How A Meme Became A Currency And Paid For The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

16 days ago

You all know bitcoin, presumably. That internet currency that was big a while back and now isnt as big but is still quite big thats really the only way to describe it. Its secure, untraceable and drugtraffickers100% love it.

Well theres another online currency thats been growing from strength to strength recently that you might not have heard about. Dogecoin

To tell you about this, were going to have to go into its history. And we mean right to the beginning.

So we all know Doge. The jovial, yet slightly confused, shiba inu that took the internet by storm a couple of years back But who is Doge?

In October 2010, someone posted a picture of a corgi onto reddit with the caption LMBO LOOK AT THIS F*****N DOGE. That was the conception on the word. From then, people all over the web were posting pictures of dogs and calling them DOGES.

Meanwhile, a Japanese school teacher had a blog where she shared pictures of her shiba inu, Kabosu, which, for the most part, everyone ignored.

Until July 2013, when Shiba Inus had taken over the doge scene and someone dug up that famous picture of Kabosu and used it for their meme. So Kabosu become the face of doge.

So thats enough history on a meme. Now to the currency.

In December that year, a member of a Bitcoin forum, named Dogecoin, introduced his new e-currency, based on the meme, as a satirical take on Bitcoin.

No one took it seriously, obviously. Its money based on a funny picture of a dog, afterall. That is until there was a crowdfunding opportunity that the whole community jumped on. The Jamaican bobsleigh team looked set to qualify for the 2014 Socchi Winter Olympics but they couldnt afford all of the other stuff.

They need $40,000 for equipment and travel. 27,000,000 dogecoins were raised over 2-3 days (over $30,000) so the team could go.

Its like Cool Runnings without the inspirational montages and witty tte–ttes.

They also raised $7000 in a few hours to send an Indian Shiva K.P. Keshavan to the same Olympics to compete in the luge as his country couldnt afford it anymore.

Doge coin used to be dependant on bitcoin as you used to needed to buy doge through converting it from bitcoin. Now you can use actual real money and everything!

Its now the fifth biggest online currency and its growth is absolutely huge.

From something that started 100% as a joke, it’s pretty cool that they’ve managed to make a difference like they have. I mean it makes me feel totally useless but whatever…

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10 Cloverfield Lane Will Have You Writhing The Whole Way Through

1 month, 11 days ago
Nowadays the film industry seems tospend so much period building up the hype that by the time a movie makes the big screen weve insured a teaser, three trailers, and pretty much know exactly whats going to happen including spoilers .

10 Cloverfield Lane is a freshening change from that somewhat saturating tradition. It wasnt until January, merely two months prior to the opening of the films release, that we were even made aware that it existed.

Its not really a sequel to the alien attack movie Cloverfield, but more like a distant, less showy relative, with both having spawned from JJ Abrams production company Bad Robot. Whereas Cloverfield showed us the Statue of Libertys head crashing into the street as a whole city disintegrated, 10 Cloverfield Lane barely leaves the underground bunker in which most of the film is set.

Being less showy doesnt mean its any less entertaining, though. The movie will have you either writhe or jumping out of your seat from before the opening credits are over, right up until the very end. It’s director Dan Trachtenberg’s first feature length cinema, but he pulls ofthis spiraling thriller as though he’s done it a thousand times before.

The film starts out with Michelle( Mary Elizabeth Winstead) dismissing bellows from her fianc as she drives in her car. After being run off the road she wakes up in an empty room where she soon gratifies her captor or saviour Howard( John Goodman) who tells her that the world outside is a nuclear desert, and that they must live underground for at the least a year to remain safe. We live Michelles dread with her, questioning the legitimacy of Howards claims and motivations as she slowly tries to decipher exactly what “the hells going on”. Is Howard right? Does leaving the bunker entail certain demise? Or is something more sinister happening?

The third character in the mix is the jovial Emmett( John Gallagher Jr ), a local worker who has known Howard for some time. Emmett provides the only glimpses of light relief from the incredibly weird and intense Howard.

John Goodman plays Howard brilliantly, his huge frame and sketchy stance combining well to intimidate the whole way through. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr are equally as good, and its the three of them that elevate this film from a tight script and well thought out idea to something that really get under your skin.

The less you know before ensure it, the more you will enjoy the film, so we wont be revealing any spoilers here. What we will say is that if your heart rate and stress levels don’t go up during the course of its movie then you really are made of stone.

10 Cloverfield Lane is out in cinemas this Friday .

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This Dog Literally Can’t Handle How Scary The Movie ‘The Conjuring’ Is

1 month, 14 days ago

“The Conjuring” is one of those rare horror movies where a pretty basic, well-trodden idea getsdone remarkablywell. Because asequel to “The Conjuring” just came out, one pet owner decided to make sure his or herdog was caught up on the happenings (get it?) of the original. And, the owner decided to film the occasion.

At first, the dog simply watches “The Conjuring” with fascination as some (SPOILER ALERT) scary shitgoes down on screen before having the absolutely appropriate action of hiding behind a pillow.

This is, incidentally, exactly how I reacted to watching “The Ring” with my friends when I was 13 except instead of hiding behind a pillow, I just went home and asked my mom to make me macaroni and cheese while I waited for the phone to ring with a hatchet.

Now, it is at this point unknown whether the dog is hiding because it is scared of ghosts or because the character on the screen has a flashlight and the dog’s first impulse is always to hide when humans holding flashlights are looking around basements.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the dog in this video isa ghost.

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34 Super-Creepy Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movies

1 month, 21 days ago

1. Ghost call from grandma

About 15 years ago, on my birthday, I received a phone call and the caller ID was my grandmother’s phone number. She had passed away 11 months prior. I answered but there was no one there. I called it back and the number was disconnected.

2. The missing shoelace

I once woke up to find the shoelace was missing from one of my sneakers. No justification , nothing else in the house had been touched , no remnants or anything that would suggest mouse or something, the shoes were right next to me on creaky floorboards in my bedroom, so I would have heard someone doing it. Utterly inexplicable.

3. My vanishing brother

I was once told to pick up my brother from school, so I was walking through a few narrow pathways where I saw him waving at me and he started running. I thought that this was an invitation to chase after him so I obliged and was catching up before I reached a crossed track where he had just vanished. I didn’t think much of it until we were discussing it when I arrived at the house and he swore on their own lives that he did not watch me on the way home and he walked with his friends.


4. The whisper

A few years back I was falling asleep with my wife cuddled up to me on my left side. I’m at that point where I’m just starting to fall asleep but still very slightly lucid. Suddenly the hair on my body sorta stands up, I feel this shivering, and then I hear this weird almost whisper in my fucking ear. It voiced almost like someone talking backwards( think Spirit Healer from WoW .) My eyes snapped opened and nothing is out of the ordinary so I go back to sleep and simply brush it off as my imagination. The next morning my wife tells she had this weird dream. She tells she dreamed she was in bed and her old childhood friend was standing at the foot of the bed. He climbed onto the bed and began whispering in my right ear. She said she thought it was kinda a weird dreaming, since her friend had recently committed suicide.

5. My guardian angel

My mother has told myself and anyone of the night my life was saved by an Angel when I was two. I don’t remember any of this, but this incident caused my mama to continue to be as religious as she can be today. Around 10 pm on this night when I was two, the babysitter my mommy got me had fallen asleep on the lounge, and my mommy opened the garage doorway and strolled inside the house expecting me to be upstairs asleep. The door was left open and I crawled out because I guess the streetlights and steady rainfall seemed attractive to me. My mom explains that after freaking out that she couldn’t find me she operated outside to crawl to the edge of the sidewalk, look forward and stop right as a large truck began to speed up the street. Sitting across the street in the pouring rainfall was a teenage son in a light hoodie and sweatpants gazing directly at me shaking his head as in’ no.’ My mom ran forward, picked me up, and began to come back up the driveway when she turned around and the boy was nowhere to be found.

To this day she believes that the kid was my guardian angel and that if he wasn’t there I would have kept on running right in front of the truck. To whoever that was, thanks.

6. Ghost party on the riverbank

My family travels to the hills of Kentucky every year for family reunions, this particular reunion was in 95 or 96. We had all schemed on building a fire down on the riverbank to sit around, catch up and roasted marshmallows. The family starts heading out and my mom and cousin stay back a bit to put some food away and gather up stuff to bring to the fire. They finished up and leave the house from the back end which faces the river and head towards the trail that takes them down to the bank. They ensure the darknes from the fire and hear everyone having a good time. People talking and chuckling. As the reaching the trail and look down they see nothing. No fire , no people just darkness. They start to freak out and both hear and assured the same thing. They start walking back up to the house and at this time hear voices. They walk around to the front of the house to see everyone sitting on the front porch hanging out. They question everyone but no one had been down to start the flame, we had all been waiting for them on the porch. Still scares the crap out of her to this day when she talks about it.


7. The blood tree

We moved out of a house because of its own experience my little brother had there. I was eight and my brother was six, and at that time we shared a room in the basement of the house. I woke up to him absolutely shrieking about a blood tree. He simply maintained recurring the words blood tree over and over again. He was shaking, and he had wets himself.

I recollect being very very scared. And also that no one treated it as a bad dream. My parents brought us into their room and we all remained up until it got light. Then we pretty much dedicated notice and left within a week.

As a side note my daddy says that when we were moving out he found my little brother under the stairs, pooping on the carpethe thinks it was some kind of six year old fuck you house !.

I have asked my parents why they took what was a potential night terror so seriously. They both said on separate occasions that some really awful things had been happening and that was kind of the last straw.

8. The bird with sneakers

In my childhood I lived in a small city in the southern part of the Dominican Republic. One summer night around the year 2003, I was sitting in the garage, listening to a Discman around 9:40 PM. As I was listening to the music, the music stopped, and I froze, in slow motion( and I swear this is true) I ensure a really huge brown type of bird/ bat/ humanoid thing flying above me, it lasted about 2 minutes until it got lost in the trees, until that thing didn’t get lost I couldn’t move. I then ran inside and told my mommy, she said it must have been an eagle, but that thing was bigger than me … A few weeks later I was visiting some friends in the neighborhood where a man that used to work late at night told a similar tale, the only difference he had a closer appear and said the bird was wearing white sneakers. He called it El pajaro con tenis, which entails The bird with sneakers I think about it today, and still gives me the chills.

9. Vision of a dead man

I believe I was around 12 -1 3 years old when I was at a friend’s house working on some homework in his dining room. In the dining room one wall is covered with big mirrors. As I am doing my homework, in the corner of my eye I insure an old man, dressed in old timey various kinds of depression era clothinga fedora, suit jacket etc ., with newspaper under his arm. My friend’s mother who was in the room assures this look on my face and asks me what’s wrong. I explain to her what I saw, and she goes and pulls an old photo from a drawer of her grandpa, who used to live in the house. It was the man I saw, wearing the same dres, with a newspaper under his arm. Only experience I can think of in my past like that.


10. Something heavy fell on the sheets between my legs

One day I was home from school from some kind of abdominal aches. I ran up to lie in bed and I felt something heavy only drop on the sheets between my legs. I seemed , nothing there. Nothing was on the ceiling that could have dropped either. My mum used to have nights where she’d wake up in pitch blackness( there was always a streetlight shining through the window) and feel like someone was on top of her choking her too. That home was weird.

11. The ghost balloon

About two years after my uncle killed himself, we had a big sixtieth birthday party for my grandmother. We brought the helium balloons home to her condo after the party. One of them started following herincluding going down under doorway frames and bulkheads, then going back up to the ceiling. We never find it, it would just turn up. It was printed I love you, Mom.

12. The’ person’ in the middle of the road

This took place around 4 years ago. I was outside one day waiting for my mother to arrive home from run. I was looking down the road we live on, and I noticed something that I first thought was a deer. It strolled out into the middle of the road and I realise it was on two legs. I decided to whistle at it. it then froze about 3/4 of the route across the road. After a couple more whistlings, it ran across the road. Could have been a person, but I fucking swear it had inverted knees. That’s the part that freaked me the fuck out. I might want to mention it was getting dark when I had seen this. Could have been a guy, or it might of actually been a deer. I also want to mention, I’m not superstitious. I do not believe it was a spirit, demon, shape-shifter, etc. So telling me it was any of those, will not persuade me.

13. Footsteps on the gravel road

One night at my familys cabin in West Virginia, my brother and I were sleeping on the porch. From the beds we were in you could see the boulders on the top of the mountain. There appeared to be somebody on top of the mountain shining a sun or a signal mirror down at the valley we were in and it stopped right on my brother and I. We could hear from all the style in our beds, that somebody on the top of the mountain was making a hoot or a fake owl bellow. Meanwhile on the gravel road leading up to the house, we could hear footsteps. We ran inside and our parents told us to sleep inside but that they didn’t think anything of it. They thought we were just being children. The next morning they asked us why we were walking around outside and when we used to say we didn’t go outside they appeared worried and used to say they also heard footsteps outside.


14. Teardrops in the sky

This happened maybe 10 years ago in Italy. My then-gf’s parents had a summer home overlooking the sea( it was on top of a small cliff, and we were there on vacation, along with her brother and a few other friends. It was around 10 pm, she and I were watching TV, and from my point of view I had a row of sliding glass doorways to my right, while our friends were directly behind us playing some board game. At one point I happened to turn my head to look outside and I watched two teardrop-shaped, bright green glowing sunlights( about the size of your thumb if you widen your arm out in front of you) cruising in the sky from right to left. What struck me as odd was not only the coloring, brightness, and shape, but also the way they moved. The best style I can explain it is that they were flying too perfectly close to each other. It’s almost as if they weren’t two separate objects, but instead two separate illuminations on the same object. This feeling of it’s too smooth’ intensified when a third illumination( same color, shape, and size) abruptly flew in from the right.

By this point the first two sunlights were almost 3/4 of the style through my field of vision and were approaching the left side, but the third light caught up with them at a ridiculous speed, then slowed down just as quickly to match the velocity of the other two illuminates. Let me make it clear that it didn’t gradually slow down, instead it kept flying at the same high speed( if I had blinked I’d have missed it kind of speed) until it was basically about to collide with the other two, then slowed down in an instant.

At this point the latter are equidistant from each other, in kind of a -_- formation( best route I can put it) and just continued flying to the left until I couldn’t see them anymore.

After taking a moment to try and make sense of what the hell I had just seen I asked my gf if she’d seen them too, to which she replied with the obvious’ did I see what ?’ Our friends were of no help either, since they were all particularly focused.

I went out on the balcony to see if I could catch another glimpse of the illuminates, but I didn’t see anything else.

I eventually checked on the area opposite from the windows to see if there was anything that might have been cause a weird reflection, but there was nothing and no illuminates were on. The windows were also open and the illuminations were close enough that I would’ve probably heard them had they been loud-ass military planes or perhaps even a helicopter( even though neither of those things were precisely common in that area ).

The next day I looked into whether there had been any reports of fireworks, meteor rains, weather balloons, or anything like that, but again , no luck.

I’m fascinated by the paranormal, ghosts, UFOs, you name it, but I have an I want to believe but I’m gonna be really skeptical about it kind of outlook on it. This is the number-one experience that’s still crystal clear in my intellect and that I can’t think of a logical explain for.

15. The haunted sneakers

When I was 17 our neighbor’s son died from a drug overdose, he had just graduated high school the night before. I had insured the guy around but never actually interacted with him, however his father and mine were the typical close/ helpful neighbors so I had developed a slight relationship with his father. Anyways a few weeks pass and his dad comes over with a box of things he wanted to get rid of, all are subordinate to Nathan( his son ). He asked if I wanted the things and I said sure, it was pretty awkward but I felt like he required me to have them. In the box was a pair of light blue and white Jordan, fairly old but I figured I could use them for weed eating and typical yard work. I afterwards realise there was something written down the tongue of the shoes, NBNathan Black. That gave me chills , not sure why it took me realizing his son had written on the shoes to be weirded out by wearing them but it did. This wasn’t the creepiest proportion though. A few weeks go by and I’m home alone, I leave my room and head down the hallway towards the kitchen( it’s pitch black) and as soon as I round the corner I make out a white figure about 15 feet ahead of me. It was so strange because I didn’t feel anxiety, more like a weird safe impression. I blinked a bunch of times and I could make out Nathan, merely staring at me. It took a few seconds but then I smashed the hallway light switching as hard as I could and he went away. It happened a few more periods when I was living there. I feel like the kid was watching over me, either that or he was pissed I was slowly ruining his Jordans.


16. The “girls ” singing in the woods

Last year, my family ran camping at the same park we go to every year. Usually, we also get the same site, which is close to the bathroom and rains. This year, we booked a bit late, and “were in” placed waaay out in the back of the park which is a fairly secluded area surrounded by timbers. It was a nice change, but a bit of a fus( lots of strolling to go fishing, go to the bathroom, etc .).

The first night we were there, my nephew woke up in the midst of the night, woke up my sister, and told her there was someone outside the tent. She said something then leaned up on the tent, he got scared and pushed back. She got outside, and there was nothing to be seen. We only rejected it as a junk panda, even though my sister didn’t think that was it. The second night, we had a few friends over. They brought their dog who is the most well behaved puppy I have ever fulfilled both with humans and other animals. We were all sitting around the flame when the dog started barking like crazy( she was tied to a barbecue table kind of away from the fire/ people ). This was a super rare instance, so the owner got up to see what was going on.

When he took the leash off the table, she went crazy and pulled him toward the wood( she actually pulled him a good 10 feet, he plainly wasn’t expecting her to do that, “shes never” acted that route before ).

I decided to grab a flashlight and check out the forest in the direction she was pulling. There was nothing. She has considered squirrels, raccoons, cats, etc. and never had she acted this way. Everyone took note of how odd that was, but again we just dismissed it as nothing( it did trigger up a conversation about the “thing” outside the tent from the previous night though ).

The third and final night we were there, we could see a cyclone coming in. The sky was lighting up, the thunder was loud, and the wind was crazy( plainly unrelated to the eerie events, but relevant to the narrative ). We spent a good hour setting up tarps, covering the chairs, etc. Everyone crawling into their tents for the night, knowing that the blizzard was going to hit any second. I was the last to get in because I had to pee. I was at the edge of the site, facing the forest, pissing in the wind. The cyclone and the forest were spooky enough, but what happened next will eternally be burned in my memory.

From the forest, I hear the audio of a little girl singing. Not like a fast-paced pop sung, but a ballad with the tempo of a nursery rhyme. I couldn’t make out any words, but I was certain I was hearing the voice of a small girl. There were no other voices. I pushed that pee-pee out faster than a laser. The second I finished, I turned toward my tent, a loud bang of thunder sounded, and I jumped into my tent JUST as it started to rain. My heart was pounding. I was sweaty and possibly a bit covered in pee( didn’t get to shake the last drop ). In the morning I told my family…I feel like truly no one believed me, but it happened and it was terrifying.

17. The flying bag

My parents moved when I was in college. The house they moved into had been built in the 90 s. The owner’s wife had died in it but it’s definitely not a stereotypical haunted house and doesn’t have a lot of history.

I’m very skeptical, I’m not saying these are ghostly things, they’re just weird and I can’t explain them.

First, I was up late at night, all by myself in my room. I had a bag of craft supplies on the high shelf in my closet. It was wedged behind some small suitcases and duffel bag. Out of nowhere, the suitcase only flew off the shelf. I have no clue how it even get from behind the suitcases.

Same house, another time. I tend to shower late at night. My mama and stepdad were asleep , no one else was in the house. I get out of the rain and was drying off when the definitely locked( I’m the kind of person who checks the door 3 or 4 days to make sure it’s locked) bathroom doorway flies open, hard enough to bounce off the wall next to it. I get out of there fast.


18. Grandpa came to play with me

I don’t remember this happening as I was very young but it’s still something that my mom talks about to this day.

I was a wee lad nearly 2 I think when my mom’s father passed away from pancreatic cancer. He used to play with me apparently in my old toy room as a route to take his mind off his cancer. My mommy says she would always hear me laughter whenever he did.

So it’s the day after his funeral. I’m in the doll room and she’s in the kitchen. She hears me giggle and being a curious mommy comes and asks me what’s so funny?

Grandpa came to play with me, I told. She simply stared at me she tells me for a solid 5 seconds and tells OK…

Apparently after she left the room I started giggling again.

19. Suddenly I’m on my back in a field, staring at the stars

I was at a Halloween party at my friend’s home which was located on a huge property in the middle of the woods. She lived up near Whiskeytown, so mountains, a lot of trees and fields. Had a couple horses.

I arrived that night, there was a meet of people, perhaps 10 at most. We were just talking, largely outside on the patio. Other than her patio suns it was dark as fuck beyond the moonlight and stars.

One second I’m talking to three of the person or persons there on the patio, the next second, literally in a blink of an eye, I awake in an area about a couple miles away from her home. Simply opened my eyes and I’m on my back, in an area, look at this place the stars. I stood up and could see her house in the distance. I started calling out hello, but no one was around.

I walked at a brisk pace back to her place, was walking around, EVERYONE was gone. The sunlights are always on, but no one was there, I even called out my friend’s name outside but no response. I slip back into the house through the sliding glass doorway, still calling out, she stumbles out of her room. Tells me everyone went home, and she is asleep with her boyfriend in her room, but I’m welcome to accident on her lounge. I merely sat down, dumbfounded, and kept asking her when everyone else left? What was going on? She seemed to have no idea what I was talking about, and then I realise the sunshine was coming up and before that it was around 11 pm at night, and now it was 5 or 6. I have never been able to put together what happened, where all those hours ran, and how I aimed up so far away in a field. I hadn’t done any medications and maybe just a couple beers.


20. The ogre at the fence

When I was about 18 I was living with my cousins’ in Maine. They have a Great Dane, and I am familiar with the neighboring dogs.

One night I was in the pool area smoking a cigarette. The pond region is surrounded by a fence about 6-7 feet high. It was dark but there was an outside light on.

So I hear a clattering like paws on the fence. I look over( I am about 15 -2 0 feet from the fencing) and something that looked sort of like the head of a deer has poked its head over the fence. Since it was dark I presumed it was Jimmy( their Great Dane, and the only dog in the field capable of insuring over the fence ).

So I just say’ Hey, Jim.’

Then I look in through the French doorways and find Jimmy sleeping on the floor.

Not really freaked out, but I turn back to look at this thing whatever it was and I can’t quite make out what it is in the dark. There are coyotes in the area but they wouldn’t be tall enough to see over this fence and whatever it was had a full head above the fence line.

Like I said it kind of looked like a doe , no antlers, but it would be very unusual for a deer to act like this.

So I have no idea what it is so without actually believing I yell’ BAAAAH! GO AWAY !’ to it. It hesitates for a second, still gazing directly at me, and calmly lowers itself off the fencing. This is also inconsistent with how a deer would behave as they’re quite skittish.

I go to the garage and cautiously open the outside door and peek out to the lawn area where this thing would have been and of course nothing.

So like I said maybe not the most crazy thing but I still have no idea what it was I saw.

21. The gunshots nobody else heard

Many years ago I was waiting up for my son to come home from a concert, he was forgetful about locking the door when he came home. Shortly after he got home around midnight I checked the door and laid back down. Out of nowhere I heard three gunshots in front of the house next door, then tires squealing as a car drove off at high speed. I asked my son and he too heard it, but none of the other neighbors seemed to notice since no lights in their homes arrived on. About six weeks later I was reading the newspaper and there was an article about my next door neighbor being on the zoning committee and the night that I had heard the shots he had just voted to reject a local business from moving into a coveted vacant house. I never discussed what I had heard with him, so I don’t even know if he and wife knew someone had shot at their house.

22. The miraculous shopping cart

I moved out of my mom’s home at 17. Among other shitty things my mommy said anything you don’t take with you I’m throwing away. So I loaded everything I owned into a knapsack and 4 big garbage bags. I couldn’t call anybody to pick me up so I had to carry everything over 5 miles to my girlfriend’s home. The containers were huge so I had to pick up one while pushing another a little styles then set them down and go back to carry and push the other two. This became more difficult the more I ran. It wasn’t even a one-quarter of a mile before I was hollering, screaming and breaking down from it. Then I hear a strange voice. I look over to watch a shopping cart rolling in my direction and it stops very close to me. I was overjoyed but also very confused. I was not anywhere where’d you expect a shopping cart and I didn’t see anybody around to move it toward me. I felt overwhelmed by the elation but also by an uncomfortable impression like a higher being watching and influencing my life. I screamed Thank you a lot, loaded the cart and was able to get at my girlfriend’s place a little faster. I still get goose bumps thinking about how the cart came out of nowhere right to me at the perfect time I needed it.


23. The little girl who predicted 9/11

This is actually something I’ve only was just thinking about recently. I was really young when it happened and I guess never genuinely connected the dots with the two events until recently. When I was like 6 or 7, my mum was really late picking me up from school one afternoon. I don’t remember there being many kids, so it must’ve been late, and I noticed this daughter from my grade sitting by herself, looking really sad. I didn’t know her too well, she had never been in the same class as me, but I went over and asked if she was okay. Then she just started, like so fucking hard it rattled me. So I asked her what was wrong but she couldn’t really answer, she was just crying so hard, but I did hear her say planes a couple of hours. Obviously, as a six-year-old, I didn’t know how to fucking handle the situation( I likely guessed she just had a fear of planes or something, idk ), so I only sat there for a while with her until a educator noticed us and took her to the office. Then my mum arrived and I merely never truly thought about it again.

The next day the planes hit the World Trade Center over in America.

I was too young to really see what happened, let alone connect that to what happened with the girl. And it could 100% merely be a coincidence, but human, the style she was crying…it just constructs the whole thing really eerie.

24. The shadow person in my bedroom

This happened a few months ago, and it was at the time very cold where I live. This caused me to have the heater on a very high define in order to not freeze.

I was lying in bed, half asleep, and I felt person sit down on the bed beside me. I figured it was a friend or sibling of mine, playing a practical joke. I look up to see a jet-black figure sitting at the foot of my bed. This figure had no facial features of any sort. It was just a vaguely humanoid black shape.

I still thought that this was some kind of sick gag, so I slowly turned the illuminations on. This didn’t change anything. The black shape was still there, with no change to the colour. It was as if it was sucking the light out of the room.

I reached out to touch the strange being, and it did not react in the slightest until my hand was mere inches from what would be the face, at which point the shape began to cringe away. As I made contact with the being, my hand was eaten with the coldest sensation I have ever experienced. It felt like my hand was in liquid nitrogen. The beast emitted a shrill sound like a broken violin, and then vanished.

The strangest thing about this incident was that I wasn’t the only one who experienced it. A neighbor told him that she had experienced the same thing at a similar day, and the shrieking voice that the creature built was heard by other people nearby.

I was the only one who touched the animal, but other victims reported that their shadow people faded just after the loud shriek.

As of yet, the darknes people have yet to make another appearance.

25. The voyeur in my bedroom

I was approximately 10 when this happened. My brother and I shared a room together and I woke up fairly early one morning, the sunlight wasn’t up yet. I appeared around the room and watched the shelf that had a basket with a sweater on top of it. I thought to myself’ hmm. kinda looks like someone is standing there .’ I knew it was just a basket and sweater because I find them before I went to sleep. Then this figure moved closer to the side of my bed. it didn’t move with smooth transitions, it seemed to nearly teleport in a manner that is. it constructed 4 total movements to get to the side of my bed, building no noise in the process.

I get very scared and hid under my blankets and waited for about a minute or so. I lifted a part of my blanket to peek out and see if it was still there, and it was. It seemed hunched over, as though it were peeking back at me. I get even more frightened and hid under my blankets for a few more minutes. I peeked one more time and it was gone. All I could see was the door and wall. I slowly removed myself from underneath my blanket and began turning my head to survey the room and considered it, on the other side of my bed, except it was closer to my brothers bed than mine, it seemed like it was looking at him now. Still scared, I hid under my blankets until the sun came up. I have not even the slightest clue what I find that morning.


26. UFO near a military base

1985 my friend and I were driving down the road in her car in a suburban neighborhood not too far from a military base. She tapped me on the shoulder and told me to look up, above the car. Immediately above us, at tree level, was an utterly huge aircraft of some kind, that was hovering right at treetop level, right above us. It was dark, kind of old appearing metal like you would expect to see in a sci-fi movie. It was entirely silent, built no audio at all. We both looked at one another for a second, appeared back up, and it was done. Totally run. Without a audio. No site of it in the distance, just gone. If we had not both insured it, neither of us would have believed our own eyes. But since we both saw it, we have always known it was real. Now, was it a UFO or something being tested by the military base? Who knows? But I still don’t know of any aircraft with that ability even today, and please correct me if I am wrong, because I would love to know what it was.

27. A human near the bathroom door

Probably a month or two ago, I was playing Xbox in the cellar when my 3-year-old niece came down to talk to me and play with my old Legos. After about ten minutes of us constructing some kind of house or something, she seems over to the other side of the cellar where there’s a pond table and the bathroom connecting to my brother’s old room. She gazes over there for a few minutes and says in her 3-year-old voice, What was that?

What do you entail?

I heard something. Over there, she tells and starts to slowly make her way to hide behind a leg of the pond table and peer around the edge.

What’re you lookin’ at, little one?

That. That right there, she says softly, pointing to the corner by the bathroom door.

There’s nothing there, child.

Yes! There’s another human. Another human, she points again to the corner, Right there. She then starts to tentatively stroll further towards the bathroom and curiously tells, Hi, my name’s Ally( not her real name ). Where you going? She starts to walk further into the bathroom, apparently following something.

Now I don’t really believe in the paranormal but I’m really weirded out at this phase and we are the only two people in the basement. I’m not about to let my niece follow some ghost into the dark so I’m right behind her, looking for any rational explanation.

She tells again into the dark, Hello? What’s your name?

Right after she says that, the illuminates in the bathroom and my brother’s room turn on. And I don’t mean the lights merely turned on because of a wiring mistake or something, I mean that I ensure and heard the illuminations switchings flip. So I picked my niece up, grabbed our Legos and we went upstairs where our dogs could protect us.

I still don’t know what the fuck that was or why she thought she saw someone but it hasn’t happened since.

28. A vision of myself

When I was in high school, I was strolling home after school, same style I run every day, and because I walk past a middle school on my style home, there’s lots of children still around at that time. So I get close to the end of the block, to where there’s a gate for autoes to go into the school, and I ensure the craziest thing. Myself. I literally insured myself, as a middle-schooler, in uniform and everything, only standing by the gate, waiting for his mothers. I knew it was me because the coat he was wearing was precisely the same as one I used to have in middle school. As I stroll past him, I can’t help but stare, cause what the fuck? Am I going crazy here? The icing on the cake was when he spoke to someone who was waiting with him, same voice. I still don’t know what the truth of the matter was, because I never considered that child there ever again, just once. I try to think about whether I recollect something like that happening to me in middle school, but it was so long ago I don’t remember much.


29. Ghosts in the Navy yard

I see ghosts all the time at work. It doesn’t matter for the time of day, indoors or out. I work at a 250 -year old naval shipyard. I’ve worked all three shifts. In fact, I’ve seen more ghosts in the daytime than at night. Most are full-fledged apparitions, and one has even spoken to me. I don’t have reason to doubt these occurrences, as they are happen at work and if they were a product of my intellect, they would happen elsewhere too. It doesn’t sneak me out. I’d really like to keep one in one place for more than a second so I could talk to it. I think the total count is six or seven by now.

30. Loud static in the other room

Not very riveting, but when I was around 10, I heard unexplainable noises. It was around 2 in the morning, everyone was asleep. I’d locked myself in the office. I think I was on YouTube when all of a sudden static started playing aloud from the other room. More softly, there was music, a haunting various kinds of singing, playing. I was scared shitless, and after around 30 seconds it stopped. I investigated, but I couldn’t find a single route to explain that. Makes me think to this day.

31. Portrait of Marie Antoinette hanging from a tree

Someone hung a portrait of Marie Antoinette on the tree in front of my house.


32. The doctor in the woods

It was the first day of spring and I was a freshman in college. Me and about five or six of my friends were planning on having a party at this nature reservation/ park by my school. It was night and we parked on a nearby road and walked up the trail a little bit. I realise I left all the liquor in my backpack in the car. My friend, M, said he’ll walk back with me because he wants to roll a joint in the car. The rest of the group heads up the road. I get the liquor, M rolls some joints and we head up the road to the top of this mountain and find the others. We make a fire and we are drinking and smoking. About two hours pass and this dark figure emerges from behind a few trees. He’s very tall, wearing a trench coat, a fedora, and has a long walking stick. He is also talking in a fake British accent. We were all terrified and didn’t know what to do. He said his name was’ The Doctor ‘. Half of us ran down one trail towards school and the other half ran down the other trail towards the car. My friend with the car keys operated with the group that was operating towards school and had to turn around to run towards the group going to the car. When my friend, K, got to the car’ The Doctor’ was telling the group weird stuff. Like, his favorite dish was a bird you ate alive in one big bite, and that the report was 300 years old, etc. He also said that he followed me and M from the road, up the trail, and was watching us from afar for almost two hours. When K got to the car, they drove away. Myself and two of my friends took the trail toward school. We are all fine. But it was a strange night. Going to that nature reservation at night, or during the day, still gives me a weird feeling.

33. I’ve never felt so frightened in my life

I used to live with my ex in an apartment building right across from the cemetery. I am an atheist and don’t believe in stuff, but I still felt truly uneasy there cause horror movies and such. Once I went to bed at around 2am. Woke up to an intense blue light to my left, with a dark figure inside. It looked like a tall person in all black, couldn’t see any features at all. I remember feeling scared but couldn’t move/ didnt try moving. The thing stood there for several seconds and then started moving around the foot of the bed to my right side. It stood there for a moment, then extended a bony long thumb( believe ET) and touched my arm. There was this electrical zap for a second, and I came to senses. It was ran, and everything seemed the same in a room. I checked my arm, but there was no tracing on it. It was so fuckin realistic, I could’ve sworn it wasn’t a dream. I’ve never felt so scared in my life, so I operate and turned on all the lights. After that I started sleeping at my mom’s until I moved out. Might’ve been sleep paralysis or something, I don’t know. Supposing about it still stimulates me uneasy, 9 years later

34. Pelted by rocks in the woods

This happened about 6 years ago. A couple friends and I have decided to go out into the woods and build a’ base camp .’ We brought axes, machetes, gasoline and a tent. We walked deep into the woods and spent all day cutting down trees and constructing a makeshift fence. Being idiots as it became dark we realise we had no way to see. We started a fire and I realise if we pour some gasoline into a small can we can illuminated the fumes at the top and create a torch. We induced several torches and placed them in the surrounding woods. It got very dark we needed more logs for the flame so I was out about 20 meters from our camp I could hear my friends talking. I was swaying at the tree when I felt something reach my back. I froze and turned out around staring into the dark forest right at the leading edge of lightings from our torches. I assured nothing and I assumed something had fallen off the tree and make my shoulder.

Right as I was about the swing something hits me in the back of the head and it hurt enough to stimulate me swing around again. I considered a boulder at my feet and I was terrified now. Turning back to walking towards camp I could hear my friends and see the light from the fire I maintained turning my head looking into the darkness about halfway to camp a rock fly by me, missing my head by inches. I operated back to camp and told everyone and they watched the terror in my face. We sat for a while before more stones arrived, we couldn’t see anyone or anything simply rocks flying into camp. Needless to say we didn’t sleep, merely chilled in the tent holding machetes and keeping a big fire. There were so many stones in the morning, the thought still terrifies me. We were deep in the woods no one else should have been out there, I want to say it was a person but we didn’t hear anything or see anything. Just so many rocks.

There was a lot of rocks in the morning well over 100 ranging in size, some were scary large. None larger than the size of a fist.


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Hundreds Of Loved Up Irish Fans Serenade A Beautiful French Girl

2 months, 8 days ago
Have you ever seen person in public so beautiful that you’ve wanted to stop and sing to them until they eventually and inevitably get off with you? No, me neither- we don’t live in High School Musical … still, it’s fun to find hot people .

That’s what happened in Bordeaux when, after a 3-0 loss to Belgium, Ireland fans, still in high spirits, spotted a lovely blonde French girl and took it upon themselves to serenade her.

If ever you’ve wanted to see a video that compounds Irish stereotypes, this is it. Never have you heard so much slurred singing and the mumbled, incorrect terms of two ballads that are pretty easy to recollect … funny though.

One guy managed to sneak a cheeky kiss at the end; albeit one on the cheek but, you know … she’s hot so it all counts.

Odds on that he thought there’d be some sort of Richard Curtis style holiday romance after that, though … Seems like Ireland are pretty much out of the Euros so he requires something to cheer him up!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments !

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16 Hilarious Reasons That Kids Are Crying

2 months, 22 days ago
The reasons that children scream aren’t always logical, and no one knows that better than dadGreg Pembroke . After noticing that sure, his son cried when he was hurt, or angry, but that he also get upset when he was, tell, frustrated about not being allowed to drown in a pond, Greg started a blog, collecting from other parents the more hilarious reasons that kids wept 😛 TAGEND

You can check out some of our favourites here 😛 TAGEND 1. Bitterly disappointing ..

2. But he’s missing out on so much !

3. The worst .

4. I entail fair enough ..

5. No !

6. How could you ?!

7. Try and say no to that face !

8. So unfair !

9. The horror !

10. Terrible parenting right there …

11. But he seemed like such a nice fellow !

12. Still though ..

13. We’ve all been there ..

14. A travesty .

15. Horrifying .

16. I believe I’ve spotted it …

For more adorable reasons that kids are crying, head over to Bored Panda to consider the full collection, or Greg’s blog, Reasons My Son Is Crying .

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Vogue Brazil’s Paralympics Photoshoot Is Unbelievably Offensive

3 months, 13 days ago
The Paralympics is an inspiration. Each athlete that takes part is overcoming a disability to compete and show us that with the right attitude, anything is possible .

People such as Tanni Grey-Thompson, who has won 16 Paralympic medals, show their fans across the globe that you can combat against adversity and still be a win, still be proud of yourself.

That’s why Vogue Brazil’s decision touse able bodied performers in their campaignis so disappointing. Instead of featuring Paralympic athletes, they chose to photoshop Cleo Pires and Paulo Vilhena, actors and Paralympic ambassadors, to appear as though they havedisabilities. It went with the caption “we are all Paralympians.”

The campaign is aimed to tie in with the upcoming Paralympics in Rio and increase ticket sales. The shoot wasactually based on two Paralympians, Bruna Alexandre and Renato Leite, but for some bizarre reason the athletes were not featured on the main pages.

Pessoal, Venho esclarecer que estou super orgulhosa de fazer parte desta campanha que a revista #Vogue comeou a divulgar as primeiras imagens desse lindo trabalho. Nossos Embaixadores Paralmpicos Cleo Pires e Paulo Vilhena , nos ajudaram a intensificar e a propagar a campanha com intuito de gerar visibilidade ao Movimento Paralmpico e convocar a torcida brasileira para marcar presena nos Jogos Paralmpicos Rio 2016. Gostaria, de enfatizar que #SomosTodosIguais e por isso a Cleo Pires me representa. Nos prximos dias, vocs tero acesso completo da campanha. #VemComAGenteBrasil e espero contar com toda a torcida brasileira nas arenas assim torcendo, vibrando, cantando e comemorando conosco! #CarregoNoPeito o #CoraoParalmpico. @cleopires_oficial @vilhenap @ocpboficial

A photo posted by Bruninha Alexandre (@ bruninha_alexandre) on Aug 24, 2016 at 5:51 pm PDT

Criticism has been widespread . Vogue Brazil have distanced themselves from the campaign, saying that the idea came from Pires.Speaking to HuffPostUK, they said 😛 TAGEND

“Vogue respects the opinions of readers who disagreed with the campaign format, but reiterates its commitment to promote the importance of Paralympic games. We will continue to support all of the Paralympic committee initiatives that can increase the number of attendees at the Paralympic games.”

Why not just feature the real people that inspired the campaign?

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Mix Nerdy Jokes And Underwear And You Get PUNDERWEAR

4 months, 5 days ago
Underwear. When you think about it, it’s more of a means to an end, really. No one genuinely want’s to have to wear it .

It’s not without it’s sub-genres, all as pointless as each other- Boxers, briefs, thongs, boy shorts, etc etc … Even sexy underwear isn’t as sexy as no underwear. So what’s the incentive to wear it?( other than social constructs that we really should follow in this case …)

Puns. Plainly. Nerd puns. Nerd puns with the prospect of sexupon the removal of saidunderwear. That’s the stuff. Have a look…

Shut up. I always sit with a pillow on my lap.

The last one took us longer to work out than we care to admit…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments !


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Trophy Kids Is A Haunting Documentary For All The Wrong Reason

4 months, 13 days ago
Trophy Kids was released in 2013, but I only recently arrived across it on Netflix and it left me with a gloomy feeling in my intestine that I haven’t been able to shake .

The documentary takes an intense look at overbearing parents who want their kids to become huge athletics stars.We join them at a few moments in “peoples lives” when the mothers are realising whether or not all the time and money they have invested will come to any kind of fruition.

The film opens with 15 -year-old Justus spending a bleak morning all padded up to practice American football game with his father, Joe. Joe calls and shouts at him, berating the poor kid for pretty much every move he makes. Justus retains asullenlook throughout the movie, he is terrified of the wrath of his father, and it seems that no matter what he does it isn’t good enough.

Joe is a kettle constantly at boiling point. Perhaps the most upsetting moment comes when he takes Justus to visit hismother. As the three of them drive along Joe lays into Justusabout having a girlfriend, before viciously telling him that he has no right to choose the topic of dialogue. Justusfightsback the tears buthis father refuses to relent- apparently unaware of just how much misery he is throwing upon his own son.

Joe isn’t alone in his approach. Andre, the parent of preteen Amari, an aspire golfer, is forever cursing his daughter under his breath as he follows her around the golf course. The tension between the two is almost unbearable as he appears to take all of her enjoyment out of video games bymaking menaces such as “I’m going to smacking you in the mouth.”

There’s a telling moment as the two of them walk along the fairway, bickering with each other. A hundred feet or so in front is a father holding his daughter’s hand as they move onto the next shot. The contrast between the two families is poignant, the amount of pressure Andrelays upon her young shoulders is infuriating.

Then we have the two basketball talents, Ian and Derek, whose respective fathers constantly fume over the team’s coach. Derek’s dad quit his nine businesses and 80 odd employees to dedicate his entire life to ensure his sonhits the big time. He gets so pumped-up and angry at the refs that you can’t help but feel sorry for anyone sat near him.

The common thread here is that all of the parents want to control the environment their kids are in, and they believe that by doing so they can pushing them towards sporting greatness. The mom of twins, who she believes willbe the best tennis double act in the world, is at least slightly different in that her position in thatisn’t so negative. For her, everything is God’s will.

The distorted irony is that in wanting the best for their kids, these mothers seem to be suffocating them, taking some of the exhilaration out of their childhood. It’s agreat documentary in the morbidly fascinating kind of style, but if you’re looking for something feel good then perhaps leave this one for another time.

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Leslie Jones tells no designers want to dress her, so Christian Siriano steps in

4 months, 18 days ago

Leslie Jones attends CinemaCon 2016 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 12.
Image: Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/ WireImage

Christian Siriano is ready to create something fierce.

Leslie Jones called out unnamed decorators Tuesday for declining to help dress her for the upcoming Ghostbusters premiere.

Her remarks sparked outrage and attention, which caught the eyes of Project Runway alum Siriano, who tweeted back with a raised hand emoji, volunteering himself for the gig.

How did Jones respond? With a resounding YAS.

I love Leslie and cant wait to build her something fabulous to wear. I dress and support women of all ages and sizes, Siriano told Time in a statement. He subsequently tweeted that “nothing is confirmed, ” but they are meeting and he’d “love” to garment her.

It’s not the first time a celebrity has struggled to find a decorator. Ghostbusters costar Melissa McCarthy told two Oscars ago, she “couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me.”

“I asked five or six decorators very high-level ones who make lots of gowns for people and theyall told no, ” she told Redbook in 2014.

In her recent CFDA Fashion Icon acceptance speech, Beyonc said she had similar conflicts when she was starting out in Destiny’s Child.

“High-end labels didnt genuinely want to dress four black country curvy daughters, and we couldnt afford decorator dress and couture, ” she says. “My mother was repudiated from every showroom in New York.”

Siriano spoke up again about the common issue, tweetingon Wednesday that it “shouldn’t be exceptional to work with brilliant people just because they’re not sample size. Congrats aren’t in order, a change is.”

And in the meantime, designers should take note Jones will not forget this moment.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments .

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