His spouse posed for a photo, but something caught his eye. They turned the barge around IMMEDIATELY

1 month, 21 days ago

What happens when you are out on your barge and you suddenly assure the unthinkable in the water?

This happened to a couple who was fishing from their boat in the Gulf of Mexico. It was actually a regular birthday tradition the couple did, but this outing proved to be very different. They were five miles off shore when suddenly Bruce Knecht find a stray buoy floating in the different regions of the water. Only it wasnt a buoy. It was a tiny Jack Russel Terrier with an animal life vest on. The Coast Guard was contacted and it turned out that the dog was already reported to be overboard, three hours ago! Needless to say the owner of the dog was super happy to discover his dog was found and still alive. Genuinely amazing chance rescue!

Check out the full story of how everything there is is down, and be sure to share it with all your puppy loving friends and family!

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Woman Serenades An Elephant To Sleep With A Sweet Lullaby

2 months, 20 days ago

If you think lullabies are only effective for getting little ones to drift off to dreamland, believe again! Turns out they run wonders on gentle giants, too.

In this heartwarming video, Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, founder of the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand, embracings and sings to an elephant that has taken a specific penchant to her. Though Faa Mai is massive compared to the petite female, she loves nothing more than nap hour snuggles and the soothing voice of Lek. It’s a bond so magical you have to see it to believe it.

The peaceful look on that gentle elephant’s face might just be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Every elephant deserve to be just as happy and loved.

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With a Robot Mobile Tank, the World Is This Fish’s Oyster

2 months, 21 days ago

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Avenge Meeeeee !!

2 months, 22 days ago

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This Dog Literally Can’t Handle How Scary The Movie ‘The Conjuring’ Is

3 months, 13 days ago

“The Conjuring” is one of those rare horror movies where a pretty basic, well-trodden idea getsdone remarkablywell. Because asequel to “The Conjuring” just came out, one pet owner decided to make sure his or herdog was caught up on the happenings (get it?) of the original. And, the owner decided to film the occasion.

At first, the dog simply watches “The Conjuring” with fascination as some (SPOILER ALERT) scary shitgoes down on screen before having the absolutely appropriate action of hiding behind a pillow.

This is, incidentally, exactly how I reacted to watching “The Ring” with my friends when I was 13 except instead of hiding behind a pillow, I just went home and asked my mom to make me macaroni and cheese while I waited for the phone to ring with a hatchet.

Now, it is at this point unknown whether the dog is hiding because it is scared of ghosts or because the character on the screen has a flashlight and the dog’s first impulse is always to hide when humans holding flashlights are looking around basements.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the dog in this video isa ghost.

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20+ Amazing Animal Facts You Didn’t Know

4 months, 2 days ago

Ever wished to know why nature documentaries are narrated by people with calming, trustworthy and sage-like voices? It’s because they want you to believe that what they tell you is true. But thanks to Reddit we can now reveal that everything you’ve ever been told is a lie! Take a look at these explosive pictures to understand the true extent of the subterfuge we speak of. Feel free to add your own and don’t forget to comment. Together we’ll expose the truth about the animal kingdom!

( h/ t: Reddit)

# 1

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14 People Talk About The Weird, Creepy Stuff They Do With Their Pets

4 months, 20 days ago

Its no secret that I hate animals. Yeah, yeah, get the pitchforks. Watch if I care.

I dont get it. I dont get pets. I dont ensure the appeal. Sue me.

But I f* ck with animal fans. Most of my friends like animals. I entail, I likely wouldnt even have a squadif I straight up was like, “F* CK ALL YOU PEOPLE WITH ANIMALS.” Because for whatever reason, yall all have pets.You living through, k?

I have watched people dosome weird sh* t with theirpets in my day, so I decided to do venture into the phenomenon.It should be noted that while I was gatheringthese narratives, every single person started with a similar disclaimer 😛 TAGEND

“I dont know if this is weird but”
“I dont know if this counts but”
“This might just be me but”

And then every single person followed this with something WEIRD. It get freaky up in here.

People talk and sing to their animals like people.

My mom sings to my puppy, Lola, while she’s sitting in her lap. She makes Lola dance by holding onto her limbs and moving them around. I can’t ever tell if she likes it or not.

Talia, 23

I talk to my birdlike he’s a normal person and then get a LITTLE riled when he doesn’t respond. Like not even a verbal response, just any response.

“Jeffery, What’s it like to be a parrot? ”
“All right, well, f* ck you then.”

Eitan, 26

I sing to my cat, putting her name into other song lyrics. She loves it because she knows that tone of voice. A personal favourite is set to the “Josie and the Pussycats” theme song. Get it? Because she’s a cat.

— Emily, 25

I have four cats, so I’m a bonafide crazy cat dame. But if having four cats isn’t weird enough for you … I also like to sing anthems to my cats but replace the words with “meow” OR make up lyrics about my cats and their wonderfulness. I don’t think they appreciate my musical prowess as much as I enjoy singing to them, but … whatevs.

Gillian, 24

People feed them like theyre people, which attains me feel weird.

I feed my dog sage water( for her coughing ), a spoon of honey and sprinkle her food with cinnamon when she’s sick.

Also, endless selfies with the pooch is a MUST( yuh gotta !).

— Tamara, 26

They teach them to do people things. Like, only chill with a person.

My husky is really good at feeing from my fork and chopsticks … don’t judge us.

— Jim, 39

Full disclosure: This girls dog is the size of a person, and it scared me.

IDKif this counts, but my puppy is enormous and I carry her around like a baby.

Nina, 26

I cant.

I like to rub my puppy Chloe’s belly really hard and yell at her about being fat.


I fat-shame my dog and its entirely cool, right?

Also, I like to bite my cats nose. Softly I dont hurt her. Shes still a kitten and she lets me has become a dick to her, but I know my hour is a-comin.

I also kiss Chloe on her nose every morning when I wake up. We spoon together at night.

Izabella, 23

Chooch deserves to be shamed, honestly.

I poop-shame my cat, Chooch.


ALSO if the working group ever a bug or a spider, I grab Chooch and leave her in a room with it until she fees it so I dont have to deal with it. Hey, ASPCA!

— Ari *, 23

People act like stuff like this is OK, and it isnt OK.

It’s super normal for my puppy to come into the bathroom with me. She actually sits on the bathroom rug facing away from me as if she wants to support me by being in there but she also wants to give me my privacy. Also, if I’m taking a shower, she’ll wait in there with me and then she’ll basically lick my legs until they’re dry. We are BFFs.

— Tina, 23

He ran psycho because hes a cat. Just sayin.

I left a package delivery box out for my cat to hang out in( cats love boxes) and took it out to recycling a few weeks later. But then my cat started going totally psycho and sprinting around, meowing obnoxiously and being generally weird.

A few days later I got another delivery, left the box out again, and abruptly the cat was calm. So now I leave an empty cardboard box out in my apartment just to keep the cat from going berserk again. Basically what I’m saying is that my cat has taken over the apartment.

— Alexandra, 23

People treat animals like they are children.

I am preoccupied with my dog( he even has his own Instagram and sadly has more adherents than me ). I do a lot of weird shit with my dog … I make up new monikers for him daily( “Peanut butter, ” “Wolf, ” “Moose, ” “Boo-boo bear, ” “Bear, ” etc ).

I also talk in what I believe to be his voice all the time when it’s only the two of us. His name is genuinely proper so I always think of him as being high-class and a gentleman, so clearly he calls me “mother.”

tl ;d r: I am 100 percent convinced my dog calls me “mother.”

— Stacey, 30

And some people have pets that are celebrities.

My cat is a minor Internet celebrityand my boyfriend and I do a whole character/ voicefor our cat in which he is an aristocratic diva who is always looking back on his old prove days and judging other “common” cats.( I get him from a shelter but he happened to have been dumped by a breeder and is a purebred and former depict cat .) On some days he retires to his bed, which we call his “sulk cave” and which is something we imagine him just watching old clips from his career and asking us to leave his food outside the door.

I also have “conversations” with him in which I respond to his meows as if he is actually saying things to me. “Meow.” “Oh genuinely? ” “Meow.” “Is that so? ” “Meow.” “Tell me more.”

You may have heard that Kylo is very vocal .

A video posted by Kylo Ren (@ catam_driver) on Jan 22, 2016 at 7:21 pm PST

— Emily, 32

They even give them toys like they’re children and not pets who dont know what a plaything is. Because they are pets, and not children.

I talk to mine and she’s stone-deaf. Is that weird enough? And I feed her sock-monkey obsession.

— Suzanne, 50

And then there is this.

Every pet I’ve lost is sitting on my mantle( sorry to my hubby) and he knows and othersdoas well, that I want my first( Shiner) to be buried with me. When both of my last pups had to be put down, they had steak dinners and enjoyed chocolate and any other human food they wanted as well as a doggy cake I constructed for them.

— Molly, 24

Lets end with more talking-to-the-f* cking-pet-like-a-person.

IDK how weird this is, but I’m persuaded my sister’s dog has a voice, so when he looks at me a certain route or does something ridiculously cute and funny I like to narrate his actions/ supposes in that voice.

Like “UH, Aunt J … I’m, uh, just gonna rest my head right here on your leg under the table and, uh … I’ll been waiting for … ya know, hang out … just in caseeee you might want to share.

— Jennifer, 21

You are all freaks. Goodbye.

* Name has been changed .

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Check Out The Hilarious Entries Of The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

4 months, 28 days ago

Since the birth of the selfie( and, well, the planet) we humen have been exploiting animals. From duck lips to the Snapchat dog filter to inducing bunny ears with our fingers, we are all guilty.

But the time has come for animals to re-claim their identity, with the proposed establishment of the Comedy Pet Photography Awards, which celebrates goofy animals in all their glory. This year’s rivalry attracted 2,500 entries from 73 different countries, and every single one is a must-see for animal fans …

Images often played tricks on the mind- such as this blue wildebeest who appears to be standing on his peers’ backs, when he’s actually just standing on a knoll.

Entries flooded in from Uganda, Mexico, Kazakhstan and New Zealand, as proud pet owners and photographers combated for the $2,680 prize money- and, the glory.

Other images relied purely on the animal’s hilarious facial expressions, such as these two mudskippers singing their hearts out on tidal mudflats in Krabi, Thailand. And check out this young elephant seal seeming especially shocked at his friend’s revelation in George Cathcart’s “WTF ?! ”.

The competition, which is partnered with the Animal Welfare Foundation and The Humane Society of the United States, highlights just how innocent and genuine animals are, whilst also encouraging pet owners to cherish their furry friends. Explaining the message behind the competition, the Comedy Pet Photography Awards write on their website:

“We love our pets. All of us involved in this competitor are totally in love with our animals. With this in intellect we are really keen that when we enjoy loadings of wonderful funny pet photos, we also use this superb opportunity to encourage us all to be better’ owners’ if you can call us that,’ parents’ perhaps, to the beasts in our care.”

The competition hopes to use its platform to spread the message that animal welfare is still, and always will be, a prominent topic up for discussion:

“The whole topic of animal welfare is overwhelming. Just when we think we are getting on top of something you suddenly realise that ten other problems spring to mind. In the world of pets, even in countries that watch themselves as leaders in welfare there are many problems we need to tackle.”

The competition, which includes awardings for ”Pets Who Appear Most Like Their Owners”, ran for the first time this year. But, despite this, thousands of people entered with the hope of being crowned the supreme win of the funniest animal photo. Another image presents a giraffe checking a plane’s security in Graeme Guy’s “Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks”- taken in Masai Mara, Kenya.

After much careful deliberation from the magistrates, such as wildlife superstar Kate Humble, the overall winner of the competitor was Nando Harmsen from the Netherlands, who submitted this amusing snap … Tom Sullam, African landscape photographer and founder of the awards, was overwhelmed by the support the event received, especially from those with little to no photography develop:

“Although some images had been shot on smartphones most of them were sharp and well composed and, as photographers, both Paul and I were thrilled to see so much quality from entrants utilizing non-professional photographic equipment! ”

Whilst thousands entered, thousands of others have viewed the amusing photo which is currently being, understandably, running viral. After all, who can defy animals in their purest form? Just like this baby dormouse pictured on the top of a yarrow flower in Monticelli Brusati, Italy- have you ever seen such pleasure !?

So, it is safe to say that the message of animal welfare is being received loud and clear across the globe. But, the prospect of entering next year’s competitor is also stirring mass interest with animal lovers who cannot wait to showcase their perfect pets! In fact, for those of us who are blessed to have animals in our life, we likely already have a camera roll full of peculiar images that we have snapped haplessly as and when the few moments develops- which, lets face it, is all the time as animals are nature’s jokers. If you are an animal lover, have your eyes peeled for next year’s rivalry, which promises to be a real explosion of hysterical snaps that will give you plenty of reasons to smile. Or, why not be a part of it and enter next year’s rivalry? Remember: A pet is for life , not just for a photography award. So, if you don’t already have a pet, but want to partake, why not head down to your local puppy shelter and volunteer to stroll them? But don’t forget to share your prize money if you win! Still desperate for more animal goodness? This video devotes brings you the best of our furry friends:

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Brazilian jaguar’s killing inspires calls for curbs on use of wild animals

5 months, 14 days ago

Animal welfare groups condemn use of jungle cat like a trophy on display after jaguar was shot having escaped after an Olympic torch ceremony

Animal welfare groups in Brazil have called for restrictions on the showcasing of once-wild animals following the lethal shooting of a jaguar that escaped its handlers after an Olympic torch rite in the Brazilian Amazon.

The 17 -year-old female which had been given the name Juma was killed at a zoo in Manaus attached to a military training centre where the Olympic event took place.

The jungle cat which is on the list of near-threatened species was supposed to have been tranquillised, but freed itself from its shackles and approached a soldier who killed it with a single shot.

The military which operates the zoo where Juma was kept said the killing was necessary to protect the team that was trying to recapture her.

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Baby Seeing Chickens For First Time

5 months, 18 days ago

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