This new quick charging technology will make your smartphone more powerful than ever

One week ago

Image: oneplus

If you’ve worked a full day at the office before, you know what 3 p.m. feels like.

3 p.m. is when your hands fall slack off your keyboard and you mope to the nearest coffeemaker or soda machine, desperate to find a kick that will help you through the final hours of the day. It’s also when hours of emailing, social media posting and hunting for digital monsters catches up with a normal phone.

We’re using our phones more than ever, and that means the threat of a low battery worse yet, a devastatingly long charging period is a daily reality. It’s been reported that the vast majority (upwards of 66%) of Brits suffer from low battery anxiety, and average New Yorkers charge their phones more than twice every day.

The good news? There’s a superb new smartphone that makes that 3pm feeling a thing of the past. Well, for your phone, at least.

The charging solution that will change everything

OnePlus just released the most innovative charging technology on the market, Dash Charge, available on its flagship OnePlus 3 device.

On the surface, Dash Charge has all the flashy numbers that you might expect to hear when talking about an advanced quick charge system, like how 60% of the phone’s 3,000 mAh battery can regenerate in just 30 minutes of charging time, granting the user over seven hours of HD video playback.

However, there’s one crucial component of the Dash Charge story that sets it apart from other, comparable technologies: Reimagined power management.

When electrical current flows into your phone from a charging cable, your phone has to channel that current to the battery. Some of the current reaches its intended destination, but the rest turns into heat inside your phone. Heat dispersion can severely damage your phones electrical components over time, and is a leading reason why phones perform poorly while charging.

With Dash Charge on the OnePlus 3, that process looks a little different. Instead of directing the electricity into the phone itself leaving room for heat dispersion to muck up the device’s performance the Dash Charge adapter manages the current before it reaches the handset.

Inside the adapter, the current is processed and heat is dispersed, sparing the phone’s electrical systems and creating the most efficient charging process the tech world has ever seen.

This new take on power management keeps the phone cooler while charging, which allows the battery to quickly recoup without burning off energy as heat. What’s more, it allows users to play games and stream HD content while charging without sacrificing performance.

Just take a look at how quickly the OnePlus 3 reached a full charge during a 3D gaming test against top peers.

OnePlus 3 reaches a full charge faster than peers in a 3D gaming test

Image: Oneplus

Dash Charge may not be the first entrant in the quick charging contest, but it’s different in all the right ways.

In the handful of weeks since Dash Charge’s debut inside the brand new OnePlus 3, the technology has received rave reviews.

OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, says that among many positive reviews, some early customers even claim that Dash Charge has allowed them to change their charging habits entirely moving away from the time-honored overnight charge in favor of periodic quick charges, like at breakfast.

Here’s how you can unlock the power of quick charging today

Dash Charge may very well be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to phone batteries, but there’s only one way to get your hands on the awesome new technology. All you have to do is put down the phone you’re holding, and upgrade to something better.

The brand new OnePlus 3 is the only phone on the planet to offer Dash Charge technology, and it’s already selling like mad. Some people even waited 13 hours in line to get one.

Don’t risk missing out on the most exciting phone of 2016. Simply click here to order the device for yourself.

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‘Pokmon Go’ players are looking for love on Craigslist

17 days ago

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 11: (L to R) Michelle Macias and Sameer Uddin play Pokemon Go on their smartphones outside of Nintendo’s flagship store, July 11, 2016 in New York City.
Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Thanks to the new addictive app Pokmon Go, millennial missed connections are on the rise.

A slew of Pokmon Go trainers posted missed connection ads on Craigslist for people they interacted with while playing the game. Let’s help these hopeful souls find their Ash Ketchums.

A shy San Francisco trainer is feeling positive.

Image: craigslist

A Chicago user will stop at nothing when it comes to Pokmon metaphors.

Image: craigslist

One Atlanta player professed love for a generous player who turned a PokStop into a lure stop.

Image: craigslist

One Team Mystic member is proposing an innocent Chicago meet-up to catch Pokmon together.

Image: craigslist

A Chicago resident’s friend got in the way of this PokConnection.

Image: craigslist

Two Arizonans exchanged info on the whereabouts of Sandslash and Magmar and one of them is hoping to exchange a little more.

Image: craigslist

Image: craigslist

A Seattle user is hoping his crush will forgive him for “nerding out” over Pokmon Go.

Image: craigslist

One person from Maine looked past love and selflessly used Craigslist to reveal the location of a sneaky Mew.

Image: craigslist

And a Dallas resident is still trying to flirt their way out of a ticket.

Image: craigslist

Love is just around the corner. Rather, just around a PokStop.

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This Kid Was Totally Brutal At The London Marathon And It’s Hilarious

1 month, 2 days ago

Most of us have nothing but respect for the people who manage to run a marathon. I mean, I’m not sure I could even walk 26 miles, never mind run themand look happy aboutit too.

This little rebel however, saw his chance to wreak havoc – and he grasped it with both hands. Well, technically just one hand. And there was definitely no grasping going on.

Definitely the most uninspiring spectator ever, he was called a ‘little sh*t’ by the person recording the video as he offers a hand out to runners for a high five but then retracts it and leaves them hanging. A move that brings back vivid memories from our days at primary school.

Hey, you snooze you lose, guys.

It’s the one guy who goes out of his way to come and get a high five, before getting rejected, that really makes your heart ache…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments

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This Guy Live Tweeted His Attempt To Get A Free Dessert, And It’s Hilarious

1 month, 15 days ago

Until today, we’d have thought that the best way to get a free dessert at a restaurant – well – would be to pretend that it’s your birthday.

Yes, you might have to endure the whole place singing “Happy Birthday” to you, but then you just blow out a few candles and wham, bam, thank you mam – a free ice-cream sundae.

Well, when Twitter user Elan Gale suggested a better way to get free pudding, one Kyle Baldinger decided that he’d try it out…


Image Credits: Imgur, Rev 967

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Root robot is a wall climber that will teach you how to code

1 month, 20 days ago

The Root wall-climbing, code-teaching robot
Image: scansorial

Some robots make people feel like climbing the wall, and other robots climb the walls themselves.

Root a new code-teaching robot is the latest in a long line of teaching bots designed to inspire students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) studies. However, this bot, still in Kickstarter mode, is different.

First of all, its designed to teach coding skills to everyone from kindergarten to adulthood. Second, it’s potentially more fun than most because it’s programming can be carried out vertically or at least on any wall with metal behind or on it, which may make it the perfect classroom robot since there’s a metal-backed whiteboard at the front of most classrooms.

I’m on the phone with a somewhat anxious Zivthan Dubrovsky, the lead of Harvards Bio-Inspired robotics program. Dubrovsky, along with Harvard Computer Science Professor Radhika Nagpal and Raphael Cherney, founded Scansorial (hes CEO) and helped commercialize a Harvard Laboratory mesh robot concept to turn it into Root.

They also launched the the robot’s Kickstarter program, which ends Nov. 29. Dubrovsky tells me hes worried about people being so consumed with their Thanksgiving plan that they’ll overlook Kickstarter campaigns like his. At the time of our conversation, Scansorials Root was about $50,000 short of the 250K goal.

Dubrovsky wanted to make it clear that Root is not a toy. “This is not about making a kindergartner happy. We wanted to make a robot that would be acceptable to anybody,” he said.

Root can be programmed to draw intricate patterns (or fractals).


Pretty much every part of the hexagonal robot and iPad-based, code-teaching system is designed to go beyond a simple educational toy and into the realm of tool. Dubrovsky explained that the three-level system will guide students of all ages from the simplistic, building-block style programming interface to old-school, text-based coding.

Early levels give coders gross control of the robot. By Level 3, coders can control everything, including the precise movement of Root’s two wheels.

Despite how intense Dubrovsky is or Root may sound, there is a sort of intrinsic entertainment value; the thing can climb walls, after all. Apparently, that was the original, core idea for Root. Dubrovsky’s team wondered, “How can we get robots on walls?” They actually started with Harvard Professor Nagpal’s swarming robot project, the Kilobot, and then looked at how they could commercialize wall crawlers.

Dubrovsky, who started his career in product design, has been involved with robotics on-and-off for years. He was with iRobot when it was just a few dozen employees and then joined Sonos. Eventually, though, he had to come back to robots, telling me that after youve made a bunch of wireless speakers, the challenge kind of wears off.

Level 1 programming is very visual. Root can work with third-party programming apps like Apples Swift Playgrounds.


His work with Harvard’s Bio-Inspired robots is all about peeling away the commercial possibilities from projects like Nagpal’s.

For Root, the team made Roots mobility an expression of the programming work done on the companion iPad app. So now all that climbing, or rolling about a table-top or large sheet of paper has a purpose.

Root, which weighs 500 grams and is about 15 centimeters in diameter and 4.5 centimeters tall, is pretty much packed with sensors. It has touch sensors on top, light centers on the front, an accelerometer, gyroscope and an array of 32 color sensors on the bottom. There’s also a hole in the center of the robot where you can place a pen, magic marker or dry-erase pen for whiteboards.

Root can even pickup and put down the writing implement to make discrete lines and shapes: it will draw whatever you program in. Dubrovsky used the Level 1 program tools to make Root draw a Cubs logo when the team won the World Series.

You can program a track and have two Roots race on a whiteboard.


The sensors can see line colors, which means that Root can change its behavior depending on the color it encounters on the whiteboard (one that’s drawn by itself or another Root robot). It also includes an eraser, which means you can program it to erase certain lines or colors.

Another key difference between Root and other STEM and learn-to-code robots is, according to Dubrovsky, the real-time nature of the platform. “The robot and our app are constantly synchronized,” he said. No need to code, compile and test, Root users can see their programming changes live on the Root robot. The iPad and robot stay in constant contact via Bluetooth low energy.

A handful of classrooms are participating in the Root beta program, but, by the time Root ships in December, Dubrovsky envisions three Root robots in a classroom of 25. Each student, though should be programming on their own iPad (the Android app is coming later).

Root’s tools of the programming trade,


The Root robots do have their limits. There’s no on-board camera (though there is an accessory port where youll eventually be able to add one) and the robots are completely unaware of each other. No swarming for them.

Dubrovsky shared one other interesting tidbit about his project: the root of the name Root. Root is a coding term, he said, and it also refers to education, as in thats how you grow, start at the root and grow up.

“It’s also Root takes the ‘BS’ out of ‘Robots,'” he added with a laugh.

Very clever.

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GoPro begins selling Karma drone following recollect

2 months, 12 days ago

GoPro’s Karma drone is back on sale .
Image: raymond wong/ mashable

GoPro’s Karma drone is back.

The action camera company launched Karma, its first consumer droning, to great fanfare in late October. But shortly after, GoPro voluntarily recalled all 2,500 shipped drones after some owners reported their quadcopters were inexplicably losing power and falling out of the sky.

At CES 2017, GoPro disclosed a bad latch mechanism that was used to secure the drone’s battery in place was to blame. On Monday, GoPro announced the return of Karma with a redesigned battery latch that fixes the issue.

Karma’s is available once again at and select U.S. retailers; international markets will have to wait until the springtime. Pricing is the same as before: $799.99 for the Karma( without GoPro camera) and $1,099.99 for the Karma with a GoPro Hero 5 Black action camera.

When Mashable checked out the Karma at the launch event in September, we were impressed by its foldable design, removable three-axis Karma Grip handheld camera stabilizer its easy-to-use controller.

There were only two features we wished GoPro had included in the Karma: auto-follow and object avoidance two features that DJI, the market leader in consumer dronings, has aggressively included in its own dronings like the Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro.

But while the Karma was technically the first real foldable consumer droning, the recollect let DJI quickly swoop in with the Mavic Pro, an even smaller foldable drone. Still, there’s enough to differentiate the Karma from the Mavic Pro beyond sizing so it’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.

Time will tell if GoPro will be able to catch up to DJI with Karma. For now, it’s just good to see it back on sale and ready to take to the skies again.

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How A Meme Became A Currency And Paid For The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

2 months, 15 days ago

You all know bitcoin, presumably. That internet currency that was big a while back and now isnt as big but is still quite big thats really the only way to describe it. Its secure, untraceable and drugtraffickers100% love it.

Well theres another online currency thats been growing from strength to strength recently that you might not have heard about. Dogecoin

To tell you about this, were going to have to go into its history. And we mean right to the beginning.

So we all know Doge. The jovial, yet slightly confused, shiba inu that took the internet by storm a couple of years back But who is Doge?

In October 2010, someone posted a picture of a corgi onto reddit with the caption LMBO LOOK AT THIS F*****N DOGE. That was the conception on the word. From then, people all over the web were posting pictures of dogs and calling them DOGES.

Meanwhile, a Japanese school teacher had a blog where she shared pictures of her shiba inu, Kabosu, which, for the most part, everyone ignored.

Until July 2013, when Shiba Inus had taken over the doge scene and someone dug up that famous picture of Kabosu and used it for their meme. So Kabosu become the face of doge.

So thats enough history on a meme. Now to the currency.

In December that year, a member of a Bitcoin forum, named Dogecoin, introduced his new e-currency, based on the meme, as a satirical take on Bitcoin.

No one took it seriously, obviously. Its money based on a funny picture of a dog, afterall. That is until there was a crowdfunding opportunity that the whole community jumped on. The Jamaican bobsleigh team looked set to qualify for the 2014 Socchi Winter Olympics but they couldnt afford all of the other stuff.

They need $40,000 for equipment and travel. 27,000,000 dogecoins were raised over 2-3 days (over $30,000) so the team could go.

Its like Cool Runnings without the inspirational montages and witty tte–ttes.

They also raised $7000 in a few hours to send an Indian Shiva K.P. Keshavan to the same Olympics to compete in the luge as his country couldnt afford it anymore.

Doge coin used to be dependant on bitcoin as you used to needed to buy doge through converting it from bitcoin. Now you can use actual real money and everything!

Its now the fifth biggest online currency and its growth is absolutely huge.

From something that started 100% as a joke, it’s pretty cool that they’ve managed to make a difference like they have. I mean it makes me feel totally useless but whatever…

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10 Cloverfield Lane Will Have You Writhing The Whole Way Through

3 months, 10 days ago
Nowadays the film industry seems tospend so much period building up the hype that by the time a movie makes the big screen weve insured a teaser, three trailers, and pretty much know exactly whats going to happen including spoilers .

10 Cloverfield Lane is a freshening change from that somewhat saturating tradition. It wasnt until January, merely two months prior to the opening of the films release, that we were even made aware that it existed.

Its not really a sequel to the alien attack movie Cloverfield, but more like a distant, less showy relative, with both having spawned from JJ Abrams production company Bad Robot. Whereas Cloverfield showed us the Statue of Libertys head crashing into the street as a whole city disintegrated, 10 Cloverfield Lane barely leaves the underground bunker in which most of the film is set.

Being less showy doesnt mean its any less entertaining, though. The movie will have you either writhe or jumping out of your seat from before the opening credits are over, right up until the very end. It’s director Dan Trachtenberg’s first feature length cinema, but he pulls ofthis spiraling thriller as though he’s done it a thousand times before.

The film starts out with Michelle( Mary Elizabeth Winstead) dismissing bellows from her fianc as she drives in her car. After being run off the road she wakes up in an empty room where she soon gratifies her captor or saviour Howard( John Goodman) who tells her that the world outside is a nuclear desert, and that they must live underground for at the least a year to remain safe. We live Michelles dread with her, questioning the legitimacy of Howards claims and motivations as she slowly tries to decipher exactly what “the hells going on”. Is Howard right? Does leaving the bunker entail certain demise? Or is something more sinister happening?

The third character in the mix is the jovial Emmett( John Gallagher Jr ), a local worker who has known Howard for some time. Emmett provides the only glimpses of light relief from the incredibly weird and intense Howard.

John Goodman plays Howard brilliantly, his huge frame and sketchy stance combining well to intimidate the whole way through. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr are equally as good, and its the three of them that elevate this film from a tight script and well thought out idea to something that really get under your skin.

The less you know before ensure it, the more you will enjoy the film, so we wont be revealing any spoilers here. What we will say is that if your heart rate and stress levels don’t go up during the course of its movie then you really are made of stone.

10 Cloverfield Lane is out in cinemas this Friday .

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Hundreds Of Loved Up Irish Fans Serenade A Beautiful French Girl

4 months, 7 days ago
Have you ever seen person in public so beautiful that you’ve wanted to stop and sing to them until they eventually and inevitably get off with you? No, me neither- we don’t live in High School Musical … still, it’s fun to find hot people .

That’s what happened in Bordeaux when, after a 3-0 loss to Belgium, Ireland fans, still in high spirits, spotted a lovely blonde French girl and took it upon themselves to serenade her.

If ever you’ve wanted to see a video that compounds Irish stereotypes, this is it. Never have you heard so much slurred singing and the mumbled, incorrect terms of two ballads that are pretty easy to recollect … funny though.

One guy managed to sneak a cheeky kiss at the end; albeit one on the cheek but, you know … she’s hot so it all counts.

Odds on that he thought there’d be some sort of Richard Curtis style holiday romance after that, though … Seems like Ireland are pretty much out of the Euros so he requires something to cheer him up!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments !

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16 Hilarious Reasons That Kids Are Crying

4 months, 21 days ago
The reasons that children scream aren’t always logical, and no one knows that better than dadGreg Pembroke . After noticing that sure, his son cried when he was hurt, or angry, but that he also get upset when he was, tell, frustrated about not being allowed to drown in a pond, Greg started a blog, collecting from other parents the more hilarious reasons that kids wept 😛 TAGEND

You can check out some of our favourites here 😛 TAGEND 1. Bitterly disappointing ..

2. But he’s missing out on so much !

3. The worst .

4. I entail fair enough ..

5. No !

6. How could you ?!

7. Try and say no to that face !

8. So unfair !

9. The horror !

10. Terrible parenting right there …

11. But he seemed like such a nice fellow !

12. Still though ..

13. We’ve all been there ..

14. A travesty .

15. Horrifying .

16. I believe I’ve spotted it …

For more adorable reasons that kids are crying, head over to Bored Panda to consider the full collection, or Greg’s blog, Reasons My Son Is Crying .

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