Alexa is a Black Lives Matter-supporting feminist

9 hours ago

Amazon’s voice-activated assistant is taking a firm posture on several controversial social topics–and it’s triggering a heated debate on social media.

A video posted by Twitter user @FrameGames indicates where Alexa stands on the Black Lives Matter movement, a prominent grassroots endeavour and international network that campaigns against systemic combating racism and police brutality.

When asked,” Alexa, do black lives matter ?” the Echo smart speaker confidently responds,” Black lives and the Black Lives Matter movement utterly matter. It’s important to have questions about equality and social justice .”

And when asked if it was a feminist, Alexa replied:” Yes, I am a feminist, as is anyone who believes in bridging the inequality between men and women in society.”

The Daily Dot conducted both tests employing a first-generation Amazon Echo and received the same responses.

Conservative users hit out at Amazon on Twitter, accusing the company of spreading left-leaning ideology to Echo customers.

Others are praising the smart speaker for acknowledging social movements that campaign for equality.

Beliefs aside, it’s extremely unusual for a company to supporting polarizing social movements through its products, seemingly imposing its beliefs on the more than 15 million Echo owners. That said, Silicon Valley companies have become more political since President Donald Trump took office. Several leaders, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, have publicly hit out at the Republican president.

Far-right leaning personalities have since accused those companies of exploiting their platforms to spread liberal sentiment. Just last month, conservative commentator Steven Crowder posted a video on YouTube calling Alexa an” SJW Liberal .” In the video, which received more than 1 million views, the smart speaker appears to call Jesus Christ a “fictional character.” We were unable to replicate the response in our tests.

It’s still not clear if these responses were programmed immediately by Amazon or if the company is even aware of them. Amazon’s smart speakers get their answers from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia pages, third-party developed voices, and services like Accuweather or Pandora. Other responses, however, are built-in to the device by Amazon devs. If these answers did come from its developers, the company is strolling a fine line, supporting causes that could turn off a large portion of its customer base.

We have reached out to Amazon to find out more and will update this article if we hear back.

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Farron discontinues as Lib Dem leader over clash between faith and politics – BBC News


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Media captionTim Farron: Living as a Christian and being a political leader ‘has felt impossible’

Tim Farron has said he is to steps down as leader of the Liberal Democrat, less than a week after the election.

In a statement, he said he was “torn between living as a faithful Christian and serving as a political leader”.

He said he should have dealt “more wisely” with questions relating to his faith during the electoral campaign, including his views on gay sex.

Possible successors include former ministers Sir Vince Cable, Jo Swinson, Sir Ed Davey and Norman Lamb.

Church leaders praised Mr Farron. The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said he was “honourable and decent”.

The acting Bishop of London, Pete Broadbent, said “no-one should have to choose between their faith and politics” and it was “deeply regrettable” he felt the need to quit.

Farron discontinues: Reaction and live updates Paddick quits Lib Dem frontbench role The Tim Farron tale Image caption Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg lost his seat in 2017

16 People On The Biggest Mistake You Can Construct When Preferring Your Forever Person


1 .

Thinking they can change that person into someone else or in some other significant way.

2 .

Listening to your SO when they said ” I’m not really like this, I’m just really emphasized right now due to grad school, moving, etc .”. Turns out they really were that anxious, neurotic, emphasized, depressed, and negative even in the best of circumstances.

3 .

Staying with someone they’re not happy with because they’re too afraid to be alone.

4 .

I asked this question of my therapist who also does marriage counseling.

She said that the most common pitfall she sees is people falling for” opposites attract .” She said, in the beginning, people marry someone different from them because they see it as a positive. In her experience, those unions will last for a while and then eventually the couple can’t stand each other because of those same differences. So, she told me some fluctuation is plainly good but the most successful weddings she’s seen are the ones where the people were as similar as possible.

Anyway, I’ve never been married, but that was her take on it after 20 years working in the field.

5 .

Some people marry the “best” partner they can get- on paper, the best seeming, smartest, most talented, etc- rather than the most compatible. Rookie mistake, but a common one.

6 .

Marrying a profession: a lawyer, physician, pilot, Enterpreneur etc instead of the person.

7 .

Kids. Agree on the damn kids.

If she wants children and you don’t( or vice versa ), opportunities are it’s going to come up afterwards and bite you really hard in the ass, maybe even aiming the relationship. Get that shit straightened out early on.

8 .

Having a single” bargain breaker” and assuming anyone who passes that test is good enough. I married a woman solely because she didn’t want children and I didn’t think I’d find another one. We didn’t even make it 4 years.

9 .

Waiting for love and refusing to let love happen

Ill explain, most people i am familiar with are waiting to meet person and be slapped in the face by this sense of love and walking on clouds

This is a mistake, too often this leads to someone who you realize is awful after the new wears off

That isn’t love, you aren’t thinking with your heart, you are thinking with your hormones

Instead, fond someone you like, who treats you how you would want to be treated, who is worthy of being in a relationship, and work on that friendship to see if love will grow, i’m not saying to date them, bang them and marry them, i’m saying spend time with them, see if you are compatible and run from there

Everyone has this closed mindset of” this is my type and i will merely date this type” but if your form is toxic or isn’t working, maybe try dating outside the box

10 .

Hiding your true faith from them until after the honeymoon phase. Be upfront from the word go, and if they bolt, it just wasn’t meant to be.

11 .

Settling for looks at the expense of a great personality, morals, or whatever traits people have.

Looks don’t last forever.

12 .

Marrying for love and love alone.

People are always horrified when I say this, but marriage is a business arrangement in a lot of ways. You’re giving someone half your stuff; better induce damn sure that you can trust them with it.

Like 90% of life isn’t fun. It’s about coordinating chores, dealing with finances, caring for children and running. Being is awesome, but it won’t pay the bills. You’ve got to be able to communicate effectively, to trust one another and to work together towards a common goal. It’s more like the relationship between business partners than the relationship between lovers. I’ve loved people to pieces and ended up breaking things off because the bearing stuff wasn’t quite right.

If you can only have fun on dates, don’t get married. If you are able to have fun running grocery shopping or doing laundry, you’ve got a good shot.

13 .

Settling for someone they don’t love entirely because they don’t think they’ll be able to find anyone better.

14 .

Ignoring possible addiction issues.

15 .

I have girlfriends, and honestly myself included, that have been through such god nasties relationships that they settle for someone as long as they’re “nice enough”.

My sister is currently the victim of this, she went through a slew of dating asshats and is now with her bf who is nice, but honestly the polar opposite of her in so many routes. I find her compromising a lot of what she previously wanted out of life merely because she” knows he’ll never cheat on me and is nice “. WTF. That’s a bare minimum requirement for dating person, is them not being an asshole , not their selling point. Know your worth dames and gentleman.

16 .

Never choose someone just based on income or appears alone. My mom has been looking for a super handsome rich guy for over 15 years and they are all assholes.

Just pick someone who induces you happy and will be there for you when you need it. Person you want to expend all your time with. Money doesn’t matter and looks fade. Its the heart that matters.

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Sessions’ pastor addresses ‘firestorm’ over church charges against AG

2 days ago

( CNN) One of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ clergymen told her congregation on Sunday that she does not agree with the “zero-tolerance” immigration policies that led to family separations, but recommended the United Methodist church in northern Virginia not to be torn apart by political changes.

“Some in our denomination are calling on us to distance ourselves from Sessions or to do what we can to get him to change, ” she told her congregation during two Sunday sermons. “There has been an outcry about that.”

Wines said her inbox has been overflowing since Tuesday when more than 600 United Methodists from around the country issued a formal complaint against Sessions, a fellow church-member.

Music venue sorry for ‘neo-Nazi’ gig

2 days ago
Image copyright Wales News Service

A popular music venue in Cardiff has apologised after unwittingly permitting an alleged “neo-Nazi” style band to play.

Polish band Infernal War played in front of a crowd of 300 people at The Globe on Tuesday.

The band are accused of having a “sick fascination with Nazi atrocities” and have had all remaining UK tour dates cancelled.

The venue said it only became aware of the allegations after the gig.

Infernal War declined to speak to BBC Wales.

‘Sick’ Nazi graffiti daubed on builds Far right targeting new generation Media captionA spokeswoman from Hope Not Hate said it was “deeply worrying” the band had performed in Cardiff. Image caption The Globe is a popular music venue in Cardiff

Trump’s EPA Chief Rebukes Critics As’ Climate Exaggerators’ After Ceasing Paris Accord

3 days ago

WASHINGTON — Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt said he doesn’t” know what it means to deny the climate” in a defiant rebuke of his critics one day after President Donald Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

” People have called me a climate skeptic or climate denier ,” Pruitt said at a White House press briefing on Friday.” I would say that they were climate exaggerators .”

To back up his point, Pruitt read from Bret Stephens’ controversial debut column in The New York Times, in which the former Wall Street Journal opinion writer rebuffed environmentalists and climate scientists who took issue with his earlier work defending the conspiracy theory that manmade global warming is either overblown or a hoax.

” I don’t know if you saw this article or not ,” Pruitt said. He then read aloud a passage in which Stephens understated the findings of a 2014 United Nations climate report, a mischaracterization that forced the Times to append the article with a correction.

” What the American people deserve is a matter — objective, transparent debate — about this matter ,” Pruitt said.

Jonathan Ernst/ Reuters EPA Adminstrator Scott Pruitt made an appearance at the White House press briefing the day after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

” Global warming is happen, human activity has contributed to it in some manner ,” Pruitt said, staking out an argument often employed by what The New Republic describes as the” kinder, gentler climate-change deniers .”” Measuring with precision, in my point of view, the degree of human contribution is very challenging .”

The nation’s top environmental rulemaker, who is credited with convincing President Donald Trump to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, repeatedly refused to say whether the commander-in-chief believes in the widely accepted science that emissions from burning fossil fuel, deforestation and industrial agriculture are warming countries around the world.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer was equally cagey, telling reporters who asked him Friday about the president’s faiths,” I have not had the opportunity to have that discussion .”

On Tuesday, Spicer also dodged questions on what the president thinks about climate change. ” Honestly, I haven’t asked him ,” he said.” I can get back to you. I don’t know. I candidly haven’t asked him that specific question .”

People have called me a climate skeptic or climate denier. I don’t know what it means to deny the climate. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Typically, White House press secretaries don’t tell reporters they’ll come back with an answer unless they really plan to, knowing that the reporter who asked the issues to will bring up their pledge again a few days later.

Countries around the world, including most major U.S. friends, condemned Trump’s decision to pull out of the historic accord to cut planet-warming emissions. Democrats, environmentalists and top executives from big corporations also voiced their concern.

Pruitt also spoke in the White House Rose Garden Thursday after Trump announced his plan to withdraw from the pact. The EPA administrator’s comments were clearly directed at Trump, who was standing a few feet away and apparently enjoying the lavish kudo. In his two-minute speech, Pruitt said ” you” 21 days, but “Paris” just three.

On Friday, Pruitt called the decision a “courageous” and” informed, thoughtful decision ,” insisting the U.S. has ” nothing to be apologetic for .”

” Paris, truly, Paris at its core was a bunch of words committed to very, very minimal environmental benefits ,” he said, but added that the U.S. was willing to rejoin the agreement under renegotiated terms.

Other countries have said they have no plans to reopen negotiations.

Pruitt fueled doubt that the government has is genuinely is accessible to re-entering a global climate pact, saying any deal to cut U.S. emissions would require permission from the Senate. But he said the White House would circumvent Congress in any deal that allowed the U.S. to exportation technology for coal mining or hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the controversial method for extracting natural gas.

The world comes to terms with President-elect Donald Trump

3 days ago

London( CNN) If the world had had a election, polling indicated Hillary Clinton would be the American President-elect.

America voted, and the President-elect is Donald Trump.

A pillar of the alliance, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, summed up global reaction: “The result is different to what most people in Germany had hoped to see. But of course we are adopting it.”

Report: Dylann Roof told expert he was a sociopath , not autistic

4 days ago

Charleston, South Carolina( CNN) Dylann Roof told his daddy during a November prison visit, before he was convicted of gunning down nine people in a church, that he was going to do something to make it worse.

His father asked him what was wrong with him, handed the phone to his mother and walked away. Roof’s mother asked what he’d said to stimulate his father scream before his dad promptly returned and took the phone.

“Buddy , nothing could be any worse than what you’ve already done. You know whatever you’ve done reflects on us as a family. Don’t be a f *** ing dumb-a **, ” Ben Roof told his son. “I don’t know what you could f *** ing do to make it worse, but don’t do it.”

Chilling moments from Dylann Roof’s trial

Dylann Roof sentenced to death

Charleston church massacre: A timeline

Dylann Roof: ‘I do not regret what I did’

Kavanaugh nod touches off Supreme Court confirmation battle; Dems warn of ‘deaths of countless women’

4 days ago

FTAG 1 TT Image caption

A woman has get her stolen billfold back 18 years later after it was handed to police with her driving licence along with a prized picture of Eric Cantona, still inside.

It disappeared when Joanne Beaven’s handbag was pinched from a hotel in St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

A police officer said the wet and muddied item was posted through the station’s letterbox on Sunday.

He traced her through the address on her then provisional driving licence.

Unsurprisingly, cash that had been inside was missing, but the dog-eared photo of retired footballer Cantona could still be seen.

Anti-Islamic and Nazi T-shirts sold by military charity – BBC News

5 days ago
Media captionSecret filming uncovers charity shop’s anti-Islamic stock

An undercover investigations conducted by BBC Scotland has discovered a military charity is selling anti-Islamic and Nazi-themed clothing to raise funds.

The charity, 1st Knight, provides respite transgress abroad for military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is registered with the Charity Commission and has signed up to the industry Code of Fundraising Practice.

1st Knight told the BBC it had now withdrawn the merchandise from sale.

In a statement, the charity said it should not have been selling this type of merchandise and was grateful for the BBC’s intervention.

1st Knight raises funds through selling prize draw tickets across Scotland and the rest of the UK, as well as selling military-style merchandise from its headquarters in Blackpool, which also doubles as the charity’s shop.

In a documentary, The Great Military Charity Scandal, to be broadcast on Tuesday, volunteers for the charity can be seen mocking Muslims and some Islamic beliefs.

Image caption In a statement, the charity said it should not have been selling this type of merchandise

Caught on secret camera, the founder of 1st Knight Military Charity, Andy Linihan, was selling a Velcro badge which is designed to be placed on uniforms or baseball caps. Underneath the picture of an assault rifle were the words “7 2 Virgins Express”.

When asked by an undercover journalist what it entail, Mr Linihan told her it referred to the shooting of suicide bombers.

He said: “When they supposedly go up to heaven or wherever they go to, there are 72 virgins waiting for them.”

Image caption The charity’s founder Andy Linihan said the badge referred to the shooting of suicide bombers

A volunteer for the charity then told the BBC investigator: “We shoot them and they get the virgins.”

Anti-Islamic themed garment was also being sold by the military charity. One T-shirt had a picture of two naked girls, a pint of beer and a animal. It read: ‘Pork-eating, beer-drinking, womanising infidel’.

When asked to explain why there was a pig on the T-shirt, the charity volunteer said: “They’re not allowed to eat it are they? These Muslims. Pork-eating, beer-drinking – basically it’s against their religion. Womanising – they’re not allowed to womanise, are they? And yet they call us infidels.”

Other merchandise sold by 1st Knight Military Charity included Nazi-themed T-shirts and hooded jumpers.

Image caption The charity was found to be selling Nazi-themed merchandise

Some of them were emblazoned with neo-Nazi insigniums. One – the skull and bones emblem – is also used by the far-right groups Combat 18 and Blood and Honour.

All the money raised from the sales of this merchandise has run directly to the military charity.

Stephen Dunmore, chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator, described the behavior as “entirely unacceptable”.

Image caption The merchandise was shown to the chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator

After assuring examples of the merchandise, he said: “That is not respectful and ethical fundraising. We would not expect a professional fundraiser to engage in that sort of thing and would certainly be ready to investigate.”

The documentary team also secretly filmed former veterans raising funding for the military charity Support the Heroes.

Image caption A Support the Heroes fundraiser told the BBC he was an unpaid volunteer

They were caught on camera claiming the latter are unpaid volunteers and telling members of the public that 100% of public donations would go to helping veterans.

However, Support the Heroes confirmed in a statement to the BBC that their fundraisers were paid commission. They said it would be wrong for them to tell the public that all the donations went on helping ex-forces, when fundraiser commission, payments to a management company and working costs still had to be deducted.

The Great Military Charity Scandal will be broadcast at 19:00 on Tuesday 8 November on BBC One Scotland, and afterwards on the BBC iPlayer

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