Bella Hadid Dedicates The Perfect One Finger Salute Amid Drama With The Weeknd And Selena Gomez!

2 days ago

Honestly, Bella Hadid ‘s posture right now is giving us life !!

Spotted out in New York City last night, the model was not in the mood to chat with the paparazzi — and as you know based on what’s been happening to her recently, well, that makes some sense!

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The hottie strutted her stuff in a playful route while out to dinner( above ), but the further she strolled, the more she wanted to deliver a message to either the paps, or Selena Gomez and The Weeknd

Ch-ch-check out Bella’s bird-flippin’ salute( below )!!!

YA’S, girl !! Feisty, feisty, feisty — love it !!

Girl’s obviously got one supposed front and center.

Hey, you can’t blame her!

[ Image via AKM-GSI .]

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Vote: Zac Efron’s New Mustache — Sexy Or Swipe Left ??

11 days ago

We see you, Zac Efron!

Pulling off a mustache is not an easy accomplishment. Thus, we were pretty impressed that the Hollywood hunk donned well-groomed hair on his lip for the Australian premiere of The Greatest Showman.

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The High School Musical alum depicted off his new’ stache for a quick pic( above) with costar Hugh Jackman. The Australian actor poked fun at their red carpet ensembles by writing on social media πŸ˜› TAGEND

“Whose hair is higher? #hair #height @ZacEfron”

Too funny, Hugh. But we’re here for the facial hair!

While the -Alister surely has plenty of confidence to pull off the whiskers, we mustache you( insure what we did there) to weigh in on the facial hair. Be sure to VOTE( below )…

The Internet Is Accusing Emma Watson Of Exploiting Alan Rickman’s Death!

21 days ago

Absolutely terrible!

As we reported, Emma Watson mourned the loss of her Harry Potter co-star Alan Rickman by posting a photo of him on Twitter with his quote, “There is nothing wrong with a man being a feminist, I think it is to our mutual advantage.”

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Unfortunately, many felt the 25 -year-old’s post was taking advantage of Rickman’s death by forwarding her agenda!

In case you didn’t know, the British actress is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador who helped launch the campaign HeForShe , which asks men to advocate gender equality.

Some disgruntled comments include πŸ˜› TAGEND

On the flipside, we wholly disagree!

We believe Watson was simply celebrating the 69 -year-old’s progressive faiths, and was NOT trying to make any kind of feminist statement.

The Internet is one crazy place.

[ Image via WENN .]

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Rapper Lil Xan Nearly Got His Ass Kicked By High School Kids After Calling Tupac’s Music ‘Boring’

22 days ago

Earlier this week, an unbelievably pathetic rapper named Lil Xan called Tupac’s music “boring.”

We didn’t encompassed the story because, like everybody else, that was the first we’d ever heard of Lil Xan. But this update is too fucking funny not to cover now !!!

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On Thursday afternoon in what is apparently his hometown of Redlands, California, Lil Xan was at a Del Taco trying to get food when a bunch of high school kids there acknowledged him and started running after the rapper about his Tupac comments.

Xan got so scared of the 15 – and 16 -year-old kids that he literally ran away to a nearby YMCA, where he was picked up by a Redlands police officer and given a police escort back to his vehicle to drive away. Thug life !!!

According to TMZ, the frenzied high school kids had clearly been at the Del Taco originally to witness “a possible girl battle after school, ” but the children decided Xan would make a better focal point instead. Good selection, kids!

If Lil Xan operates from a bunch of high schoolers … all we can do is imagine what would’ve happened if he’d ever have had the opportunity to deliver his “boring” comments to Tupac in person…

Yeah … What a buffoon!

[ Image via Instagram .]

Kathy Griffin Reveals ‘Cold’& ‘Rude’ Encounters With Jon Hamm, Ashton Kutcher& More Celebs! Get The Full, Awkward Stories!

23 days ago

She added πŸ˜› TAGEND

“Look, I’ve been told I’m old and not funny by a lot of guys a lot of hot guys, too but not when I’m in an intimate conversation space with frickin’ Jack Nicholson, an opportunity I figured I’d never get again; that’s the real reason I can’t stand Hammy. The double whammy of cruel but not playful comments and the horrible timing. Again, he’s not a comedian, folks. Hopefully done with the drink, but likely still Don Draper-y.”

Griffin’s book details many awkward interactions with more starrings like Anna Kendrick , Leonardo DiCaprio , and Woody Allen — but the rudest celeb she’s had to deal with was Ashton Kutcher !

Video: Kathy Tells Donald Trump To ‘F* ck Off’ !

Back in 2005, the duo cohosted a charity event for , and the That 70 s Show performer refused to speak to her the entire time! She recollected πŸ˜› TAGEND

“At least three separate days, “were in” standing in the wings, waiting to go out and present, and I’d say something like, Hey, what if, when we go out, we do this , ‘ and suggest something, and he’d just ignore me. If he said five terms to me the whole day, I’d be surprised. It was bizarre and rude and attained “i m feeling” as if he guessed I was beneath him, someone not worth talking to in the slightest.”

Griffin would subsequently have two more run ins with Kutcher — once at a Mexican restaurant and another time at a party while she was talking to P. Diddy . She explained πŸ˜› TAGEND

“Kutcher stepped immediately in front of me and started talking to Diddy as if I wasn’t even there. So that’s three incidents. Do I loathe him? No. He’s just someone who’s stimulated it perfectly clear to me that I have absolutely nothing to offer him during the course of its precious hour on earth.”

Ouch! That’s Hollywood for you?

These encounters do seem pretty rough, but we have a feeling through this very detailed book, Kathy once again got the last giggle!

What do YOU think of Kathy’s celeb narratives ??

[ Image via Judy Eddy/ Apega/ WENN .]

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The Mystery Of Why* NSYNC Spelled Their Name With A Star Is Finally SOLVED aEUR” And It Has To Do With Psychic Power!

1 month, 13 days ago

World philosophers and 90 s nostalgia nerds can breathe easy, because we FINALLY know the answer to one of the world’s most saught-after questions

Why the f* ck is there a starring in the name * NSYNC !?

According to former bandmate Joey Fatone , government decisions was birthed before the band took off.

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During a trip to the U.K. in an attempt to build a European fanbase, they had a chance encounter with Israeli illusionist Uri Geller in London’s Covent Garden — a meeting that led to one of the music industry’s biggest mysteries!

Fatone told the Huffington Post :

“We considered[ Uri Geller] in the U.K ., and this is when we were obviously establishing* NSYNC, and he goes, ‘I see something. It has to do with sunshines or starrings or something with astronomy in your career.’ And it’s funny, a year later when we did the first album, for America, they had a superstar in it.”

There you have it!

While the former No Strings Attached crooner didn’t remember too many details of the session, Geller himself seemed to recall the past much more clearly. He told πŸ˜› TAGEND

“We sat down and I wrote, on a napkin, NSYNC, and I described a superstar in the cafe. And I told them, if they place that starring on their first CD, they’re going to shoot up to No. 1. “

Their album actually aimed up reaching No. 2 on the Billboard chart, but that prediction was close enough for us!

Video: JT Thanks Jessica Biel During Hall Of Fame Ceremony !

The 68 -year-old illusionist said he recollects Justin Timberlake taking the napkin, adding πŸ˜› TAGEND

“I believe drawing and writing down their name and creating that star gave them that subliminal push to go for it.”

Who knew the chart-topping band had a Social Network -esque encounter about changing their name to be more aesthetically pleasing! Like JT said himself in the movie…

Only, you know, the opposite! LOLz!

[ Image via RCA Records .]

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Kendra Wilkinson Kind Of Apologizes For Her ‘Over The Top’ Twitter Rant Slamming Holly Madison

1 month, 19 days ago

Kendra Wilkinson

realise she might’ve gone a little too far.

As you probably find, the Kendra On Top superstar SLAMMED Holly Madison on Thursday with several NSFW messages on Twitter after the former Playboy superstar is again talked about why she doesn’t like Kendra. Miz Madison later reactedby hinting that Kendra should seek therapy. So much tea!

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A few hours later after the since-deleted rampage, the 30 -year-old once again took to social media to( somewhat) apologize for the inappropriate things she said:

So while she says “sorry” for going over the top, we have a feeling she’s standing by the moral of what she said.

Will the Kendra vs. Holly saga continue ???

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Mob Wives Cast Members& Loved Ones Celebrate What Would Have Been Big Ang’s 56 th Birthday

2 months, 16 days ago

We can’t believe Big Ang would have been 56 -years-old today.

Close to six months after the reality superstar passed away from cancer, her former Mob Wives castmates and loved ones took to Twitter and Instagram to pay tribute to her memory on this special day.

Video: Big Ang’s Final Cameo On Mob Wives

Despite the sadness of not having Ang here to celebrate, many superstars of the indicate and their own families fostered fans to live life to the fullest in honor of her colorful life. The grandmother’s posthumous Twitter account ran as far to suggest people should take a shot or have a piece of cake in her memory!

Yup, that definitely sounds like something B.A. would have wanted!

Check out some of the most heartwarming and emotional tributes in honor of Ang’s birthday( below ):

One of my favorite photos. I recollect saying how much I loved this photo, but was vexed that the top had a glare on it. Now I realize it was always the bright sunlight you carried each and every day, and brought to everyone that you touched. Today is definitely a hard day, but will not be a sad day for me. Though I miss you, I will play your music, and think great guess. Today will be a day to laugh in reminiscing certain moments and memories as well. I have enough of you to last an entire lifetime. I know you’re already taking command up there, and could just see it now. How ironic that I had a dream of you last night, and got the message loud and clear! Love you always. Happy Birthday in heaven “my baby.” #BigAngA photo posted by Vinnie Medugno (@ vinniemedugno) on Jun 30, 2016 at 7:01 am PDT

#HAPPYBIRTHDAY my friend …. love u and miss you awfully … #BigAngelA photo posted by Drita (@ dritadavanzoladyboss) on Jun 30, 2016 at 8: 42 am PDT

So heartbreaking. The funny gal died WAY too soon.On a more positive note, Ang’s husband and friends have organized a special benefit concert to celebrate her passion for philanthropy on July 16. The Staten Island event will donate all of its proceeds to charity organisations for children with special needs.To build the deal even sweeter, the bash will feature a TON of disco. Everyone knows how much the celeb adored the music genre! For more deets on the memorial concert, click HERE .

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Ellen DeGeneres Turns 60! Celebrate The Host’s Birthday With Her Best Celeb Scares To Date!

2 months, 20 days ago

Happy Birthday, Ellen DeGeneres!

The funny woman turns 60 today( January 26 ), and wow, what an impact she’s constructed with her life already!

Portia de Rossi‘s spouse has brought the chuckles ever since the ‘8 0s, back when she was a stand-up comic, booking gigs like The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson !! She would of course subsequently go on to superstar in movies and her very own ABC sitcom, Ellen.

But we all know her today as daytime’s beloved host of The Ellen Show — a block of television that offer audiences with a much-needed escape from the mundane. She’ll usually attain you laugh and/ or sobbing, but sometimes she can even stimulate you SHIT your pants!

Just ask all these celebs…

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

CLICK HERE to view “Ellen DeGeneres’ Best Scares”

P.S. It’s okay if you crap yourself. She always has clean Ellen underwear at the ready.

[ Image via EllenTube/ Warner Bros .]

Don’t Go Breaking Our Hearts — Elton John Announces Retirement From Touring After Legendary Career!

3 months, 15 days ago

Sir Elton John

is hanging his hat.

On Wednesday, the legendary vocalist announced he would be retiring from touring after almost half of a century performing around the world. What an incredible career he’s had.

During the press conference streamed online on Wednesday, the 70 -year-old artist said the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour would be his last. To be fair, there will be over 300 shows that will span a few years.

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He quoth his reason as shifting his focus to his children and husband, David Furnish πŸ˜› TAGEND

“My priorities now are my children, and my husband, and my family … the time is right to say thank you to all my fans around the world, globally, and then to say goodbye.”

He added about his kiddos, Elijah, 5, and Zachary, 7 πŸ˜› TAGEND

“I love them so much, I don’t want to miss them and I don’t want them to miss me.”

Watch( below ):

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