How will educational status affect the US election result?

16 days ago

White voters without a college degree partially make up Trumps support base, while Democrats increasingly rely on non-white voters and people with degrees

The longer an American has stayed in school, the more likely he or she is to register to vote and to cast a ballot on election day.

At one extreme, in the 2012 presidential election just 21.6% of adults who left school before ninth grade voted. At the other, according to statistics from the Census Bureau, 74.7% of adults who had an advanced degree voted. Though the precise numbers may not be known, observers are aware of the link between education and voting its one of the clearest correlations in political behavior research.


Its generally assumed that an education for those who are able to afford it improves civic engagement: that educated people feel they have a greater stake in society and feel it is worth their time to vote. In terms of shaping outcomes in 2016, though, its not just turnout that matters the way educational status tends to align with party inclination counts too.

Again, the results are pretty clear. The Democratic party is preferred by college graduates, even though as recently as 2002 that was not the case. Thats partly because non-white Americans now make up a larger share of the college population, and those voters are less likely to be Republican.

This election has been dominated by headlines about the non-college educated white Americans who form Republican nominee Donald Trumps support base. In 2012, about 55% of that demographic group showed up to vote, and 60% voted Republican.

Photograph: Pew Research Center

To understand how those people might affect this election, consider a few different hypothetical scenarios:

1. Non-college educated whites are no less likely to be Republican in 2016 and 100% of them show up to vote which, lets face it, would never happen. According to polling analysis site FiveThirtyEights calculations, Hillary Clinton would still narrowly win, by two percentage points.

2. Non-college educated white people are no more likely to vote, but 98% of those who do vote, vote for Trump which, again, is never going to happen. Trump would win by a landslide of 27%.

3. Now consider a more realistic final hypothesis. Non-college educated white people become a little more Republican and a little more likely to vote lets suggest that turnout rises to 65% from 55% and Republican vote share rises to 70% from 60%. Trump would win the White House with 52% of the national vote.

All of these scenarios, however, assume that nothing else has changed since 2012 that other educational groups like college graduates and other racial groups show up in the same numbers, with the same voting intentions, as they did four years ago. Clearly, that wont be the case. This election has repeatedly shown that no party can afford to rest on its laurels about whom it can count on to vote.

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Trump’s rise and Brexit vote are more an outcome of culture than economics

1 month, 3 days ago

Populists are tapping into the outrage of those who have been losing the cultural battles over race, gender and social identity in a globalised world

If Donald Trump loses the US election, will the tide of populism that threatened to overwhelm the world after the Brexit vote in June begin to wane? Or will the revolt against globalisation and immigration simply take another form?

The rise of protectionism and anti-immigrant sentiment in Britain, America, and Europe is widely believed to reflect stagnant incomes, widening inequality, structural unemployment, and even excessive monetary easing. But there are several reasons to question the link between populist politics and economic distress.

Most populist voters are neither poor nor unemployed; they are not victims of globalisation, immigration, and free trade. The main demographic groups behind the anti-establishment upsurge have been people outside the workforce: pensioners, middle-aged homemakers, and men with low educational qualifications receiving disability payments.

In Britain, where detailed analyses of the votes actually cast in the Brexit referendum are now available, the group most directly affected by low-wage competition from immigrants and Chinese imports people under 35 voted against Brexit by a wide margin, 65% to 35%. Meanwhile, 60% of pensioners who voted backed the leave campaign, as did 59% of voters with disabilities. By contrast, 53% of full-time workers who participated wanted Britain to remain in Europe, as did 51% of part-time workers.

The British data suggest that cultural and ethnic attitudes, not direct economic motivations, are the real distinguishing features of anti-globalisation voting. Asked whether social liberalism is a force for good or a force for ill, 87% of remain voters said it was a force for good, while 53% of Leave voters called liberalism a force for ill. On multiculturalism, the difference was even starker 65% of leave voters were against it, while 86% of remainers approved. Another analysis published by the BBC after the referendum found one of the strongest predictors of a leave vote to be support for capital punishment.

In America, polls suggest that gender is an even more important indicator of support for Trump than age or education. Early this month, when Trump was only a few points behind Clinton in overall support, a Washington Post/ABC poll compared voting intentions with the 2012 election. It found not only that white men backed Trump by a margin of 40 percentage points, but also that their support for Trump was 13 points higher that it was for Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee.

White women, by contrast, marginally supported Clinton and had swung by 15 percentage points against the Republicans. Among voters without a college education, the gender difference was even starker: less-educated white men favored Trump by a 60% margin and had swung in favor of the Republicans by 28 percentage points, while women had swung by 10 percentage points in the opposite direction and only marginally supported Trump.

It seems, therefore, that the conflicts generally ascribed to economic grievances and globalisation are actually the latest battles in the culture wars that have split western societies since the late 1960s. The main relevance of economics is that the 2008 financial crisis created conditions for a political backlash by older, more conservative voters, who have been losing the cultural battles over race, gender, and social identity.

The dominance of free-market ideology before the crisis allowed many controversial social changes, ranging from income inequality and intensified wage competition to greater gender equality and affirmative action, to go almost unchallenged. Progressive social liberalism and conservative free-market economics seemed to be two sides of the same coin. But when free-market economic liberalism failed in the 2008 crisis, political challenges to social liberalism could no longer be deflected by invoking impersonal economic laws.

But if social change can no longer be legitimised as the necessary condition for economic progress, it seems unlikely that democracies will now vote to reinstate the social conditions before the ascendancy of economic liberalism and globalisation. Racial and gender equality are now backed by clear majorities in the US, Britain, and most European countries, and even apparently popular policies such as trade protectionism and strict immigration controls rarely muster more than 30-40% support in opinion surveys. Why, then, did Brexit win, and why is it still possible that Donald Trump will be the next US President?

Both Brexit and Trump were powered by an unstable alliance between two very different, even contradictory, movements. The bulk of their supporters were indeed social conservatives and protectionists who wanted to undo the social changes that began in the late 1960s.

Two of the most effective slogans of the Brexit and Trump campaigns have been Take back control and I want my country back. But the social conservatives inspired by such atavistic and authoritarian sentiments do not make up majorities in any western country. On its own, social conservatism could never mobilise more than 30-40% of voters. To achieve majorities, the socially conservative protectionists had to unite with the remnants of the Thatcher-Reagan laissez faire movement, who resent the interventionist economic management of the post-2008 period and want to intensify the competition, deregulation, and globalisation that social conservatives resent.

This unstable political compound is now dissolving in the US, and also in Britain, where prime minister Theresa Mays government is divided between ideological nationalists and economic liberals. If the US election on 8 November confirms Trumps failure to bind social conservatives and economic liberals into a winning coalition, similar disintegration is likely among European populists, too.

In that case, the Brexit vote will begin to look like an aberration not the start of a powerful new trend toward nationalism, protectionism, and de-globalisation, but the end of a backlash against modernity by an unstable alliance of social authoritarians and laissez faire market liberals. It will be the last gasp of an ageing generation that tried to impose its nostalgic parochialism on an increasingly cosmopolitan younger generation, but succeeded in only one unfortunate country.

  • Anatole Kaletsky is chief economist and co-chair of Gavekal Dragonomics. A former columnist at the Times, the International New York Times and the Financial Times, he is the author of Capitalism 4.0, The Birth of a New Economy.

Project Syndicate

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Glenn Thrush rejects journo coordination with Team Clinton as ‘tradecraft’

1 month, 8 days ago

Yesterday, Gawker posted a story that exposed a close working relationship between Politico White House correspondent Mike Allen and Philippe Reines, who served as an aide to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Allen’s emails indicate that he was assuring positive coverage of Chelsea Clinton.

CNNs recently suspended Elise Labott appears to have had a similarly agreeable rapport with Reines, going so far as to comply with requests on what to tweet.

Politico’s Glenn Thrush insures nothing unusual there 😛 TAGEND

So, in other words…

Yeah, that still just doesn’t seem right.

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5 Ways Post-Grad Life Will Be Better If Hillary Wins

2 months, 15 days ago

When most people think of college, they probably envisionivy-covered houses and beautiful campuses filled with carefree young people. But the reality of college is far different.

Some of us cant afford to look at those ivy-covered houses right out of high school, let alone attend them. Instead we opt for online universities, community college orstate schools. But no matter what route you take toward that degree, theres a lot of anxiety that comes along with the process.

For example: By the time I finish be paid by these loans, will I be 90 or 100?

Or, when youre a woman: Why am I getting paid less than my male equivalents when I got the same expensive-ass education?

College affordability and equal pay are plainly on the minds of many Millennials. How are we supposed to be the futurewhen were drowning understudent loan pays?( There runs another complaining Millennial !)

I mean, I love my mothers, but I dont think I could take more than one year of living in their cellar, imploring them to replace their ancient wireless router andgetting screamed at for accidentally deleting one of their1, 000 DVRd shows.

Though it might not be apparent, these sorts ofissues are tied together. Without the right people in government representing us, we Millennial folk risk sliding backward economically and socially. What would happen if we no longer had the right to make our own healthcare decisions? Or if we couldnt marry the person we love?

While one of our 2016 presidential candidates may not be tied to protecting these rights( cough, Donald Trump, cough ), at least we know one candidate is keeping us in intellect. Here are five styles post-grad life wouldbe better if Hillary wins.

1. The biggie: She wants to induce college debt-free.

Clinton has a plan to ACTUALLY achieve the goal of college being debt-free, along with a drastic cut in existing student debt.

By 2021, her scheme will include no college tuition for people whose households have an income of under $85,000, with no in-state tuition for households with incomes under $125,000. Community colleges wouldbe free for all.

The plan offersbenefits for aspiring entrepreneurs, who wouldbe able to defer their loans for three years, and social entrepreneurs, who would also be eligible for nearly $18,000 in loan forgiveness.

How much will this all cost? Just as Robin Hood would hope, the money will come from increasing taxes on high-income taxpayers and shutting loopholes.

Wondering how much college would costyou? Check out Clinton’scollege calculator heretofind out how much her scheme will save you on student loan debt.

2. Womens rights will have a huge proponent in the White House.

Hillary Clinton has been the most aggressive champion for women we’ve ever seen in a presidential nominee. Period.

Clinton is famous for declaring in a high-profile speech that womens rights are human rights. Defending women and children has been a priority for her ever since she graduated from statute school more than four decades ago.

Clinton wants to protect a womans right to choose, including safe, legal and affordable access to all methods of contraception.

She also plans on launching a comprehensive effort to end sexual assault on college campuses the kind of traumatic event that sticks with young women for the rest of their lives.

This issue is certainly among the mostsignificantcontrastsbetweenClinton and Trump. When Trump was asked what a woman should do if she wereharassed at work, he said she should just quit her job .Righttttttttt. That stance treats women’s rights as unworthy, and of course overlooks the fact that many women don’t have the luxury of simply finding another college or workplace when faced with adversity.

3. The surrounding wouldn’t be destroyed.

Climate change is a real issue. How anyone can still fight that simple fact is beyond me( and science ).

Butour generation knows that we have to take care of what we have so future generations have, ya know, a planet to inhabit. On this front, Clinton wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 30 percent by 2025, something essential to combating climate change.

A Clinton administration would also prop up the US renewable energy sector by slashing petroleum consumption( throughcleaner ga development and more stringent energy efficiency standards) and installing 500 million solar panels by the end of her first term.

Because here’s the bottom line: Oil is a finite resource, and there will come a hour when we run out of it. Devoting resources to strengthening renewable energy the investigations and developing will not only forestall climate change, but also propel the US to the forefront of the global clean energy revolution.

4. Equal pay will be a national priority.

Let’s be blunt about this: It’s insane that women still earn only 79 pennies for every$ 1men take home. It attains no sense, especially when women are just as( if not more) educated than men.

In other terms, the pay gap needs to be closed immediately.

Of course, Donald Trump supposes the solution is for women to do just as good of a undertaking as humen. Um, I’m sorry, but last day I checked, we DO run just as hard as humen. In fact, wehave to work hard merely to prove we deserve a seat at the table.

Hillary’s stance on equal pay is a stark contrast.

While serving as a senator for New York, she introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act to close the pay gap between men and women. Though its not yet been passed, the bill remains a legislative priority for her, as does legislation designed to protect and expand paid family leave.

5. And last but CERTAINLY not least: FREE WiFi.

Ah yes, how happy we will be if( when) PresidentClintonmakes this happen.

In a Clinton-led America, 100 percentage of Americans will have access to affordable internet by 2020, with public places like mass transit equipped with yes free WiFi.

Free WiFi while you’reon the subway? Free WiFi while youre waiting to committee your plane at the airport? Check and check.

Never again will you be forced to pay for some slow, awful WiFi connection.

Now thats a change we can believe in.


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While You Were Offline: Transgress the Internet and Rebuild a Better One

2 months, 17 days ago

It was a week bookended with violence, on the Internet as much as in the news. The tragic murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in West Yorkshire on Thursday resounded around social media in such a way that British politics rarely does, in big part because events in the USwhich is a clumsily euphemistic route of telling ” the the mass shooting that killed 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub last weekend” have left us so sensitive to violence and horror. That assault, as much a hate crime against the LGBTQ community as it was a terrorist action, prompted multiple answers both online and offline. Yes, this week on the Internet was, like everywhere else, dominated by the aftermath of that nightmarish attack.

Break the Internet and Rebuild a Better One

What Happened : In the wake of the Pulse shooting, LGBTQ people on Twitter constructed themselves visible in a show of solidarity.
Where It Blew Up : Twitter
What Really Happened : Within hours of the attack in Orlando, as details were still emerging, it was clear that there was a homophobic component to what had happened. As the discussion surrounding Omar Mateen’s motives stirred, a sideshoot of the conversation turned to the simple, frightening fact that for the LGBTQ community, simply existing can be a political statementoffensive to some with closed minds, but also inspirational to others who lack any role models.

From that beginning went the Twitter trend # GaysBreakTheInternet, the purpose of which was simple: members of the LGBTQ community posting selfies and had confirmed that they exist, and that they matter.

In honor of the ones killed last night in Orlando& all over the world for being them, we’d like to introduce #GaysBreakTheInternet

S (@ saifwai3 00) June 12, 2016

#gaysbreaktheinternet #PrayForOrlando gay people party the best& i always enjoy myself! i love yall vhCzA4dkPa

K. Condor (@ iamBOOBIEkeeper) June 12, 2016

#GaysBreakTheInternet Pt 2. Our Outfits Always Slay lXnHApPG2v

Slymod (@ _DaddyOnDeck) June 12, 2016

#blackboysbreaktheinternet #gaysbreaktheinternet bc were lit. b2KehB9USd

Daddy (@ drefamous) June 12, 2016

I’m queer, I’m here and I’m staying !!! #GAYSbreaktheinternet #lgbtlivesmatter SyEzSNW7iH

rosas (@ Artshawtty) June 12, 2016

let me get a piece #GaysBreakTheInternet zVHf0xXeEX

PinkLipKillahh (@ OG_TriggaTre) June 12, 2016

Ima live AND love my life regardless of how people feel #GAYSBREAKTHEINTERNET #LoveIsLove BHGJQ9Fohh

Jaye (@ Vicious__Heart) June 12, 2016

They got my name incorrect, but it’s not about me, it’s about the message. Another win #LoveWins #Gaysbreaktheinternet M3g2FFVoPB

derwin. (@ durwhen) June 12, 2016

after years of being bullied and harassed I is to be able to say I love who I am #GaysBreakTheInternet #loveislove jBgR4Ocj 1L

tim tim (@ timothygeard) June 12, 2016

this hashtag is as cute as me! SO WHY NOT! #GaysBreakTheInternet 0KO14KD7QZ

larri (@ LARRAYOX) June 12, 2016

I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. No matter what anyone supposes of me #GaysBreakTheInternet fs122qZ3Kt

jamie corbett (@ justjamiie) June 12, 2016

I am black and I am gay. I am proud of who I am, and terror and fear will NOT prevail #gaysbreaktheinternet e6bcCG4uCW

purple papi (@ Thynative) June 12, 2016

#gaysbreaktheinternet I will never for a second apologize for who I am, who I love, or the community I’m a part of NKnQccA6zE

Rams (@ ramzelindistres) June 12, 2016

i like boys and it shouldn’t be a big deal #GaysBreakTheInternet 9LV7auXL03

ty (@ frangifreckles) June 12, 2016

Happy in my own skin( eventually) #gaysbreaktheinternet NLxTW6dZXG

alexis (@ bottIedups) June 12, 2016

#GaysBreaktheInternet because violence will not stillnes us and i choose to love her loud& proud #queerandstillhere VKuhmB6ouV

SPRINGBOOB SQUIREPIN (@ sluttyseagull) June 13, 2016

#GaysBreakTheInternet kdBIzC4 5iC

grandmotherfucker (@ ratfemme) June 13, 2016

#GaysBreakTheInternet because I am more than only my sexuality and I’m perfect the way I am Q9EL069zUJ

william (@ sinamonnroII) June 13, 2016

Underscoring the bravery of the movement, there was a wonderfully defiant aspect to some of the tweets, too 😛 TAGEND

#gaysbreaktheinternet piss a homophobe off #loveislove ZVarUMMEfB

Tyrakj (@ 3stablish) June 12, 2016

im here to make a homophobic person mad #GaysBreakTheInternet 55 NuoS7Zce

lana del GAY (@ classifiedhoe) June 12, 2016

Make a homophobe mad #GaysBreakTheInternet 7NymCFrtZI

ryan (@ leavemeIoneIy) June 12, 2016

The Takeaway : Actually, we’re not quite finished yet…

Short Stories

What Happened : A second self-identification tendency launched on Twitter, with a slightly different focus: introducing the person posting, and demonstrating the broad, varied spectrum of those who are queer and proud.
Where It Blew Up : Twitter
What Really Happened : While #GaysBreakTheInternet was still running, writer and musician Dylan Marron( You might know him as Welcome to Night Vale ‘ s Carlos) posted a tweet that took an alternate view of visibility as statement 😛 TAGEND

I am a soft-spoken brown faggot man who wears his mother’s pearl earrings. And I love my queerness. Let’s start a #queerselflove hashtag

Dylan Marron (@ dylanmarron) June 15, 2016

Arguably less about posting photographs of yourself looking fierce and/ or fabulous, #queerselflove quickly ran viral as those taking part simply told tales of who they were, accompanied with images or not, building a world in which they were represented, visible, and recognise, demonstrating that there’s not just one fag narrative, but a world of them 😛 TAGEND

I am a quiet white fag person who likes to skateboard and I want to be a librarian. #queerselflove

lowkey lyesmith (@ istillhatetacos) June 15, 2016

@dylanmarron I am an agender faggot teenager with too much nervousnes to tell people I’m agender, but I have so much #queerselflove

Athena Jean (@ athenajeanp) June 15, 2016

I’d like my queerness a lot more if I stopped crushing on straight girls, but hell, the community experience is wonderful! #queerselflove

Mags is undead (@ nerdpalooza) June 15, 2016

I am a genderqueer pan-romantic asexual who simply rediscovered the fun of being femme for the 1st time since 13. #queerselflove @dylanmarron

VenGethenian (@ VGerUnlocked) June 15, 2016

I’m a fag human who survived religion, cooks to present he loves, holds compassion in highest consider, and won’t stand for hatred #queerselflove

Nelson Stauffer (@ NelsonStauffer) June 15, 2016

i’m an anxious brown boi who loves to dance but doesn’t know how to twerk properly #queerselflove

Little Latin Boy (@ Wilfreyfrey) June 15, 2016

I’m an emotional queer dame with great hair who attains comics about impressions and loves musicals. #queerselflove https :// OBlmbfKgwO

Kate Leth (@ kateleth) June 15, 2016

I am a fag mama/ pastor/ writer/ knitter. I came out at 49. My kids still love me. So does my wife. #queerselflove

Martha Spong (@ MarthaSpong) June 15, 2016

I’m a bi femme dame in a long term relationship with a human! I am not invisible. I am here. I count. #queerselflove

Meredith Whitfield (@ hashtagmsw) June 15, 2016

All the hearts to those of you who don’t feel comfortable or safe enough to post in #queerselflove

Shauna Foley (@ shaunasketches) June 15, 2016

I’m a blerdy qwoc from the south; married to a amazingly supportive girl. Representation matters. #QueerSelfLove 17 kgNEyENr

Monique J. (@ Sir_Phoenix8 8) June 15, 2016

I’m queer comic novelist, failed Southern belle, and evil witch queen. High femme doesn’t change that. #queerselflove BQxiO0sCSS

Marguerite Bennett (@ EvilMarguerite) June 15, 2016

I’m a Christian femme lesbian author trying to write the words I needed to hear when I was younger. #queerselflove Oq6ZwdtigG

Brooke Hespeler (@ kellybluebrooke) June 16, 2016

Something that was especially beautiful about this hashtag was the number of messages like this 😛 TAGEND

This is one reason I talk about being queer and proud of it so much. It matters to those who can’t yet love themselves. #queerselflove

M (@ mxbarclay) June 15, 2016

and for those who can’t be out on the internet like that I only hope you know that you deserve love and respect and joy too #QueerSelfLove

hj (@ ohbadger) June 15, 2016

So much love to everyone posting on #queerselflove; to everyone who can’t be as visible; to everyone reading, caring, amplifying.

Jen Linnan (@ jenlinnan) June 15, 2016

to everyone who can’t participate in #queerselflove publicly bc they’re not out: I love you. I hope you love yourself too. Hang in there.

Nadine (@ nadinesantoro) June 16, 2016

The Takeaway : The tweets shared from the two hashtags above are just samplings; there are many, many more to be found. There’s a courage displayed by those invited to participate in either one, because as the Pulse shooting and the aftermath has shown, this is not a society that is totally comfortable with LGBTQ narratives yet, and only being yourself can end up being a dangerous thing to do. If there’s any upside from what’s happened in the last week, it might be watching the kindness and strength of people like those posting above.

Asked and Answered

What Happened : Donald Trump wanted to” ask the lesbians” about something.” The lesbians” made sure their answer was heard.
Where It Blew Up : Twitter, media reports
What Really Happened : Here’s another reason why it’s important for LGBTQ people to speak up: if you don’t, others will say things on your behalf. Like, for example, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who this week said the following at a campaign appearance:” For the homosexuals out thereask the lesbians and ask the peopleask the gays what they think and what they do in , not only Saudi Arabia, in many of these countries, with the gay community, be asking, and then you tell mewhos your friend, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton ?”

Yes. Let’s” ask the gays ,” shall we?

” Ask The Gays ,” a new self-help reality indicate, coming to Logo this fall

Terrence T. McDonald (@ terrencemcd) June 15, 2016

TRUMP:” Ask the gays !”


Carlos Maza (@ gaywonk) June 15, 2016

TRUMP: Ask the homosexuals!


John Birdsall (@ John_Birdsall) June 15, 2016

Trump:” Ask the gays !”

Gays: VpeaNT3fF 6

Alp Ozcelik (@ alplicable) June 15, 2016

Trump:” Ask the gays !”

Gays: SnJ3 6B6t0n

Sam Lansky (@ samlansky) June 15, 2016

TRUMP:” Ask the homosexuals !”


Slade Sohmer (@ Slade) June 15, 2016

Trump:” Ask the lesbians !”

Gays: TZvgcVTdEI

Justin Kirkland (@ justinkirkland4) June 15, 2016


The Homosexual: oirfqzDQnI

Ethan (@ ethanharv) June 15, 2016

Trump:” Ask the lesbians !”

Gays: HGjIeIjWIq

Charles (@ charlesrockhill) June 15, 2016

Trump tells Ask The Gays

Reaction of The Homosexuals: Pi2HeLeXOW

Just Maybe (@ ShomahKhoobi) June 15, 2016


Tom Eaton (@ DorkyUdon) June 15, 2016

Trump: #askthegays #thegays: x9AZijqCD7

Nick Westrate (@ westratenick) June 15, 2016

TRUMP: Ask the Gays!

The Homosexual: A9nAvHoznq

Capt. Spike #Litten (@ spikepoint) June 15, 2016

Trump: Ask the gays!
Gays: HNt8bCmw 9X

Louis Peitzman (@ LouisPeitzman) June 15, 2016

I don’t know, Donald. Seems to me like asking the gays just led to you getting publicly humiliated, to the media’s delight.( Not that Trump has done anything to upset the media recently; oh, wait .) But you know best, surely.
The Takeaway : Hillary Clinton’s social media squad said it best.

Hi. https :// 11 Fyyf5IQm

Hillary Clinton (@ HillaryClinton) June 17, 2016

The Room Where It Happens

What Happened : Hands up, anyone who ever thought we would consider the live-tweeting of a filibuster. Well, funny story…
Where It Blew Up : Twitter
What Really Happened : Following the Pulse shooting, the gun control debate started back up–with a slight change. This time around, it seemed, Senate Democrats were going to try and do something about the political gridlock surrounding the questions, with Connecticut’s Chris Murphy launching into a filibuster Wednesday to inspire a vote on the issue 😛 TAGEND

I’m speaking on the Senate floor to honor the victims of the Orlando attack& demand the Senate address gun violence. #Enough

Chris Murphy (@ ChrisMurphyCT) June 15, 2016

At first, there was general, somewhat cautious support for what he was doinga sense that, yes, it was a good thing but would it truly matter ?

Watching the #filibuster on @cspan. I am proud of all the Senators who are speaking in favor of commonsense gun legislation. #Enough

Danny Plaugher (@ DannyPlaugher) June 15, 2016

Dems are perfectly rallying around Chris Murphy right now, presenting an unbelievably clear, united front on gun control #filibuster

Ashley Louise (@ AshleyLLouise) June 15, 2016

Others, however, considered it as a welcome first step towards sanity 😛 TAGEND

Heard about @ChrisMurphyCT and his #filibuster and I feel like, for the first time in days, I am breathing.

Jared Frieder (@ jaredfrieder) June 15, 2016

#filibuster: Democrats trying to stop handgun massacres while Republicans trying to stop Democrats.

imfabulous (@ imfabulous1 3) June 15, 2016

Oh hey @SenateDems I see you. I applaud you. I stand w/ you. #filibuster #ENOUGH ija6x 5l69y

Melissa (@ Mjkunited) June 15, 2016

I am very conservative. Almost always vote for @GOP nominees. But I applaud the Dems #filibuster. Time for the GOP to divorce the NRA.

Mark McNulty (@ McNulty1 977) June 15, 2016

I am a Republican Texas gun owner…We Need Change. Supporting Dems on gun reform all the style #KeepGoing #filibuster https :// cK0hUCJVub

Sandy Phillips (@ MamaRedfield) June 15, 2016

As the filibuster maintained running, however, people’s position towards it on social media started to change 😛 TAGEND

To me this #filibuster is nothing short of heroic. So impressed w/ Senator @ChrisMurphyCT‘s fierce determination to #EndGunViolence. Hero.

Shannon Coulter (@ shannoncoulter) June 15, 2016

Been watching this #filibuster for hours and it’s still going! I feel…proud? Of senators? Is that possible? https :// 72 iFQQIK7f

Alex Hirsch (@ _AlexHirsch) June 15, 2016

This #filibuster is like the greatest episode of West Wing ever induced. #Enough

Anne T. Donahue (@ annetdonahue) June 16, 2016

Of course , not everyone was thrilled 😛 TAGEND

The NRA is pretty unhappy about the #filibuster. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Jim Demonakos (@ technogreek) June 16, 2016

But everybody else?

#filibuster and chill

Nev Schulman (@ NevSchulman) June 16, 2016

I’ve never been so grateful to a bunch of white men who wont shut up #filibuster

Batya Ungar-Sargon (@ bungarsargon) June 16, 2016

If you arent watching the #filibuster youre missing a chance to really feel good about our country https :// kGg9MtnQ 6o

Jordan Horowitz (@ jehorowitz) June 16, 2016

Chris Murphy is Batman:
No breaks
No food
No bathroom.
Tie still straight
On topic
Clear speech
Waited 4 years #filibuster

Sadistic Statist (@ TheXclass) June 16, 2016

Actually, as Slate reported, Murphy was actually allowed to take bathroom infringes. But even Batman has to pis. And, anyway, others had possible solutions to that problem 😛 TAGEND

I am so inspired by what @ChrisMurphyCT‘s #filibuster that I would hold the beaker for him to pee-pee in behind the podium.

Josh Charles (@ MrJoshCharles) June 16, 2016

As the filibuster continued into the night, Twitter get more and more excited about what was happening.


All The Way Up (@ ankurthakkar) June 16, 2016

this #filibuster is the best TV I’ve ever seen& also the best civics lesson& also the most humanity I’ve seen in politics maybe ever

zoe kazan (@ zoeinthecities) June 16, 2016

I can’t stop watching the #filibuster. These guys are amazing. Also I suppose I would be very, very good at a #filibuster.

billy eichner (@ billyeichner) June 16, 2016

It eventually aimed after more than 14 hours.

2: 12 a.m .: Sen. Chris Murphy has yielded the floor. The 8th longest #filibuster in U.S. history has come to a close. T8yRHFoqMc

Jennifer Mascia (@ JenniferMascia) June 16, 2016

The mission, it seemed, had been successful, with Murphy winning promises for votes on two measures, but as he shared on Twitter, that wasn’t the end of the issue 😛 TAGEND

This is one step. The fighting is far from over. But there are millions of voices calling for change. And we cannot stop pushing #Enough

Chris Murphy (@ ChrisMurphyCT) June 16, 2016

The Takeaway : Democracy wins! Well, kind of. The next day, you might have been forgiven for supposing the opposite was true 😛 TAGEND

#PaulRyan: No gun control vote in aftermath of #OrlandoShooting. US House Speaker tells constitutional rights can’t be denied without due process.

CBC News Alerts (@ CBCAlerts) June 16, 2016

Every now and again, this really does feel like the darkest timeline.

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

What Happened : Taylor Swift might have a new boyfriend. But he’s already the Internet’s boyfriend. What is going on here?
Where It Blew Up : Twitter, media believe pieces
What Really Happened : Let’s talking here something else to end on. Something more positive, more life-affirming. Like, tell, the start of a new relationship as captured via telephoto lens and uncovered via a tabloid tweet 😛 TAGEND

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are together and we have the details right here: https :// GRAwEuLQwV 9HAQOHo8Y3

The Sun (@ TheSun) June 15, 2016

No, really! There are ” sensational paintings “ that you can see for yourself! But is the Internet is interested?


Hardcore Swiftie (@ Swift1 3Updates) June 15, 2016

i’m preoccupied with how awkward these photos of taylor swift and tom hiddleston are /8 xR3rr8D5k

elena (@ elena_yip) June 15, 2016

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s names virtually blend to construct Tilda Swinton and that seems important here.

Alison Leiby (@ AlisonLeiby) June 15, 2016


james potter danni (@ advmparrishs) June 15, 2016

If I put 1/10 th of as much effort into doing anything as Taylor Swift does into staging relationships I would be President

Gabriella Paiella (@ GMPaiella) June 15, 2016

Sorry I have to leave work and cancel all my schemes I’m having a Taylor Swift pertained crisis

Carina MacKenzie (@ cadlymack) June 15, 2016

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift seem like a couple who would ask you to please not put your feet on the furniture.

Anne T. Donahue (@ annetdonahue) June 15, 2016

taylor and tom met at the MET GALA? call that a met cute

Becca Laurie, PI (@ imbeccable) June 15, 2016

Tom and Taylor are literally the most random couple in existence. Like its really weird for me even think about lmao.

celebsconfess (@ celebsconfesss) June 15, 2016

” tom hiddleston is in a relationship with taylor swift” YXoNOPekst

victoria (@ GAYPIL0T) June 15, 2016

My dream job would be to direct Taylor Swifts accidentally caught by the press photo shoots. I would have put her and Tom in a rowing boat.

Grinne Maguire (@ GrainneMaguire) June 15, 2016

Me When I come on Twitter and find Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddelston are dating DOBCbldusJ

(@ nanaAseel) June 16, 2016

but why does taylor swift and tom hiddleston feel like a punch in the heart? I like both of them, but…
THERAPIST: aaaand that’s our time

Dana Schwartz (@ DanaSchwartzzz) June 16, 2016

When you watch pictures of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston … WfVG4eNu 4x

Ginger Wesson (@ GingerWesson) June 16, 2016

It wasn’t just Twitter, however; actual media outlets got just as obsessed, with particular attention paid to the response of Taylor’s ex. At least there wasn’t anything else actually important happening this week, right?

Jesus Christ, Taylor, were all really focused on maybe finally changing some firearm policy here. WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS DISTRACTION.

Rainbow Rowell (@ rainbowrowell) June 15, 2016

The Takeaway : The bar has been raised for Marvel-related puns 😛 TAGEND

Please let Taylor Swift dating Tom Hiddleston result in a sung that includes the word Tesseract.

Eric Goldman (@ TheEricGoldman) June 15, 2016

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Obama Endorsement Yields Clinton’s Most[ FIRE EMOJI] Tweet Yet

2 months, 18 days ago

President Barack Obama is officially “# WithHer .”

The president announced his long-awaited endorsement of Hillary Clinton in a YouTube video posted to Clinton’s channel today. He congratulates Clinton on becoming the Democratic party’s presumptive nominee, saying,” I don’t think theres ever been someone so qualified to hold this office .”

Of course, Donald Trump had something to say about this, instantly tweeting:

Obama only endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obamabut nobody else does!

— Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2016

And that’s when Clinton’s Twitter team, plainly feeling their damn selves after Obama’s endorsement, took the gloves off.

Delete your account. https :// Oa92sncRQY

— Hillary Clinton (@ HillaryClinton) June 9, 2016

Game on. Already the tweet is the most popular Clinton has ever sent, and that’s saying something, given she had some of the most popular political Tweets of 2015.

It may sound like a small thing, but build no mistake, this tweet represents what could be a kind of turning point for the Clinton campaign. It not only represents a level of position her campaign rarely leveled at Democratic rival Bernie Sanders online. It’s also an indication that the campaign may be prepared to be more nimble in responding to what are sure to be Trump’s all too frequent Twitter attacks.

One criticism of Clinton during primary season is that she always appeared a little too rehearsed, a little too cautious, when up against Sanders. In reality, what the social media age now craves is an air of off-the-cuff authenticity. Trump is a master of conveying that quality. Now, we’ll see if Clinton can bring this same online agility to the debate stage and beyond this fall.

As for Obama, who was, of course, the catalyst to this catfight, he said he’s eager to get on the campaign trail with Clinton, and also thanked Bernie Sanders on his hard-fought campaign. Obama noted that espousing Sanders’ message” is going to help us win in November .”

That includes not only the substance of that message, it seems, but the style, too.

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Lena Dunham talks policies and pantsuits in push for Hillary Clinton

2 months, 22 days ago

The Girls creator and star repudiates condescending and misogynistic assumption that she is backing the Democratic frontrunner only because she is a woman

Lena Dunham isnt supporting Hillary Clinton for president since they are share the same anatomy. She is, however, a big fan of the Democratic frontrunners pantsuits.

The Girls creator and star to be laid down her support for Clinton at an Iowa City coffee shop on Saturday, while recommending a mob of mostly women to get involved in the sates Iowa caucus on 1 February. Dunham was attending her first event of the day, on a swinging through early voting nations on the candidates behalf.

Nothing gets me angrier than when someone connotes Im voting for Hillary Clinton simply because shes female, Dunham said, to laughter.[ Its] as if I have some feminist version of beer-goggles, lets call it estrogen blindness, and I just kind of walking like a zombie towards the nearest vagina.

This assumption is condescending at best and it is sharply mysogynistic at worst.

Dunham said she was supporting Clinton because of her policies, because of her track record, because of her notions and a little bit because of her pantsuits. But thats my prerogative as a citizen.

Dunham recently interviewed Clinton for the first issue of her email newsletter, Lenny. Seated across from Clinton on a folding chair, she asked the Democratic nominee: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes, Clinton responded. Absolutely.

With a mix of raw integrity and playful self-deprecation, on Saturday Dunham told the crowd how she had not voted until four years after she came of voting age. She encouraged women, especially young women, to make their voices heard in 2016.

Im embarrassed to say this but it took me far too long to start voting, Dunham said. I had been of legal age for more than four years before I cast my first vote in the 2008 general elections.

Its not that I didnt care, but I didnt believe that me caring mattered. It was impossible for me to comprehend that one young woman checking a box after waiting in a long line could matter on a national level.

Dunham said she virtually turned away the opportunity to create a video for President Barack Obamas re-election campaign in 2012. She said deciding to make the innuendo-laced cinema, Your First Time, energized her to engage with politics.

My father has never been prouder of me than when I was called a dirty word on Fox News, Dunham joked about reaction to the video, which she told ran a little bit viral.

On Friday, Dunham traveled around New Hampshire with the World Cup-winning soccer superstar Abby Wambach, pitching Clinton as the best proponent for women. Notably, Dunham has been having fun with her bespoke Hillary Clinton line of gowns and sweaters. In Iowa on Saturday, she wore a white jumper featuring Hillary printed in red.

The audience, equal proportions Dunham fans and Clinton advocates, were very receptive.

Abbie Gould, 24, said she was still choosing between Clinton and her chief contender, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, but was impressed by what Dunham had to say about the former secretary of state.

Listening to Lena, hearing the seriousnes in her voice and listening to how she got involved in the campaign, and that she actually hadnt gotten involved into politics until subsequently in her career, I think thats inspiring for people my age, Gould said.

Allison Poss, who runs a small business, Girls with Ideas, in Iowa City, called Dunham and Clinton the dreaming team. Poss said she was an unabashed Dunham fan she collects clippings of every publication interview she devotes and a longtime Clinton supporter.

Ive always followed[ Clintons] policies, that is what is driving my vote for her, Poss said. However, its like a double-whammy of happiness to me that she just so happens to be a woman as well.

After the Iowa City coffee shop event, Dunham and her team departed without taking any questions, in order to make it to a second event of the day in Des Moines.

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12 Hillary Clinton Quotes That Prove You Shouldn’t Pause Your Dreams For Anyone

2 months, 23 days ago

Women have endured many combats in society in gaining equal rights.

From gettingthe right to vote to being able toenterthe workforce, these changes were only possible because of the dreamings females had for themselves and for the rest of us.

If it wasn’t for the dreamers, we girls would not be where we are today with our rights. Sure, we are still a work-in-progress toward full equality, but progress over the decades has been made.

Along with progression, history is being stimulated with Hillary Clinton in this year’s election. Asthe first female presidential nominee for a major party in United States history, she is giving girls everywhere the message theycan make a difference and generate change.

If she becomes president, she will not only has become a voice for women in politics, but an inspiration to women everywhere who have dreamings and aspirations for themselves.

Here are a few of Clinton’s wordswe should all keep in mind for ourselves when it comes to never quitting on what you want to achieve in life for anyone other than yourself.

1. “Barriers can come down.”

Yes, there are still ceilings to breakfor women and men, for all Americans. But don’t let anyone tell you that great things can’t happen in America. Barriers can come down. Justice and equality can win.

2. “When you’re knocked down, get right back up.”

Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep religion. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.

3. “The advancement … of women and girls … is the greatunfinished business of the 21 st century.”

As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their own communities is the great unfinished business of the 21 st century.

4. “Things … do work out.”

There is a sense that things, if you keep positive and optimistic about what can be done, do work out.

5. “How you answer … is in your control.”

I think that if you live long enough, you realize that so much of what happens in life is out of your control, but how you respond to it is in your control. That’s what I try to remember.

6. “We must go forward together or not at all.”

Every moment wasted looking back, maintains us from moving forward … In this world and the world of tomorrow, we must go forward together or not at all.

7. “Yes, you can be anything you want.”

To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want — even president.

To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you wanteven chairwoman. Tonight is for you. -H jq7fKlfwGV

— Hillary Clinton (@ HillaryClinton) June 8, 2016

8. Be fearless.

Be as fearless as the women whose narratives you have applauded.

9. Seize your opportunities.

Part of the great challenge of living is defining yourself in your moment, of seizing the opportunities that you are given, and of inducing the very best choices you can.

10. “You have to be true to yourself.”

You have to be true to yourself. You have to be enough in touch with who you are and what you want, how you want to live and what’s important to you, to build your decisions based on that. Sometimes that’s very difficult.

11. You can learn something from just about everyone.

I always believed you could learn something from nearly everybody you fulfill, if you’re open to it.

12. “Fear is always with us, but we just don’t have period for it.”

We are, all of us, investigating a world that none of us even understands…searching for more immediate, ecstatic, and penetrating modes of living…

The struggle for an integrated life existing in an atmosphere of communal confidence and respect is one with desperately important political and social consequences…

Fear is always with us, but we just don’t have period for it. Not now.

Let Clinton’s terms be a reminder that no matter what you want to accomplish in life, make it happen for yourself. Never stop dreaming or believing that anything is possible as long as you put your intellect and entire heart into it.

Be inspired and go be that change in the world for all of us!

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‘I’ve been silent’: Harvard’s Clinton backers face life on a pro-Bernie campus

2 months, 30 days ago

As students across the country voice support for Sanders, Hillary Clinton backers “says hes” contend with rage and accusations: Youre evil

Walk around any college campus and Bernie Sanders popularity is immediately apparent. Depending on the climate, youre likely to see Bernie T-shirts or Bernie sweaters or Bernie hats or Bernie scarves.

Youre less likely to encounter Hillary Clinton memorabilia. In a put where students are meant to be rebelling against the status quo, to be wearing berets and hanging Che Guevara posters on their walls, supporting Clinton only isnt cool.

It turns out this is even true at Harvard University barely known for revolutionary politics.

In April, Sam Koppelman, a 20 -year-old government student at Harvard, wrote a letter to the New York Times lamenting that his support for Clinton meant that on campus he might as well be Pat Buchanan.

At Harvard, admitting that #ImWithHer is nearly tantamount to boasting Make America Great Again, Koppelman wrote.

Sam Koppelman at Harvard. Photograph: Mark Lorenz for the Guardian

The letter was a coming out of sorts for Koppelman, who told the Guardian that despite having written often about politics for his student newspaper until 2012, he stopped this year for fear that it would cast me as an foreigner, cast me as someone whos more conservative.

The 2016 election Ive is wholly silent, save for a few snarky tweets. And I think thats definitely emblematic that Im trying to avoid these dialogues, he told. He made a conscious decision until last month to not write about his support for Clinton.

If youre a Hillary supporter, youre kind of in this happy medium. Or actually an unhappy medium, Koppelman said, where, by voicing support for Hillary Clinton, youre at once alienating college Republicans who still view her basically as the antichrist and youre alienating Bernie supporters who view her as this remnant of a hour when Washington was highly corrupt.

Koppelman, who grew up in New York City, has spent his time at Harvard engaging in leftwing activism. He is involved in the Black Lives Matter movement and started a group called Harvard cant breathe, after Eric Garner died while being arrested in Staten Island, New York City. Garners death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner, but a grand jury chose not to indict the policeman who arrested him.

Koppelman is still involved with those groups but said he had been conscious not to announce his support for Clinton to his fellow activists.

If youre shall include participation in activism and youre a part of the campus left, and then you choose to support Clintons campaign thats almost a traitorous act, Koppelman said.

Not all Harvards students are as reluctant to admit their is supportive of Clinton. As a is part of the Harvard for Hillary group, Janet Ho canvassed for Clinton during the Massachusetts primary. Ho, a 19 -year-old freshman, is an open advocate for the former secretary of state, but admitted that being a Clinton supporter can be difficult.

Do I feel more called into question by Bernie supporters? Yeah. Do I feel more challenged in general? Yes, I do, she said. Ho said she felt she had to justify her backing for Clinton to Sanders fans.

They assure the Hillary supporter as someone who doesnt actually want as much equality as they do.

Janet Ho speaks on her support for Hillary Clinton. Photograph: Mark Lorenz for the Guardian

Like: What do you mean why dont you want free tuition for everyone? Its not fair. Why dont you want equal pay for everyone? Why dont you want to tax the rich? Whats wrong with you? Like: youre evil.

In March, Clinton won the Massachusetts primary with 50.1% to Sanders 48.7%, although exit poll demonstrate Sanders won 71% of the vote among 18 to 24 -year-olds. Sanders support among young, passionate voters has assured reporting on the Bernie Bros phenomenon the notion that some Sanders advocates use social media to attack Clinton and her advocates.

Columnists in favour of Clinton have depicted special ire sometimes in an aggressive way, sometimes in a sexist style, sometimes both.

In January, it prompted Sanders rapid response director, Mike Casca, to call for supporters to respect others in the race. It might explain why some Clinton backers would choose to remain in the closet.

There are going to be some people on either side who are going to be really emphatic about what they believe, said Molly Roberts, a 22 -year-old senior studying English who writes a column for the Harvard Crimson, the universitys student newspaper.

And then you know, if theyre jerks in the first place perhaps theyll get vitriolic.

Molly Roberts, 22, a senior at Harvard. Photograph: Mark Lorenz for the Guardian

Roberts has not been cowed by the potential for dorks to become vitriolic. In February, she wrote about her is supportive of Clinton in the Crimson.

There was maybe one person who said something pretty nasty about it on Facebook and then got some comments that were also nasty, she said. But I dont think thats the prevailing route that the Bernie supporters act.

Koppelman said he was prompted to out himself as a Clinton supporter due to frustration at being unable to be open about it. He wanted to address what he sees as a doubled criterion among some Sanders supporters that to support Clinton is to fail to support the fight for equality.

Around the country, low income people, low income minorities are voting for Hillary in vast majorities, Koppelman told.

And this attitude on college campuses that if youre an advocate for social justice issues, you need to be a Bernie supporter is truly dismissive of those people across the country who are voting for Hillary.

Its a we know better position that is so emblematic of the very things Bernie Sanders is campaigning against.

Sanders won the Indiana primary on Tuesday, but remains well behind Clinton in terms of delegates. It seems likely that Sanders advocates may soon have a decision to stimulate on whether to commit to Clinton, following a primary campaign that has gone on longer and at times been sourer than most would have predicted.

I think Bernie Sanders supporters need to understand that Hillary is not the foe here, Ho said.

But I dont feel bad or sad when shes challenged. Its more like: OK, I understand what youre saying, but youre wrong. At the end of the day, she is still the more viable Democratic nominee. She is fighting for the same issues.

Whatever has gone before, Roberts predicted that come November, there would be a unifying behind whoever is the Democratic nominee.

Just as I know that Bernie supporters, if and when Hillary wins the nomination, is absolutely vote for her, and I genuinely hope to campaign for her, I would do the same for Bernie, she said.

Ill take him over any of the Republican candidates any day.

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Why do people dislike Hillary Clinton? The tale runs far back

4 months, 3 days ago

A sense of untrustworthiness has haunted the Democrat this election, but the roots of hostility against her are much deeper

There is and perhaps there always will be a dedicated group of people who dont know Hillary Clinton personally, but nonetheless hate her.

Whether they are truly a vast rightwing conspiracy( as Clinton called them in 1998) or just many in number and conservative in outlook, theres no arguing that they exist or that they continue to try to influence public opinion on the Democratic nominee.

But even if people consider themselves savvy enough to repudiate the strangest conspiracy theories( sample asserts include that she is a mass-murderer, a closeted lesbian faking her 40 -year marriage, a member of the Illuminati and/ or an agent of the devil himself ), there seems little doubt that an undercurrent of hatred spanning decades has had an impact upon how she is viewed.

Read more:

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