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Captain America: Civil War review – an aspartame rush

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Entertaining mayhem ensues when some of the Avengers reject government oversight following a botched operation

Should the Avengers be nationalised? This is the explosively controversial idea that ignites a civil war among their ranks in this exciting superhero extravaganza. Its crazily surreal, engaging and funny in the best Marvel tradition, building to a whiplash-twist reveal that sports with the ever-present idea of duplicity and betrayal within the Avengers ranks themselves.

The innumerable civilian deaths and collateral damage that always follow the Avengers spectacular city-pulverising showdowns have become impossible to ignore and now the Avengers are faced with having to submit to UN political oversight and control.

After a catastrophic Avengers action in Lagos that resulted in Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) inadvertently trashing part of a building and killing innocent people, a political summit in Vienna is convened in which the Avengers must sign away their superheroic independence. Its an unthinkable humiliation the superhero equivalent of the Treaty of Versailles. And some of them arent having it.

Captain America (Chris Evans) makes a stand for the Avengers autonomy. Lining up behind him are the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Scarlet Witch.

But ranged against him, deciding to go along with the new political reality, is Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), and joining him are War Machine (Don Cheadle), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Vision (Paul Bettany).

But wait. However real these divisive issues are, might they have been deliberately triggered by a sinister German agent, persuasively played by Daniel Brhl, who sets out to exploit the dangerous, destructive potential within Winter Soldier a dark secret dating back to a 1991 Russian military experiment revealed in flashback?

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Olympic debut will stimulate surfing ‘legit, ‘ says US surfer Lakey Peterson

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( CNN) Surfer Lakey Peterson has a natural instinct for competitiveness — something which she is hoping to display at the Olympics in 2020.

Now that surfing is an Olympic sport, the No. 1 female surfer’s goals are even bigger this year and she tells the announcement fired her up with new-found motivation.

“I want to go to the Olympics even worse. I think it’s game changing for surfing, ” she says. “It definitely did light a little bit of a fire in me when I heard it was game on.”

cleaning out my funny pictures folder … errr I mean dumperino( or something)


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Barack Obama is paired with Shrek and world leaders in these amazing fanfics


So if you’ve ever read a fanfic( and we’re guessing many of you have ), you are likely familiar with the word OTP. If you haven’t, and you’re like “What in the hell does that even mean? ” we’ll break it down for you: It entails “one true pairing, ” or, two characters you can’t get enough of together( think Mulder and Scully ).

The beautiful thing about fic is that its writers can create pairings of any kind, and there are no limits to who can fill those slots. Always wished for Harry and Hermione to get together? Go for itthat’s called Harmony. Believe that Sherlock and John Watson are an obvious couple waiting to happen? That’s Johnlock.

Always thought that Obama and Harry Styles were just dying to bang? That’s Hobama.

There is actually a lot of Obama fanfic out there. So much so, in fact, that the some of the pairings people think up for the president had now become sort of a delightful running joke in the fic community. Enjoy a few of our favorites, won’t you?

Obama x Vladmin Putin


Why: Because of pics like the above, we reckon. Key moments :

-Obama yelling “God bless America” at his moment of pleasure.

-Putin getting super tsundere over his romantic moments with the president.

-Obama getting super swoony over Putin after he moves into the same neighborhood. What if Vlad likes him too, omg ?

Obama x Harry Styles

The Daily Dot

Why: Why not. Key moments :

-Harry standing in the Oval Office wearing a silk negligee.

-Obama comparing his orgasm to the thrill of putting the country in debt.

-Obama confessing to Harry that they’ve been found out by the First lady after she goes through Obama’s phone to find his sexts.

Obama x Justin Trudeau

The Star

Why: Just look at them.
Key moments :

-Comparing Justin Trudeau to a Backstreet Boys member.

-Obama get high with Trudeau while reminiscing about his lurid past.

-Learning that Obama’s mouth savor like cigarettes and lemons.

Obama x Shrek

astrogirl5 00. deviantart.com

Why: We still don’t know. Key moments :

-Obama telling Shrek that the safe term is volcano.

-Shrek’s member being referred to as a love wand.

-Breaking the fourth wall about going down on Shrek.

Obama x Kim Jong Un

Funny Junk

Why: World leaders can truly understand one another. Key moments :

North Korea’s leader calling Obama “senpai.”

Learning that Obama’s Tinder username is BigBlackPimp_6 9.

-Finding out that Obama apparently calls his bed a swamp.

Obama x hot dog

Straight From the A

Why: … Key moment :

-Obama realizing that his life could go no farther until he had made love to a hot dog.

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Closure at last: there will be no Friends reunion, so let’s deal with it | Anne T Donahue

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Its time for us obsessives to do as the cast has, and move on

Our obsession with Friends is real and ongoing. Almost as real as our obsession with a Friends reunion. Those of us high on 90s-era nostalgia, our debates on whether Ross and Rachel were on a break (it was bad form on Rosss part, but they totally were), and cries of Chanandler Bong want nothing more than to see our favourite sitcom characters appear onscreen together again. Even if it wont be in the form of an actual special. And even if the stars of that show dont feel the same way.

Last week, Matthew Perry laid down the facts during his appearance on Graham Norton, making it very clear that what we wanted to be a Friends reunion is ultimately just the cast participating in a larger TV event. Its not the reunion everyone is hoping for – they are celebrating Jim Burrows, who was a director of Friends, he explained (crushing all of our spirits). The other five are going to be on this special and I am going to introduce them from London. Im doing a play here so I cant be there.

So its not going to happen, and its all kind of a buzzkill. Why, 12 years after the series ended, are some people still so thirsty for a Friends reunion? Especially as we know the show was a beautiful, terrible lie. Life doesnt actually look that way, friend groups should never be that insular, and Gunther was absolutely a predator. And despite knowing this, a Friends reunion is relentlessly discussed.

Just so were clear, this isnt an anti-Friends manifesto. As a teen (and beyond), I lived for Rosss whining, Rachels short-lived quest for closure, Phoebes attempts to seduce and break Chandler, and the stark realisation that beef doesnt belong in the trifle. Friends is magical, and its funny, and I will never deny the lasting impact on anyone who believed they could also afford a Manhattan apartment by the age of 25. (I will also never forget watching Monica and Chandlers wedding episode while my own friends bleached my hair, but thats a story for another day.) Ive written endlessly about Friends and why it still matters, but you cant force six people to recapture fictional magic. It will never be 1994 again.

Heartbreakingly, Friends is just a TV show, starring a cast whove since moved on, the way all actors should. And if were all riding the reunion train, there were other shows within that era that depicted the realities of adulthood in equally heartwarming and hilarious ways that deserve just as much reunion rallying. In Murphy Brown, Candice Bergens character navigated the ins and outs of being a woman in the male-dominated sports industry, while Newsradio embodied the camaraderie of the broadcasting world (before the broadcasting world changed so dramatically). Ally McBeal at least in the first few seasons delivered a trailblazing heroine who refused to be defined by her wardrobe (or the ability to see dancing babies), and My So-Called Life ended after only a season and some of us arent over that and feel like we deserve more. (Im hoping youre reading this, Claire Danes.)

To acknowledge these facts doesnt mean we have to love Friends any less. To accept that the show is over for ever doesnt mean we dont value Ross, Rachel and the rest of the gang, or that we need to stop screaming Pivot! any time we help a pal move. Instead, acknowledging the spoils of 90s series that were equally impactful will help us all see Friends for what it is: a terrific TV show. But to hold it up as the perfect encapsulation of 90s culture makes just as much sense as introducing ourselves to prospective employers today by telling them about what marks we got in year 10 maths.

The cast has grown beyond it. Our society has grown beyond it. In 2016, Monica and Rachel would need about six more roommates, and theyd probably need to work two jobs. We dont need to see them outside the bubble of the mid-1990s especially since they themselves dont seem particularly jazzed to reunite. Maybe Drake said it best: no new Friends. Not when weve already got 10 series of perfection.

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This Artist Draws Whatever His Followers Ask Him, And The Result Is Genius

2 days ago

A lot of us have loads of creative ideas but absence the artistic skills to fulfill them. One Belarusian comics artist, however, gives life to his followers’ supposes in the best way. Chilik depicts everything his fans request, and the images are so unexpected, he likely catches their sense of humor completely off-guard.

From reversing the roles of people and chess pieces to an Italian loneliness, the majority of members of these concepts are pretty abstract and give Chilik plenty to work with. And he delivers. Every. Single. Time. Scroll down to check out his humorous take over reality and vote for your favorite pieces!

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17 Hilarious Tweets About Being Bi That’ll Make You Want To Celebrate Bisexuality So Hard

4 days ago

You guys, if there’s something I love more than pizza, literally any other food, sleeping for extended periods of time, and being right all the time, it’s being bisexual. Seriously, it’s the best thing ever. Want to know why? Well, aside from confidently knowing that bisexuality is a totally real, valid, and awesome identity, from knowing that I, a raging bisexual, actually exist, despite what a lot of people try to tell me,  from knowing that I get to love and be attracted to two genders of dope humans, these tweets about being bisexual also make bisexuality the best thing ever. Because they’re hilarious. And I like laughing at funny things because I’m not a monster.

Want to know another really great thing about bisexuality? Sept. 23 is apparently International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. . What a day. I mean, I already celebrate my bisexuality every damn day on my own, but maybe since there’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating an amazing identity, I can go a day without people telling me to “put the wine bottle down” and to “stop yelling about bisexuality so much because it’s 2 a.m. and people are trying to sleep.” Ugh, whatever.

Anyway, here are a bunch of tweets about bisexuality, being bisexual, bi culture, and literally all other things being bi that will absolutely make you want to stand on top of a mountain, smash a beer can into your forehead, and scream, “I LOVE BEING BISEXUAL!” Or, you know, however else you wanna celebrate…


Also accurate. We bisexuals have the lowest possible bullsh*t threshold.

*One decently attractive dude walks by* GOD DAMN IT, I THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH THIS.

Pink? Blue? Purple? Unicorn? I should cut it short, right? Nah, I’m gonna keep it long and only get a few natural highlights. LOL, JK. Getting bangs.

Literally, I just have to lock myself in a room, I guess, because TV characters won’t .

Bisexuals: We know what we like.

“She’s so cool and smart and funny and pretty, and I only think about making out with her because I secretly want her face.” — A statement I genuinely believed was logical growing up.

Please, continue serving my bi-ass life to me on a silver platter in 140 characters or less. Thank you.

Attention: Pausing your regularly scheduled funny tweets to let everyone know that bisexuality can be different for different people.

Bi update: It’s not just today. I’m just a generally loud bisexual.

TBH,  was very informative in my bisexual youth.

Blessed be the fruit of my bisexual ass.


I am amazing. Thank you for your time.

I love being on the winning team.

Damn, this is .

Where. Is. The. Damn. Lie?

Wow, I feel so rejuvenated. I love being bi.

This International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, make sure you go out and celebrate all your bisexual friends and loved ones. Give ’em a hug, if they’re into that sort of thing. Buy ’em a drink. Yell about how great bisexuality is with them, because odds are, they’re already doing it when they’re alone, and the more, the merrier.

And if you’re a raging bisexual like me, or a non-raging one, rest assured that you’re 100 percent on a winning team. Any team in the LGBTQ+ community is winning. We’re all winning.

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