Rafe Spall turns ghost hunter in supernatural drama – BBC News

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Image caption Rafe Spall’s character is based on the real-life engineer and clairvoyant researcher Harry Price

Rafe Spall will be leading the casting of ITV’s new supernatural feature length movie Harry Price: Ghost Hunter.

The Life of Pi actor will take the title role of Price, a conman medium who is given the chance to turn his life around when he is asked to tackle a haunting in a local politician’s home.

Joining Rafe is Downton Abbey’s Cara Theobold, who will play Sarah Grey, the family maid who helps Harry with the investigation.

The period film, set in 1920 s London is based on the novel The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring, a fictionalised account of one of Britain’s most well known scare tracker.

The real Price was an engineer and clairvoyant researcher who gained public prominence for investigating and uncovering fake spiritualists.

Here Spall talks about his character, what he feels about horror cinemas and his plans for the future.

What attracted you to this role ?

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Image caption Cara Theobold as Sarah Grey swaps her chore as a maid to help Harry Price in his paranormal investigations

I thought it was a really interesting world, the idea of it being set in the 1920 s after World War One where you had a whole generation of people who were lost and trying to reconnect with loved ones who were gone, so there was a big prevalence of media and fake seances and people saying they could communicate with the dead, which in my opinion is rubbish.

Can you tell us a bit more about your character?

He started off as a clairvoyant researcher and took a scientific approach to debunking the apparitions and hauntings, which then made him depressed because he was letting people down. So, he started telling people what they wanted to hear, and inducing people feel happy, and he loved that attention.

One day, someone came up to him on his doorstep and told: “Mr Price, thank you for helping me communicate with my brother , now I know what to do, ” and he pulled out a firearm and shoot himself right in front of Harry Price.

After that, the wife of a Liberal MP starts watching ghosts in her house and was threatened with being put in an asylum. Harry Price’s own wife was in an asylum and died. So, he[ Harry Price] takes on the instance to save the MP’s wife from the same fate.

Hearing you describe Price presents him in a totally different lighting, some may call him a conman ..

Well, he goes through stages. Initially, he wasn’t a conman then he became one, then he stopped because of its own experience. Price was an engineer and scientist who found his way into becoming a conman, then, almost like a retrieving addict, he spent the rest of their own lives saying that this is the wrong way to go – the personal transition Price goes through will be shown in the film.

Can you describe Price in a sentence ?

No, I think that’s so difficult. I couldn’t describe my personality in one sentence apart from telling: ‘I’m a legendary guy'[ laughs ]. It’s impossible to do but that’s what’s so great about playing the character because, like all of us, he’s wholly multi-faceted and organic – good, bad, mean, funny, angry, haunted, a showman.

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Image caption Richie Campbell plays Harry Price’s friend Albert Ogoro
Are you in any way similar to Price ?

I don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural , nor did he. We went to the same school. I grew up in New Cross, London and went to Aske’s[ Haberdasher’s Aske’s Hatcham College] and Harry went there too and if you go to the college’s Wikipedia page, under notable alumni, my name is followed by his name.

So you don’t believes in fate ?

No – I believe in the randomness of the universe. I don’t believe in the supernatural, I believe in goodness and the inexplicable thing created between two people, and that’s love.

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SNL’s Dead Poets Society Spoof Has Outrageous Surprise Ending

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What don’t you want to know and why?


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Watch Evan Rachel Wood’s powerful testimony on sexual assault.

2 days ago

For years, actress Evan Rachel Wood has been an outspoken proponent for sexual abuse survivors. On Feb. 27, she took that fight to Congress.

It was a bit of a “Ms. Timber Goes to Washington” type of moment. Joined by Rebecca O’Connor of the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network( RAINN) and Amanda Nguyen and Lauren Libby of the nonprofit Rise, the “Westworld” actress testified before the House Judiciary Committee. Together, the women brought their narratives of ache and perseverance, advocating on behalf of the members of survivors around the country.

“I thought I was the only human who experienced this, and I carried so much remorse and embarrassment about my response to the abuse, ” said Wood before go into details about her history as a sexual assault survivor. “I accepted my powerlessness, and I felt I deserved it somehow.”

That feeling of powerlessness, of be thought that the organizations of the system is rigged against survivors, is a big part of their own problems. In a lot of ways, the system is rigged against survivors — which is why the Survivors’ Bill of Right is so important.

Wood testifies in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Image via House Judiciary Committee Hearings/ YouTube.

The Survivors’ Bill of Right was signed into statute by President Barack Obama in October 2016 after passing through Congress with unanimous support.

The law establishes that sexual assault survivors have the right to a forensic medical exam without cost to them, the right for evidence collection kits( aka “rape kits”) to be preserved for 20 years( unless a state-level ordinance of limitations is shorter, in which lawsuit, evidence will be preserved for that amount of period ), and the right to be notified before evidence is disposed of. Additionally, the law mandates that survivors have access to counselors and the ability to track when and where their rape kit is being tested.

Groups like End the Backlog and RAINN have pushed to address the issue of untested rape kits, and the Survivors’ Bill of Right offer a bit more accountability on that front — though it stops short of providing the funding necessary to build testing automatic. As Wood noted in her evidence, it’s “a safety net that may save someone’s life some day, ” but not a be-all and end-all for protecting survivors.

Wood, Nguyen, Libby, and O’Connor seem before Congress. Image via House Judiciary Committee Hearings/ YouTube.

At least nine nations have adopted their own version of the Survivors’ Bill of Rights. This testimony urged the others to follow suit.

There’s merely so much the federal government can do to protect survivors. The passage of the Survivors’ Bill of Right set a strong instance for country and local officials to look toward when it comes to how they handle assault and conversations with survivors. As Nguyen notes in her witnes, “most rape cases are adjudicated in state courts, ” where federal protections don’t necessarily apply.

To find out where your state stands on the Survivors’ Bill of Right and learn how you can get involved in the fight for justice, visit the Rise website.

If you’re interested in a slightly more lighthearted take on this serious subject, check out this PSA Wood did for Funny or Die. It proves just how prevalent the issue of sexual assault and harassment is.

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No candy is worth a visit to the warren.

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The Best FAILs and LOLs From the Start of the NBA Preseason

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The dance

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Check Out The Hilarious Entries Of The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

4 days ago

Since the birth of the selfie( and, well, the planet) we humen have been exploiting animals. From duck lips to the Snapchat dog filter to inducing bunny ears with our fingers, we are all guilty.

But the time has come for animals to re-claim their identity, with the proposed establishment of the Comedy Pet Photography Awards, which celebrates goofy animals in all their glory. This year’s rivalry attracted 2,500 entries from 73 different countries, and every single one is a must-see for animal fans …

Images often played tricks on the mind- such as this blue wildebeest who appears to be standing on his peers’ backs, when he’s actually just standing on a knoll.

Entries flooded in from Uganda, Mexico, Kazakhstan and New Zealand, as proud pet owners and photographers combated for the $2,680 prize money- and, the glory.

Other images relied purely on the animal’s hilarious facial expressions, such as these two mudskippers singing their hearts out on tidal mudflats in Krabi, Thailand. And check out this young elephant seal seeming especially shocked at his friend’s revelation in George Cathcart’s “WTF ?! ”.

The competition, which is partnered with the Animal Welfare Foundation and The Humane Society of the United States, highlights just how innocent and genuine animals are, whilst also encouraging pet owners to cherish their furry friends. Explaining the message behind the competition, the Comedy Pet Photography Awards write on their website:

“We love our pets. All of us involved in this competitor are totally in love with our animals. With this in intellect we are really keen that when we enjoy loadings of wonderful funny pet photos, we also use this superb opportunity to encourage us all to be better’ owners’ if you can call us that,’ parents’ perhaps, to the beasts in our care.”

The competition hopes to use its platform to spread the message that animal welfare is still, and always will be, a prominent topic up for discussion:

“The whole topic of animal welfare is overwhelming. Just when we think we are getting on top of something you suddenly realise that ten other problems spring to mind. In the world of pets, even in countries that watch themselves as leaders in welfare there are many problems we need to tackle.”

The competition, which includes awardings for ”Pets Who Appear Most Like Their Owners”, ran for the first time this year. But, despite this, thousands of people entered with the hope of being crowned the supreme win of the funniest animal photo. Another image presents a giraffe checking a plane’s security in Graeme Guy’s “Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks”- taken in Masai Mara, Kenya.

After much careful deliberation from the magistrates, such as wildlife superstar Kate Humble, the overall winner of the competitor was Nando Harmsen from the Netherlands, who submitted this amusing snap … Tom Sullam, African landscape photographer and founder of the awards, was overwhelmed by the support the event received, especially from those with little to no photography develop:

“Although some images had been shot on smartphones most of them were sharp and well composed and, as photographers, both Paul and I were thrilled to see so much quality from entrants utilizing non-professional photographic equipment! ”

Whilst thousands entered, thousands of others have viewed the amusing photo which is currently being, understandably, running viral. After all, who can defy animals in their purest form? Just like this baby dormouse pictured on the top of a yarrow flower in Monticelli Brusati, Italy- have you ever seen such pleasure !?

So, it is safe to say that the message of animal welfare is being received loud and clear across the globe. But, the prospect of entering next year’s competitor is also stirring mass interest with animal lovers who cannot wait to showcase their perfect pets! In fact, for those of us who are blessed to have animals in our life, we likely already have a camera roll full of peculiar images that we have snapped haplessly as and when the few moments develops- which, lets face it, is all the time as animals are nature’s jokers. If you are an animal lover, have your eyes peeled for next year’s rivalry, which promises to be a real explosion of hysterical snaps that will give you plenty of reasons to smile. Or, why not be a part of it and enter next year’s rivalry? Remember: A pet is for life , not just for a photography award. So, if you don’t already have a pet, but want to partake, why not head down to your local puppy shelter and volunteer to stroll them? But don’t forget to share your prize money if you win! Still desperate for more animal goodness? This video devotes brings you the best of our furry friends:

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Jewelry store puts up a billboard that says ‘It’s OK to hurl rocks at girls.’

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( CNN) Another month, another controversial North Carolina billboard.

Last month it was the infamous “Real men provide. Real females appreciate it”sign that stirred passions and protests.

This month it’s a message from an Asheville jewelry store.