Mix Nerdy Jokes And Underwear And You Get PUNDERWEAR

8 days ago
Underwear. When you think about it, it’s more of a means to an end, really. No one genuinely want’s to have to wear it .

It’s not without it’s sub-genres, all as pointless as each other- Boxers, briefs, thongs, boy shorts, etc etc … Even sexy underwear isn’t as sexy as no underwear. So what’s the incentive to wear it?( other than social constructs that we really should follow in this case …)

Puns. Plainly. Nerd puns. Nerd puns with the prospect of sexupon the removal of saidunderwear. That’s the stuff. Have a look…

Shut up. I always sit with a pillow on my lap.

The last one took us longer to work out than we care to admit…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments !


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‘No Fascist USA! ‘: how hardcore punk gas the Antifa movement

13 days ago

The anti-fascist motion describe on punks political awareness and network for activism and right now may be its most crucial moment

” No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA !”

When Green Day chanted the repurposed lyrics from Texan punk trailblazers MDC’s 1981 sung Born to Die during the 2016 American Music Awards, it dedicated the burgeoning anti-Trump, anti-fascist motion the slogan it needed- and it would soon appear on placards, T-shirts and be chanted by protesters in their thousands in months to arrived.

It was a tiny piece of punk history writ big on American cultural life- but it only devoted the merest hint of US hardcore punk’s influence on the current political landscape.

As political commentators struggle to nail down the exact nature of Antifa‘s masked legions, they’ve overlooked one thing: Antifa has been critically influenced by hardcore punk for nearly four decades.

From on the collectivist principles of anarchist punk bands such as Crass and Conflict, the political outrage of groups such as the Dead Kennedys, MDC and Discharge, Antifa depicts on decades of protest, self-protection and informal networks under the auspices of a musical motion.

Mark Bray, author of The Antifa Handbook, says that” in many cases, the North American modern Antifa movement grew up as a route to defend the punk scene from the neo-Nazi skinhead movement, and the founding fathers of the original Anti-Racist Action network in North America were anti-racist skinheads. The fascist/ anti-fascist struggle was essentially a fight for control of the punk scene[ during the 1980 s ], and that was true across of much of north America and in parts of Europe in this epoch .”

” There’s a huge overlap between revolutionary left politics and the punk scene, and there’s a stereotype about dirty anarchists and punks, which is an oversimplification but grounded in a certain amount of truth .”

Drawing influence from anti-fascist groups in 1930 s Germany, the UK-based Anti-Fascist Action formed in the late 70 s in reaction the growing popularity of rightwing political parties such as the National Front and the British Movement. They would shut down extreme-right meetings at every opportunity, whether it be a procession or a gathering in a room above a pub. Inspired by this, anti-racist skinheads in Minneapolis formed Anti-Racist Action, which soon gained traction in punk scenes across the US. Meanwhile, in New York, a movement called Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice jumped up.

The term ” Antifa” was adopted by German antifascists in the 80 s, accompanied by the twin-flag logo, which then spread around Europe, and finally pitched up in the US after being adopted by an anarchist collective in Portland, Oregon.

Singer Thomas Barnett of Strike Anywhere during a 2009 concert in Berlin. Composite: Jakubaszek/ Getty Images

For Thomas Barnett, vocalist with popular hardcore punk band Strike Anywhere, his punk ethics and the direct-action doctrine of Antifa go hand in hand, and, with Trump’s presidency emboldening the extreme right, the stakes couldn’t be higher:” This isn’t just a raft of right-wing notions- this is actual loathe and violence, and the demolition of entire sections of humanity. Of course, I don’t believe in the false equivalence[ between Antifa and the alt-right ]. I guess anti-fascists’ pre-emptive street violence against Nazis is righteous and important .”

Many adopt direct-action tactics, whether it be the recent Antifa protests across the US, the black-block tactics employed during the WTO and G7 protests around the world, or even the decision make use of Brace Belden to leave California to join the YPG, the far-left Kurdish guerrilla group battling Isis.

” Punk itself wasn’t a direct influence on my joining a guerrilla group, of course, but punk did help to cement my revolutionary politics. Being in their home communities with a certain degree of consciousness and solidarity between people helped vastly in that regard ,” tells Belden.

Bands, record labels, zine writers and venues around the world have co-operated to create a network that exists altogether outside of the mainstream, an off-grid template for Antifa activists to draw from. In America, there is Appalachian Terror Unit, a young band with heavy Antifa leanings from the Trump heartland of West Virginia. In Oakland, Antifa-related punk/ oi! band Hard Left have taken part in benefit shows for protesters involved in the events at Charlottesville. In Texas, Antifa are organizing community relief efforts for victims of the Houston inundations.

” There’s definitely an overlap between the leaderless politics and the DIY ethos and the notion that’ if there’s a problem in our punk scene, we’re not going to be able to count on the mainstream to necessarily give a shit ,'” explains Bray.

Strike Anywhere vocalist Barnett says:” It’s also about community self-defence. The punk experience is like the flow of water. You can put up dams, you can run it underground- it will still get through. It also carries on the folk tradition that was speaking truth to power before there was even electric power .”

If there was ever a person unafraid to speak truth to power, it would be Jello Biafra, former singer of the Dead Kennedys and the man responsible for their 1981 call-to-arms Nazi Punks Fuck Off. So it might come as a surprise that he is withering in his criticism of Antifa’s actions in recent months.

” I’m not down with confronting[ the extreme right’s] provocations of violence with actual violence. I entail, self-defence is one thing, but going to a Trumpist rally with the express purpose of beating up fascists- what does that accomplish? Who’s the fascist now? It plays right into their hands ,” he says.

” More than ever, we have to keep our heads right now. And I am all about freedom of speech, but I believe protesting these people non-violently is the way to go, because it lets the targets of the fascist speakers know they’re not alone and lets the fascists who show up know that there’s an nasty plenty of people who are not down with them, and a chorus of raised middle fingers is better than presenting up with some kind of a weapon. Intensifying the violence is not the way to go .”

With his current band, the Guantanamo School of Medicine, he has updated his 1981 ballad and called it Nazi Trumps Fuck Off, but it comes with a caveat: Trump is the target , not his supporters.

” I usually talk about the anthem on stage for a while before we play it, pointing out that almost everybody in the audience, especially if we’re playing in Texas or Southern California, know people in their family, close friends, at school or run, whatever, who think that Trump is really cool. And I point out that the last thing we should do is to dismiss these people as rednecks or stupid or’ I’m not running being your friend anymore, fuck you’- that’s not going to persuade anybody of anything and it helps Trump divide the country. My phase is that you don’t do that, you sit down and talk to somebody , not blog in an echo chamber. It might be stomach-churning, but you might plant a seed, and if anyone wakes up three weeks, three months, three years later and thinks,’ Wow, that person that called me on my bigotry was right .’ All this racist, anti-immigrant fascism isn’t getting us anywhere. I don’t want any part of it anymore .”

Author and punk historian Jon Savage, a champ of the Dead Kennedys during his stint as a music journalist in the 70 s, isn’t so sure:” It’s very idealistic and very laudable, but it’s like arguing with Brexiters over here( in the UK ). You’re not going to get any change out of that. There is a proportion of people who can discuss things in a rational way, but here you’re talking about core beliefs and wishes and feelings, and these are irrational, and they are even less rational when they are tested against reality .”

For Savage, Antifa’s direct action tactics are as legitimate a tool as Biafra’s more measured approach:” If you don’t protest the way the situation is, then nothing is going to change. You’re reacting to fascism and entropy. You need a variety of approaches, and in politics I wouldn’t discount any approach. It’s probably useful to have sensible people because they can say,’ Well, look what happens when you don’t listen to me and consider what the nutters are going to do.’

Klaus Fluoride and Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys perform at The People’s Temple in 1978 in San Francisco, California. Composite: Richard McCaffrey/ Michael Ochs Archive/ Getty Images

For Barnett, even the present nomenclature is under debate.” Calling it’ Antifa’ is like calling it this weird exotic cult, instead of calling it’ everyday life ‘. Every aspect of media coverage of it is insidious, turning public opinion against us, inducing us a violent sight that’s both something terrible and un-American, when this is the fucking Boston Tea Party ,” he tells.” If people want to talk about how the heritage of American culture and our patriotic fate fits in[ to anti-fascism] – it’s basic math to me, and to many, many others .”

Biafra and Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett at least find some accord on the rebranding of the right, however.” You know what they called the alt-right two years ago? Neo-fucking-Nazis !” says Biafra.” Now it’s alt-right, like alt-country or alternative pop music .”

Barnett concurs:” They don’t get to be alt-right. They just get to be digital-age Nazis, or white supremacists or terrorists. And that’s what[ the media] are doing to anti-fascist action .”

Regardless, Barnett says the antifascist motion isn’t taking anything for granted.” These rallies, whatever the next one is, whatever form it takes, are Trojan-horse events to invite and welcome white terrorist groups, and are just platforms for them to go into communities to hurt and intimidate people. And that’s what anti-fascist action has always known, and that’s what the punks have always known .”

Or, in the bald words of someone who set his teenage years in a punk band called Warkrime behind him to go and fighting in an actual war, former YPG militia member Belden tells:” When I was younger my friends and I used to beat the shit out Nazis that would roll out to punk demonstrates[ in California ]. And guess what? They’d leave and never come back. Violence runs .”

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Trophy Kids Is A Haunting Documentary For All The Wrong Reason

16 days ago
Trophy Kids was released in 2013, but I only recently arrived across it on Netflix and it left me with a gloomy feeling in my intestine that I haven’t been able to shake .

The documentary takes an intense look at overbearing parents who want their kids to become huge athletics stars.We join them at a few moments in “peoples lives” when the mothers are realising whether or not all the time and money they have invested will come to any kind of fruition.

The film opens with 15 -year-old Justus spending a bleak morning all padded up to practice American football game with his father, Joe. Joe calls and shouts at him, berating the poor kid for pretty much every move he makes. Justus retains asullenlook throughout the movie, he is terrified of the wrath of his father, and it seems that no matter what he does it isn’t good enough.

Joe is a kettle constantly at boiling point. Perhaps the most upsetting moment comes when he takes Justus to visit hismother. As the three of them drive along Joe lays into Justusabout having a girlfriend, before viciously telling him that he has no right to choose the topic of dialogue. Justusfightsback the tears buthis father refuses to relent- apparently unaware of just how much misery he is throwing upon his own son.

Joe isn’t alone in his approach. Andre, the parent of preteen Amari, an aspire golfer, is forever cursing his daughter under his breath as he follows her around the golf course. The tension between the two is almost unbearable as he appears to take all of her enjoyment out of video games bymaking menaces such as “I’m going to smacking you in the mouth.”

There’s a telling moment as the two of them walk along the fairway, bickering with each other. A hundred feet or so in front is a father holding his daughter’s hand as they move onto the next shot. The contrast between the two families is poignant, the amount of pressure Andrelays upon her young shoulders is infuriating.

Then we have the two basketball talents, Ian and Derek, whose respective fathers constantly fume over the team’s coach. Derek’s dad quit his nine businesses and 80 odd employees to dedicate his entire life to ensure his sonhits the big time. He gets so pumped-up and angry at the refs that you can’t help but feel sorry for anyone sat near him.

The common thread here is that all of the parents want to control the environment their kids are in, and they believe that by doing so they can pushing them towards sporting greatness. The mom of twins, who she believes willbe the best tennis double act in the world, is at least slightly different in that her position in thatisn’t so negative. For her, everything is God’s will.

The distorted irony is that in wanting the best for their kids, these mothers seem to be suffocating them, taking some of the exhilaration out of their childhood. It’s agreat documentary in the morbidly fascinating kind of style, but if you’re looking for something feel good then perhaps leave this one for another time.

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George Takei Takes Down Internet Troll And Reminds Us What A Legend He Is

24 days ago

Trolling George Takei is not a good idea, and one internet user simply learnt itthe hard way .

With not a lot of love for theStar Trek actor, this guy chose the best place to air his negative viewswould be facebook.

Tagging George( his main error ), he set out his views 😛 TAGEND

While the Star Trek actor has probably heard worse than’ you suck’, the opportunity for some counter-trolling was too good to pass up 😛 TAGEND

That George Takei is one cheeky devil. AndWajih Kelly assured the error of his styles. He responded 😛 TAGEND

We would definitely want to be friends with George Takei. Check out how he responded toanti-equal marriage protesters earlier this year 😛 TAGEND

So much sass…

That sounds like our kind of island…

We also believe in proper grammar.

Just legendary…

Takei also made headlines earlier this year, when hetook down infamous homophobe Kim Davis( who- by the way- still hasn’t responded to offers to shoot a lesbian porn scene …).

He criticised her refusal to issue marriage licences to same sex couples, saying 😛 TAGEND

“She is entitled to hold her religious beliefs, but not to impose those beliefs on others.If she had denied matrimony certifications to an interracial couple, would people cheer her?

In our society, we obey civil laws , not religious ones.To suggest otherwise is, simply put, solely un-American.”

George, we love you. Never change .

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Katy Perry’s Christian mothers find her cherry pie hard to swallow

30 days ago

The innuendo-laden lyrics of the singers recent make, Bon Apptit, have left her devout mum and dad impression queasy

Katy Perry has revealed that she and her devout Christian parents have to agree to disagree over the lyrics to some of her sungs, including her innuendo-riddled recent reach Bon Apptit. In the video, Perry is served up as a dinner, with all the delicacy of a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ad from the 1990 s, until she rises up against her male oppressors and takes retaliation by pole-dancing in front of them.

The song uses a series of culinary metaphors to describe what is on Perrys menu. She claims to be a five-star Michelin who is spread like a buffet. Presumably she is not talking about the kind of buffet Lost in Showbiz grew up with in the north more prawn cocktail vol-au-vents and pineapple and cheese on cocktail sticks than the part of Perrys body that she calls the worlds best cherry pie. And that is to say nothing of the practicalities of serving a whole tart at a buffet, when every caterer knows that individual mini-pies are preferable. She taunted the release of the way in April by tweeting a recipe for the worlds best cherry pie and asking fans to cook it for her. What she entailed by cherry pie wasnt wholly clear until Bon Apptit was released afterwards, which in hindsight stimulates the stunt a little less appetising.

Bon Apptit.

The excitable acid-blond vocalist told the Australian radio prove Smallzys Surgery that, shockingly, her pastor parents did not inevitably approve of the internationally successful call to enjoy her cherry pie. We agree to disagree but still with loving space, she told Smallzy. We all come from different places you can have your faith system , nobody is telling you not to believe your beliefs but you can also come from a place of love.

It is not the first time Perry has discussed the clash between her line of work and her parents religious beliefs. She told Vogue that she was taken to picket Marilyn Manson and Madonna concerts when she was younger, and when she spoke at the Human Rights Campaign Gala earlier this year she described herself as a gospel-singing girl raised in youth camps that were pro-conversion camps. Having gone from picket lines to savor other dames cherry chapsticks, to offering her own cherry pie for intake, one thing is clear: if Perry ever offers you fruit, do check if its a metaphor first.

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Usher Carpool Karaoke – Video

1 month, 11 days ago

Usher has some good old fun singing some of his classics again while stuck in traffic.

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Guy With A Bass’ Covers’ Donald Trump Saying China Montage

1 month, 12 days ago

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Angry Mum Publicly Shamed Her’ Bullying Son’ On Facebook

1 month, 12 days ago
Nobody likes a bully. It must be pretty disappointing if you find out or suspect that your kid is one .

That’s what happened to Terry Evans, and her approach to dealing with it had now been run viral. Terry was angry that her 12 -year-old son had purposely trod on a new girl’s foot at school, violating her shoe in the process. So she took to Facebook and went on a bit of a rant. Terry advises her son that if he does something like it again, he’ll be packed off to the victim’s parents home where they can give him as many chores as they like.

Absolutely disgusted that my 12 year old son assured fit to purposefully tread on a new girls foot at school and twist his…

Posted by Terri Day Evans onMonday, 22 February 2016

Terry’s post says :

Perfectly disgusted that my 12 year old son saw fit to purposefully tread on a new girls foot at school and twist his foot with such force it broke her brand new shoes( causing the heel) to snap. Ill tell you something jacob( JustPost Rng Photos) if you so much as breath in her or anyone’s direction in a bully way I will personally hand you over to their parents for every demeaning chore they see fit for as long as they do … kiss goodbye to your birthday fund as you will be buying the girl a new pair of shoes and a bunch of blooms! #iwillnothaveabullyinmyhouse

Update. To answer a few questions, yes my son can see it, he was tagged in it before it ran viral( which I didn’t realise was going to happen) so his friends could see that his actions have consequences, he is not big, clever, hard or funny, he’s a 12 year old boy answerable to his mam. I don’t much care who doesn’t agree with my parenting style, my son humiliated and embarrassed a girl, irrespective of his reasoning( which is now being he didn’t expect to break the shoe he merely thought she may step out of it or stumble) that “girls ” still exclaimed, for anyone’s knowledge that girl may have left her old school because she was being bullied … then imagine how much worse my son’s ridiculous act would have attained her feeling. So my so called embarrassing him online is a to be quite frankly nothing in comparison to the humiliation that little girl had to face walking round with a broken shoe and red eyes from weeping when she is new . Ps … of course I sat and spoke to him about his behaviour, I didn’t simply tag him in a post and he read it! I am wholly confident this was a single occurrence which won’t be repeated .

What do you think? Is this good parenting? Let’s hope he got her something nice for Mother’s Day …

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Kim Kardashian Calls Out Taylor Swift For’ Playing The Victim Again’

1 month, 16 days ago
News moves on pretty quickly these days, so you’ve probably already forgotten about the Taylor/ Kanye drama from a while back. I’ll let you rack your brains for a minute and see if it comes back to you …

Got a vague recollection? Good.

In February, Kanye played a new song called Famous at his Madison Square Garden album launch show. In the song, Kanye raps, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I stimulated that bitch famous . …. Awks.

Following the release of the anthem, Kanye claimed that Taylor not only personally signed off on the lyrics, but came up with them herself.

Taylors team, on the other hand, claims that shedid no such thing and was not made aware.

@kimkardashian has a few things to get down her chest. Read the full GQ cover story at the link in bio.( by @mertalas and @macpiggott )

A photo posted by GQ (@ gq) on Jun 16, 2016 at 7:26 am PDT

In her interviewwith GQ, Knaye’s wifeKim K spoke out on the topic and called bullsh* t, saying ;P TAGEND

She altogether approved that. She wholly knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didnt.

She continues 😛 TAGEND

I dont know why she only, you know, flipped all of a sudden It was funny because[ on the call with Kanye, Taylor] said, When I get on the Grammy red carpet, all the media is going to think that Im so against this, and Ill just chuckle and say, The gags on you, guys. I was in on it the whole period. And Im like, await, but[ in] your Grammy speech, you totally dissed my husband only to play the victim again.

Uh oh. Kim also claims theres video proof that this conversation happened because there were videographers there documenting the process of developing the album. However, surely Kanye would have released it by now if that were true?

According to Kim, however, Taylor knows the footage exists because, allegedlyKanye received an attorneys letter saying, Dont ever let that footage come out of me saying that. Destroy it.

Can you handle @kimkardashian’s NSFW GQ photoshoot? We’ll be adding newand even sexierphotos throughout the day. Go to the link in bio for the first round( by @mertalas and @macpiggott) #UnitedStatesofKimerica

A photo posted by GQ (@ gq) on Jun 15, 2016 at 8: 04 am PDT

GQ contacted Taylors team for a reply, and while a spokesperson declined to answer specific questions, a statement was provided basically sayingthat Taylor heard the sung for the first time when everyone else did.

And it ended with this cracker 😛 TAGEND

Taylor cannot understand why Kanye West, and now Kim Kardashian, will not just leave her alone.

Uh oh .

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Sean Paul: ‘Drake and Bieber do dancehall but don’t credit where it came from’

1 month, 16 days ago

A decade after he defined the genre in the 2000 s, the Jamaican artist is having another moment. He explains how he plans to take dancehall back to its roots

I will have some of dat green juice. Sean Paul has barely stepped over the threshold of Westlake Recording Studios, located in the sprawl of West Hollywood, when he politely constructs the request. Knowing of Pauls life-long love affair with marijuana, his muse for many a club make over the years, I presume this is a smoke-free way to enjoy the herb. But when Ritchie his security guard coming through moments afterward, it is with a cold-pressed kale concoction in hand.

Thats quite the clean-living transformation, I remark. Sean Paul grins and leans back, relaxed, against a grand piano. Gone are his signature cornrows( or, afterwards, his not-so-signature mohawk ), and he has given up smoking weed due to asthma. It turns out that I wasnt far wrong after all. Oh, I still like to get high, it helps with the ingenuity, he says. Except now I merely have it in tea.

Life has clearly changed since the early 2000 s, when Sean Paul Henriques brought the booty-bouncing rhythms of dancehall out of the Kingston clubs and onto the world stage. The Jamaican artist was once the go-to human for dancefloor dynamite, sungs that exhorted us all to shake that booty non-stop, when the beat drops merely keep swinging it. Get Busy, Gimme The Light, the Beyonc-featuring Baby Boy, Breathe with R& B singer Blu Cantrell these sungs became banality, at carnival, in a bougie Chelsea bar or a suburban Oceana club. Back then he was among the worlds pop elite.

But while his 2002 album Dutty Rock launched dancehall into the mainstream, musical savours inevitably moved on. And though Paul himself has been critical of some of dancehalls homophobic content, there was outcry over the derogatory lyrics of contemporaries like Beenie Man and Elephant Man. Soon the genre fell out of favour and out of the following chart. Pauls 2005 followup The Trinity was popular among fans but panned by critics, and he recollects his fade-out from global renown a little remorsefully.

Paul and Beyonc in 2003. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/ WireImage

Since about 2009, I was fighting that worry that I wasnt relevant no more, he says, as we sit in the windowless womb of a studio. It does stress you out at times. I was like, I was up here and now Im nothing to people. His last album, 2014 s Full Frequency, sold fewer than 5,000 transcripts in the US. In 2015, the Grammy award-winning performer left his label and became an independent artist for the first time in a decade.

Over the past year, however, dancehall has been dutty wining its route back into the worldwide consciousness. Diplo, long in debt to dancehalls digital rhythm, brought them to an even wider audience as Major Lazer. Last year, Lazers track Lean On became the most streamed single of all time, albeit one thats since been given the dubious title of tropical pop. Then came Justin Biebers mega-hit Sorry, which teamed a skeletal dancehall beat with pure pop and was a accompanied by dancehall moves in the dancing video. Never one to be left out, Drake openly depicted on dancehall throughout Views From The Six. Dancehall talent Assassin, meanwhile, attained his mark both on Kanyes Yeezus and, more recently, Kendrick Lamars To Pimp A Butterfly.

Its an international resurgence that Sean Paul has witnessed with both amusement and scepticism. Hes even saw dancehall influences in artists who might be considered unlikely adopters of Jamaican riddims. You can definitely hear it in Taylor Swift, he says. You know that song? He launches into a high-pitched rendition of the chorus of Shake It Off. See, theres definitely dancehall in there.

One thing was for sure, though: if dancehall was coming back, so was he. Sean Paul still lives in Jamaica, but we meet in LA because this is where he has come to work on his new album. The surprise success of Cheap Thrills, his recent chart-topper with one-woman pop made machine Sia which not only reacquainted the starring with the top of the charts but also landed Sia her first Billboard number one has spurred him to finish his new material quickly. As the 43 -year-old says himself , no one is better placed to bring back some authentic dancehall.

He is outspoken about the new generation of artists whove appropriated the audio of dancehall without acknowledging its roots. It is a sore point when people like Drake or Bieber or other artists come and do dancehall-orientated music but dont credit where dancehall received from and they dont inevitably understand it, he says, shaking his head. A lot of people get upset, they get sour. And I know artists back in Jamaica that dont like Major Lazer because they think they do the same thing that Drake and Kanye did they take and take and dont credit.

While Paul says hes a fan of Drake( I love some of his songs but I dont think hes the best rapper) the bashment hooks and patois phrases being implemented in Views From The Six are assured by Paul as a lower level of homage to dancehall and more of an exploitation. Hes not alone. In May, respected dancehall figure Mr Vegas openly attacked Drake as a fake for not fully crediting his Jamaican influences.

A major problem, Paul adds, is that many of the authentic dancehall artists in the Caribbean who gain popularity online cant get visas to travel in the US, both to tour and work with producers, because they have convictions on their records. One crossover artist Popcaan, for example, who appeared on Views From The Six and has furthermore worked with Jamie xx, has, according to Billboard, struggled to work in America because of past marijuana-related offences.

Sean Paul is equally dismissive of tropical home, a music genre which began as a style to describe the soft, Balearic-infused synth of DJs like Kygo but has since been attached to ways which clearly draw from dancehall. Rolling Stones review of Rihannas Work described it as a tropical house-flavored way featuring Drake while a Wall Street Journal article described how Biebers What Do You Mean? was pioneering the Caribbean, beach-party vibe of tropical house in the mainstream. Its no amaze that the genre has been accused of whitewashing Jamaican influences out of popular music.

Paul in the studio. Photograph: Bampson

But Paul does acknowledge that major label artists have adapted the dancehall sound for current savors, and this really is styles he has to look to, too, if he wants relevancy again. Dancehall is back but this time its also infused with Afrobeat, with hip-hop, with trap, and thats fine with me, he says. Sure, I would like what we do in Jamaica, that authentic dancehall, to be on top, but it simply isnt. So I want this album to bridge that gap.

Over the past year, hes penned more than 200 ways, both on his own and in collaboration with musicians and producers back in Jamaica, and recruited a series of starry producers, such as Blood, who was behind Biebers Sorry. Theres a way with Wiz Khalifa as well as another with one of this years breakthrough pop stars, yet to be announced. It doesnt sound too far off familiar Sean Paul territory, only with more EDM drops.

Pauls attitude is more one of pragmatism than puritanism when it is necessary to inducing sure this album recurs his success of ten years ago. Hell seemingly work with anyone who is up for it. I merely worked with Clean Bandit, and another English pop group what are they called? There is an awkward intermission as he tries to remember. Oh yeah, Little Mix.

The one constant is Pauls ole purpose to construct people dance: hes the first to admit he makes party music because it was one of the few levellers he had as a child. Growing up in a middle-class suburb in Kingston, Paul was just 13 when his daddy was sentenced to 15 years in jail for narcotics offences. As a result, his mum ran two jobs to keep the family afloat.

Music provided a sense of equality with everyone, and a release on the weekends when I didnt think about dad in prison, or mum having to fight, or me feeling like an outcast, he says. It was just like, This song is fucking dope, and that girls hot, let me wine on her. Thats what I want my music to keep doing.

Now that hes marriage, and with a baby on the way, Sean Paul may no longer be the lothario we once knew( South American daughters, Europe girls, Harlem girls, Jamaica girls, Down Under daughters he really did love us all ), but his talent for get bodies sweaty on a dancefloor has not softened. As Blood takes to the desk and begins blasting out one of the new beats recorded in Jamaica, the recommend to shake that thing is undeniable , no matter that were in a cramped studio. And that, right there, is why we still need Sean Paul.

Sean Paul performs at Bestival, Isle of Wight, 11 Sep, and Electric Ballroom, NW1, 13 Sep

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