Why Kathy Griffin is suddenly bald

6 days ago

( CNN) Kathy Griffin is once again attracting attention because of a head — but this time it’s her own.

The embattled comic — who came under fire in May for a controversial photo shoot in which she held a fake, bloody head resembling that of President Donald Trump — has shaved her head bald.

On Monday, novelist Yashar Ali tweeted photos of Griffin with her new look.

Leslie Jones tells no designers want to dress her, so Christian Siriano steps in

21 days ago

Leslie Jones attends CinemaCon 2016 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 12.
Image: Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/ WireImage

Christian Siriano is ready to create something fierce.

Leslie Jones called out unnamed decorators Tuesday for declining to help dress her for the upcoming Ghostbusters premiere.

Her remarks sparked outrage and attention, which caught the eyes of Project Runway alum Siriano, who tweeted back with a raised hand emoji, volunteering himself for the gig.

How did Jones respond? With a resounding YAS.

I love Leslie and cant wait to build her something fabulous to wear. I dress and support women of all ages and sizes, Siriano told Time in a statement. He subsequently tweeted that “nothing is confirmed, ” but they are meeting and he’d “love” to garment her.

It’s not the first time a celebrity has struggled to find a decorator. Ghostbusters costar Melissa McCarthy told two Oscars ago, she “couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me.”

“I asked five or six decorators very high-level ones who make lots of gowns for people and theyall told no, ” she told Redbook in 2014.

In her recent CFDA Fashion Icon acceptance speech, Beyonc said she had similar conflicts when she was starting out in Destiny’s Child.

“High-end labels didnt genuinely want to dress four black country curvy daughters, and we couldnt afford decorator dress and couture, ” she says. “My mother was repudiated from every showroom in New York.”

Siriano spoke up again about the common issue, tweetingon Wednesday that it “shouldn’t be exceptional to work with brilliant people just because they’re not sample size. Congrats aren’t in order, a change is.”

And in the meantime, designers should take note Jones will not forget this moment.

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Kitten Goes For A Piggyback Ride On A Dog. Much To The Dog’s Confusion!

29 days ago

Kittens always seem to think they can get away with anything they want just because they are so darn adorable. And while it’s seemingly impossible to defy a kitten’s cuteness for most, this pooch has no problem fending off the tiny feline’s petition demand for a piggyback ride.

While at first the dog seems to be having a hard time untangling himself from the kitten’s firm hold, he eventually rids himself of the unwanted passenger…but not before the determined kitten get his ride!

That was style more than the six seconds I can manage on a mechanical policeman. The kitten’s dismount was a lot more graceful, too!

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When A Photographer Combines Dogs And Peanut Butter, The Outcomes Are Adorable

30 days ago

There’s something truly … special about watching a puppy try to remove peanut butter from the roof of his or her mouth. On the one hand, the dog is enjoying in the savor, but he or she probably also feels a little betrayed that there’s so much work involved with get all of that goodness.

Thankfully, though, that sloppy determination always prevails, and in the end, they WILL lick up all that peanut butter…even if it means looking like a dummy while doing it. One photographer, in particular, shot a series of tongue-smacking photographs and compiled them into an adorable new book.

Greg Murray is a Cleveland-based photographer who works with local animal shelters and specializes in taking photos of pets.

His most famous work in so far might be “For The Love Of Peanut Butter, ” a series which captures puppies thoroughly enjoying a spoonful of the delicious nut-based paste.

Murray told ViralNova that he got the idea where reference is and his fiancee Kristin rescued a mastiff named Bailey. Murray loved get Bailey all drooly( as they are generally do) and take pictures.

He found the best way to do this was to feed her a little peanut butter!

“So. Good.”

Inspired by Bailey, he began photographing his clients’ pooches feeing peanut butter too!

As part of Murray’s process, the dogs are only devoted one or two spoonfuls — too much peanut butter isn’t good for dogs.

He then takes 25 -7 5 photos of the dog’s desperate attempts to lap up all that deliciousness.

He says that some of the dogs have a hard time sitting still, but the majority of members of the time, “they’re so focused on the peanut butter, that even the most fidgety dogs stay put until they’re finished.”

Murray stresses that he only lets puppies consume peanut butter that doesn’t contain Xylitol, which is harmful to pups.

As of Friday, Murray will have photographed over 125 puppies for this project. All these photos and others can be found in his upcoming book For the Love of Peanut Butter: A Photo Booth . To check out more of Murray’s work, visit his website. There, you can even committee him to photograph your pets, weddings, and events! You should also follow him on Instagram.

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Backstreet Boys& James Corden in epic performance of ‘Everybody’

1 month, 8 days ago

( CNN) The Backstreet Boys are back!

James Corden shocked his viewers during Tuesday night’s episode of “The Late Late Show With James Corden” when he brought the boy band out on stage.

A Man Playing Blackjack Online Pranked Everyone With His Hilarious Username

2 months, 13 days ago

If you’re like me and still enjoy silly gags that would construct the teenage version of you giggle, then you’re going to love this online blackjack prank.

It’s based on one of the oldest pranks in the book: you call a bar or eatery and ask to speak to your friend called “Hugh Jass” or “Seymour Butz”. The other person at the end of the line supposes nothing of it and calls out the name, unwittingly saying a rude word in the process.

googletag.cmd.push( function() googletag.display( ‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’ ); );

It’s a completely harmless prank that one man running by P. Ness has taken to the online world of gambling. Watch these blackjack merchants try to keep it together once they realize what they just said. It’s hysterical!

I could watch that for another hour.

It’s even funnier when you realize Peter Ness is his real name .

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Puppers and doggos operate free in the WeRateDogs mobile game

2 months, 24 days ago

WeRateDogs is a great Twitter account to follow because it recognise a basic truth about life: all puppies are good dogs.

Now, @dog_rates creator Matt Nelson has teamed up with the London-based Fourthwall Game to deliver a mobile game that celebrates all the lovable puppers and doggos of the world. Good Dogs is what it’s called, naturally.

It’s a free-to-play endless athlete this is gonna be hitting Android and iOS app stores on Feb. 3. The more time you spend playing or the more fund you spend, if “youd prefer” the more dogs you unlock. No energy bars or timers or anything like that.

As you can see in the trailer, it’s a straightforward game that’s about letting puppers and doggos live their best life.

Kanye West Muse Ian Connor Accused of Rape

3 months, 16 days ago

The stylist and A$ AP Mob member has been accused of rape in a detailed blog post by Emory University student Malika Anderson. “>

On Friday, in a blog post titled Ian Connor Is a Rapist, and I Know Firsthand, Malika Anderson, a senior at Emory University, accused Connor of rape.

I sought charges against Ian Connor for raping me, she wrote. Yes, thats right folks, Ian Connorthe manner nigga people love to stan foris a rapist. My detective never said I couldnt talk about my example, but I decided not to because I wanted to get everything taken care of before I spoke about it publicly.

I am speaking now because my example is basically closed. And I am eventually ready to share my entire tale. I want the world to know who they are praising I know the truth. And I know that I did not want to have sex with Ian Connor. He raped me.

For those unfamiliar, Connor is a popular stylist to the hip-hop superstars, first working closely with Wiz Khalifa before transitioning over to Wizs sometime rival Kanye West to help work on his Yeezy Season 2 fashion line. Hes also an affiliate of A$ AP Mob, a rap collective led by Bronx emcee A$ AP Rocky, and signed to A$ APs art direction team AWGE. A$ AP once referred to Connor as king of the youth for his Tumblr influence and streetwear stylings.

According to the post, Anderson claims that Connor raped her on October 5, 2014. She alleges theyd hung out twice casually in Atlanta but never did anything sex. That, says Anderson, changed on their third rendezvous.

The 3rd and last day we hung out I hit him up. He came to my crib in the morning and I figured we would just talk and chill per usual But that isnt what happened, she wrote. We were sitting on my bed, just talking, and he asked if he could feed me out. I declined. And I told him I wasnt trying to have sex. So hes like okay. Then he asked again if he could feed me out. I said no again and he merely kept asking. He was literally begging to eat me out and he said we dont gotta fuck, I simply wanna eat it. I wanna feed your soul out girl blah blah. And I was just like nah Im good but he maintained begging. Eventually, I gave in. I said fine you can give me head. Then he said lemme eat it from the back. So I layed on my belly and pulled my gasps down about halfway, the rest of my clothes were still on. He was fully clothed. He started to give me head.

About 2 minutes later I felt his bare penis thrust inside of me. I was shocked and didnt know what to do and then I pushed him off of me and I was like wtf. And he says your pussy is wavy. We shouldve did this a long time ago. We couldve been dating and I saod[ sic] wtf I told you I didnt want to have sex and you merely did it And he says so you tryna say I raped you and at the time I hadnt even processed what had just happened and I was like I dont know. After that he left and said he was gonna text me. I was confused. I didnt want to call it rape but I also couldnt call it consensual sexuality because I had already told him I didnt want to have sex with him and he took advantage of me is available on a position in which he could penetrate me anyway when I wasnt appearing. It was diabolical. But at the time, I didnt know how to think of it.

Anderson claims in the post that she got tested for STDs the next day and would later learn shed contracted gonorrhea. She also alleged that Connor had created a dummy account on Twitter to harass and intimidate her via DM.

His harassing messages inspired me to file a police report, she wrote, claiming to have filed one in December 2015. And Anderson further alleges that several other women whod been assaulted by Connor devoted statements to detectives involved in her case.

Since then Ive devoted statements, sent in evidence, and gotten other women that he assaulted to speak to my sleuth, wrote Anderson. The detectives at the Special Victims Unit at my country police station have been working to gather as much proof as possible and build a suit. The problem is, when it is necessary to bringing everything to the judge, there isnt a lot of concrete evidence that actually proves the rape happened. Essentially, the only thing they can really go on is my term. Furthermore, the other women who spoke to the detective are not comfy filing their own reports. They gave statements and I am thankful for that as it did contribute to the building of my occurrence, but the statements can not be taken as concrete evidence unless they were to file their own reports in the cities in which their assaults occurred.

Unfortunately, my statement, a few screenshots, and some information from my doctor and from myschool, wont be regarded as substantial proof in a court of law, she continued. Because of this, my detective told me yesterday that the case is likely to be closed for the time being. It can be reopened if more proof is observed or if any other women decide to come forward, but for right now, there isnt much else that can be done. So basically these past few months have somewhat been a trash of my period bc even though I was raped , nothing will likely happen to the person who raped me aka Ian Connor. #America

After Andersons post went up today, R& B singer Justine Skye tweeted( and then deleted) a defense of Connor, write, trying to tarnish someones name and lying for a quick come up is never cool or funny do better, while rapper OG Maco defended Connor, claiming that the Twitterati was tryna Bill Cosby him, before sharing a problematic tweet by the alleged victim 😛 TAGEND

Others on Twitter have excavated up this oldand disturbing2 013 tweet that Connor posted( and then deleted) that seems eerily similar to Andersons tale 😛 TAGEND

Connor, for his part, addressed the accusation in a series of misogynistic and racist tweets 😛 TAGEND

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Glen Campbell, made singer and guitarist, dead at 81

3 months, 22 days ago

( CNN) Glen Campbell, the upbeat guitarist from Delight, Arkansas, whose smooth vocals and down-home manner induced him a mainstay of music and television for decades, has died, his family announced on Facebook on Tuesday. He was 81.

Watch “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” Wednesday at 9 p. m. ET on HLN Tv.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, parent, grandfather, and legendary vocalist and guitarist, Glen Travis Campbell … following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease, ” a Facebook statement said.

Campbell is best recollected for a string of country-inflected hittings that ran from the mid-‘6 0s to the late ‘8 0s: “Gentle on My Mind, ” “Rhinestone Cowboy, ” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix, ” “Wichita Lineman, ” “Galveston, ” “Southern Nights” and “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” among them.

Here Are 20 Of The Craziest Things People Have Ever Done For Fund

3 months, 22 days ago

Listen. People do genuinely insane things for money.

( And before we go any further, I’d like to ask you to remove your mind from the gutter .) Anyway, like I was saying, it’s no secret that life’s rough out here for those of us who are just trying to pay our bills, file our taxes, and maybe buy one pizza a week for the purpose of feeing our impressions.

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Sadly, we all fall down on our collective sprint towards the almighty dollar. It’s inevitable. That being said , what happened when these people face-planted is equal parts alarming and hilarious. Here are a few of the most ridiculous things people have ever done for money, courtesy of the internet.


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And last but not least…


( via eloquentnemesis)

I may screw up regularly, but at least I’ve never stooped this low.

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