John Kasich: Women ‘left their kitchens’ to back him

20 minutes ago

Washington( CNN) Ohio Gov. John Kasich told a Virginia crowd Monday that women “left their kitchens” for him in an early statehouse race, promptly inspiring a retort from one female voter there.

“And how did I get elected? Nobody was, I didn’t have anybody for me. We just got an army of people who, um, and many girls, who left their kitchens got to go and run door-to-door and to set yard signs up for me, ” the Republican presidential nominee said Monday, describing moments from his early career in the 1970 s, during a town hall in Fairfax, Virginia.

A woman voter subsequently shot back.

Why athletes are getting more political in the era of Trump

8 days ago

Washington( CNN) When Beyonce get political and paid tribute to the “Black Lives Matter” movement at the Super Bowl last year, many sports fans were up in arms, accusing the superstar of contravening what some consider to be an unspoken rule: Maintain politics out of sports.

But in an America that is still reeling from a divisive presidential election cycle, where the rise of President Donald Trump catapulted heated debates over race and social issues into the mainstream, many athletes are becoming politically active in a way not seen in decades. And not everyone is happy about it.

“Sports is actually no longer an escape from the real world that it used to be. Sports is a mirror of our society, ” CNN Sports Analyst Christine Brennan said. “I suppose because Trump is so controversial and because the things he’s telling and doing run counter to what many people believe … athletes are detecting their voice in a way that is reminiscent of the 1960 s.”

Billie Jean King talks gender pay gap, U.S. Election

10 reasons National Review doesn’t want Trump in the White House

9 days ago

( CNN) National Review and a group of conservative suppose leaders took a strong stand against Donald Trump on Friday.

In a special issue titled “Against Trump, “the 65 -year-old magazine founded by William F. Buckley railed against Trump’s “unmoored” and “opportunistic” populism. The editors published a scathing editorial on the GOP front-runner, while 22 conservative thinkers weighed in on why they suppose Trump poses a threat to American conservatism.

50 very unlikely things we want from the Democratic National Convention

9 days ago

Image: alex wong, Getty Images

We got through the Republican National Convention , now it’s just one more week until we’re officially in the race for the White House. There’s merely one more candidate to nominate.

The Democratic National Convention will gavel in on Monday afternoon, where Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will likely be nominated at the Democratic party’s nominees for President and Vice President of the United States, respectively.

There will be speeches. There is likely to be celebrities. There is likely to be flag pins.

We hope there will be so much more.

1. Tim Kaine does a harmonica solo.

2. Tim Kaine and Bill Clinton do a harmonica/ sax duet.

3. Bill Clinton shares his best vegan recipes( yes, he’s a vegan now ).

4. Hillary rent off some sassy one-liners.

5. Elizabeth Warren lays down some murderer Trump puns.

6. Elizabeth Warren challenges Trump to a rap battle.

7. The Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays as Bernie Sanders comes on stage.

8. Lin-Manuel Miranda writes Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders a devastating hip-hop medley.

9. Unlike the RNC, person talks about policy.

10. Bernie Sanders wails, “THIS ISN’T OVER! ” And does a stage dive.

11. Again, teens flood the convention looking for Pokmon.

12. Beyonc performs a spectacular new hitting dedicated to our new, all powerful gynocracy.

13. A video tribute to menstruation. Deal with it.

14. Hillary ends her acceptance speech by saying “Hillary OUT! ” and falling the mic.

15. A synchronized dance number

16. Hillary discloses herself to be a benevolent robot, hoping to bring peace to us humans.

17. In the name of transparency, Hillary reads every ecard, chain letter and intra-office meme she sent between 1996 and 2013.

18. Hillary changes video games by wearing a crop top instead of a pant suit

19. There is a sketch starring Jimmy Fallon.

20. Bernie Sanders announces his next move as KFC’s new spokesman, Colonel Sanders.

21. Nobody mentions emails.

22. Larry David stands in for Bernie Sanders.

23. Bernie Sanders paraglides into the convention stadium.

24. Bill Clinton announced today he, Obama and Chelsea are forming a band and touring the country.

25. They are called Barry, Willy and Chels.

26. Obama challenges Hillary to a game of stone, paper, scissors for the presidency.

27. Tim Kaine sings a heartbreaking ballad called, “I’m Only A Little Bit Boring.”

28. It’s actually merely Obama in a Hillary mask.

29. Joe Biden kisses Tim Kaine to transfer is Vice Presidential powers to him.

30. Hillary’s acceptance speech is merely 15 minutes because she knows some of us have to be up in the morning. Maintain it short and sweet, Hill.

31. Al Gore talks about whales for 45 minutes.

32. Kate McKinnon stands in for Hillary for the duration of the convention.

33. Hillary’s speech is annotated with GIFs.

34. Bernie Sanders turns the tables by impersonating Larry David.

35. Elizabeth Warren stands up and says, “Screw it, I’M running for President, ” and the crowd cheers.

36. Russia will hack into the screens, demonstrating Season 4 of The Americans

37. Trump will somehow appear on stage every night.

38. Obama will spend most of his speech talking about all of the mystery novels he will read once his word is over.

39. In an effort to appear cooler, Tim Kaine will wear sunglasses for the duration of the convention.

40. Bill Clinton alleviates his ‘9 0s glory by giving his speech wearing a choker and a flannel shirt tied around his waist.

41. Someone please merely admit that climate change is real.

42. Lenny Kravitz appears on stage as 90 percent scarf.

43. Nancy Pelosi and Stephen Colbert do a hilarious presidential version of “Who’s On First? “

44. No one utters the phrase “All lives matter.”

45. The Wyoming delegation, who play Pokemon Go as Team Insight, gets into a big fight with the Michigan delegation, who are Team Valor.

46. People spend the entire convention trying to decide where they’ve find Chlo Grace Moretz.

47. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is nowhere to be seen. At all. For the entire convention. Please just stay away.

48. Everyone watches The West Wing for four days.

49. Unlike the RNC, Democrat will actually talk about their nominee in speeches, rather than the opposition’s.

50. Peace on earth and good will towards men and women.

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Win another one for The Gipper? Newspaper endorses Reagan for chairwoman

10 days ago

Washington( CNN) The San Diego Union-Tribune has some advice for #NeverTrump Republican — vote for the late former President Ronald Reagan, instead.

You read that right. The editorial board for the daily newspaper wrote an op-ed Thursday saying it cannot endorse Donald Trump for president.

Sarah Palin devotes update on spouse after snow machine crash

11 days ago

Washington( CNN) Sarah Palin’s husband remains in intensive care after a snow machine accident, the former Alaska governor explained on Thursday.

In a note to her followers on Facebook , the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee told Todd Palin had undergone a “long surgery” that “repaired numerous violates in Todd’s upper body.”

Poland is ‘on road to autocracy’, tells constitutional court chairman

17 days ago

Law and Justice party is trying to destroy system of checks on government power, says head of highest constitutional court

The outgoing chairperson of Polands highest constitutional tribunal has accused the ruling rightwing Law and Justice party( PiS) of a systematic attempt to destroy oversight of government activity, describing the country as on the road to autocracy.

The departure of Prof Andrzej Rzepliski, whose term expires on Monday, ought to be able to pave the way for PiS appointees to assume control of Polands most important institutional check on executive power.

The expiration of Rzepliskis term goes amid signs of the most serious political crisis in Poland since PiS won presidential and parliamentary elections in 2015.

Protesters on Friday night attempted to barricade MPs in the parliament build after the government sought to restrict media access to parliamentary proceedings. Opposition MPs accuse PiS deputies of holding illegal elections outside the parliamentary chamber after an opponent MP was expelled for protesting against the media restrictions and opposition leaders occupied the parliamentary pulpit in protest. Protests continued in Warsaw and other cities over the weekend.

Speaking to the Guardian, Rzepliski defended his attempts to uphold the freedom of the tribunal, which rules on the constitutionality of legislation and decisions taken by state authorities.

He said the governments refusal to recognise the legitimacy of a number of the courts rulings threatened to create a double legal system, with some courts upholding our rulings, and others not. Judges truly dont know what is the law, and without that, in a continental system, courts cannot operate.

PiS has been engaged in a stand-off with the constitutional tribunal ever since Andrzej Duda, the countrys PiS-aligned president, refused last year to swear in a number of magistrates appointed by the previous government and appointed five new magistrates of his own. Three were ruled unconstitutional.

The PiS-controlled parliament has also passed eight separate pieces of legislation regarding the role and functioning of the constitutional tribunal, the majority of which, critics argue, seem designed to minimise the ability of the court to hold the government to account, and to maximise the influence of the governments own appointees.

The aim of the legislation is to destroy the court, to disintegrate it, to create a kind of private council for our beloved leader, said Rzepliski, a reference to Jarosaw Kaczyski, the leader of PiS.

At a meet of supporters earlier this year Kaczyski, who portrays the constitutional tribunal as in hoc with the liberal opposition, and has described the court as the bastion of everything in Poland that is bad, was contended that the will of the nation, as exemplified by the ruling party, trumped the rule of law.

In a democracy, the sovereign is the people, their representative parliament and, in the Polish occurrence, the elected president, told Kaczyski. If we are to have a democratic state of statute , no state authority, including the constitutional tribunal, can disregard legislation.

The stand-off has prompted the European commission to consider sanctions for what it has described as a systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland. Over the weekend Donald Tusk, European council chairwoman and a former premier of Poland, called on the Polish authorities to respect the constitution.

Citizens, law and morality place limits on government , not vice versa. As we know from our own experience, a democracy without respect for morals, culture and conventions speedily degenerates into the opposite, Tusk told a news conference in Polands western city of Wrocaw.

Kaczyskis attitude towards the constitutional tribunal is a possibility rooted in his experience as prime minister in the mid-2 000 s, when the court inflicted a series of defeats on a short-lived PiS-led alliance government.

It is important to remember that it is the constitutional tribunal that humbled Kaczyski last period Law and Justice were in power, between 2006 and 2007, told Jacek Kucharczyk, chairperson of Polands Institute of Public Affair. It stands to reason that this time around, he would attempt to take it on right from the beginning.

In Poland, the constitutional courts rulings are not considered to have legal effect until they are printed in an official journal, which is produced by a printing press controlled by the government.

In March, the tribunal ruled unconstitutional a reform to the court that would have given more power to PiS appointees and forced the court to consider suits in chronological order, hampering its ability to scrutinise government activity. But the prime minister, Beata Szydo, had now been rejects to publish the ruling, arguing that the decision had not been made in accordance with the new legislation.

When a judgment is not published, you disintegrate the legal system, said Rzepliski. The government has since refused to publish numerous rulings issued by the court.

When earlier this month the courts judges gathered to vote on Rzepliskis replacement, three judges appointed by the present government called in sick on the same day, denying the gathering of a quorum. The government responded by passing legislation permitting the president and prime minister to appoint the courts new president on a temporary basis.

Julia Przybska, one of the judges who called in sick, is tip-off by some commentators to be appointed as Rzepliskis successor.

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Showing Both Sides: ABC Is Balancing Out Roseannes Pro-Trump Politics By Airing A Scene After Every Episode Where Donald Trump Drowns In The Conner Family Bathtub

30 days ago

Though ABC’s Roseanne reboot is a bona fide ratings success, the indicate has become a lightning rod for controversy, with Roseanne Barr’s right-wing notions drawing ire from the left and praise from conservatives in equal measure. Now, the primetime network is taking major steps to make sure the prove caters to viewers on both ends of the political spectrum: ABC is balancing out Roseanne ’s pro-Trump opinions by airing a scene after every episode where Donald Trump drowns in the Conner family bathtub.

Finally, a Tv show that both Democrats and Republicans alike can find something to like about!

Starting with next week’s Roseanne , each episode’s shutting credits will be followed by a short clip of President Trump flailing face-down in the Conners’ bathtub until he is completely motionless, a change that ABC hopes will counterbalance Roseanne Barr’s endorsement of Trump policies throughout the rest of the present. The studio audience’s reaction to seeing President Trump drown in a working-class family’s bathroom will be a mixture of applause and booing, an additional measure intended to guarantee that both liberal and conservative positions are represented on the show.

“Our programming is meant to be enjoyed by viewers of all political persuasions, so by adding a recurring segment where President Trump dies in 4 inches of bath water, we hope that Roseanne is regarded as fair, balanced, and entertaining to everyone, ” told Channing Dungey, President of ABC Television, in a press release announcing the news. “Our nation is more divided than ever before, and that’s why we’re striving to create a show that brings people together, whether they’re tuning in to watch Roseanne Conner rip into her sister’s liberal faiths or to watch her husband, Dan, screaming after he walks into the bathroom and detects President Trump’s waterlogged corpse mutely floating in his bathtub.”

Wow. Time will tell whether having President Trump drown in the Connor’s bathtub in a new way every single week will incentivize more left-leaning spectators to tune in, but in such polarized hours, it’s a noble move on ABC’s part either way. Other TV networks better take note, because ABC is bridging the divide between liberals and conservatives, and they’re build it appear easy, too!

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Trump defiant after outburst and GOP picks up pieces

1 month ago

( CNN) Republican lawmakers and administration aides received themselves again Wednesday weighing the costs and benefits of remaining loyal to President Donald Trump, whose equivocal statements about neo-Nazis and white supremacists marked a dramatic switching in presidential rhetoric.

By Wednesday afternoon, most appeared to have induced their calculation: deserting Trump now could only harm and not help their agendas or political fortunes.

Republican leaders in Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, released statements confirming their disavowal of white supremacist groups and neo-Nazis but not explicitly condemning Trump, who told Tuesday there were “very fine people” protesting in Charlottesvilleamid the torch-bearing marchers.

Brexit ruling: senior Tories advise May to scrap article 50 appeal

1 month, 1 day ago

Letwin, Grieve and Garnier call for appeal against Brexit ruling to be dropped to avoid legal dangers and save hour and money

Senior Tories have exhorted Theresa May to scrap the governments appeal against a high court ruling which states that parliament must vote on leaving the EU.

Oliver Letwin, the former head of the governments Brexit preparations, has called on the prime minister to abandon its supreme court appeal over government decisions on article 50, existing mechanisms that triggers exit negotiations.

The former us attorney general Dominic Grieve and former solicitor-general Sir Edward Garnier also said May should avoid taking the lawsuit to the UKs highest court.

The three Conservatives, who all supported the remain campaign, said they wanted the process to start as soon as possible with a bill in parliament.

Garnier told BBC Radio 4s Today programme on Saturday: That route you avoid an unnecessary legal row, you avoid a lot of unnecessary expenditure, but you also avoid an opportunity for ill-motivated people to assault the judiciary, to misunderstand the motives of both parties to the lawsuit, and you provide certainty.

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