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What The Media Makes’ Hacking The Internet’ Look Like


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13 Quotes That Are Just Too Deep For You To Manage

2 days ago

Philosophical quotes. There are too many of them and most of them aren’t even deep. Want to see what I mean? Go on Tumblr and click on the first thing you assure. It will probably be a picture of a silhouette, or some blooms or something with writing over it saying something like “ Showers wash away the bad supposes. Someone out there loves you . ” Terrible .

But we’re into funny doctrine. It’s much better. It would be far too easy only to quote a loading of Jaden Smithtweets … so we’ve only done that a couple of times.

1. We’ll start with one to be safe …

2. Rudyard Kipling was a fantastic devotee .

3. The only real friend this cruel world has to offer .

4. You’re the person you hate the most .

5. Last one. We promise .

6. Was this written with the weak hand so whoever did it didn’t get caught ? 7. That poor dog .

8. When a packet makes you think about life .

9. To be fair …

10. That red-nosed, sarcy puppet is asking for a slap .

11. We feel you, brother .

12. They’re right .

13. And we’ll leave you with this one …

Feel like Socrates? If you do, run get yourself checked out. 13 stupid internet quotes should not have that effect.

Tell us what you think in the comments ! — >

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I Merely Consider One Russian Soldier Though …

2 days ago

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Who elects these people anyways?

3 days ago

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There Can Only Be One Good Girl – Video

9 days ago

It’s only sinking in that there is competitor on the block now. Put your best paw forward, doggy friend, you ain’t gonna let that stuffed piece of sh* t take your place now, are you ?!

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James Corden Reads off Actual News Headlines, and Perfectly Follows Them up With What They’re Truly Trying to Say

9 days ago

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30 Perfect Gifs To Use When You Don’t Feel Like Arguing With Your Words

10 days ago

1. When you want someone to know that their mere existence is exhausting.

2. When you need them to know that you are reaching your limit.

3. When their logic is simply laughable.

4. When you want them to know you don’t care.( But you might care a little .)

5. When you ACTUALLY don’t care. Like at all.

6. When you want to warn them not to start with you.

7. When their ranting literally attains you the most borne you’ve ever been.

8. When you wish you had never acknowledged them in the first place.

9. When you have to admit that whatever “theyre saying” was KIND of a good one.

10. When you wait for their comeback.

11. When a thumb does all the talking.

12. When that thumb CAN’T do the talking.

13. When there is no other reason to explain how be stupid they’re being.

14. When there is literally NOTHING you can do but laugh at them.

15. When youwant to show just how “bad” you really think they are.

16. When you need them to know you have zero period for their shenanigans.

17. When you throw them a bone for their pathetic excuse for an argument.

18. When you need it to REALLY sink in how many fuckings you do not give.

19. When you’ve won and you know it.

20. When you deserve a better opponent.

21. When you’re so mad that you don’t know what to do with yourself.

22. When they think they’ve cut you deep( but they haven’t .)

23. When you want to show them what you’re capable of.

24. When someone needs to be taken down a notch.

25. When you Reject to consider their side.

26. When they think they’ve been quick, but it was the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard.

27. When someone has traversed the line.

28. When all you can think is, “Really?”

29. When you send them on their merry style with their tail between their legs.

30. When the conversation is over.

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The World Would Be A Different Place If Today’s Kids Knew Nirvana

11 days ago

Unfortunately, Nirvana is long gone. We don’t like it, you don’t like it and kids today don’t even know what they’ve missed out on. Or do they? They are hilariously honest afterhearing some of their finest tunes.

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Stalking neighbour.

12 days ago

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