturning the trend of label shame, ” read a message positioned on WEP’s Instagram page.

The need for more body diversity in the fashion industry has been backed up by scientific research. Researchers at Durham University found that using models who are more representative of the “actual population” could help girls and women develop a healthier posture towards eating.

Women on Twitter and Instagram shared their dress sizings during London Fashion Week, as part of the campaign.

Many employed the hashtag to highlight the fact that women’s dress sizes can range dramatically, depending on the clothing brand or type of garment.

#nosizefitsall @wep_uk All 4 garments fit comfortably. 10 -1 2 in @marksandspencer #skinnyjeans L or XL in @nikewomen #activewear #mixedmessages @thisgirlcan #thisgirlcan #beautystandards #lfw #londonfashionweek @londonfashionweek #britishfashioncouncil

A photo posted by Emma Nibbs (@ emma_nibbs) on Sep 16, 2016 at 12:10 pm PDT

#nosizefitsall @womensequalityparty @londonfashionweek

A photo posted by Jane Palmer (@ holly.jane.berry) on Sep 16, 2016 at 3:42 am PDT

I’m a size 10, 12& 14. What sizing are you? #NoSizeFitsAll #LFW @wep_uk @londonfashionweek #shoutoutforshoutout #S4S #photooftheday #picoftheday

A photo posted by Jennifer Corcoran (@ jencorcoran_pa) on Sep 16, 2016 at 3:05 am PDT

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From ‘covfefe’ to ‘the Bushkrieg’: Daily Show displays Trump’s best tweets

3 months, 19 days ago

The satirical present has erected a temporary pop-up museum to the presidents offensive, caustic and often contradictory 140 -character musings

At the Daily Shows Donald J Trump Presidential Twitter Library there are no books, for reasons that dont require justification. But there are tweets lots of them.

Conceived of and curated by the Daily Show team, the pop-up museum just around the corner from Trump Tower is arranged like the libraries of chairwomen past, memorializing Trumps tweets from 2009 onwards.

His greatest makes( covfefe, for instance) was contained in gilded frames aside context-providing posters, while other tweets are bracketed by category, pop culture reflections in one corner, admonishments of political rivals and heads of state in another.

Shouldnt the presidential library be at the end of a presidents term? Daily Show host Trevor Noah asked reporters in a makeshift Oval Office adorned with a golden toilet and chenille bathrobe( the letters DT emblazoned on the chest ).

Yes, thats true. Unfortunately, we do not know when his term will end. It could be next week, it could be never. So we decided to do it now, he added.

Trevor Trevor Noah. Photo: Getty Images for Comedy Central

The project is a sort of snark-laden salute to a chairwoman who communicates primarily in 140 -character aspersions, an undiluted look into his many grievances. He may not be good at president-ing, or leading, or geopolitics, but he is a damn fine Twitterer, Noah added.

The end result is a fascinating trip through the annals of his convoluted conscience, a irony thats equal portions jarring and funny, absurd and Sad !.

Upon entry, you first encounter the presidents notorious Cinco de Mayo tweet( I love Hispanics! he wrote, before hailing the taco bowls at Trump Tower Grill ), training exercises in how one panders to minorities while also plugging your business, as comedian Hasan Minhaj joked at a press preview.

He went on: Sometimes, when a person falls a new album, the blogosphere goes crazy about it, but dont forget his early mixtapes. People sleep on the early Cinco de Mayo tweet.

The exhibit goes on to chronicle Trumps many feuds, from the Bushkrieg, a series of tweets lambasting Jeb Bush( just watched Jebs ad where he desperately needed mommy to assistance him, one reads ), to Trumps late 2012 polemic against soda pop. I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke, he wrote, curiously.

In a section called Trump v Trump, a screen shuffles through past tweets in which the president holds diametrically opposed stances, explaining that while most politicians base their decisions on strongly held beliefs, Trumps brain is so uniquely good( or great) that it can hold many different faiths on the same subject.

The The Donald J Trump Presidential Twitter Library. Photograph: Getty Images for Comedy Central

The electoral college is a disaster for republic, Trump wrote on 6 November 2012. Almost four years to the day afterwards, after his own electoral college victory, he praised the system: The electoral college is actually genius in that it brings all states, including smaller ones, into play. Next up is a convenient bait-and-switch on Syria, the president having run from anti-interventionist grandstander to trigger-happy neocon.

Inside the library is a live feed of Trumps account, with sirens screaming aloud each time he posts something new. Theres also a monitor quantifying his Twitter habits, like the frequency with which he mentions different family members( daughter Ivanka clocks in at over 500, daughter Tiffany at seven) and attacks political nemeses( Barack Obama has, astoundingly, fielded more than 2,700 Trump Twitter tirades ).

Its about devoting context to the tweets, Trevor Noah told. Not absorbing them one bite at a time, but instead looking at them as a body of work.

When asked if Trump-centric comedy was being depleted, Noah rejected the idea outright. But with a one-man joke generator in the White House, comedians attempts to taunt the president have been generally met with either short-lived viral status or, in Kathy Griffins case, job loss.

The Daily Shows exhibit, though, is perhaps the best skewering of Trump yet, principally because it takes the tweets hes so proud of and uses them as a springboard to exhibit his bluster and blasphemy.

Its easy to willfully forget that the president once tweeted a message to the haters and losers on this special day, September 11 th. Or that he took particular umbrage at Modern Family writer Danny Zuker, who he told had the mind of a very dumb and backward infant. Or that he peddled his racist birtherism conspiracy for longer than Id initially realise. Or that he once tweeted, simply, We.

But the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library doesnt let you and, in that sense, its a kind of brick-and-mortar tribute to every American who considers the president a national shame, a moral and intellectual outrage.

That it stands simply a stones throw from Trump Tower is the cherry on top.

The Presidential Twitter Library is open to the public from 11 am to 7pm at 3 West 57 th Street this weekend

My night out in Cleveland with the worst men on the internet

3 months, 24 days ago

At the Republican convention, Laurie Penny was invited to a rally led by alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopolous and an unholy cast of characters united behind Donald Trump for whom turning raw rage into political currency is merely a game

This is a story about how trolls took the wheel of the clown auto of modern politics. Its a narrative about the insider traders of the attention economy. Its a tale about dread and disgust and Donald Trump and you and me. Its not a tale about Milo Yiannopoulos, the professional alt-right provocateur who was last week banned from Twitter for directing racist abuse towards the actor Leslie Jones.

But it does start with Milo. So I should probably explain how we know each other and how, on a hot, weird night in Cleveland, Ohio, I came to be riding in the backseat of his swank black trollmobile to the gayest neo-fascist rally at the Republican national convention.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a charming devil and one of the most serious people I know. I have assured the death of political discourse reflected in his designer sunglasses. It chills me. We satisfied four years ago when he was just another floppy-haired rightwing pundit and we were guests on a panel show. Afterwards, we got hammered and ran around the BBC talking about boys.

Since that day, there is absolutely nothing I have been able to say to Milo to persuaded him that we are not friends. The more famous he gets off the back of extravagantly abusing women and minorities, the more I tell him I dislike him and everything he stands for, the more he chuckles and asks when were drinking.

Feminism is cancer is one of Milos slogans, and yet it took him only seconds after learning we would both be at the RNC to offer me a lift to his Wake Up! rally. This time God help me I said yes.

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