Burger King Instagram remarks help catch an unfaithful boyfriend

4 days ago

Thanks to social media, secrets have no place to hide.

One unfortunate boyfriend received this out after he made what he thought was an innocuous comment on a Burger King Instagram photo.

He felt the need to share the story of his drive-through experience with his “girl” to the wide world of Instagram. He likely didn’t think that anyone he knew would insure his comment among the hundreds that pepper Burger King’s Instagram.

But lo and behold, person did see it.

Image: instagram

Instagrammer shanlee_rose then proceeded to tag some of her girlfriends in the post, so she could get some backup on the issue.

Image: instagram

“F ** king knew it, ” one of her friends commiserated.

“I told you I considered him with a girl, ” the other concurred. All evidence pointed to the inevitable fact that this guy was about to get roasted alive in Burger King’s Instagram commentaries, of all places.

But the boyfriend wasn’t going to go down without defending himself first.

Image: instagram

Image: instagram

Absolutely savage.

So, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’d just like to remind you to not be stupid on social media. Because relationships can be made and broken anywhere.

Image: instagram

Even on Burger King’s Instagram.

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Lost for words? A new app writes witty texts so you don’t have to

18 days ago

Now you can crowdsource the funniest possible responses to messages youve received. Its basically Cyrano de Bergerapp

If you suffer from a lacklustre text life, help is at hand. Nattr, a new app that has been getting a lot of chatter, lets you crowdsource clever responses to text messages usually texts from people you want to have sexts with. Back in the olden days, people used to send screenshots of conversations to their friends and, in a panic, ask: What should I say? Thanks to technological innovation, todays young can ask random people on the internet for semantic supporting via what is basically Cyrano de Bergerapp.

When I say todays young, I entail YOUNG. Im 32 ie doubled persons under the age of most Nattr users. Asking teens for advice on my lexical love life constructed me feel like a creepy weirdo. I also worried that all my replies would read: Go home, mum, so I experimented with changing my age to 25.

As well as other Nattr users, you can ask your phonebook for responses; your contacts are informed of your dilemma via an anonymous text. So, my dentist may have received a message that said: Natalie says shes not sure if we have textual chemistry, how should I react? If he did, he didnt write back.

The apps special sauce, however, is its ability to deliver reactions crafted by Nattrs team of handpicked writers and comedians, identifiable by a superstar on their avatar. If you arent a handpicked member, you can earn a superstar by amassing likes.

One Nattrati member, standup comedian Leah Knauer, will handcraft responds. A recent question she tackled was: How can I ask an American girl out in a way that she will find witty? Her respond: If shes blond: You look like youre made of angel-hair pasta and some sort of powdered gold. I know that sounds weird, but I mean it in a good way.

Nattr is free to use, but you have to buy charms to view responses from starred users such as Leah. For $3.99( about 2.80 ), you get 500 charms; unlocking or requesting a response from a writer/ comedian costs 300 charms. This is a clever business move. A locked answer teases you with potential: perhaps this pun will be the one; perhaps this reply will persuade Natalie that, actually, Im exceedingly funny, but most of my gags go over her head.

So, whats the verdict? Will Nattr up your text game? A few people have told me they found it useful. However, if youre over 30, Nattr may simply leave you feeling oldr and not much wisr.

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7 Happy Couples That Detested Each Other At First Explain What Changed Their Intellects

25 days ago

1. The Girl Who Fell For Her Arch Enemy

” I fulfilled my boyfriend our Freshman year in high school. We were both politically active and, of course, he was a conservative and I was a liberal. I resulted protests and a few on campus processions in support of a number of liberal issues. We basically detested each other, used to talk shit about each other, really demonized each other and the funny was that neither of us were particularly extreme. We were both nice to’ the other side’ on campus. It was just he and I that had all this animosity.

And it probably would have continued like that all four years if we hadn’t randomly ended up sitting on a couch together at a party on election night in 2012. He struck up a conversation which I now actually believe to be brave of him and I realized that he was really funny and not at all the angry dude I thought he’d be.

Yeah, so we made out that night, dated afterwards, and got married two years ago. I know, it’s ridiculous .”

2. The Guy Who Fell For His Little Sister’s Bestie

” My girlfriend isbest friends with my sister and the only hours I used to see her was when she and my sis were drinking and so I had this impression of her as’ the most riling girl in the world ‘. It didn’t help that I also guessed she was hot so in my head it was like’ she’s so pretty but also such an idiot.’

I supposed this way about her for literally three years until my sister invited me to run watch the new Star Wars with them. I ran and discovered that she wasn’t annoying at all. She was just an riling drunk…just like everyone else.

Anyway, I hung out with her and my sister a few more hours before I asked her out. Her number one complaintshe confessed about me was, you guessed it, that I was vexing and overbearing when I was drinking.

So I guess we’re the same person, lol .”

3. The Girl Who Gave A Nervous Guy A Second Shot

” I supposed my boyfriend was a total big talking imbecile when I first met him through a friend. We went on one date and he spoke about himself the entire time and I was sure he was a wholly self centered jackass. I ended the date early and told my friend there wouldn’t be another one. She prayed me to give him one more shooting, said she’d known him since they were kids and that he had a big heart.

So, I devoted in and he just came clean to me on our second date that he’d been really nervous and wanted to come across confident. After that the second date was truly relaxed and we expended the whole evening laugh and smiling. Actually, the best date I’d ever been on. We’ve been dating over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t dedicated him another shoot and he hadn’t been honest with me .”

4. The Competitive Assholes Who Couldn’t Ignore The Sexual Tension

” My spouse and I each other and I entail disliked one another when we first met. We’re both competitive and for some reason a really small discrepancy about religion one night at the bar with our mutual friends turned into this long standing grudge. Like, our friends didn’t know if they should invite both of us out with them at the same day or not.

But they did, and we continued to fight until her best friend literally told us to get a room one night. It’s weird but up until that phase I hadn’t noticed that there really was this sexual tension going on between us. We made out in this super sloppy drunk way later that night and abruptly we didn’t fight anymore and were nice to one another.

Men and women are weird. Love is even weirder .”

5. The Guy Who Was So Nervous He Couldn’t Shut Up

” My now husband is a doctor and he was a doctor when we satisfied on our first date. I also thought he was a crazy person because he showed me a picture of a brain scan of one of his patients and “was talkin about a” the difficulty in doing a biopsy on brain cancers.

I literally thought he might be a murderer because who wants to look at cancerous brains during dinner? He followed up with a really strong text game though and I found myself agreeing to go out with him again despite having serious reservations about his social skills.

It turns out he only freaked when I asked about his chore and instead of only giving me a little information he felt like he had to give me ALL the information. The second date was great after that. I think sometimes we’re all too hard on one another on first dates. Unless they’re mean to you or you aren’t attractive I think it’s almost always worth another shot .”

6. Stealing Your Best Friend’s Crush

” My narrative is a little strange. My current boyfriend who I love very much was originally a crush of one of my best friends. She was and sadly still is the kind of girl who simply can’t stop falling for guys who are assholes and will always be assholes. As a outcome, when she fell for my boyfriend I assumed he was also an asshole even though he wasn’t into her. I used to talk him down to her and tried to steer her towards people I thought would be good to her and I frankly simply detested him by default.

Fast forward a year and I fulfill him for likely the third time in a totally different context and we end up having to talk to each other and I discover that he’s a really great and sensitive guy and super smart. We started dating and that was a little awkward with my friend at first but she was already with someone else by then so it was hard for her to complain .”

7. The Snobby Girl Who Won His Heart

” I thought my spouse was a pretentious snob when we first gratified because she talked to literally no one the first night I gratified her. A mutual friend of ours had asked her to come out with the whole group and she basically just nodded yes or no all night. She also had a really great education and so I figured she was just uncomfortable being around non-academic types.

Nope, turns out she’s just shy and truly wanted to get into the evening and have fun but was too nervous to do it. She’s gotten a lot less shy over the years we’ve been together but people still sometimes think she’s snotty which induces me sad because she’s actually the complete opposite .”

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Your Date’s Height Could Reveal If He’s Voting For Trump, Science Says

28 days ago

It’s the first date, and you WANT to know your date’s political beliefs before you get in too deep. But you also don’t want to completely kill the mood.

Ugh. TOTAL PICKLE, right? What’s a person to do?

Well, I’ve got a little trick for ya: Maybe pay a little extra attention to yourdate’s height. A recent examine published online in theBritish Journal of Political Science using data from Britain been shown that the taller a person is, the more likely he or she is to support a conservative politician.

So, that telephone pole of a basketball player you merely went on a date with? Odds are, he’s voting for Trump.

Sara Watson, co-author of the study and an assistant professor of political science atOhio State University, explained the findings 😛 TAGEND

If you taketwo people with nearly identical characteristics except one is taller than the other on average, the taller person will be more politically conservative.

Watson conducted thestudy with Raj Arunachalam, a senior economist at Bates White, LLC.

The researchers analyzeddata from the 2006 British Household Panel Study. As part of the study, over 9,700 adultswere asked to respond toa survey that included questions regarding their self-reported height, detailed income data and political beliefs.

The authors found that the link between height and political viewsoccurred for both men and women, butthe connection was virtually TWICEas strong for men.

For men, each additional inch of height resulted in a 0.8 percentage increase in their likelihood to subsistence conservatives, while each additional inch only resulted in a 0.4 percent increase for women.

According to Watson, theseresults aren’t as random or as weird as they may seem. There are lots of studies out there that discover that taller people generally earn higher incomes than shorter people do.

Researchers have also widely agreedthatincome plays a role in the way people tend to vote. People who earnmore and arealso taller, on average tend to vote more conservatively.

Of course, such studies is not from the United States, so it isn’t necessarily went on to say that tall people are voting for Trump. It’s just sayingthat they tend to vote more conservatively, and in the United States, Trump is our more conservative candidate.

But before you go and write your date off for being a hippie liberal only because she’s 5’4 ” or a woman-hating Trump supporter merely because he’s 6’3 ”, Watson wants to remind us, “Income and height play a role, but they are not political destiny.”

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7 Periods Playing It Too Cool Keeps You From Being In A Real Relationship

1 month ago

One of my favorite things about my current relationship is that I dont “re going to have to” pretend to be someone Im not. I dont have to play it cool, and if Im thinking something, I can justit.

I know that mayseem like standard relationship stuff to any logical human being, but for me, this is all HUGE.

You ensure, this is my first real relationship. Of course, I had plenty of those almost-relationships( I guess the kids are calling them situationships these days) that lasted for weeks or months, without us actually talking about whatit was and what we were doing.

But none of those thing really amounted to anything more, which partiallyhad to do with the fact that I didnt really want anything with most of those guys.

But another( much bigger) part of it had to do with my incessant required to the chill girl.

Basically, I was so obsessed with coming off like nothing fazedme oravoiding being vulnerable at all costs, I objective up pushing plenty of decent dudes away.

Its funny because, historically, being the shivering girl is supposed to be the most surefire style to get you the guy but, in reality, it usually ends up being what makes you lose him.

When you told him you didnt would like to speak about it

Honestly, there were lots of hours I reallywant to talk about what was bothering me.

Talking about what was on my mindbrought about real, human FEELINGS. Not to mention, I would have to say actual words out of my mouth in real-time, rather than simply sending perfectly curated text messages, drafted with the help of a million of my friends.

What if I aimed up saying something psycho ?! What if I told him I liked him, and he didnt feeling the same route? What if I CRIED?

But from personal experience, I can tell you, the only thing worse than talking about your impressions istalking about them.

Id endurethese ambiguous, undefined situationships forweeks sometimes months with no real conclusion as to what we were doing, all because I was too scared to sit there and have a real conversation.

Sure, I likely came off as super chill on the surface, but what it did to me mentally was anythingchill.

Eventually Id lose the guy because( shocker !) hedidnt want to sit around with person in a situationthats going nowhere, without ever discussing what we were actually doing.

When you told him you didnt am worried about something you really cared about so much

One time, Ihave to have the talk with a guy and it didnt go as planned. He asked, Really? This isnt working for you? I love things the way they are.

Instead of being honest and saying , nope, this isnt working for me at all. I actually hate this with a burning passion, I decided to play it cool and go with a new, more~ cold~ response: No, I just wanted to see where you were at. I dont actually care.

So, becauseI technically didnt care, we went ahead and continued to do the whole half-ass, virtually relationship thing that gave me no grounds to get upset when hed abruptly fall off the face of the Earth for a few days or hook up with another girl for a few more months.

Eventually, whatever was going on between us aimed because I obviouslycare. I cared about what he was doing a lot. And it just got to betoo hurtful.

But instead of ending things before it got to that phase, I waited and awaited, continuing to pretend like I didnt care until I reached my eventual breaking point.

In retrospect, I believe all I did by saying I dont care in that dialogue was lose his respect. I suddenly became someone he going to lose , no matter how he treated me.

When you tried to make him jealous

This was a go-to move of mine in college.

In order to get the attention of the guy whomIlike, Id make it abundantly clear that I was being pursued by plenty of guys whom Ilike.

But I wouldnt do this in a blatantly obvious route. No, to keep up my chill girl posture, Id do it by nonchalantly mentioning that so-and-so invited me to their frat formal or that Im going to my exs house for a party.

Essentially, I said things that stimulated itI had other options thatall my eggs werent in this one basket.

Let me tell you how this one panned out for me: In what was essentially the worst case scenario, they all me. They believed I had all these other options whom I enjoy being with, so they never took me seriously maybe rightfully so.

When you lied or exaggerated to construct yourself seem cooler

This is just an embarrassing and cringeworthy one that weve all done at some point.

Pretending to watch a demonstrate you dislike. Pretending to care about a athletic you couldnt care less about. Feigning you LOVE music you hate. Pretending to understand jokes you wouldnt get without the help of Google.

To a certain extent, doing this is natural. You want the person you like to like you back, so youre going to do whatever it takes to appear cool to them. But it becomes a problem when you stop being true to yourself.

Best case scenario: This scheme works. This guy buys that you really love the same horrible TV present as he does and loves youyou have such similar savor as him. But now, he loves you because of someone youre not.

The worst case scenario is obvious and more likely: He considers through your lies, and you look insecure and slightly pathetic( sorry, but its true ), when youhave just been honest from the get-go and gained his respect for being true to yourself.

When you rejected him one too many times

I was big on rejection back in my day.

You assure, I was never one of those people who had a really hard time saying no. No came naturally to me, when it came to boys I liked.

I would get afraid if someone were pursuing me, and as a weird, counterintuitive result, I would be mean to them, reject them or literally operate( that was one time) from my feelings for them.

Im not gonna lie: In the beginning, its a great style to get a boys attention. A little bit of playing hard to get and a little bit of a chase is funand arousing. But eventually, it gets old and exhausting. And the person youre rejecting understandably devotes up.

When you needed five shots to be vulnerable with him

This was another one of my go-to college moves.

If, for some godforsaken reason, I HAD to be honest with a boy about “whats going on” or about how I felt, my scheme was to get drunk and have a talk with him while I assured him out at night.

Needless to say, this was a terrible scheme. First and foremost, I could scarcely recollect these super important, heartfelt conversations I was supposed to be having.

Second, I was saying was coming off at all like I had planned because I was hammered.

Finally, I was proving to my partner( and as a result, to myself) that I wasnt capable of having these important dialogues sober.

When you refused to tell him how you really felt

All of these pretty much boil down to one thing: I was afraid.

I was so afraid of telling anyone how I actually felt or what I really wanted out of our relationship( whatever it was) that I would just avoid the whole telling him how I feel part of the relationship entirely.

Yes, technically, I did successfully manage to avoid putting myself out there to be rejected.

But I wouldnt counting that as a win by any means.

Youre patently not going to stop all these habits at once, and hey, maybe some of them are working for you. But from my personal experience, these things are surefire relationship repellant.

This isnt to say I abruptly became this perfect human by the time I satisfied my boyfriend and quit all my weird, chill girl stuff for good he definitely did his part in helping transgress some of my walls down. But the fact of the matter is, relationships are all about being yourself and being vulnerable. And a healthy relationship will never happen for you if you cant accept that.

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The One Dating Conversation You’re Not Having That Could Make Or Break Your Relationship

1 month, 5 days ago

When I was younger the decided of most of my teenage make-outs was far away from ideal. I entail, there was a roof over my head, and food in the fridge, but in the basement of our household home, nestled in the back corner, was our study. The temperature of our basement was sometimes close to freezing, and I can recollect mornings when I could see my breath. Barely the ideal surrounding to try to get a girls clothes off.

But alas, I was a resilient young man. Temperature wasnt going to stop me from studying the female body. I can recollect a specific time when I was making out with a girl who I had been dating for a little over a month. We hadnt had The Talk yet, but I could feel it perched on the ledge of her every breath.

As my hand moved to the clasp of her bra, she grabbed my face and aggressively demanded my focus to her eyes. Raging with testosterone and trepidation for the imminent conversation that was about to happen, blood redirected itself to my brain to collect my thoughts as she sheepishly mumbled 😛 TAGEND What is going on between us ?

Well, that killed the mood.

The man in me wondered, Why couldnt she have just waited another forty-five minutes( ten minutes is probably most realistic) to have this conversation?

I had known that this conversation would come, and it would be the end of my relationship-free romance. It wasnt that I was considering other people, or that I didnt enjoy her company. I did. I simply didnt want to be in a relationship with her.

Lets talk about the dating and relationship regulations that we seem to have formulated when it comes to trying to navigate the booby-traps of new love.

She wanted to talk about us for awhile. She likely chatted with her friends and they went through the formulaic algorithm that we seem to have created for the specific question we all appears to mull 😛 TAGEND

When is it ok to have the talk about what our relationship status is?

Let me be very clear :

It is ok to have that conversation the moment you wonder( Ill explain ).

I work with people all of the time who avoid this conversation because theyre afraid of what they might hear. Theyre afraid that the answer will be different than what they want to hear.

Think about what faith is REALLY going on here and what were giving meaning to 😛 TAGEND

Someone else not wanting what we want means that they dont want us.


We would rather avoid that conversation to avoid rejection, than get clear information on how to best make informed decisions moving forward.

Look, Im not here to sugarcoat or placate to the tenderness people want to hear. Im going to tell you whats up.

Lets consider how this impacts our lives; we avoid conversations where we could get more clarity about people intents because were afraid their purposes( to be or not be in a relationship) may not match ours.

Thats seems sort of ridiculous, doesnt it ?!

Imagine that lately youve been feeling ill. For some time now, something in your body is just not feeling right. And, like most of us, you deem your alternatives 😛 TAGEND

( a) Go to the doctor, find out whats going on( and maybe that its nothing) and do something about it( or not ), or

( b) Ignore it and allow it to grow into something that we can no longer treat. And potentially, you could die.

Your sickness becomes a colossal mess because, out of anxiety of hearing something might be wrong with you, you avoid the very information that would allow you to induce proactive decisions and act.

I know this sounds extreme because this is very serious.

Here are 4 long-term and very serious consequences of avoiding The Talk:

1. You are constructing two roads to two different places : Imagine that both you and your partner own a construction company, and that this company constructs roads. When you hold what the company mission statement is, your belief is that youre building roads that lead to wedded bliss. And oddly, when probed, we find out that his/ hers leads to orgasms, lack of commitment, and fleeting love that allows them to sample all the goods around.

Wow. Quite a difference. So, if this goes undiscussed, well have one company, building two different things. Doesnt sound very smart, does it?

When this happens in the context of relationships, well have hurt, nervousnes, ache, and lots of hour we can NEVER get back. All because we never talked about relationship mission statements.

Dont be fooled. Relationships require similar mission statements and intents. Because, when not aligned, all of a sudden, perhaps its three months or ten years down the road, youre going to realize that youre not building what you thought you were constructing. And youre going to be really, genuinely, truly( really) angry.

And the truth is, you should be frustrated with yourself, because all you had to do was ask.

2. You are destroying your self-worth : When we avoid speaking our truth and what we desire from a relationship, we step further and further away from our hearts. We are, indirectly, telling ourselves that what we want isnt important. Our passions and beliefs dont matter. What we need, doesnt matter. Wedont matter. And if we have kids, were teaching them the exact same thing. It is that big of a deal. 3. You are wasting valuable day : Tick Tock runs the clock. Maybe right now you think its not a big deal youve got period, right? Whats another couple weeks or months? Well, speedily, those months will turn into years. And you will be left in a desecrated pile of I should haves and, Why didnt I justs as you pick up the pieces of your broken heart, one that you consciously chose to break by not having the conversations that matter.

And if that doesnt sound serious enough, consider how quickly our lives can change. One coffee shop lineup, one yoga class, one walk in the park. Thats all it takes to meet the person weve been attempting. But youll never be in that position to meet them if you dont take control of your life and construct conscious decisions about who you want in it.

4. You are filling the gap : Maybe theres many reasons youre avoiding the conversation. Perhaps you like companionship? Great. Perhaps you like getting laid and spooning to Netflix marathons? Who doesnt ?! Maybe this person is almost what you want but not quite it. Whats the damage?

But theyre not such person or persons. And the longer you hold onto them and fill the space of partnership in their own lives with mediocrity, you take away the space for your match to enter it.

Chew on that for awhile( but not too long, weve got love to find ).

Truth be told, “were not receiving” magic formula to dating. Thats why the book Hes Just Not That Into You doesnt mean anything when were in the storm, because when emotion is involved its hard for us to be impartial.

There are rules that are right sometimes, but if there is anything Ive learned from dating, its this :

When we are really into someone , none of the rules matter. All the books and courses we have taken mean nothing. We text and call as much as we want. We consider one another as much as we want. We kiss when we want. We even bang when we want. And we say, I love you when we feel it.

When we start worrying about all the algorithm and pathways we need to go down, we begin to step outside ourselves. We loosed our authenticity and our franknes, since we are pretending to be someone were not.

Lets be our quirky, funny, weird, witty, sarcastic, awkward, and astounding egoes. When we do that we dedicate ourselves the freedom to simply be. Were not putting our energy into pretend, and that means we can put more energy into loving.

SPOILER ALERT: That daughter and I broke up. And I never got to finish the make-out. Because I didnt tell her what she wanted to hear. I told her the truth. The end.

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There’s A New Breed Of F* ckboy Disguising Himself As ‘The Nice Guy’

1 month, 7 days ago

I once dated a human I supposed I could trust.

I know we have all done it before: fallen into the web that was woven by a first-class player.

But something about my relationship felt different.

When I first got my heart broken by this human, my mother told me narratives about how she got f* cked over by multiple boyfriends in her younger years.

She were talking about how they were all dickheads, and she knew it.

But for some reason, she kept going back to them.

In my fog of sadness, I couldnt relate to her. I told her this shouldnt be happening to me because I picked a niceguy.

Eventually, a year later — while I was in the middle of letting him back into my life — I was blown away.

I realise he had been seeing other women for the entire duration of our time knowing and dating each other.

So, I started thinking: What if a nice guy can secretly be a f* ckboy as well?

Now, there are not only the kinds of f* ckboys my mother used to date.There is a new breed of secret, nice guy f* ckboy.

These guysare much smarter, and definitely harder to detect.

So, what traits should we see as warning bells while trying to see the secret, nice guy f* ckboys?

These arethe things I have learned from my experience 😛 TAGEND

1. He says all the right things.

I realized that while we were together, he always said the right things.

In fact , not only did he say the right things, he said them in a genuine manner.

He would lead me to believe he was always coming from an honest place. I never felt as though he was saying anything to the purposes of it.

For example, when you are being sold a secondhand auto, you know the salesman is totally sugarcoating the bomb of a vehicle that sits in front of you.

Your warning bells come off, and you realize this is simply happening in order to get you to purchase said car.

With the secret, nice guy f* ckboy, the processis very similar.

Yet, there is one key difference.

He will induce grand gestures and statements. He will hold your hand and look profoundly into your eyes, and he will tell you he’s being honest.

He will swear to you he is being honest in a very adamant, yet believable way.

But sometimes, being genuine means you induce mistakes. It means you dont always say the right things and do the right things.

But its okay because it means you are real.

Being genuine means you actually speak honest and true words, rather than just try to convince everyone you are.

If hes always saying the right things to you and others, be warned.

2. He can talk for days.

When I first considered taking this devil of a man back for a second opportunity, we ran for dinner and a stroll along the boardwalk to talk.

We spent a reasonably extended amount of time together. However, I did not get one word in.

I not only got fed dinner, I get fed a mouthful of bullsh* t with a side of lies.

I constructed excuses for him; I guessed perhaps he was just nervous.

But the truth was, he knew what he was doing.

He knew that the more he tried to convince me he was a changed human, the more likely I was to believe it.

A true and genuine human will want to have an honest dialogue with you, rather than just give you a lecture.

He will be equally interested in hearing what you have to say and think of the situation. He will not force you to listen to the voice of his voice.

3. He will always induces “youre feeling” special.

I know what youre thinking: Of course we want a human to build us feel special.

Its what all women ultimately want to feel when they’re looking for a partner.

But a good man will induce you feel special through his actions.

Im not talking about someone who is going to buy you blooms or shower you with gifts.

Im talking about someone who is going to show up to important events; I mean someone who is going to call you to make sure you got home safe.

You want someone who is going to call you haphazardly merely to see how you are.

This is where the generic f* ckboy and the secret, nice guy f* ckboy will differ.

A generic f* ckboy will take on a typical hit it and quit it attitude, and give zero f* cks about it.

The secret, nice guy f* ckboy, on the other hand, will most likely try to “hit it and quit it” as well, but he will leave you feeling tremendously special so you dont suspect a thing.

Pay attention to a mans actions, rather than his words.

If his actions result you to believe he doesnt care, believe them.

4. He will never give you the power in the relationship.

When my ex-boyfriend and I used to be apart, we would text profusely.

Its a normal part of dating in this modern, tech-crazed world. But there is something you need to pay attention to when it is necessary to sussing out any breed of f* ckboy.

I noticed that when we communicated via text or messenger, it was always entirely one-sided.

Im not talking aboutthe fact that I always texted first. Im talking abouthim always leaving me hanging.

I eventually realized he would constantly leave me hanging for a reply, even when he was supposedly “just chilling.”

Now, I am a rational female; I realise people can lead very busy lives. They cant always be glued to their phones.

But later on, he disclosed he doesnt like to respond to peoples messages because he hates it when people dont respond to his.

He said, I always like to have the power.

So, there you have it.

There is alwaysa method to people madness, and this special breed of f* ckboy is much smarter than he wants to come across as.

Pay attention to the little things, and know that in a healthy relationship , nobody needs to play games.

In a perfect world, I would have never fallen in love with a borderline sociopath.

But regrettably, the heart wants what it wants.

Sometimes, we have no say in who we fall in love with.

What I have learnedfrom this experience is people arent always who they seem to be.

Sometimes — especially when it comes to this complex species of f* ckboy — they deserve Oscarsfor how well they can pretend to be peoplethey’re not.

So, pay attention. When you start a new relationship, look out for these key elements.

They could ultimately save you from a world of heartbreak.

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Lunch Break: 25 Funny Memes To Keep You Going

1 month, 7 days ago

TGIF, y’all! 

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Here’s what happened when Amy Schumer took over a ‘Vanity Fair’ staffer’s Tinder

1 month, 8 days ago

Amy Schumer has a few strict rules when it comes to Tinder: Devote redheads who arent too red a chance, always swipe left on comedians, and always, always swipe right on puppies and babies.

These the regulation and many more insights are revealed in a new Vanity Fair video where the famously brash comedian takes over the Tinder ofwriter Andrea Cuttler. Whether shes seducing a firefighter with sultry opening lines like How bout lightin my fiya? or digging deep for detailed information on a pictured puppies name and breed, Schumer has a not-so-surprising nihilistic stance when it comes to the dating app we all love to hate.

Cuttler, in the meantime, watches on in varying degrees of shock and shame. It would appear the old proverb the swipe is in the eye of the beholder is indeed true, because Schumers take doesnt always jibe with what Cuttler herself is thinking.

In the play-by-play commentary Cuttler provides in an accompanying article to the 10 -minute-long video, she reveals that guitars dont actually turn her off, and she wishes Schumer would have swiped right on James: James! You look like a nice guy. Im really sorry. Call me! Cuttler writes.

But mostly, Cuttler only wishes she would have to turn her texts, which reveal her friends spend a whole lot of hour discussing gym and shivering. Ultimately, she muses, the experiment is one of the best hours shes ever had. And shes hopeful! Who knows what these Schumer-approved matches might lead to?

In the end, Cuttler concludes, I assume that now that this video is live, I will either find a spouse within the week or never date again.

As for any errors in decision, Schumer does dedicate a big ol’ disclaimer at the upper part of the video when she proclaims herself a Tinder virgin. Interesting fact, since sources have reported that she fulfilled her current beau on Raya, the secret dating app for celebrities. But Schumer also refers to herself as single in the video, so who knowsmaybe this was the day that piqued her interest in online dating?

Screengrab via Vanity Fair

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15 Personality Traits That Strongly Predict Your Romantic Future

1 month, 17 days ago
Love, especially love that lasts, does not happen by chance. It happens for people who are ready to drop their illusions, perpetrate, maintain perpetrating even when it’s the harder thing to do, and generally not require someone to save them from themselves. Love is a practice, and it’s success isn’t random. Here, 15 personality traits that can predict the quality of your romantic future 😛 TAGEND

1. You like yourself. Some research presents that for a romantic relationship to work, your” big 5″ personality traits need to align. You have to like who you are as an individual, otherwise you’re not going to like members of the public who mirrors you.

2. You can respect others you don’t understand. You can acknowledge that other people’s feelings are valid, even if you haven’t had them yourself. In other words, you can practise empathy.

3. You base notions on experiences , not premises. This is to say: you are able to pick a partner because you love to expend your days with them , not because you have checked off enough boxes and believe them to fit some description you made up about what your soulmate would be like.

4. You have a “growth” mindset. You believe that your life is about developing yourself, and because you look at everything that happens to you as feedback, you’re able to do the same in a relationship. It builds you better able to function in a relationship that will naturally change and evolve.

5. You can work even when you don’t “feel like it.” You don’t always need to be comfortable and happy to carry on, which is absolutely crucial when it comes to compromising and making a relationship work.

6. You can be present. Your mind isn’t always reaching for something else to look for, or the other problem to fix. You’ve already begun doing the work of learning how to focus on what’s happening in front of you. So you’re able to actually fall in love not fall in love with the idea of someone.

7. You have the grace to communicate your feelings, and the confidence to know they matter. You express what you want and need rather than squelch your true feelings and wait for them to explosion some day. You can share what you want and how you think without it becoming a stress-inducing ordeal.

8. You’re independent. You see yourself as an individual first. Even better: you’ve lived on your own, or at the least supported yourself in some capacity. When you develop sense of self first, you are no longer dependent on a relationship to attain you who you are, or construct you feel secure.

9. You’re most realistic than you are romantic. Ironically enough, a romantic outlook on life does not make a romantic relationship work it’s realists who have an easier period accepting the dark sides of intimacy, and then being more grateful and present for the lighter ones, too.

10. You have criteria , not expectations. The difference is that a standard is being able to determine what’s acceptable vs. what’s not. An expectation is the idea that something will turn out exactly as you imagine or desire.

11. You have objectives for their own lives that you desire just as much as you do a romantic relationship.

12. You aren’t a perfectionist, which is to say that you don’t believe you can earn or guaranty love by eliminating “risk factors.” You ensure love for what it is: a genuine exchange, most profoundly devoted between two imperfect people, in spite of those imperfections.

13. You can confront the ache of your past. If you can’t let yourself feel pain, you will also be unable to feel love. It’s not an either/ or various kinds of thing. To be avoidant of one is to also avoid the other.

14. You are willing to be wrong. You know you don’t know what you don’t know( read that twice-over ). This one is probably self-explanatory to its implementation of a relationship, but what it also indicates is that you’re willing to grow.

15. You don’t think the world owes you anything. You believe that a soul mate relationship is something you build more than it is something you “find.” You know you have to work for what you want to have and hold. This is the attitude that tends to keep people around, because you don’t take them for granted.

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