25 Friendly Neighborhood Faces Who Just Wanted To Pop By And Say Hello

23 days ago

Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, opportunities are there’s still a little animal buddy in your life you look forward to seeing. Maybe it’s a friendly face on your route to the office every day or a new buddy you bumped into on vacation.

Whatever the reason, there’s simply no stopping the smile they put on your face when you consider their silly ones gazing back at you. They’re happy to brighten your day for a small exchange of cuddles…and if you happen to share a treat with them too, well, even better!

1. “Got any snacks ?? “

2. “Wow, you’re only just now getting out of bed? “

3. “You call that a sway? “

4. “Okay, let’s hit up the nearest Burger King.”

5. “You call it trash, we call it breakfast.”

6. I’m not sure I’d ever make it to work if this face was on my way.

7. “Did you ensure which route that bird ran? “

8. “I’m merely a normal dog! I swear! Woof! “

9. Every hour they light up the grill…

10. The tiniest, grumpiest little guy.

11. “Ahem, the bird feeder isn’t going to fill itself.”

12. These drama club kids have got the pathetic “feed me” face down pat.

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13. “Good neighbors share their tuna casserole. Just sayin’.”

14. This fluffy lil’ guy definitely wants to play a game with you.

15. “No, don’t go! My chin needs more scratches !! “

16. “You have the best narratives, dude.”

17. “Can’t sleep either, huh? “

18. You gave him bacon once and now every time…

19. “I think this selfie really captures my majesty, don’t you? “

20. “We can talk about winter after you hand over that ham sandwich.”

21. “Shh, you can’t ensure me. I’m a master of disguise.”

22. “Ugh, I got sand in my shell. Little assistance? “

23. “Aw yeah, you gotta soak in these rays with me, man.”

24. “You’re so embarrassing.” “Whatever, I’m hungry! “

25. It’s not a backyard party without this subtle guest.

It’s like the animal equivalent of having nieces or nephews. All the adorable, cute faces without having to worry about picking up their poo later on!

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A Mom Of 4 Filmed Herself Getting Her Babies Ready For The Day I’m Impressed!

2 months, 13 days ago

Having a kid is a ton of work. Anyone that believes being a parent is easy is sorely mistaken. You are molding a human being to be a productive member of society…at the same time, you need to clean up their nappies, feed them, teach them to speak — the listing goes on!

But if you think having one child comes with a ton of responsibilities, try having four !

This Canadian mom lately posted a video of how she gets her little ones ready for the working day — it just demonstrates that being a parent requires superhuman skills.

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Mom vs Triplets+ Toddler! A must watch! .. Give super mom a share! Being Mommy Dan Gibson Ellen MommyPage Parenthood Being Daddy Parenting.com Twin Magazine Parent Life Network ellentube

Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

( via BuzzFeed)

I’m sure a lot of people aren’t envious of this family, but thankfully, this mama is a specialist child wrangler. No one is crawling away on her watch! Seem how efficiently she gets her tiny tykes ready for another day.

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What You Need To Hear If You Always Feel Insecure About Being An Introvert

3 months, 4 days ago

Introverts get a bad rap.

When you picture an introvert, its typically someone who is withdrawn, maybe a bit anti-social and maybe lacking in self-confidence. Although there may be some truth to these characteristics, its a bit stereotypical to define every introvert in the same way.

Theres an entire spectrum of various types of introverts , not just the same shy person we all assume.

There are also a variety of myths associated with introverts. For instance, many presume we arent very successful, confident or friendly. Everyone has got it awfully wrong.

The truth of it is , not all introverts appear or act like the image we have perpetuated in our heads.

As an introvert, I expend a lot of my hour and energy feeling guilty, like being an introvert is somehow shameful.

But after much introspection( again, just something that I like to do ), Ive come to realize there is no shame in being who I am, introverted and all.

So, here are a few reasons set out above we, as introverts, should never be ashamed of being who we truly are 😛 TAGEND

1. We legitimately dont get FOMO.

Obviously, the word FOMO was developed by an extrovert because as an introvert, I never feel like Im somehow missing out by not going to that party, get-together or any other random social situation you may have.

I truly feel the most comfortable when Im at home in my sweats, binge-watching all the TV indicates Ive missed throughout the week.

Why You Need To Get Over Your FOMO

After a busy and long run week, introverts require time to recharge so we can show up for our loved ones as our best egoes. And we recharge our batteries by being alone.

By having some quiet is high time to ourselves, whether it involves a book, a bath and some candles or a solo dance party in leggings and a sweatshirt, we look forward to these moments when we can only be alone with our thoughts.

2. Its normal.

There are a lot of negative attitudes around introverts. The various myths are that we are all shy, anti-social and rude.

While we may understand all these sentiments are false, its hard to stop the people-pleasers in all of us to conform to societys beliefs that everyone should be an extrovert to live the best life.

This leads to introverts feeling ashamed and disconcerted for not being able to be as extroverted as others. And all this dishonor and embarrassment results in one burnt out and crabby introvert.

That is why its so important to know it is perfectly natural and normal to be an introvert. Its time for all of us to dissipate the false belief around introversion and begin to expand our faiths around introverts.

Just like you shouldnt apologize for having blonde hair, you should never apologize for a personality trait, such as introversion. It is not something that ever needs to be changed.

It is a part of who you are, and its a beautiful character trait that deserves to be nurtured , not condemned.

3. There are so many perks to being an introvert.

Lets merely discuss some of the added benefit of being an introvert.

First, we typically have an intense intuition since we spend a bunch of time alone with ourselves and our thoughts. Secondly, we are extremely sensitive to the feelings of others. This makes us highly sincere and compassionate friends.

Third, we are typically very independent people. Fourth, we often have a high appreciation of the little things in life.

If you are an introvert like me, please dont apologize for it. Be proud of it. Embrace it.

If youre an extrovert, youre not better or worse than an introvert. We are all simply different people.

How It Feels To Be Both An Introvert And An Extrovert[ Body& Mind] Elite Daily

And its because of these two different personality styles that we can have various interactions in the world. Its exactly the style it should be.

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7 Thinks I Had About Marriage Before And After Tying The Knot

3 months, 6 days ago

Tying the knot is one of the biggest milestones of your life.

I’d be lying if I told you the process of getting engaged, and then getting married, wasn’t thought-provoking, stressful, and intense at times.

Despite what those dang Disney movies say, it’s so much more than just falling in love. Any person faced with a pivotal decision in their life can tell you that it’s hard to set all of your thoughts on a leash.

I’mcompletely in love, but that’s only the beginning if you’re contemplating marriage, and once you become husband and wife.

I always seemed to come back to these same seven the issues and claims about wedding before I tied the knot, and even now that I’m a wifey.

1. Every Marriage Is Different

Don’t let the solid term matrimony stump you. It may describe the union millions of people have, but each scenario is unbelievably different.

This isn’t a hard notion to grasp once you’re marriage, but it’s an extremelyuseful theory to hold onto.

2. It’s Not As ConfiningAs Some People May Say

I’m a trailblazing Aries.

Needless to say, I already knew the controlling kind was not going to do me any good. My spouse never has, and never will, try to clip my wings , nor does he frame our wedding as something that keeps me put.

Even before the I do’s, I knew being a married woman would be an amazing new part of me but not inevitably that I am.

3. It’s Not Just Signing A Piece Of Paper

I’ll admit, I toyed with this idea for quite some time.

Yes, you do sign a piece of paper, but it genuinely is so much more than only that.

Of course, people are happy without getting married, there’s no doubt about it. But, if you did sign along the dotted line and read your beautiful vows, you know that piece of paper opens up a new escapade and many experiences you face together.

4. Am I Wifey Material ?~ ATAGEND

Just like there isn’t one type of matrimony, there isn’t one type of wife, either.

I’ve always been an innovator, so I assured putting on the wife hat as another chance in order to be allowed to construct my own definition. Because, let’s be honest: Conformity stinks.

5. Will We Always Love Each Other The Same?

Freestocks Org/ Unsplash

This can be a scary guessed before you get married, because you’re still in that almost-there, aroused stage. Once you’re married, though, you realize things change and not necessarily in a bad way.

You’re falling in love with new things about one another every single day. So, will my hubby and I always love one another the same? No. Personally, I wouldn’t want that, because that entails I haven’t grown, and haven’t grown.

6. Communication Is Seriously Important

As much as I dislike clich sayings, this one is for real. It sucks to be an open volume when certain situations stimulate you wishes to shut everyone out.

But, youreally can’t go wrong with being open and honest, which is why this thought of talking things out stayed with me before and after tying the knot.

7. Your Wedding Is Your Business

With the openness social media providessociety with, people don’t hold back on posting about all things about their personal life.

People are into it, you can severely trace all of the ups and downs of a couple’s relationship just by checking their Facebook pages.

I’ve always been a private person and knew before and after I got married that what happens between us, stays between us ring, or no ring.

I’m certainly no expert, but Ican say from the experience of being married so far, trust your own faiths and thoughts.

Make your happy ever after, together.

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You’ll Laugh When You See What This Seagull’s Unique Talent Is – Too Funny!

3 months, 11 days ago

A while back we brought you a story about an amazing tap dancing seagull in Wales. Well, the little guy is still dancing like no one is watching!

The feathered fella seems to be quite the celebrity these days and is always willing to do a little jig for a yummy snack.

Fun fact: Seagulls actually developed this ability to “tap dance” because the sound of their feet reaching the ground resembles raindrops, which brings out the worms. So, basically, this clever bird is utilizing his tap dancing abilities to get his supper even when there is nothing but pavement and concrete around.

All I could think about while watching this was, “He’s a lunatic, maniac on the floor! And he’s dancing like he’s never danced before! “

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Clowns Have It Tough

3 months, 16 days ago

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25 Animals That Are Plotting To Kill You For That Last Piece Of Pumpkin Pie

3 months, 20 days ago

The glorious, gluttonous celebration of Thanksgiving fills our hearts with love from friends and family as we fill our bellies with maybe one too many helpings of our favorite dish. Green bean casserole is my downfall every year. I can’t even make it to dessert.

But with all our cook, eating, nap, and feeing some more, we forget about some very important buddies who just want a small bite for themselves. I’m talking about our animal buddies, of course, and if they don’t get their slice of some Turkey Day action…well, let’s just say things can get pretty ugly.

1. “Drop the cornbread and no one gets hurt.”

2. “Who are you calling ‘already too fat’? “

3. “Wouldn’t it be a shame…if a hairball…fell in the casserole…”

4. “Give me that tart or I’ll make sure you don’t sleep for three weeks straight.”

5. Honestly, I don’t want to know what this guy has up his sleeve.

6. “I mean, if you really think about it, giving me your dessert is GOOD for you.”

7. “Nope , no stuffing in here! Just some totally normal shredded paper! “

8. I knew he was paying too close attention when grandmother explained about “switch sticks.”

9. “Those aren’t raisins in the fruit salad.”

10. “That’s right, spoon that cobbler right into my bowl.”

11. “This glass wall can’t hold us back forever.”

12. “Zip it, the fuzz is back.”

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13. “Yes, I can definitely fit that whole turkey in my mouth.”

14. “Don’t worry, the safety is on. For now.”

15. “Yeah, just leave that bad boy to cool on the stave. I’ll take real good care of it.”

16. “This entails war, small human.”


18. Researching the best tactical methods.

19. “Prepare for the whip of their own lives! Hey, stop saying it tickles! “

20. They’ve learned they can be more effective when they work together.

21. “I saw you eyeing my green bean casserole, kid.”

22. “I will not be ignored.”

23. “Really? Not even gonna toss me the gristle? “

24. “Oh, hey, how did this get into my hands? I guess it just really wants me to have that last drumstick! “

25. “Hello. Let’s have a little…chat about those leftovers, shall we? “

Remember: they know where you sleep and they aren’t above marking their territory all around the house for revenge. A smidge of turkey to maintain peace is probably worth it.

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You’re The Only One Who Has To Live Your Life, So Live It However The Hell You Want

3 months, 24 days ago

People are always going to tell you how to feeling, how to believe, how to react, how to believe, how to choose.

People are always going to tell you how to live your life.

Sometimes the advice is helpful, sometimes it’s coming from people whom you admire and people whom you am worried about. Sometimes it’s not. Irrespective of who it’s coming from, they can say whatever they want but at the end of the day, you’re the person who will most directly live with the results of whatever decision you make.

At the end of the working day, you’re the only person who has to live the life that everyone else is chiming in on.

In the age of sharing( and oversharing ), our roadblocks are down. Our lives feel more intertwined than ever. We trade opinions and faiths and photos and personal news and life milestones backward and forward in nanoseconds.

And that means that sometimes, the viewpoints and perspectives of dozens of people( if not more) can feel overwhelmingly suffocating as they come crashing down on you .

So it’s natural to try to please everyone. To sweat out even the smallest of decisions in your life as you contemplate what everyone is going to think about your choices, and even more terrifying: what everyone is going to think about you .

It’s not wrong for people to have opinions, to have advice to give you, to have a specific view on their own lives. It’s natural. It’s what makes it possible that there are over 7 billion people living on this planet and that each person is still totally unique from the next. Sometimes it’s wonderful advice. Sometimes it’s an incredibly helpful view. And of course, other periods it’s neither.

But the important thing is that , no matter what, you have to take it all with a grain of salt. You have to remember that you are one of over 7 billion people on this planet, and that no one else will ever have the job of living your life other than you .

And that means that you have to listen to yourself above anyone else. That you can keep your mind and your heart open, you can learn from others’ mistakes, you can listen to the advice of those who have lived longer than you or in a different way than you, you can maintain the mindset that everyone you fulfill has something to teach you. But you also have to have the final say. You have to make choices and stick by decisions and come to certain conclusions based on what you believe, based mainly on your gut and what your body is telling you to do.

Learn from others. Listen to others. Respect others. Admire others. But when it comes to living your specific life, remember that no one else can do it for you.

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If You Have Children, You’ll Be Able To Identify With This Hilarious Parody Video

4 months ago

I don’t have kiddos of my own, but judging by how much I despise cleaning my tiny apartment that’s home to two grown-up adults, I can imagine that cleaning a house full of little ones isn’t precisely a good time.

Unless you make it one, that is. These parents decided to get seriously sassy about their clean woes by turning “Love Yourself” by the Biebs into a version of the track that I probably wouldn’t mind hearing incessantly.

From “six-day-old pee” to budding advises to hoard everything in sight, this mom-dad duo covers it all( with the addition of some seriously impressive dance moves ).

Like I said, I’m childless, but this still speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Let’s hope for Mom’s sake that these children take a hint and start dealing with that knapsack banana situation ASAP. What are the nastiest presents your kids had already been left you?

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25 Pets Who Forget All About Their Rivalry And Snuggle Up To Stay Warm In Winter

4 months, 19 days ago

Having more than one pet in your house is a wonderful route to give your animals extra love and companionship. Unless, of course, they don’t hit it off. Then it’s a lifetime of playing referee between their dueling distaste for each other.

But there’s always one time of year when changes can be put aside and a fluffy truce is called. That’s when the chilly weather begin to sneak in through the windows and even though they might not want to nuzzle, they also know it’s the best way to stay warm.

1. “Wait, are you merely employing me for my fluff? ” “1 00%. “

2. They begged to go outside and then…

3. “It’s my turn next, right? ” “We’ll see.”

4. “Don’t get too attached.”

5. They’re attempting to wipe the human’s memory with their laser eyes.

6. “This isn’t so bad…I guess…”

7. “I’m so uncomfortable and comfy at the same time, dangit.”

8. “Would it kill you to turn the heat up merely two more degrees? “

9. “She’s still the worst, but…she’s warm.”

10. The purring helps lull him into acceptance.

11. The double-dip spoon action truly ups the cozy factor.

12. “Oh jeez, you said there wouldn’t be photo evidence! “

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13. If it’s top-to-tail it doesn’t count.

14. “I hate you.” “Shut up and smoosh closer.”

15. “Don’t worry, I still plan on destroying him later.”

16. The rare cat-big-spoon blanket.

17. “Hey, do they use a different conditioner on you? “

18. “Tell. No. One.”

19. Bonus action for guilting their human for attempting to go on vacation without them.

20. “What have we become? ” “Shh, go back to sleep.”

21. That gray one is definitely going to seek revenge on the human for interrupting.

22. “I can’t even recollect what we were fighting about! ” “I called you fat.”

23. “Don’t say anything, he guesses I’m laundry! “

24. “I don’t even care how bad you smell.”

25. “Why didn’t you tell me you hide the heat in the dog? “

These are the cutest ceasefires you’ll ever see. And if you’re luck, the peace pacts won’t disappear when the climate gets better.

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