Mob Wives Cast Members& Loved Ones Celebrate What Would Have Been Big Ang’s 56 th Birthday

14 days ago

We can’t believe Big Ang would have been 56 -years-old today.

Close to six months after the reality superstar passed away from cancer, her former Mob Wives castmates and loved ones took to Twitter and Instagram to pay tribute to her memory on this special day.

Video: Big Ang’s Final Cameo On Mob Wives

Despite the sadness of not having Ang here to celebrate, many superstars of the indicate and their own families fostered fans to live life to the fullest in honor of her colorful life. The grandmother’s posthumous Twitter account ran as far to suggest people should take a shot or have a piece of cake in her memory!

Yup, that definitely sounds like something B.A. would have wanted!

Check out some of the most heartwarming and emotional tributes in honor of Ang’s birthday( below ):

One of my favorite photos. I recollect saying how much I loved this photo, but was vexed that the top had a glare on it. Now I realize it was always the bright sunlight you carried each and every day, and brought to everyone that you touched. Today is definitely a hard day, but will not be a sad day for me. Though I miss you, I will play your music, and think great guess. Today will be a day to laugh in reminiscing certain moments and memories as well. I have enough of you to last an entire lifetime. I know you’re already taking command up there, and could just see it now. How ironic that I had a dream of you last night, and got the message loud and clear! Love you always. Happy Birthday in heaven “my baby.” #BigAngA photo posted by Vinnie Medugno (@ vinniemedugno) on Jun 30, 2016 at 7:01 am PDT

#HAPPYBIRTHDAY my friend …. love u and miss you awfully … #BigAngelA photo posted by Drita (@ dritadavanzoladyboss) on Jun 30, 2016 at 8: 42 am PDT

So heartbreaking. The funny gal died WAY too soon.On a more positive note, Ang’s husband and friends have organized a special benefit concert to celebrate her passion for philanthropy on July 16. The Staten Island event will donate all of its proceeds to charity organisations for children with special needs.To build the deal even sweeter, the bash will feature a TON of disco. Everyone knows how much the celeb adored the music genre! For more deets on the memorial concert, click HERE .

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Ellen DeGeneres Turns 60! Celebrate The Host’s Birthday With Her Best Celeb Scares To Date!

18 days ago

Happy Birthday, Ellen DeGeneres!

The funny woman turns 60 today( January 26 ), and wow, what an impact she’s constructed with her life already!

Portia de Rossi‘s spouse has brought the chuckles ever since the ‘8 0s, back when she was a stand-up comic, booking gigs like The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson !! She would of course subsequently go on to superstar in movies and her very own ABC sitcom, Ellen.

But we all know her today as daytime’s beloved host of The Ellen Show — a block of television that offer audiences with a much-needed escape from the mundane. She’ll usually attain you laugh and/ or sobbing, but sometimes she can even stimulate you SHIT your pants!

Just ask all these celebs…

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

P.S. It’s okay if you crap yourself. She always has clean Ellen underwear at the ready.

[ Image via EllenTube/ Warner Bros .]

Don’t Go Breaking Our Hearts — Elton John Announces Retirement From Touring After Legendary Career!

1 month, 13 days ago

Sir Elton John

is hanging his hat.

On Wednesday, the legendary vocalist announced he would be retiring from touring after almost half of a century performing around the world. What an incredible career he’s had.

During the press conference streamed online on Wednesday, the 70 -year-old artist said the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour would be his last. To be fair, there will be over 300 shows that will span a few years.

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He quoth his reason as shifting his focus to his children and husband, David Furnish 😛 TAGEND

“My priorities now are my children, and my husband, and my family … the time is right to say thank you to all my fans around the world, globally, and then to say goodbye.”

He added about his kiddos, Elijah, 5, and Zachary, 7 😛 TAGEND

“I love them so much, I don’t want to miss them and I don’t want them to miss me.”

Watch( below ):

Trump Lackey Sebastian Gorka Says The White House Will Keep Saying ‘Fake News’ Until The Media Realizes Their ‘Attack’ On POTUS Is ‘Wrong’! Ugh.

1 month, 20 days ago

The White House is being run by a bunch of whiny babies.

On Monday, the deputy assistant to President Donald Trump , named Sebastian Gorka , disclosed the administration would continue to use the word “fake news” until the media realized their “monumental desire” to go after POTUS is wrong.

We’re sorry, are we back in middle school ???

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During a chat with radio personality Michael Medved , Gorka explained 😛 TAGEND

“There is a monumental passion on behalf of the members of the majority of the media , not only the pollsters, the majority of the media to attack a duly elected President in the second week of his term.”

But isn’t it White House officials who are using “alternative facts” and spreading fake narratives about the Bowling Green Massacre( a horrible misfortune that never actually happened )? The President’s lackey continued:

“That’s how unhealthy the situation is and until the media understands how wrong such an attitude is, and how it hurts their credibility, we are going to continue to say, ‘fake news.’ I’m sorry, Michael. That’s the reality.”

So because the press is on the quest for the truth amongst all of Drumpf’s lies, we’re labeled “fake.” Sure, makes sense.* eye roll*

When asked to address the WH’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement — which didn’t recognize that the Jewish extermination was the main goal of the Holocaust — Sebastian said any criticism of the address was “asinine.” He added 😛 TAGEND

“It’s a Holocaust remembrance statement. No, I’m not going to admit it. Because it’s asinine. It’s absurd. You’re making a statement about the Holocaust. Of course it’s about the Holocaust because that’s what the statement’s about. It’s only reasonable to spin it if your objective is to attack the President.”

Again, so it’s the press’ fault you forgot to mention a KEY part about HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY. Smh.

In fact, when one caller tried to call out the White House employee for calling “everything fake news, ” Sebastian retorted 😛 TAGEND

“You know, I would beg to differ. Every single organ that generates these kinds of tales comes from the same clique of media organs that predicted that Hillary( Clinton) would win and that Brexit wouldn’t occur. I know what fake news is. And it’s coming from those organizations. It’s time that you yourself understood that as well.”

Ugh. It seems the authorities concerned is refusing to be wrong about anything … even when they blatantly are in the wrong!

[ Image via FOX/ Instagram/ YouTube .]

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Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Accused Of Pulling Female Reporter To The Ground!

1 month, 21 days ago

I did not have physical altercations with that girl .

According to a Politico source, Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was attending a Trump press conference in Florida on Tuesday night when Corey reportedly used force in an attempt to bring her down to the ground to make room for The Donald.

Daily Caller senior editor Jaime Weinstein , who is also Michelle’s boyfriend, echoed the original report on Twitter , saying:

Trump always surrounds himself w thugs. Tonight thug Corey Lewandowski tried to pull my gf @MichelleFields to ground when she asked tough q
Jamie Weinstein (@ Jamie_Weinstein) March 9, 2016


Video: Ellen DeGeneres Mercilessly Mocks Trump’s Tiny Hands

While there is no video confirming that it was in fact Corey who set his hands on Michelle, Breitbart News CEO and chairwoman Larry Solo issued a statement on Wednesday, saying 😛 TAGEND

“It’s patently unacceptable that someone crossed a line and attained physical contact with our reporter. What Michelle has told us directly is that someone ‘grabbed her arm’ and while she did not see who it was, Ben Terris of the Washington Post told her that it was Corey Lewandowski. If that’s the case, Corey owes Michelle an immediate apology.”

In Corey’s defense, women are a minority, so he was just beating his boss to the punch.

Do U believe the reports that Corey get physical at the press conference ??

[ Image via Charlie Neibergall/ AP Photo .]

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Tonya Harding Admits She ‘Would’ve Voted For Trump’ — And LIES About Why She Didn’t!

2 months, 8 days ago

Just when the media was starting to like Tonya Harding again…

As the dishonored figure skater enjoys a second spin in the limelight, she admitted to what might be her biggest crime yet: being a fan of Donald Trump!

Harding let her political faith be known during a Wednesday interview on the New York Times’ The Daily podcast. While she claimed she “chooses not to vote, ” the I, Tonya subject confessed she’s a conservative who “would’ve voted for Trump” because “we need a change.”

Video: Tonya Tries To Objective Piers Morgan Interview Early !

Well, builds sense. Especially considering Harding’s revelation came with a gaping alternative fact: she didn’t choose not to vote, she’s not allowed to vote!

Interviewer Taffy Brodesser-Akner told host Michael Barbaro that Harding cannot participate in elections because she’s a felon.

Remember how she pled guilty to impeding the prosecution on Nancy Kerrigan’s attack? Yeah, people like that don’t get to vote for president.

Are you surprised a convicted offender like Harding would have voted for the man who is single handedly bashing the kneecaps of America? Neither are we.

Click HERE to listen to the full interview!

[ Image via WENN .]

Watch Out Chewbacca Mom! THIS Video Of A Woman Receiving Barbra Streisand Tickets Is The Cutest Thing Ever!

2 months, 19 days ago

This will DEFINITELY brighten your day!

Well on August 9 at her show in Chicago, the 74 -year-old will see her biggest fan in the eighth row!

On Wednesday, Cincinnati-resident Hope Griswold posted a video on Instagram where she received Streisand concert tickets as her graduation present!

The Wright State student posted 😛 TAGEND

my reaction after receiving my graduation present …….. TICKETS FOR BARBRA STREISAND IN THE EIGHTH ROW #barbrastreisand #BLESSEDA video posted by @hopegriswold on May 25, 2016 at 9:33 am PDT

We are absolutely inundated with pleasure! She is so adorable!

But the magical doesn’t be brought to an end. It turns out one of Barbra’s people contacted Hope, and not only did the Funny Girl actress watch the touching clip, it’s going to be positioned on her website!

The fan wrote on Twitter 😛 TAGEND

We are so happy for Hope! Have fun at the concert, girl!

[ Image via Hope Griswold/ Instagram/ WENN .]

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Hear Emma Watson Melodically Enchant In This Teaser Clip From Beauty& The Beast!

3 months, 2 days ago

Eeeeeee! This is awesome!

We were dying to hear

Disney has just dropped a teaser clip for the “Belle” intro, and we’re positive it’ll knock you out!

The little French village comes to life perfectly with all the villagers running about their day and scratching their heads at Belle’s strangeness. While they might think she’s a “funny girl, ” we believe she’s marvelous.

Watch the vid( above )!

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Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Ellen DeGeneres Regarding Same-Sex Marriage In Memoir — ‘She Took What I Said Out Of Context’

3 months, 3 days ago

More juicy tidbits!

At this rate, we’ll

The latest expose, as reported by RadarOnline, involves Ellen DeGeneres — specifically the time Cait appeared on the comedian’s demonstrate in 2015, where she discussed same-sex matrimony in a way that seemed to irk the funny woman.

At the time, the former Olympian has just said 😛 TAGEND

“I’m a traditionalist. I kind of like tradition, and it’s always been a man and a woman. I believe, like a lot of people on this issue, I have really changed my guessing here to, I don’t ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness.’ If that word marriage is really really that important to you, I can go with it.”

To which Ellen answered 😛 TAGEND

“It’s funny’ cause you’re still kind of a little not on board with it.”

But Caitlyn held her ground, saying 😛 TAGEND

“No I’m on board. It is gonna be pretty much the law of the land.”

Later, Ellen appeared on The Howard Stern Show and called her guest’s opinions on the subject “confusing, ” also saying that Cait appeared to still harbor some “judgment about gay people and marriage.”

Now, in her memoir, Caitlyn writes that she felt a little ambushed by Ellen during that appearance, saying:

“I believed, as anyone would, that that was exactly what she wanted to talk about, my progression in terms of changing attitude over the years[ towards same-sex matrimony ]. “

She added 😛 TAGEND

“This discussion further alienated me from members of the LGBTQ community. Ellen’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show, where in my mind she even more emphatically took what I said out of context, stimulated it run viral.”

In her memoir, the former athlete also clarifies her stance on same-sex marriage, writing 😛 TAGEND

“I am for it. I did not initially understand why matrimony was so important, influenced no doubt by my own personal experience. Now I do, and it’s a wonderful thing to see.”


As for that whole Ellen appearance, it did seem like the father of six wasn’t 100% behind same-sex wedding, because of her particular wording and calling herself a “traditionalist.” We can kind of watch where Ellen wasn’t quite convinced either.

Cait’s memoir, The Secrets of My Life, is out April 25!

[ Image via WENN .]

Taran Killam Officially Says Goodbye To SNL With An HBO Spoof!

3 months, 10 days ago

Taran Killam is saying goodbye to Saturday Night Live the only route he knows how — through the art of parody.

Last month, NBC confirmed that the veteran cast member wouldn’t be returning to the series, along withfellow fan-favorite Jay Pharoah .

Though he acknowledged he was “never given a reason why” his contract wasn’t renewed, Killam did make sure to say he had “no gripes” about being let go.

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So how did the actor decide to officially say goodbye to the late night sketch series ?? Why, with a spoof of the HBO docu-series Hard Knocks , of course!

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Taran shared a quick sketch titled Live Knocks: Saying Goodbye to SNL — which showed the vet packing up his dressing room, and included a shameless plug for his new film Brother Nature .

Liev Schreiber , who narrates Hard Knocks , commentates Killam’s exit as the funny human pulls down photos of costars Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon . So sad!

Ch-ch-check out Taran’s poignant farewell clip( below )!!!

So sad Hard Knocks is over. Or is it? /8 221 voUB0z
Taran Killam (@ TaranKillam) September 7, 2016

[ Image via Instagram .]

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