A Man Playing Blackjack Online Pranked Everyone With His Hilarious Username

14 days ago

If you’re like me and still enjoy silly gags that would construct the teenage version of you giggle, then you’re going to love this online blackjack prank.

It’s based on one of the oldest pranks in the book: you call a bar or eatery and ask to speak to your friend called “Hugh Jass” or “Seymour Butz”. The other person at the end of the line supposes nothing of it and calls out the name, unwittingly saying a rude word in the process.

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It’s a completely harmless prank that one man running by P. Ness has taken to the online world of gambling. Watch these blackjack merchants try to keep it together once they realize what they just said. It’s hysterical!

I could watch that for another hour.

It’s even funnier when you realize Peter Ness is his real name .

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Puppers and doggos operate free in the WeRateDogs mobile game

25 days ago

WeRateDogs is a great Twitter account to follow because it recognise a basic truth about life: all puppies are good dogs.

Now, @dog_rates creator Matt Nelson has teamed up with the London-based Fourthwall Game to deliver a mobile game that celebrates all the lovable puppers and doggos of the world. Good Dogs is what it’s called, naturally.

It’s a free-to-play endless athlete this is gonna be hitting Android and iOS app stores on Feb. 3. The more time you spend playing or the more fund you spend, if “youd prefer” the more dogs you unlock. No energy bars or timers or anything like that.

As you can see in the trailer, it’s a straightforward game that’s about letting puppers and doggos live their best life.

Kanye West Muse Ian Connor Accused of Rape

1 month, 17 days ago

The stylist and A$ AP Mob member has been accused of rape in a detailed blog post by Emory University student Malika Anderson. “>

On Friday, in a blog post titled Ian Connor Is a Rapist, and I Know Firsthand, Malika Anderson, a senior at Emory University, accused Connor of rape.

I sought charges against Ian Connor for raping me, she wrote. Yes, thats right folks, Ian Connorthe manner nigga people love to stan foris a rapist. My detective never said I couldnt talk about my example, but I decided not to because I wanted to get everything taken care of before I spoke about it publicly.

I am speaking now because my example is basically closed. And I am eventually ready to share my entire tale. I want the world to know who they are praising I know the truth. And I know that I did not want to have sex with Ian Connor. He raped me.

For those unfamiliar, Connor is a popular stylist to the hip-hop superstars, first working closely with Wiz Khalifa before transitioning over to Wizs sometime rival Kanye West to help work on his Yeezy Season 2 fashion line. Hes also an affiliate of A$ AP Mob, a rap collective led by Bronx emcee A$ AP Rocky, and signed to A$ APs art direction team AWGE. A$ AP once referred to Connor as king of the youth for his Tumblr influence and streetwear stylings.

According to the post, Anderson claims that Connor raped her on October 5, 2014. She alleges theyd hung out twice casually in Atlanta but never did anything sex. That, says Anderson, changed on their third rendezvous.

The 3rd and last day we hung out I hit him up. He came to my crib in the morning and I figured we would just talk and chill per usual But that isnt what happened, she wrote. We were sitting on my bed, just talking, and he asked if he could feed me out. I declined. And I told him I wasnt trying to have sex. So hes like okay. Then he asked again if he could feed me out. I said no again and he merely kept asking. He was literally begging to eat me out and he said we dont gotta fuck, I simply wanna eat it. I wanna feed your soul out girl blah blah. And I was just like nah Im good but he maintained begging. Eventually, I gave in. I said fine you can give me head. Then he said lemme eat it from the back. So I layed on my belly and pulled my gasps down about halfway, the rest of my clothes were still on. He was fully clothed. He started to give me head.

About 2 minutes later I felt his bare penis thrust inside of me. I was shocked and didnt know what to do and then I pushed him off of me and I was like wtf. And he says your pussy is wavy. We shouldve did this a long time ago. We couldve been dating and I saod[ sic] wtf I told you I didnt want to have sex and you merely did it And he says so you tryna say I raped you and at the time I hadnt even processed what had just happened and I was like I dont know. After that he left and said he was gonna text me. I was confused. I didnt want to call it rape but I also couldnt call it consensual sexuality because I had already told him I didnt want to have sex with him and he took advantage of me is available on a position in which he could penetrate me anyway when I wasnt appearing. It was diabolical. But at the time, I didnt know how to think of it.

Anderson claims in the post that she got tested for STDs the next day and would later learn shed contracted gonorrhea. She also alleged that Connor had created a dummy account on Twitter to harass and intimidate her via DM.

His harassing messages inspired me to file a police report, she wrote, claiming to have filed one in December 2015. And Anderson further alleges that several other women whod been assaulted by Connor devoted statements to detectives involved in her case.

Since then Ive devoted statements, sent in evidence, and gotten other women that he assaulted to speak to my sleuth, wrote Anderson. The detectives at the Special Victims Unit at my country police station have been working to gather as much proof as possible and build a suit. The problem is, when it is necessary to bringing everything to the judge, there isnt a lot of concrete evidence that actually proves the rape happened. Essentially, the only thing they can really go on is my term. Furthermore, the other women who spoke to the detective are not comfy filing their own reports. They gave statements and I am thankful for that as it did contribute to the building of my occurrence, but the statements can not be taken as concrete evidence unless they were to file their own reports in the cities in which their assaults occurred.

Unfortunately, my statement, a few screenshots, and some information from my doctor and from myschool, wont be regarded as substantial proof in a court of law, she continued. Because of this, my detective told me yesterday that the case is likely to be closed for the time being. It can be reopened if more proof is observed or if any other women decide to come forward, but for right now, there isnt much else that can be done. So basically these past few months have somewhat been a trash of my period bc even though I was raped , nothing will likely happen to the person who raped me aka Ian Connor. #America

After Andersons post went up today, R& B singer Justine Skye tweeted( and then deleted) a defense of Connor, write, trying to tarnish someones name and lying for a quick come up is never cool or funny do better, while rapper OG Maco defended Connor, claiming that the Twitterati was tryna Bill Cosby him, before sharing a problematic tweet by the alleged victim 😛 TAGEND

Others on Twitter have excavated up this oldand disturbing2 013 tweet that Connor posted( and then deleted) that seems eerily similar to Andersons tale 😛 TAGEND

Connor, for his part, addressed the accusation in a series of misogynistic and racist tweets 😛 TAGEND

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Glen Campbell, made singer and guitarist, dead at 81

1 month, 23 days ago

( CNN) Glen Campbell, the upbeat guitarist from Delight, Arkansas, whose smooth vocals and down-home manner induced him a mainstay of music and television for decades, has died, his family announced on Facebook on Tuesday. He was 81.

Watch “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” Wednesday at 9 p. m. ET on HLN Tv.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, parent, grandfather, and legendary vocalist and guitarist, Glen Travis Campbell … following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease, ” a Facebook statement said.

Campbell is best recollected for a string of country-inflected hittings that ran from the mid-‘6 0s to the late ‘8 0s: “Gentle on My Mind, ” “Rhinestone Cowboy, ” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix, ” “Wichita Lineman, ” “Galveston, ” “Southern Nights” and “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” among them.

Here Are 20 Of The Craziest Things People Have Ever Done For Fund

1 month, 23 days ago

Listen. People do genuinely insane things for money.

( And before we go any further, I’d like to ask you to remove your mind from the gutter .) Anyway, like I was saying, it’s no secret that life’s rough out here for those of us who are just trying to pay our bills, file our taxes, and maybe buy one pizza a week for the purpose of feeing our impressions.

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Sadly, we all fall down on our collective sprint towards the almighty dollar. It’s inevitable. That being said , what happened when these people face-planted is equal parts alarming and hilarious. Here are a few of the most ridiculous things people have ever done for money, courtesy of the internet.


( via wafflewrestler)

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( via RomeokillsJuliet)


( via MomoTheCow)


( via LS_DemonLord)


( via ExtremeGinta)


( via SchpittleSchpattle)

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( via SharpNine)


( via Alafran)


( via tbviks)


( via Waitthisisntfacebook)


( via chap_pers)


( via Reddit)

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( via Helping_hand-Kyoji)


( via MadMan2 012)


( via SVHockey7 6)


( via JihadInMyPants)


( via Knowledge_Is_Misery)


( via Attention_Deficit)


( via SpiceyTaco1 01)

And last but not least…


( via eloquentnemesis)

I may screw up regularly, but at least I’ve never stooped this low.

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A Mom Of 4 Filmed Herself Getting Her Babies Ready For The Day I’m Impressed!

2 months, 13 days ago

Having a kid is a ton of work. Anyone that believes being a parent is easy is sorely mistaken. You are molding a human being to be a productive member of society…at the same time, you need to clean up their nappies, feed them, teach them to speak — the listing goes on!

But if you think having one child comes with a ton of responsibilities, try having four !

This Canadian mom lately posted a video of how she gets her little ones ready for the working day — it just demonstrates that being a parent requires superhuman skills.

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Mom vs Triplets+ Toddler! A must watch! .. Give super mom a share! Being Mommy Dan Gibson Ellen MommyPage Parenthood Being Daddy Parenting.com Twin Magazine Parent Life Network ellentube

Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

( via BuzzFeed)

I’m sure a lot of people aren’t envious of this family, but thankfully, this mama is a specialist child wrangler. No one is crawling away on her watch! Seem how efficiently she gets her tiny tykes ready for another day.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus utilized her SAG award acceptance speech to talk about refugees

2 months, 23 days ago

Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepts the awarding for outstanding performance by a female performer in a slapstick series for “Veep” at the 23 rd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
Image: Chris Pizzello/ Invision/ AP

President Donald Trump and his week of executive orders did not go unnoticed at the 2017 Screen Performer Guild awards this Sunday.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the first award of the night for Outstanding Performance byFemale Actor in a Comedy Series for her present Veep and immediately celebrated the win with an impassioned message of acceptance for refugees around the world trying to flee from desperate situations.

“Whether the Russians did or didnot hack the votes of tonight’sSAG awardings, I look out on themillion or million and a halfpeople in this room and I say, this award is legitimate and Iwon, ” she jokingly began, mimicking the president’s speech.”I am the winner.The winner is me.Landslide.”

But her gag merely set the stage for her to get personal about the executive order President Trump signed on Friday, which drastically cuts the number of refugees the U.S. will accept and bars citizens of seven Islamic-majority countries from entering America.

“I want you all to know that I’mthe daughter of an immigrant, ” Dreyfus said.”My father fled religiouspersecution in Nazi-occupiedFrance.I’m an American patriot[ and I] lovethis country.Because I love this country, Iam frightened by its blemishesand this immigrant forbidding is ablemish and it’s un-American.”

The gathered actors applauded her strong take against Trump’s measures. She then read a statement from the Writer’s Guild of America , noting she agreed with it.

“Our guilds are unions ofstorytellers who have alwayswelcomed those from the nationsof differing notion with merely youshare their imagination withAmerica, ” she read.”We are grateful for them.We stand with them and we willfight for them. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

Louis-Dreyfus’ statement came only hours after she shared similar objections to what many consider to be a ban on Muslims on her Twitter account .

BONUS: IKEA built a replica of a Syrian refugee home inside a store

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Chaz Ebert: Where Are All the Diverse Voices in Film Criticism?

2 months, 25 days ago

Meryl Streep is right that we need more female cinema reviewers. But more than that, we need a range of voices in the arts with access to the larger dialogue in society.

It is critical that the people who write about movie and television and the artsand indeed the worldmirror the person or persons in national societies .

Meryl Streeps use of the word infuriating to describe the disproportionate ratio of male to female reviewers on the Rotten Tomatoes is apt.

But the need for diverse voices in film criticism does not suffice with gender. A wide spectrum of voices is critical in challenging the mainstream white male-dominated narrative that drives much of Hollywood and the popular media. Being introduced to diverse critical voices and sentiments in the arts not only affects how we consider the world but also has a profound influence on how we begin to heal it.

Films allow us to immerse ourselves in narratives and interpretations of the world that are either familiar or unfamiliar but nonetheless vital to exciting our mental curiosity. The value of the experience lies in the vast range of emotional responses a cinema inspires. Notions, storylines, and characters coalesce with our own understanding of the world and create opportunities for the beliefs we live by to be challenged or reinforced and reinvigorated. In that momentduring that exchangeno one can deny the experiences that have informed our perspectives on a films impact.

My husband Roger called the movies a giant machine that generates empathy, allowing us to walk in the shoes of a person of a different race, or age, or gender, or economic circumstance. From there, he said, the greater understanding that results can inspire increased kindness and compassion.

It is not enough to have reviewers who understand how to discuss film. We require reviewers who can speak profoundly and with nuance because of their lived experiences. The trusted voices in cinema criticism should be diverse ambassadors who have access to the larger dialogue. If we cant recognise ourselves within the existing public discourse, we are implicitly being asked to devalue our experiences and accept a narrative that is not our own. Excluding diverse voices from the conversation de-emphasizes the value of our different experiences. It is critical that the people who be talking about movie and television and the artsand indeed the worldmirror the people in our society.

Recently, I partnered with the Hawaii International Film Festival to launch the first Ebert Young Writers for the Arts program in Hawaii. Roger and I fell in love in Hawaii and developed an interest in its history and cultural activities. We attended the movie festival there for many years and witnessed the importance of a strong authentic voice in movie. This program is meant to broaden and strengthen film criticism culture in Hawaii. In a swiftly changing media surrounding, advised writing and criticism on cinema by diverse voices is vital to a strong film culture and industry. For our first class of eight students, we chose Chicago-based Kevin B. Lee, an award-winning filmmaker, educator, and movie critic, as a mentor.

Championing diversity is a particular passion of mine. The questions affects the various kinds of stories we find every time we step into a movie theater or turn on a television or pick up a newspaper or digital tablet. If merely one race or gender is allowed to tell their tale, then the experiences of so many other lives will be left off the screen. So many moviegoers have actively attempted out independent and foreign titles in order to diversify the stories they consume.

Earlier this year at the SXSW film festival, I hosted a panel we called The Future of Film Criticism: Diversify or Die. I left that panel feeling hopeful because the audience, through their questions, showed that they not only understood why diversity is a good thing but also that it isnt just limited to racial or ethnic diversity. It entails an expanded definition of diversity where there will be more sexual identities represented, more females, and more people who are differently abled used to describe film from their standpoint. This was the same conclusion a panel on Empathy I hosted at the Cannes Film Festival in May reached.

The call for gender equity in Hollywood is on the rise, led by actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence and directors like Catherine Hardwicke. In arecent articlepublished by Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post , Hardwicke noted that the $400 million gross of her Twilight movie did little to help launch her next project. My next job actually took one and a half years to happen, and I got paid less, with a lower budget, Hardwicke said. I didnt get that three-picture deal like the guys did after they made a $400 million movie.

Without a doubt, we are witnessing change on the screen. But sexism and racism have been so engrained in our culture that seismic change is guaranteed to be an all-too-gradual one. Yet it is our role as journalists and critics and cinephiles to aim a spotlight on the artists whose work stand as inarguable proof of the boundless talent dismissed when we green-light only those projects of white males. When we respond to whitewashing, ignorance, or embezzlement in movie and the arts with indifference, we allow them to fester in the hollowness of stillnes. Silence is seen as approval and intentionally perpetuates obstacles, pushing diverse voices to the periphery.

2015 marked the second year in a row that recipients of the Roger Ebert Scholarship for Film Criticism covered the Sundance Film Festival. Readingtheir believeson the experience was a joy for me. This has furthermore been the second year in which RogerEbert.com has partnered with the Chicago Urban League and Columbia Colleges youth journalism Links program to mentor high school students during Black History Month. They reviewed several provocative documentaries for our site, and we compiled them in a table of contents for this year.( Clickhereto read them .) It was also the second year that the students in the Ebert University Seminars encompassed the Telluride Film Festival. And at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, the College of Media and the Ebert Center sponsored the first class of students who will be mentored in critical reasoning by Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune .

I am excited about preparing a group of emerging writers and artists and technologists to find their voices. It is my hope that one day I can bring together the students from Sundance, Hawaii, Columbia College, Telluride, the Chicago Urban League, and the University of Illinois to measure the efficiency of its small steps toward effecting change. In a world too full of bad news, I am hoping they will help provide light to result us into a brighter future.

For more information on the Hawaii International Film Festival, visit its official site .

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Gene Wilder, who played ‘Willy Wonka’ and ‘Young Frankenstein, ‘ dead at 83

2 months, 27 days ago

Gene Wilder in “Young Frankenstein.”
Image: John Springer Collection/ CORBIS/ Corbis via Getty Images

LOS ANGELES Gene Wilder, the visceral, wild-haired comedic performer and writer who played Willy Wonka and starred in dozens of cinemas including the Mel Brooks classics Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein , has died, his nephew confirmed in a statement Monday. He was 83.

Wilder died of complications from Alzheimer’s at his home in Stamford, Conn ., according to the statement from Jordan Walker-Pearlman. Wilder had chosen to keep his illness private, Walker-Pearlman said, because he “simply couldn’t bear the idea of one less smile in the world.”

Though he started out as a stage performer, Wilder’s violate came in 1968 with the role of Leo Bloom in The Producers , for which he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka and Peter Ostrum as Charlie Bucket on the define of “Willy Wonka& the Chocolate Factory, ” in 1971.

Image: Silver Screen Collection/ Getty Images

A few years later, he reluctantly took the title role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory , one of those turns that the passageway of hour with a little help from the omnipresent “Condescending Wonka meme have rendered all the more beloved.

Wilder was a frequent collaborator with the greatest comedy minds of his time, including the late Richard Pryor. Beginning with Silver Streak , the two appeared in four movies together including Stir Crazy , See No Evil, Hear No Evil and their 1991 reunion Another You .

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in “Silver Streak.”

Image: Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

But it was his relationship with Brooks which began via an introduction via Brooks’ girlfriend, which eventually led to the Producers role that produced what are widely considered the greatest slapstick cinemas of all time.( In fact, in a Vanity Fair interview published only hours before news of Wilder’s death Monday, Brooks calls Blazing Saddles the “funniest movie ever made.”)

On screen, Wilder balanced a madcap, wild-eyed physicality with the sense that he was the smartest guy in the room components that often triggered off one of his many signature freak-outs. It was that chemical reaction that always built him unpredictable, a live-wire who was as ferocious as he was playful and irreverent.

Wilder took a writing credit on nine of his cinemas, including Young Frankenstein , but insisted in a 2013 interview one of his last that he was never much of a comedian.

“I’m really not[ funny ], except in a slapstick … in cinemas. I induce my wife laugh once or twice in the house, but nothing special. But I don’t think I’m that funny. I believe I can be in the movies, ” he said.

Wilder’s acting career slowed down significantly in the late 1980 s, which he largely attributed to future directions in movies that he didn’t much care for.

“The swearing and the loud bombing … every once in awhile there’s a good movie, but not very many, ” Wilder sad during the course of its 92 nd Street Y interview. “If something comes along that’s really good, and I’m good for it, I’d do it. But not too many came along. A bunch came along for 15, 18 years, but then not too many.”

Wilder’s nephew said that Alzheimer’s began to take hold three years ago, but that he retained much of his faculties until the end 😛 TAGEND

Wilder was marriage four times, including to Saturday Night Live alum Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. He is survived by Karen Webb, a clinical supervisor who coached him on lip-reading for his role in See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and whom he married in 1991.

Gene Wilder at the 2013 US Open with spouse Karen Webb in 2013.

Image: Uri Schanker/ WireImage

Walker-Pearlman’s statement concluded 😛 TAGEND

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I Am Not Your Negro: How Hollywood Failed Black America

2 months, 27 days ago

Raoul Peck’s documentary, based on an unfinished James Baldwin manuscript, is not only an urgent call to action, but also one of the very best cinemas of the year. “>

Filmmaker Raoul Peck( Lumumba) went through 30 different titles before he zeroed in on I Am Not Your Negro, a defiant declaration illustrative of the work of influential author James Baldwin, whose unpublished letters form the foundation of this years most incendiary cinematic call to action. The title also serves as an acute distillation of how systemic racism has cultivated inequality for centuries across the black experience, hammered home in the films first few moments as Baldwins words ring over images from Ferguson as painfully accurate as they were 50 years ago.

The first title wasRemember This House, but I realized that each time I said it I would have to explain why I opted this title and where it came from, the Haitian-born Peck told The Daily Beast during a visit to Los Angeles from Paris, where he is based. I Am Not Your Negrosays, You cannot define me. I define myself. This was James Baldwins attitude his whole life: I cannot let anyone define who I am, whether Im gay, whether Im black, whether Im a writer, whether Im this or that. This is myownresponsibilityto define myself. And I am not a finished product: I am always in building because I learn, I have experience, and I consider the world.

This is an important stand to take, he continued, because thats the bottom line. You have to define yourself. And you cannot accept anybody defining you in your place.

Pecks Oscar-hopeful, along with Ava DuVernays fellow Best Documentary contender 13 th, is one of the most stirring movies of the year in any category. Its a 10 -year labor of love that feels as urgent as ever in todays America. Drawing from 30 pages of an unfinished manuscript of Baldwins linking the lives and slayings of Martin Luther King, Jr ., Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X, I Am Not Your Negro also folds in shocking footage of Americas bigoted past and the ways in which white-dominated media, advertisements, and popular cinema dictated and reinforced the racist stereotypes that formed the nations idea of black existence.

At days Samuel L. Jackson, portraying Baldwin, speaks the words he wrote to his literary agent in 1979. Elsewhere, Peck invokes the power of Baldwin himself in archival footage of his transfixing orations on race and blackness in America. The movie begins with Baldwins explanation of why, in 1957, he decided to leave Paris to return home after being confronted with images like that of 15-year-old Dorothy Counts, one of four black students harassed by racist segregationist whites in Charlotte, North Carolina, as she simply tried to go to school.

It constructed me furious, Baldwin wrote. It filled me with both hatred and pity and it attained me ashamed. Some one of us should have been there with her.

In weaving the late Baldwins vital midcentury observations into his essential documentary, Pecks film also holds a magnifying glass to everything from the triumph and tragedies of the civil-rights movement to the new reality of Trumps America to Hollywoods diversity crisisand demands that everyone is hold ourselves accountable for holding the powers that be accountable.

These pointedly choice images speak volumes: Advertisements depicting stereotypical African-American caricatures eagerly serving masters, happily servicing whites; clips from films like Uncle Toms Cabin and King Kong that just as insidiously embedded only subservient or monstrous stereotypes of black people into the public consciousness.

Heroes, as far as I could see, were white, and not merely because of the movies but because of the land in which I lived of which movies were merely a reflection, said Baldwin of the images he grew up watching at the movies. In black-and-white footage from a 1965 Cambridge University debate, he explains the toll that underrepresentation in pop culture has on the self-image and self-worth of a minority child who never watches themselves reflected onscreen. Its as incisive an debate as youll find of the reasons why inclusion and diversity in cinema and television is still so necessary today.

It comes as a great shock, around the age of 5 or 6 or 7, to discover Gary Cooper killing off the Indian, when you were rooting for Gary Cooper, that the Indians were you, said Baldwin. It comes as a great shock to discover that the country which is your birthplace, and to which you owe your life and your identity, has not, in its whole system of reality, evolved any place for you.

For Peck, Baldwin became a literary and intellectual constant from the moment he first read him as a teenager searching for validation of his own identity. At the time for a young black boy there was not much you could read, he said. I read the French literature classics, American classics, and I could never find myself through that. Baldwin somehow was the first person to put out a universal approach that at the same time was very personal to me. And at the same hour I think he helped nurture me to its implementation of intellect, helped me understand who I was and what world I was living in, and I came back to it all my life.

The prolific director, whose films include 2000 s biopic Lumumba and the 2013 documentary Fatal Assistance, was working on I Am Not Your Negro when civil unrest erupted over the police killings of black men in America. He sent a crew to Ferguson to film, knowing that what was happening in the Black Lives Matter movement was intrinsically linked to Baldwins still-relevant pennings on race.

But while the Black Lives Matter movement and more recent post-election protests across America have demonstrated a new mobilization against institutional authority, Peck observed that awareness is merely the first step.

I hope the movie also underlines that anger alone is not sufficient, he said. You have to organize. And coordinating is not just coordinating one protest. You have to organize for the long-term , not just one event or one year. You have to make sure youre in for the long runand “thats what” lacking, what the prior generation was not able to do because most of its leadership was either killed, in prison, or in exile. And now we have this new generation that dont have the benefit of their experience, and they have to learn again and find adapted ways to fight today.

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