I Was Denied Entry To A County Courthouse Because I Am A Muslim Woman


I no longer felt like a human being ― I was treated as a threat.

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TSA Tells Sikh Man To Remove Turban, Finds Out He’s A Canadian Politician

3 days ago

“Ultimately I was allowed to fly. But it was because of who I was, and that should not be the case,” said Navdeep Bains.

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Mormon Church To End Its Century-Long Relationship With The Boy Scouts

6 days ago

Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs serve about 330,000 Mormon youth in the United States.

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A Generation Of Hungarians Is Leaving Viktor Orban’s Far-Right Rule

8 days ago

The country’s young people and Jewish groups say low wages and a culture of hate is pushing people abroad.

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RNC Plea To Thank Trump’s ‘Commitment To Religious Freedom’ Backfires

10 days ago

Iowa Lawmakers Just Approved The Most Restrictive Abortion Bill In The Country

13 days ago

The bill would ban abortion if a heartbeat is detected, which usually occurs around six weeks. It now goes to the state’s Republican governor.

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Most Americans Don’t Want Businesses To Discriminate Against LGBTQ People: Study

15 days ago

The majority of religious groups believe that small-business owners should serve all customers, regardless of sexual orientation.

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Roseanne Barr Dreams Of Being Prime Minister Of Israel

17 days ago

America Rejected A Muslim Ban. Now The Supreme Court Must As Well.

20 days ago

Last week’s SCOTUS arguments brought to mind the day the president’s first executive order was announced.

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House Chaplain Who Prayed About GOP Tax Bill Fired By Paul Ryan

22 days ago

Democrats say the speaker was peeved with Patrick Conroy for praying about no