Big props to all my People that continue to support me and laugh with me every day !!! Love you all !!!

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Depth Matters


Yall got anymore of them helpful Legos( For GotHighMadeAMeme)

4 days ago

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Conan Meets His Censor

5 days ago

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It’s too damn noisy to sleep where I work …

6 days ago

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50 very unlikely things we want from the Democratic National Convention

9 days ago

Image: alex wong, Getty Images

We got through the Republican National Convention , now it’s just one more week until we’re officially in the race for the White House. There’s merely one more candidate to nominate.

The Democratic National Convention will gavel in on Monday afternoon, where Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will likely be nominated at the Democratic party’s nominees for President and Vice President of the United States, respectively.

There will be speeches. There is likely to be celebrities. There is likely to be flag pins.

We hope there will be so much more.

1. Tim Kaine does a harmonica solo.

2. Tim Kaine and Bill Clinton do a harmonica/ sax duet.

3. Bill Clinton shares his best vegan recipes( yes, he’s a vegan now ).

4. Hillary rent off some sassy one-liners.

5. Elizabeth Warren lays down some murderer Trump puns.

6. Elizabeth Warren challenges Trump to a rap battle.

7. The Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays as Bernie Sanders comes on stage.

8. Lin-Manuel Miranda writes Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders a devastating hip-hop medley.

9. Unlike the RNC, person talks about policy.

10. Bernie Sanders wails, “THIS ISN’T OVER! ” And does a stage dive.

11. Again, teens flood the convention looking for Pokmon.

12. Beyonc performs a spectacular new hitting dedicated to our new, all powerful gynocracy.

13. A video tribute to menstruation. Deal with it.

14. Hillary ends her acceptance speech by saying “Hillary OUT! ” and falling the mic.

15. A synchronized dance number

16. Hillary discloses herself to be a benevolent robot, hoping to bring peace to us humans.

17. In the name of transparency, Hillary reads every ecard, chain letter and intra-office meme she sent between 1996 and 2013.

18. Hillary changes video games by wearing a crop top instead of a pant suit

19. There is a sketch starring Jimmy Fallon.

20. Bernie Sanders announces his next move as KFC’s new spokesman, Colonel Sanders.

21. Nobody mentions emails.

22. Larry David stands in for Bernie Sanders.

23. Bernie Sanders paraglides into the convention stadium.

24. Bill Clinton announced today he, Obama and Chelsea are forming a band and touring the country.

25. They are called Barry, Willy and Chels.

26. Obama challenges Hillary to a game of stone, paper, scissors for the presidency.

27. Tim Kaine sings a heartbreaking ballad called, “I’m Only A Little Bit Boring.”

28. It’s actually merely Obama in a Hillary mask.

29. Joe Biden kisses Tim Kaine to transfer is Vice Presidential powers to him.

30. Hillary’s acceptance speech is merely 15 minutes because she knows some of us have to be up in the morning. Maintain it short and sweet, Hill.

31. Al Gore talks about whales for 45 minutes.

32. Kate McKinnon stands in for Hillary for the duration of the convention.

33. Hillary’s speech is annotated with GIFs.

34. Bernie Sanders turns the tables by impersonating Larry David.

35. Elizabeth Warren stands up and says, “Screw it, I’M running for President, ” and the crowd cheers.

36. Russia will hack into the screens, demonstrating Season 4 of The Americans

37. Trump will somehow appear on stage every night.

38. Obama will spend most of his speech talking about all of the mystery novels he will read once his word is over.

39. In an effort to appear cooler, Tim Kaine will wear sunglasses for the duration of the convention.

40. Bill Clinton alleviates his ‘9 0s glory by giving his speech wearing a choker and a flannel shirt tied around his waist.

41. Someone please merely admit that climate change is real.

42. Lenny Kravitz appears on stage as 90 percent scarf.

43. Nancy Pelosi and Stephen Colbert do a hilarious presidential version of “Who’s On First? “

44. No one utters the phrase “All lives matter.”

45. The Wyoming delegation, who play Pokemon Go as Team Insight, gets into a big fight with the Michigan delegation, who are Team Valor.

46. People spend the entire convention trying to decide where they’ve find Chlo Grace Moretz.

47. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is nowhere to be seen. At all. For the entire convention. Please just stay away.

48. Everyone watches The West Wing for four days.

49. Unlike the RNC, Democrat will actually talk about their nominee in speeches, rather than the opposition’s.

50. Peace on earth and good will towards men and women.

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Super Grandma

11 days ago

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The Best Opera You’ll See All Year – Video

12 days ago

Stop spending your hard-earned money on expensive opu or theater tickets! Just browse a bit online and you’ll find the most amazing dog operas. This is just a sneak peek into your new favourite world- the world of singing dogs!

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Adorable Bear Cub Spotted Doing Tai Chi

15 days ago

Harry Eggens, a Dutch wildlife photographer, has captured an image of a bear cub hurling down some shapes, or perhaps engaging in some tai chi to find inner peace.

As fearsomely cute as their cubs are, the largest of these Eurasian brown bears( Ursus arctos arctos) weighed a record 480 kilograms( 1,058 pounds ).

The photographs were snapped in northeastern Finland near the Russian perimeter. An estimated 100,000 of these bears live throughout Europe and Asia. While their numbers havebounced backfairly successfullyfrom the days of trophy hunting, its believed just 2 percentof the bears live on their original stomping grounds as logging, mining and other development projects increasingly sweep through their habitat.

Image credit: Harry Eggens/ Media Drum World

Image credit: Harry Eggens/ Media Drum World

Image credit: Harry Eggens/ Media Drum World

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“Grumpy Cat Is Still Grumpy” By Aja

19 days ago

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