Burger King Instagram remarks help catch an unfaithful boyfriend

4 days ago

Thanks to social media, secrets have no place to hide.

One unfortunate boyfriend received this out after he made what he thought was an innocuous comment on a Burger King Instagram photo.

He felt the need to share the story of his drive-through experience with his “girl” to the wide world of Instagram. He likely didn’t think that anyone he knew would insure his comment among the hundreds that pepper Burger King’s Instagram.

But lo and behold, person did see it.

Image: instagram

Instagrammer shanlee_rose then proceeded to tag some of her girlfriends in the post, so she could get some backup on the issue.

Image: instagram

“F ** king knew it, ” one of her friends commiserated.

“I told you I considered him with a girl, ” the other concurred. All evidence pointed to the inevitable fact that this guy was about to get roasted alive in Burger King’s Instagram commentaries, of all places.

But the boyfriend wasn’t going to go down without defending himself first.

Image: instagram

Image: instagram

Absolutely savage.

So, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’d just like to remind you to not be stupid on social media. Because relationships can be made and broken anywhere.

Image: instagram

Even on Burger King’s Instagram.

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Lost for words? A new app writes witty texts so you don’t have to

18 days ago

Now you can crowdsource the funniest possible responses to messages youve received. Its basically Cyrano de Bergerapp

If you suffer from a lacklustre text life, help is at hand. Nattr, a new app that has been getting a lot of chatter, lets you crowdsource clever responses to text messages usually texts from people you want to have sexts with. Back in the olden days, people used to send screenshots of conversations to their friends and, in a panic, ask: What should I say? Thanks to technological innovation, todays young can ask random people on the internet for semantic supporting via what is basically Cyrano de Bergerapp.

When I say todays young, I entail YOUNG. Im 32 ie doubled persons under the age of most Nattr users. Asking teens for advice on my lexical love life constructed me feel like a creepy weirdo. I also worried that all my replies would read: Go home, mum, so I experimented with changing my age to 25.

As well as other Nattr users, you can ask your phonebook for responses; your contacts are informed of your dilemma via an anonymous text. So, my dentist may have received a message that said: Natalie says shes not sure if we have textual chemistry, how should I react? If he did, he didnt write back.

The apps special sauce, however, is its ability to deliver reactions crafted by Nattrs team of handpicked writers and comedians, identifiable by a superstar on their avatar. If you arent a handpicked member, you can earn a superstar by amassing likes.

One Nattrati member, standup comedian Leah Knauer, will handcraft responds. A recent question she tackled was: How can I ask an American girl out in a way that she will find witty? Her respond: If shes blond: You look like youre made of angel-hair pasta and some sort of powdered gold. I know that sounds weird, but I mean it in a good way.

Nattr is free to use, but you have to buy charms to view responses from starred users such as Leah. For $3.99( about 2.80 ), you get 500 charms; unlocking or requesting a response from a writer/ comedian costs 300 charms. This is a clever business move. A locked answer teases you with potential: perhaps this pun will be the one; perhaps this reply will persuade Natalie that, actually, Im exceedingly funny, but most of my gags go over her head.

So, whats the verdict? Will Nattr up your text game? A few people have told me they found it useful. However, if youre over 30, Nattr may simply leave you feeling oldr and not much wisr.

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7 Happy Couples That Detested Each Other At First Explain What Changed Their Intellects

25 days ago

1. The Girl Who Fell For Her Arch Enemy

” I fulfilled my boyfriend our Freshman year in high school. We were both politically active and, of course, he was a conservative and I was a liberal. I resulted protests and a few on campus processions in support of a number of liberal issues. We basically detested each other, used to talk shit about each other, really demonized each other and the funny was that neither of us were particularly extreme. We were both nice to’ the other side’ on campus. It was just he and I that had all this animosity.

And it probably would have continued like that all four years if we hadn’t randomly ended up sitting on a couch together at a party on election night in 2012. He struck up a conversation which I now actually believe to be brave of him and I realized that he was really funny and not at all the angry dude I thought he’d be.

Yeah, so we made out that night, dated afterwards, and got married two years ago. I know, it’s ridiculous .”

2. The Guy Who Fell For His Little Sister’s Bestie

” My girlfriend isbest friends with my sister and the only hours I used to see her was when she and my sis were drinking and so I had this impression of her as’ the most riling girl in the world ‘. It didn’t help that I also guessed she was hot so in my head it was like’ she’s so pretty but also such an idiot.’

I supposed this way about her for literally three years until my sister invited me to run watch the new Star Wars with them. I ran and discovered that she wasn’t annoying at all. She was just an riling drunk…just like everyone else.

Anyway, I hung out with her and my sister a few more hours before I asked her out. Her number one complaintshe confessed about me was, you guessed it, that I was vexing and overbearing when I was drinking.

So I guess we’re the same person, lol .”

3. The Girl Who Gave A Nervous Guy A Second Shot

” I supposed my boyfriend was a total big talking imbecile when I first met him through a friend. We went on one date and he spoke about himself the entire time and I was sure he was a wholly self centered jackass. I ended the date early and told my friend there wouldn’t be another one. She prayed me to give him one more shooting, said she’d known him since they were kids and that he had a big heart.

So, I devoted in and he just came clean to me on our second date that he’d been really nervous and wanted to come across confident. After that the second date was truly relaxed and we expended the whole evening laugh and smiling. Actually, the best date I’d ever been on. We’ve been dating over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t dedicated him another shoot and he hadn’t been honest with me .”

4. The Competitive Assholes Who Couldn’t Ignore The Sexual Tension

” My spouse and I each other and I entail disliked one another when we first met. We’re both competitive and for some reason a really small discrepancy about religion one night at the bar with our mutual friends turned into this long standing grudge. Like, our friends didn’t know if they should invite both of us out with them at the same day or not.

But they did, and we continued to fight until her best friend literally told us to get a room one night. It’s weird but up until that phase I hadn’t noticed that there really was this sexual tension going on between us. We made out in this super sloppy drunk way later that night and abruptly we didn’t fight anymore and were nice to one another.

Men and women are weird. Love is even weirder .”

5. The Guy Who Was So Nervous He Couldn’t Shut Up

” My now husband is a doctor and he was a doctor when we satisfied on our first date. I also thought he was a crazy person because he showed me a picture of a brain scan of one of his patients and “was talkin about a” the difficulty in doing a biopsy on brain cancers.

I literally thought he might be a murderer because who wants to look at cancerous brains during dinner? He followed up with a really strong text game though and I found myself agreeing to go out with him again despite having serious reservations about his social skills.

It turns out he only freaked when I asked about his chore and instead of only giving me a little information he felt like he had to give me ALL the information. The second date was great after that. I think sometimes we’re all too hard on one another on first dates. Unless they’re mean to you or you aren’t attractive I think it’s almost always worth another shot .”

6. Stealing Your Best Friend’s Crush

” My narrative is a little strange. My current boyfriend who I love very much was originally a crush of one of my best friends. She was and sadly still is the kind of girl who simply can’t stop falling for guys who are assholes and will always be assholes. As a outcome, when she fell for my boyfriend I assumed he was also an asshole even though he wasn’t into her. I used to talk him down to her and tried to steer her towards people I thought would be good to her and I frankly simply detested him by default.

Fast forward a year and I fulfill him for likely the third time in a totally different context and we end up having to talk to each other and I discover that he’s a really great and sensitive guy and super smart. We started dating and that was a little awkward with my friend at first but she was already with someone else by then so it was hard for her to complain .”

7. The Snobby Girl Who Won His Heart

” I thought my spouse was a pretentious snob when we first gratified because she talked to literally no one the first night I gratified her. A mutual friend of ours had asked her to come out with the whole group and she basically just nodded yes or no all night. She also had a really great education and so I figured she was just uncomfortable being around non-academic types.

Nope, turns out she’s just shy and truly wanted to get into the evening and have fun but was too nervous to do it. She’s gotten a lot less shy over the years we’ve been together but people still sometimes think she’s snotty which induces me sad because she’s actually the complete opposite .”

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13 Reason Why Couple That Have Morning Sex Are The Happiest People To Be Around

1 month, 1 day ago

1. Forget Folgers. The best part of waking up is getting off soon after opening your eyes. Why not remind yourself how awesomely pleasurable life can be the instant you rise? Sexuality is, quite simply, best style to start the day.

2. In addition to produce you happy by releasing feel good hormones like oxytocin in the brain, an orgasmgives you a boost of good energythe jolt you need to handle whatever looms ahead with a positive attitude.

3. An orgasm also reminds you that youre a living, breathing, sexual being. Youre not only an employee or a friend or a member of some squad. Youre a multi-dimensional individual withsex appeal among many other awesome qualities.

4. Theres a reason they call it climaxingyoure at your peak, literally.Gettingfrisky in the AMmakes you feel on top of the world, and then youcarry that confidence with you throughout the the rest of the day.

5. Intimacy isnt just good for youits good for your relationship, too. During sex, youre literally connected to your significant other, which results you to feel more attached to them on abiological level. After a morning romp, you get to go your separate routes knowing that your bond has been strengthened by way of naked play.

6. Tenderness and physical contact also inevitably stimulate people feel loved, and who doesnt appreciatea reminder that theyre loved before breakfast?

7. Morning sex isa solidway to feel like youve done your part in meeting yoursignificant other’ssexual requires, and actingin such a generous, thoughtful wayis the key to attracting goodvibes and to resulting a smiley life.

8. Plus, thatrise-and-shine O-face you trigger in yourpartner by mounting them first thing lets you check a criticalitem( ensure s/ os ongoing sex gratification) off yourneverending To Do list before you get out of bed. That impression of accomplishment will echo throughout the balance of yourday.

9. It also means that you and your partner leave the house feeling sexually fulfilled, and are thus least likely to fantasize about other people and/ or act on said fantasies.

10. Since youre both least likely to defraud, youre also route more likely to stay together forever. Yay!

11. By the time you get home after a long day, you dont have to worry about being too depleted to do itwhen you can frankly say youve already get busy.

12. Plus, your partner can’tbegrudge you for not being so into sex come nightfall when they know they can count on you for a morning hump sesh.

13. As it happens, sexuality, like most things, is generally better when youre fresh and well rested anyway.

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Lunch Break: 25 Funny Memes To Keep You Going

1 month, 7 days ago

TGIF, y’all! 

  • 1

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4 Borderline Creepy Things You Do When You Start Dating Someone New

1 month, 27 days ago

Readjusting to single girl life, I have gone on more dates this year than in my entire life blended: lawyers, industrialists, scientists, engineers, trust fund children, accountants, IT analysts, advertisers, salesmen. I have now officially dated EVERYONE in this city. A plenty of those dates were trainwrecks from the start: dead dialogues, uncomfortable advances, awkward remarks. But occasionally you really click with someone new and sparks rain down. Great! This is so exciting! Now what?

You Google them. Obviously.

But lets back up here. Say you dont know their last name. That happens sometimes. So then you plug in their phone number to White Pages and, voila, there it is. All of their glorious datum, entailing at the least their last name and maybe their age. Then you pause, is of the view that you at least know that, and start deeming other people you know who have similar last names.


I am very logical.

After you spend 0.73 seconds holding just waiting to see what theyre like organically, you realise God induced the Internet for a reason, and you are only insulting Him by not researching this boy on social media. Youd hate to be smited, especially right after satisfying this great guy, so you go for it. You click through the limited privacy permitted Facebook profile images, refrain from looking at LinkedIn because, dang it, itll tell them if you appeared, and you read any other little tidbits that Google decides to offer up. Usually its funny quotes from a college newspaper or random websites theyre linked to. Sometimes, though, if youre really[ un] luck, articles pop up about their relatives. Their relatives who are actually international fugitives who are not allowed into the country anymore and may have a made-for-TV movie made about the crime they committed. But thats merely happened to me once.

You overly critique their texting styles.

I may be partial since I graduated with an English degree, but come along. Demonstrate me y-o-u care by fully spelling out your words. Soothe it down with the text talk, lololol. And why so many exclamation phases ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I cant handle this.* screaming face emoji siren emoji eggplant emoji* Give me a properly executed sentence, and Ill give you my heart.

You start asking reciprocal friends about them.

Sometimes youre lucky enough( thanks to Facebook-stalking) to realize that youve got a few friends in common. So hit up that old friend-of-a-classmates-exs-roommate and ask what they think about this guy.

You make an effort to run into them in public.

The best hour for this to happen is when youre looking great and youre out at a bar with your girlfriends or, in my occurrence, my very attractive lesbian male friend. A less great time for this to happen is when youre as previously mentioned, but youre at a lesbian bar with said friend. The worst time for this to happen is when youre inside aforementioned gay bar and the drag queen emcee announces the strip competition that is about to begin, and you find yourself unknowingly watching the guy youve been ensure taking his clothes off for money.

And then you find out hes a regular. And then one of the guys behind you nudges you after noticing you staring, mistaking your horror for intrigue, and tells you you should try and get a date with that. BUT YOU ALREADY HAVE. But its almost okay because at least he won.

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23 Signs Your Significant Other Is The Missing Piece To Your Life Puzzle

2 months, 15 days ago

1. You dont need to be doing anything especially arousing or textbook fun to have an amazing time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Being together is the one and only requirement for having a downright awesome time.

2. Sometimes, in fact, lying in bed together late into the morning and lazing about is the most rewarding route to spend an entire day.

3. Having utterly no schemes is a treat when it means you get to devote every waking minute to loving each otherand while sex contact is generally greeted, it’s not inevitably required.

4. Although it have to be said that you finally is how mindblowing sex is when you feel genuinely connected to the person youre sleeping with.

5. You love the way your significant other smells so much, you roll over to their side of the bed sporadically just to sniff their pillow a little.

6. When you’re separated for too many hours, you’ve also been known to inter your face in one of their t-shirts for a comforting whiff.

7. You definitely wear their clothes whenever possible , not because their shirts and jeans look all that good on you, but because you genuinely want to feel closer to them.

8. Certain words have taken on new meaning within your relationshipspecial, random terms dripping in positive context, fond memories, and inside jokes merely you two comprehend.

9. You pretty much speak your very own couple’s speech, like a pair of secret agent deftly manipulating code to insulate yourselves from outsiders.

10. You routinely decline invitations to set aside room to hang out with each other only because you cherish being alone together.

11. You’re not one to dodge friends, but you dont feel bad about fibbing to people to preserve your special hour with your significant other because that’s what maintains you going.

12. Being with your partner is like bathing in tranquility, relief, security, love, and convenience. You never grow tired of it, even when you fight.

13. Fighting is part of your ongoing narrative because it’s inevitable within a relationship. But you can always insure a glimmer of peace on the horizon when you’re in the thick of a nasty exchange.

14. You consult you partner on almost all matters, from what to wear to an important meeting to how you should word a critical email and whether or not you should feed grilled cheese or chicken for dinner.

15. Your partner’s sentiment entails a lot to you and taking their input into consideration never feels like a sacrifice of ego. It feels right.

16. You approach certain simple chores differently since the time you first started datingmaybe you use an electric toothbrush now, or you clean with an exfoliating glove instead of a loofabecause you want to do things way.

17. Over the months or years, youve quietly observed each others habits and tapped the best from both your worlds, making for one stronger unit overall.

18. One of you definitely started feeing better or exercising more thanks to the other.

19. Suddenly, your health and longevity matter in an entirely new wayyou want to stick around largely because you dont want to miss out on any time with your devotee.

20. Your friends and family have noted that your partner makes you insanely happy, and that your position overall has improved significantly since you got together.

21. When you sense that someones envious of your bond, you downplay your relationship out of kindness and good manners, but secretly you know they have reason to be jealous.

22. Any doubts you once entertained about observing the right person have wholly evaporated.

23. You dont deem yourself half of a couple. Youre part of a squad. A dual human unit that does life better together than separately.

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22 One Night Stand Described in Six Words or Less

2 months, 17 days ago

One night and six words, these hilarious descriptions of debaucherous endeavors leave us with so many unanswered questions.


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


Via: tirisal1


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Via: tirisal1


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His Uber Driver Started Running the Wrong WayWhen He Tapped Him on the Shoulder, He Knew …

3 months, 12 days ago

It was a 25 -minute ride to his house…

Guangtong Li was living the dreaming. Run was running awesome, he’d just gotten back from his honeymoon and he’d been living on cloud nineever since. One night, he went to get an Uber to go back home since his wife had already taken the carand that’s when the magical in their own lives got a beautifully brutal awakening.

Here’s his Facebook poston the experience that changed his perspective forever 😛 TAGEND

“I was touched by an Angel( uber driver) yesterday. Wifey took my vehicle so I decided to uber home. When the Toyota Vios approached, I received an sms message from the uber app-‘ Your driver( Andrew) has difficulty speaking.’ I was puzzled. I hopped into it and a fine gentleman greeted me with a smile and pointed to the map on his phone, checking if he got my destination right. I replied:’ Yeah bro.’ I carried on indicating that I would like to proceed via a certain road and when Andrew did not reply to me, that’s when I realized that Andrew is deaf. I tapped him on the shoulder and signaled to him that I would like to sit beside him instead of behind so I could guide him on my preferred road via hand signal.

The journey that ensued the next 25 mins is one of the most enriching and yet humbling in my life. Being a talkative person by nature, words cannot describe how uncomfortable it was for me that the person or persons beside me could not communicate with me in the way I know how. We maintained silent for a good 10 minutes.

A lot of thoughts raced through my head in that short span of period. I asked myself, what if I were deaf? What would my world is just like? Would I even have the gallantry to carry on living, even more, be an uber driver? At that moment, I just couldn’t control my curiosity. Hence, I started typing on my iPhone to ask Andrew how he became deaf? He said he was born deaf. The conversation then continued with the Q& A taking place on the iPhone. Andrew shared with me that he had just lost his job as a draftsman for illuminating and electrical, which was why he became an uber driver. His eyes lit up when we chatted about his family. He is happily married with a deaf wife and 3 children who can speak and hear.

At the end of the journey, I told Andrew I wanted to buy his children ice- cream, so I dedicated him $50. He objected to it, but I insisted and forced it into his pocket. Then I got off the Toyota. That’s when I realised my $50 is so small compared to the valuable lessons that he taught me in this short 25 mins.

I’m writing this because I hope all of us can learn from Andrew’s attitude towards life.

Thank you Andrew for teaching me stillnes is golden, and how to slow in life.

Thank you Andrew for teaching me what gallantry is( imagine, without the ability to hear or speak, he analyzed to became a draftsman ).

Thank you Andrew for teaching me the positive position you have for life even though you do not have the ability to hear.

Thank you Andrew for teaching me gratitude and to be appreciative toward things that we always take for granted.

Thank you for teaching me that the responsibility of the head of the household is to provide for the family no matter how hard the situation is.

Thank you for teaching me via your family and your 3 children that there are no bounds in love.

Sometimes in life we( all) get so upset or disappointed with issues that seem so big and important to us. However if we slow down a little to reflect , nothing cannot be solved as long as our heart is healed first. It’s always about perception and position. I truly hope Andrew is able to inspire and give us all hope and strength that nothing is impossible.

And special thanks to uber for creating this task for everyone without discrimination! How I wish this uber ride was longer !!

I pray that God will always watch over Andrew’s family and provide for them abundantly.”

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If you want to get rid of your guy here is an easy way.()

3 months, 23 days ago

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