Marin Alsop appointed first female artistic director of top Vienna orchestra

20 minutes ago

Exclusive: American conductor greeted new role at ORF but hopes being the first woman will shortly no longer be news

Hundreds Of Loved Up Irish Fans Serenade A Beautiful French Girl

13 days ago
Have you ever seen person in public so beautiful that you’ve wanted to stop and sing to them until they eventually and inevitably get off with you? No, me neither- we don’t live in High School Musical … still, it’s fun to find hot people .

That’s what happened in Bordeaux when, after a 3-0 loss to Belgium, Ireland fans, still in high spirits, spotted a lovely blonde French girl and took it upon themselves to serenade her.

If ever you’ve wanted to see a video that compounds Irish stereotypes, this is it. Never have you heard so much slurred singing and the mumbled, incorrect terms of two ballads that are pretty easy to recollect … funny though.

One guy managed to sneak a cheeky kiss at the end; albeit one on the cheek but, you know … she’s hot so it all counts.

Odds on that he thought there’d be some sort of Richard Curtis style holiday romance after that, though … Seems like Ireland are pretty much out of the Euros so he requires something to cheer him up!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments !

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16 Hilarious Reasons That Kids Are Crying

27 days ago
The reasons that children scream aren’t always logical, and no one knows that better than dadGreg Pembroke . After noticing that sure, his son cried when he was hurt, or angry, but that he also get upset when he was, tell, frustrated about not being allowed to drown in a pond, Greg started a blog, collecting from other parents the more hilarious reasons that kids wept 😛 TAGEND

You can check out some of our favourites here 😛 TAGEND 1. Bitterly disappointing ..

2. But he’s missing out on so much !

3. The worst .

4. I entail fair enough ..

5. No !

6. How could you ?!

7. Try and say no to that face !

8. So unfair !

9. The horror !

10. Terrible parenting right there …

11. But he seemed like such a nice fellow !

12. Still though ..

13. We’ve all been there ..

14. A travesty .

15. Horrifying .

16. I believe I’ve spotted it …

For more adorable reasons that kids are crying, head over to Bored Panda to consider the full collection, or Greg’s blog, Reasons My Son Is Crying .

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In ‘4: 44, ‘ JAY-Z Shows How Racism Affects All Black People, Regardless Of Class

1 month, 5 days ago

JAY-Z released his 13 th album,on Thursday, June 30 to a craze of hungry fans who waited online until midnight to hearwhat the legend has to say after years without a full album release.

People can’t stop talking about the juicy info he shared about his marriage, household, and celebrity friendships but JAY-Z also has a lot to say about what’s going on in the world, socially.

In other terms, this is JAY-Z being peak JAY-Z, and the music climate is better forof it.

One of the most thought-provoking records onis his mid-tempo song,The Story Of O.J. It’s the only full sung with a video accompaniment on which he addresses class separations within the black community.

He jumpstarts the song with the chorus,

Light n ****, dark n ****, faux n ****, real n ****
Rich n ****, poor n ****, house n ****, field n ****
Still n ****, still n ****

For the opening lines of the first poem, he raps,

O.J. like, I’m not black, I’m O.J. OK.

JAY-Z’s line addresses the infamous quote thatESPN journalist, Robert Lipsyte, told Simpson shared with him during the special.

Lipsyte told,

He overheard a white girl at the next table telling, Look, there’s O.J. sitting with all those n *** ers.’ I remember in my naivet, telling to O.J ., Gee, wow, that must have been terrible for you.’ And he told, No. it was great don’t you are familiar with? She knew that I wasn’t black.

The animated video shows an overstated animation of JAY-Z and other images who represent the different kinds of black people that JAY-Z address in his song’s hook. I consider no coincidence in the similarity of these black caricatures to the racist imagery of blackface minstrel proves that began in the 19 th century.

Instead of poking fun at black people, as these minstrel proves were created to do, JAY-Z’s usage could be perceived as an address of the long-running gags about his African-American facial features, particularly his lip and nose size. The animations are the visual reminder that no black people are excluded from racialized targeting.

JAY-Z follows the opening lines about O.J. with lyrics that not only address black celebrities who have divided themselves from the black community like O.J ., but also raps about the importance of these prominent black celebrities determining their way back by investingmoney and time into the black community.

O.J.isn’t the only black celebrity who repudiates their African-American status.

JAY-Z making an entire ballad surrounding O.J.’s separation is as much about our culture today as it is about a famous black football player not wanting to be considered black years ago.

A patternseems to exist that demonstrates some individuals reaching a phase of success, then attempting to distancethemselves from blackness in some way( by denouncing the label, or otherwise ), which appears to be a result of internalized racism that says a black or African-American identity is somehow less than.

Think Raven Symon, who confidently shared that she does not identify as an African-Americanduring a 2014 episode of Oprah’s

She afterwards clarified to in a statement, writing,

I never told I wasn’t black. I want to attain that very clear. I told, I am not African American.’ I never expected my personal faiths and commentaries to trigger such feeling in people. I think it is only positive when we can openly discuss race and being labeled in America.

Her clarification still left things a little bit fuzzy, since being a black person who was born in American usually renders you an African-American.

Model, Devyn Abdullah, who won the modeling, also told Wendy Williams during a 2013 interview,

I don’t really consider myself as a black daughter model. I know what my ethnicity is, but I’m fair-skinned and I feel like I have an international look.

Then there’s Tiger Woods, who has chosen not to identify as black or African-American, but instead as aCablinasian. You know, because he’s mixed.

What these celebrities seem tooverlook is that it doesn’t matter how they try to distance themselves from blackness. To the outside world, they are black and can still find themselves in positions where that blackness is targeted. JAY-Z points this out with his still a n **** lyric.

NBA superstar, LeBron James, said as much when his house was vandalized with the n-word spray painted on it just a few weeks ago.

LeBron shared,

No matter how much fund you have , no matter how famous you are , no matter how many people admire you, being black in America is tough.

Imagine how tough it is when you have that fiscal and famous privilege, and the black heroes you look up to who do have it denounce their blackness or their African-American identities. They are the ones you rooted for because they shined on stages and silver screen that , previously, black people is no more than allowed to occupy minimally, if at all.

That is how I felt when Symon said she wasn’t African-American, after I’d grown up watching her on and adoredher on

Sherepresentedteenage African-American daughters on television when there were so few given starring roles, and it was my hope that she would be proud to carry that label and show the world how valuable we are.

JAY-Z pushes famous black people to abandon this behavior and step into their black identities.

This message of unity in The Story Of O.J. is right on time.

Not only do we live in times when black lives are threatened at every turn, but we also have had other popular rappers send messages that are very contrary to the one in The Story Of O.J.

New school rapper, Kodak Black, only set social media ablaze after he lately stated that he doesn’t like dark-skinned black daughters because they are too tough.

In November 2016, Lil’ Wayne indignation and ostracized a lot of his black fans whenhe shared that he felt Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with him onBefore that, in September, he said on Fox Sports’ reveal that racism doesn’t exist.

In JAY-Z seems to want to challenge his rich peers to check themselves and realize that green money doesn’t negate their black skin.

That said, JAY-Z has some privilegeof his own to check.

Be clear, everyone is problematic somehow.

JAY-Z is right about the still a n **** theory, but denouncing your blackness is no less incorrect than doing things to drawback black people, as he has been accused of.

In The Story Of O.J ., JAY-Z raps about how he’s created his music-streaming service, Tidal, and done other things to teach fiscal freedom to more black people.

It’s alsopublic knowledge that he’s bailed Black Lives Matter activists out of jail, bailedfathers out of jail on Father’s Day, called out the racist War On Drugs, and brought the late Kalief Browders name to the national spotlight.( Browder was a young man who was wrongfully held in Rikers Island for three years and later committed suicide after his release .)

Still, JAY-Ztook part in a gentrification wave when he participated in bringing the Barclays Center to Brooklyn, NY in 2012.

Although the mogulhas since sold his part of the company, he was heavily criticized for bringing ina facility that displaced residents. Buildings were bought out and demolished, as described in the documentary entitled .

People lost their homes, seemingly because individuals with influence and bigger bank accounts had their way.

On, and specifically The Story Of O.J ., we insure a man who seems ready to take some responsibility for his mistakes, recommending others to do the same, and then committing to do better.

JAY-Zhas done plenty of work for black people since the Barclays Center opened, but I hope his current messagealso involvesthe understanding that there’s more than one style to separate yourself from the black community.

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If Belle From Beauty And The Beast Was Britney Spears

1 month, 15 days ago

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‘Welcome to NRA Country’: how the handgun lobby tried to tap into country music

1 month, 16 days ago

With big name supporters including Blake Shelton and Thomas Rhett, NRA Country is being used to entice younger members to the NRA by using country credibility. But with some artists distancing themselves, can it survive?

I love the NRA, sang Preston Brust on stage at a recent concert in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Brust, who comprises one half of the country duo LoCash, was performing the groups hit single, I Love This Life, a typical feel-good country ode to small towns, trucks and girls.

The setting was the 2016 Great American Outdoor Show, the NR-Abacked hunting and angling trade-show, held for a week each February, that depicts over 200,000 yearly guests and claims to be biggest customer outdoor show in the world.

Saturday evenings concert was presented by NRA Country, the lifestyle brand outgrowth of the NRA that fosters partnerships between the National Rifle Association and the country music industry.

Since its founding in 2010 , NRA Country has tried, with varying degrees of success, to develop close ties to Nashvilles country music industry, partnering with several of the genres biggest superstars and some of its more prominent institutions.

Those ties were on display at the Great American Outdoor show concert, where bright yellow banners that read This is NRA Country, complete with the organizations logoes of two firearms joining together to form bull horns, adorned all corners of the arena. Between acts, video screens above the stage played looped videos of NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre telling things such as: We need to take our country back and fight like hell to save America.

The first words uttered on stage were from the evenings MCs, DJs Nancy and Newman, from the local country station 94.9, who greeted the crowd by saying: Welcome to NRA Country and imploring the crowd to sign up for an NRA membership.

Throughout the concert, the three musical acts performing namedropped the NRA a total of 20 times. During their 45 -minute set, LoCash alone mentioned the organization on 13 occasions, or approximately once every three minutes.

With I Love This Life, LoCash were also the only group that managed to sneak in a lyric about the NRA into one of their ballads. After Brust sang his line about the NRA, the group then handed out NRA Country T-shirts to the crowd and mentioned the organization a half-dozen more hours before closing their situate. God bless the NRA, they screamed, before vanishing offstage.

Sunny Sweeney performs at the 5th Annual NRA Country Jam in Nashville, Tennessee Photograph: Terry Wyatt/ Getty Images

NRA Country was founded as a lifestyle brand that, in its own words, helps bring country music artists together with NRA members in support of our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage.

The NRA positions NRA Country as a crucial marketing tool, presenting a softer side of the organization, as one NRA spokesperson set it in 2010. NRA Country presents a mainstream version of its otherwise hard-nosed image and uncompromising political posture through the international association with country music, one of the largest and fastest growing musical genres in the United States, with an estimated 100 million adults who identify as fans, according to the Country Music Association.

Although country music has become increasingly popular in suburban and urban America over the past several decades, a large percentage of the genres core demographic is still a rural-leaning audience that is more likely to identify with the NRA than that of any other popular musical format.

NRA Country hits at a real country customer, tells Ken Levitan, chairperson of Vector Management, whose clients include several NRA Country artistssuch as Hank Williams Jr, Trace Adkins and Aaron Lewis.

For most artists, NRA Country is seen as yet another corporate sponsorship opportunity, a way to reach potential new fans among the NRAs many millions of members as it becomes increasingly harder to sell new records in the 21 st century.

Its a really competitive business and NRA Country dedicates another voice to your ballad or your album, tells Levitan. Its all promotional. Theyre dedicating full-page ads in Country Weekly and theyll advertise your albums. All the labels are looking for any kind of help they can get.

The chairman of NRA Country is Chris Cox, who also serves as the head of the NRAs direct lobbying arm, the NRA Institute for Legislative initiatives. NRA Countrys director is Vanessa Shahidi, who has served as an assistant to Wayne LaPierre.

Its no secret, Shahidi told the Tennessean last year. If you poll our members, they love country music.

NRA Country is just one facet of the organizations concerted effort in recent years to tribunal Nashvilles prominent entertainment industry. The NRA held its annual meeting there last spring. It was the second-most attended in the organizations history, drawing nearly 80,000 members.

With NRA Countrys uncontroversial, values-based branding and immediate appeal to the country music audience at large, the NRA utilizes NRA Country primarily as a marketing and recruitment tool for new, younger demographics.

According to a recent survey, the age gap among firearm owneds stands at a record high. Whereas in 1980, 23.5% of gun owners were under the age of 35 and 27.4% were over the age of 65, that divided has grown dramatically. In 2014, merely 14% of gun owneds were under the age of 35, and 30.4% of gun owners were over the age of 65.

Because theyve saturated the old white male market, what has happened is that the NRA has made efforts to reach out to new groups, whether its millennials, girls, or country music fans, says Josh Sugarmann, the director of the Violence Policy Center, a gun control group that studies the NRA.

Shahidi has not hesitated to emphasize NRA Countrys explicit goal of courting the youth demographic in recent years. The sold-out crowd of 30-and-unders shows the strength of the NRA Country brand, Shahidi said after the NRA Countrys 2014 concert at the Great American Outdoor Show.

Last year, Shahidi once again highlighted NRA Countrys unique potential to convert young country fans into future card-carrying NRA members.

These are guys who are out in front of big crowds of young folks every day singing our kudoes, get our messaging out there, she said on Cam& Company, a now-defunct NRA talk radio show. Were just so thankful to have this brand and this partnership.

NRA Country did not respond to repeated requests to be interviewed for this story.

Wayne LaPierre speaks at the NRA Country ACM Celebrity Shoot. Photograph: Ethan Miller/ Getty Images for ACM

Country music fans are a more natural fit for the NRA than their related recent efforts to court untraditional gun-owning demographics. But Sugarmann hints at another reason behind the organizations recent efforts.

The NRA has a real inferiority complex considering celebrities, he says. Theres a bitternes that folks on the gun control side of things have tons of celebrity spokespersons and the support of Hollywood. NRA Country, he told, has the added goal of trying to create some celebrities who can be attached to the NRA.

A quick glance at NRA Countrys website lists over 30 musicians, including some of countrys biggest contemporary acts such as Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett.

According to a trademark application filed in spring 2010, NRA Country was founded as an organization that would informed about country and rural lifestyles, such as patriotism and liberty as well as information relating to legal affairs and information about handgun safety.

But a quick glance through NRA Countrys website reveals hardly a single mention of handguns, pistols or second amendment rights. The result is an oft-confusing try at reaching an imagined country demographic that Sugarmann describes as almost a caricature of the country world.

One recent post in JJs Country Column, NRA Countrys blog, is titled Country Dogs . The post, written by a dog named Max, is accompanied by a number of photos of puppies that have been stamped with the NRA Country logo.

We country dogs come in all shades and snout sizes, the post reads. We dont sofa in parlors, ride in Mercedes, receive floofy haircuts, and well merely crash a tea party if the back entrance is accidentally left open.

Luke Bryan at the NRA Country/ ACM Celebrity Shoot. Photograph: Ethan Miller/ Getty Images

In its first few years, NRA Country immediately enjoyed high-profile industry partnerships with institutions like the Academy of Country music, which co-hosted the organizations annual NRA Country Celebrity Shoot, and with high-rising country hotshots such as Luke Bryan, who partnered with NRA Country for his 2011 tour, and Blake Shelton, who hosted the Celebrity Shoots in 2011 and 2012.

Its great for NRA Country to be back and continue our partnerships with the ACM and Blake[ Shelton] for these righteous causes, said LaPierre in March 2012, before the 2nd annual Celebrity Shoot.

By mid-2 012, NRA Country had rapidly attained its presence feel in Nashville, boasting an impressive listing of more than 20 partnered artists on its website. Jake Owen is one of several high-profile singers who is no longer listed on NRA Countrys listing of partnered artists.

Asked to clarify his present association with the organization, a representative for Owen stated that Jake actually never had a partnership with the NRA, explaining that the vocalist had merely once attended an NRA Country-sponsored celebrity skeet shoot event.

Representatives for the NRA and NRA Country did not respond when asked to comment on Owens past affiliation with NRA Country.

On the morning of 12 December 2012, a gunman murdered 20 children in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

That day, the NRA softly canceled an event it had scheduled for that afternoon: an NRA Country Twitter Q& A session with country-rapper Colt Ford. Apologies for the inconvenience, Ford tweeted, but the Tweet& Greet with @NRACountry will be rescheduled.

The Colt Ford cancellation promptly prompted the largest bout of national advertising NRA Country had ever received, with outlets ranging from MSNBC to the Daily Beast to the New York Daily News all encompassing the narrative.

Since Newtown, fewer artists have been willing to publicly acknowledge their ties with the NRA.

In the months after Newtown, the NRAs corporate sponsorships began to receive an unprecedented degree of scrutiny. One particularly controversial event held in the spring of 2013 was the NRA 500, an NR-Asponsored Nascar race held in Fort Worth, Texas that ended with a human shooting himself in the head.

With debate over gun control and second amendment rights brought to the nations forefront in the emotionally charged months after Newtown, NRA Country appeared to grow quiet. The Colt Ford Tweet& Greet was never rescheduled. The annual ACM Celebrity Shoot was not scheduled for the spring of 2013, and the event has not been held since.

NRA Country also completely redesigned its website in the spring of 2013. When the new site was unveiled, its two biggest starrings Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan were no longer among its roster of artists.

Representatives for both Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton did not respond to repeated requests to clarify the status of Bryans and Sheltons current relationships with NRA Country.

The Academy of Country Music( ACM) also declined to be interviewed for the tale, with a spokesperson stating that the organization didnt have anything to add because we arent currently doing something with NRA Country. Although the ACM has not held a single event in conjunction with NRA Country since Newtown, a spokesperson for the ACM denied that the two organizations had permanently cut ties, clarifying that our events are constantly in flux.

Another one of NRA Countrys highest-profile associations in Nashville has been its annual Keggs& Eggs event during CMA Fest, the annual festival hosted by the Country Music Association. When asked to comment on their present relationship with NRA Country, a representative for the CMA confirmed that the CMA had never partnered with the organization. Instead, NRA Countrys Keggs& Eggs party, like many other events during CMA Fest, is an unofficial event unaffiliated with the Country Music Association.

Its all about the times we live in, tells Angie Johnson, a country singer who has served in the air force and has partnered with NRA Country since the organizations inception. A few years ago, or ten years ago, it would have been easier for any artist to say, Sure, Ill partner with NRA Country, she tells. Today, its a little more difficult.

Hank Williams Jr performs at the fifth annual NRA Country Jam. Photograph: Terry Wyatt/ Getty Images

Many of NRA Countrys partnered artists, including the organizations most prominent names, such as Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, and Justin Moore, either declined or didnt respond to requests for commentary for this story.

But a number of the 30 -plus musicians currently partnered with NRA Country have deeply personal reasons for their partnership, and several were more than willing to discuss their positive working relationship with the group.

Delaware-born country singer Chuck Wicks considers his partnership with NRA Country as a natural fit, tracing it back to his lifelong love of hunting and animal preservation. You dont want something that you have to work hard to sell that you believe in it, says Wicks.

Just about every mainstream country artist is quick to point out their love of hunting, but Wicks is a devoted conservationist, someone who will start reciting white-tailed deer population growth statistics soon after the subject of hunting comes up.

The NRA is more solid foundation Ive ever been a part of because you know that both feet are down. Its very clear what the stance is and I think thats required, he says.

As for Sunny Sweeney, the east Texas country singer and longtime card-carrying NRA member opinions her partnership with NRA Country in part as a bonding point with her husband, who is a police officer and former member of the armed forces. Sweeney, who describes herself as a liberal conservative, preaches an attitude of tolerance, open-mindedness and mutual self-respect when it comes to discussing controversial subjects like gun control.

Its a sticky subject because its what I believe in, but Im not going to push my faiths down anybody elses throat, just like if someone disagrees with me Id expect them to be respectful and not push their notion down my throat, tells Sweeney, who tells “shes never” received any negative feedback from being associated with the NRA.

Sweeney also points out that her depicts with NRA Country have been some of the biggest of her career. Its a good partnership , no more random than partnering with, say, a fast-food chain, she says. And just like any partnership, theres benefits for both sides, or they wouldnt be doing it.

For Drake White, an Alabama-born singer who is currently working on his debut solo LP, his partnership with NRA Country originates in his relationship with his grandfather, who taught him about hunting, conservation, and firearm security when he was a son. But unlike Sweeney and Wicks, who described their decision to partner with NRA Country as a no-brainer, White told choosing to be associated with NRA Country was not an easy decision to make.

The tough part is that when youre an artist, you want the single mother from Chicago who is against handguns to buy your music just like you want the guy from south Texas to buy your music, tells White, who ultimately felt it was best to represent his beliefs and partner with NRA Country.

I was thinking: Do I want to go and genuinely scream this from the mountaintops or be more reserved about it? That was where the difficulty came in becoming an advocate.

Many was of the view that a large segment of Nashville remains afraid to speak out on gun control. One exception has been Tim McGraw, a firearm proprietor who has expressed tacit support for moderate gun control in the past.

When McGraw played a benefit for Sandy Hook Promise, an organization that promotes gun safety and aims to prevent firearm violence, in 2015, the singer received enough negative feedback from fans that he was compelled to issue a statement to the Washington Post shortly thereafter.

I support gun ownership, McGraw told. I also believe that with handgun ownership arrives the responsibility of education and safety. I cant imagine anyone who disagrees with that.

Like McGraw, most every NRA Country artist interviewed for this story stressed the importance of safety, education, and modest regulation when discussing their opinion on handguns and the second amendment. And despite their partnerships with NRA Country, most also differed with the NRA on at least one of its legislative stances.

Unlike the NR-AILA, which opposes expanding pistol background check systems, both Chuck Wicks and Drake White agree with the more than 70% of card-carrying NRA households who support universal background checks. It creates a strong wall of allowing mentally ill people or people with felonies to have access, Wicks says on such issues.

Sunny Sweeney differs with the NRA in her opposition to the recent open carry statutes in her home state of Texas. Its describe added attention to something that is already scary, she says.

Drake White says: Carrying limbs is a huge responsibility, so I do support tighter firearm laws … Evil people should have a hard time getting guns.

When artists sign up for NRA Country, they dont is understood that theyre tacitly endorsing everything that the gun control people are against, that the NRA is for, but especially that the firearm extremists are for, because people dont induce those distinctions, says Holly Gleason, an industry veteran who works as an artist development consultant and music critic in Nashville. They identify based on their own truth and leaning.

Thus far, NRA Country has had a much easier hour bringing country music to the NRA promoting NRA Country-sponsored artists through its own promotional channels like the NRA magazine American Rifleman and trade depicts like the Great American Outdoor Show than vice-versa.

The country music industry has preferred, for my own part, to keep largely quiet on the issues, downplaying its ties to the NRA, particularly post-Newtown.

I dont know of any organization so totally divorced from music itself, tells Bobby Braddock, a legendary Nashville songwriter who has worked with artists including Blake Shelton and George Jones.

Braddock ensures NRA Country as an unwelcome merge of partisan politics with art and entertainment, though he is an outspoken liberal himself. I hate to watch an agenda tacked on to music, he says.

I resent the incursion of the firearm hall into this music, said one country music executive in 2013. And I believe Im not the only one.

Still, industry executives who work closely with NRA Country suppose the organization will only become more popular in years to come.

Theres a line to get to do it you have to let them know months and months in advance, tells Levitan, discussing the process of becoming one of NRA Countrys Artists of the Month.

NRA Country has been around for a while, so people dont look at it as anything thats unusual, he adds. Right now, I guess people are looking at it as a given.

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Vogue Brazil’s Paralympics Photoshoot Is Unbelievably Offensive

1 month, 18 days ago
The Paralympics is an inspiration. Each athlete that takes part is overcoming a disability to compete and show us that with the right attitude, anything is possible .

People such as Tanni Grey-Thompson, who has won 16 Paralympic medals, show their fans across the globe that you can combat against adversity and still be a win, still be proud of yourself.

That’s why Vogue Brazil’s decision touse able bodied performers in their campaignis so disappointing. Instead of featuring Paralympic athletes, they chose to photoshop Cleo Pires and Paulo Vilhena, actors and Paralympic ambassadors, to appear as though they havedisabilities. It went with the caption “we are all Paralympians.”

The campaign is aimed to tie in with the upcoming Paralympics in Rio and increase ticket sales. The shoot wasactually based on two Paralympians, Bruna Alexandre and Renato Leite, but for some bizarre reason the athletes were not featured on the main pages.

Pessoal, Venho esclarecer que estou super orgulhosa de fazer parte desta campanha que a revista #Vogue comeou a divulgar as primeiras imagens desse lindo trabalho. Nossos Embaixadores Paralmpicos Cleo Pires e Paulo Vilhena , nos ajudaram a intensificar e a propagar a campanha com intuito de gerar visibilidade ao Movimento Paralmpico e convocar a torcida brasileira para marcar presena nos Jogos Paralmpicos Rio 2016. Gostaria, de enfatizar que #SomosTodosIguais e por isso a Cleo Pires me representa. Nos prximos dias, vocs tero acesso completo da campanha. #VemComAGenteBrasil e espero contar com toda a torcida brasileira nas arenas assim torcendo, vibrando, cantando e comemorando conosco! #CarregoNoPeito o #CoraoParalmpico. @cleopires_oficial @vilhenap @ocpboficial

A photo posted by Bruninha Alexandre (@ bruninha_alexandre) on Aug 24, 2016 at 5:51 pm PDT

Criticism has been widespread . Vogue Brazil have distanced themselves from the campaign, saying that the idea came from Pires.Speaking to HuffPostUK, they said 😛 TAGEND

“Vogue respects the opinions of readers who disagreed with the campaign format, but reiterates its commitment to promote the importance of Paralympic games. We will continue to support all of the Paralympic committee initiatives that can increase the number of attendees at the Paralympic games.”

Why not just feature the real people that inspired the campaign?

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Anthony Mackie Have A Lip Sync Battle

1 month, 19 days ago

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Mix Nerdy Jokes And Underwear And You Get PUNDERWEAR

2 months, 10 days ago
Underwear. When you think about it, it’s more of a means to an end, really. No one genuinely want’s to have to wear it .

It’s not without it’s sub-genres, all as pointless as each other- Boxers, briefs, thongs, boy shorts, etc etc … Even sexy underwear isn’t as sexy as no underwear. So what’s the incentive to wear it?( other than social constructs that we really should follow in this case …)

Puns. Plainly. Nerd puns. Nerd puns with the prospect of sexupon the removal of saidunderwear. That’s the stuff. Have a look…

Shut up. I always sit with a pillow on my lap.

The last one took us longer to work out than we care to admit…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments !


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‘No Fascist USA! ‘: how hardcore punk gas the Antifa movement

2 months, 15 days ago

The anti-fascist motion describe on punks political awareness and network for activism and right now may be its most crucial moment

” No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA !”

When Green Day chanted the repurposed lyrics from Texan punk trailblazers MDC’s 1981 sung Born to Die during the 2016 American Music Awards, it dedicated the burgeoning anti-Trump, anti-fascist motion the slogan it needed- and it would soon appear on placards, T-shirts and be chanted by protesters in their thousands in months to arrived.

It was a tiny piece of punk history writ big on American cultural life- but it only devoted the merest hint of US hardcore punk’s influence on the current political landscape.

As political commentators struggle to nail down the exact nature of Antifa‘s masked legions, they’ve overlooked one thing: Antifa has been critically influenced by hardcore punk for nearly four decades.

From on the collectivist principles of anarchist punk bands such as Crass and Conflict, the political outrage of groups such as the Dead Kennedys, MDC and Discharge, Antifa depicts on decades of protest, self-protection and informal networks under the auspices of a musical motion.

Mark Bray, author of The Antifa Handbook, says that” in many cases, the North American modern Antifa movement grew up as a route to defend the punk scene from the neo-Nazi skinhead movement, and the founding fathers of the original Anti-Racist Action network in North America were anti-racist skinheads. The fascist/ anti-fascist struggle was essentially a fight for control of the punk scene[ during the 1980 s ], and that was true across of much of north America and in parts of Europe in this epoch .”

” There’s a huge overlap between revolutionary left politics and the punk scene, and there’s a stereotype about dirty anarchists and punks, which is an oversimplification but grounded in a certain amount of truth .”

Drawing influence from anti-fascist groups in 1930 s Germany, the UK-based Anti-Fascist Action formed in the late 70 s in reaction the growing popularity of rightwing political parties such as the National Front and the British Movement. They would shut down extreme-right meetings at every opportunity, whether it be a procession or a gathering in a room above a pub. Inspired by this, anti-racist skinheads in Minneapolis formed Anti-Racist Action, which soon gained traction in punk scenes across the US. Meanwhile, in New York, a movement called Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice jumped up.

The term ” Antifa” was adopted by German antifascists in the 80 s, accompanied by the twin-flag logo, which then spread around Europe, and finally pitched up in the US after being adopted by an anarchist collective in Portland, Oregon.

Singer Thomas Barnett of Strike Anywhere during a 2009 concert in Berlin. Composite: Jakubaszek/ Getty Images

For Thomas Barnett, vocalist with popular hardcore punk band Strike Anywhere, his punk ethics and the direct-action doctrine of Antifa go hand in hand, and, with Trump’s presidency emboldening the extreme right, the stakes couldn’t be higher:” This isn’t just a raft of right-wing notions- this is actual loathe and violence, and the demolition of entire sections of humanity. Of course, I don’t believe in the false equivalence[ between Antifa and the alt-right ]. I guess anti-fascists’ pre-emptive street violence against Nazis is righteous and important .”

Many adopt direct-action tactics, whether it be the recent Antifa protests across the US, the black-block tactics employed during the WTO and G7 protests around the world, or even the decision make use of Brace Belden to leave California to join the YPG, the far-left Kurdish guerrilla group battling Isis.

” Punk itself wasn’t a direct influence on my joining a guerrilla group, of course, but punk did help to cement my revolutionary politics. Being in their home communities with a certain degree of consciousness and solidarity between people helped vastly in that regard ,” tells Belden.

Bands, record labels, zine writers and venues around the world have co-operated to create a network that exists altogether outside of the mainstream, an off-grid template for Antifa activists to draw from. In America, there is Appalachian Terror Unit, a young band with heavy Antifa leanings from the Trump heartland of West Virginia. In Oakland, Antifa-related punk/ oi! band Hard Left have taken part in benefit shows for protesters involved in the events at Charlottesville. In Texas, Antifa are organizing community relief efforts for victims of the Houston inundations.

” There’s definitely an overlap between the leaderless politics and the DIY ethos and the notion that’ if there’s a problem in our punk scene, we’re not going to be able to count on the mainstream to necessarily give a shit ,'” explains Bray.

Strike Anywhere vocalist Barnett says:” It’s also about community self-defence. The punk experience is like the flow of water. You can put up dams, you can run it underground- it will still get through. It also carries on the folk tradition that was speaking truth to power before there was even electric power .”

If there was ever a person unafraid to speak truth to power, it would be Jello Biafra, former singer of the Dead Kennedys and the man responsible for their 1981 call-to-arms Nazi Punks Fuck Off. So it might come as a surprise that he is withering in his criticism of Antifa’s actions in recent months.

” I’m not down with confronting[ the extreme right’s] provocations of violence with actual violence. I entail, self-defence is one thing, but going to a Trumpist rally with the express purpose of beating up fascists- what does that accomplish? Who’s the fascist now? It plays right into their hands ,” he says.

” More than ever, we have to keep our heads right now. And I am all about freedom of speech, but I believe protesting these people non-violently is the way to go, because it lets the targets of the fascist speakers know they’re not alone and lets the fascists who show up know that there’s an nasty plenty of people who are not down with them, and a chorus of raised middle fingers is better than presenting up with some kind of a weapon. Intensifying the violence is not the way to go .”

With his current band, the Guantanamo School of Medicine, he has updated his 1981 ballad and called it Nazi Trumps Fuck Off, but it comes with a caveat: Trump is the target , not his supporters.

” I usually talk about the anthem on stage for a while before we play it, pointing out that almost everybody in the audience, especially if we’re playing in Texas or Southern California, know people in their family, close friends, at school or run, whatever, who think that Trump is really cool. And I point out that the last thing we should do is to dismiss these people as rednecks or stupid or’ I’m not running being your friend anymore, fuck you’- that’s not going to persuade anybody of anything and it helps Trump divide the country. My phase is that you don’t do that, you sit down and talk to somebody , not blog in an echo chamber. It might be stomach-churning, but you might plant a seed, and if anyone wakes up three weeks, three months, three years later and thinks,’ Wow, that person that called me on my bigotry was right .’ All this racist, anti-immigrant fascism isn’t getting us anywhere. I don’t want any part of it anymore .”

Author and punk historian Jon Savage, a champ of the Dead Kennedys during his stint as a music journalist in the 70 s, isn’t so sure:” It’s very idealistic and very laudable, but it’s like arguing with Brexiters over here( in the UK ). You’re not going to get any change out of that. There is a proportion of people who can discuss things in a rational way, but here you’re talking about core beliefs and wishes and feelings, and these are irrational, and they are even less rational when they are tested against reality .”

For Savage, Antifa’s direct action tactics are as legitimate a tool as Biafra’s more measured approach:” If you don’t protest the way the situation is, then nothing is going to change. You’re reacting to fascism and entropy. You need a variety of approaches, and in politics I wouldn’t discount any approach. It’s probably useful to have sensible people because they can say,’ Well, look what happens when you don’t listen to me and consider what the nutters are going to do.’

Klaus Fluoride and Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys perform at The People’s Temple in 1978 in San Francisco, California. Composite: Richard McCaffrey/ Michael Ochs Archive/ Getty Images

For Barnett, even the present nomenclature is under debate.” Calling it’ Antifa’ is like calling it this weird exotic cult, instead of calling it’ everyday life ‘. Every aspect of media coverage of it is insidious, turning public opinion against us, inducing us a violent sight that’s both something terrible and un-American, when this is the fucking Boston Tea Party ,” he tells.” If people want to talk about how the heritage of American culture and our patriotic fate fits in[ to anti-fascism] – it’s basic math to me, and to many, many others .”

Biafra and Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett at least find some accord on the rebranding of the right, however.” You know what they called the alt-right two years ago? Neo-fucking-Nazis !” says Biafra.” Now it’s alt-right, like alt-country or alternative pop music .”

Barnett concurs:” They don’t get to be alt-right. They just get to be digital-age Nazis, or white supremacists or terrorists. And that’s what[ the media] are doing to anti-fascist action .”

Regardless, Barnett says the antifascist motion isn’t taking anything for granted.” These rallies, whatever the next one is, whatever form it takes, are Trojan-horse events to invite and welcome white terrorist groups, and are just platforms for them to go into communities to hurt and intimidate people. And that’s what anti-fascist action has always known, and that’s what the punks have always known .”

Or, in the bald words of someone who set his teenage years in a punk band called Warkrime behind him to go and fighting in an actual war, former YPG militia member Belden tells:” When I was younger my friends and I used to beat the shit out Nazis that would roll out to punk demonstrates[ in California ]. And guess what? They’d leave and never come back. Violence runs .”

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