Screaming, fist-banging and ‘spit on my face’: What it was like to work for Wynn

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Las Vegas( CNN) Steve Wynn slipped a pair of vampire teeth into his mouth and walked into federal employees session at his glittering Las Vegas casino.

It didn’t work.

The 15 merchants he faced inside the Wynn Las Vegas — all fuming over his new policy that greatly reduced take-home pay — would afterward file a complaint against him with the National Labor Relations Board, “says hes” threatened to fire them if they unionized. They told a board judge that the mogul constructed his phase by hurling a tantrum, wailing, belittling them and slamming his fist on a table.

Former cocktail waitress celebrates Wynn resignation

Imagine there’s no Sgt Pepper. It’s all too easy in the era of Trump and May | John Harris

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This great Beatles album is as thrilling a listen as ever on its 50 th anniversary: but its a melancholy day for the one-world counterculture the record soundtracked

At the time Sgt Pepper was released, the American writer Langdon Winner once recalled, I happened to be driving across the country on Interstate 80. In each city where I stopped for gas or food Laramie, Ogallala, Moline, South Bend the tunes wafted in from some far-off transistor radio or portable hi-fi For a brief while, the irreparably fragmented consciousness of the west was unified, at the least in the minds of the young.

How far away it all seems. On 26 May the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band( it actually falls on 1 June) is likely to be marked by the release of remixed and repackaged versions of the original album. With his characteristically jolly meeknes, Paul McCartney insists in the latest issue of Mojo magazine that its only a record but its gained in notoriety over the years. The truth is that Sgt Pepper might be the most confident, boundary-pushing record British rock musicians had already been generated, and it is worth revisiting again.

We might also think about the era the album crystallised, and its long legacy. Sgt Pepper is not quite the quintessentially psychedelic, love-and-peace artefact of historical cliche: streaked through its multicoloured astonish is a very Beatle-ish various kinds of melancholy, partly rooted in the bands decidedly unpsychedelic postwar childhoods. But the wider culture moment, and the Beatles place at its heart, were indeed replete with beads, buzzers and a wide-eyed optimism.

Three weeks after the album came out, the band were the biggest attraction in the worlds first global satellite TV demonstrate, singing All You Need Is Love to an audience of as many as 350 million. Meanwhile, on both the US west coast and in swinging London, young people on the cutting edge genuinely were trying to push into a future very different from the one their parents had envisaged.

The so-called counterculture may not initially have reached much beyond its urban nerve centres and campuses. But the basic ideas Sgt Pepper soundtracked soon acquired enough influence to begin no end of social revolutions. A new emphasis on self-expression was manifested in the decisive arrival of feminism and gay liberation. Countries and borders came a distant second to the idea of one world.

Such shibboleths as matrimony until death and a job for life were quickly weakened. Once the leftist unrest of 1968 was out of the way, the shift continued away from the old-fashioned politics of systems and social structures towards the idea of freeing ones mind everything coloured with an essentially optimistic position of the future.

Two years after Sgt Peppers release, a young alumnu at Wellesley College, a women-only institution in Massachusetts, dedicated a speech. Our persisting acquisitive and competitive corporate life, including tragically the universities, is not the way of life for us, she said. Were searching for more immediate, ecstatic, and penetrating modes of living. And so our topics, our questions about our institutions, about our colleges, about our churches, about our government continue.

Her name was Hillary Rodham, and her journey says a lot about where 1960 s values eventually resulted us. To quote the music novelist Charles Shaar Murray, the line from hippy to yuppie was not nearly as convoluted as some people subsequently liked to believe and once the love decades more ambitious alumni reached positions of power, the origin of many of their notions was as clear as day.

Their professed distaste for corporate values fell away, but the hippy individualism summed up in the future Hillary Clintons insistence on immediate and ecstatic ways of life lived on, as did a questioning attitude to tradition, and to the stifling the limit of the old-fashioned nation state.

After the anti-6 0s backlash symbolised by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, by the mid-9 0s such notions were shaping a new political establishment, exemplified by Bill Clinton, and Blair and Browns New Labour. I am a modern man, from the rocknroll generation. The Beatles, colour TV, thats my generation, said Blair. Clinton honked away at his saxophone and ended his rallies with a song by Fleetwood Mac.

It is not hard to read across from these legislators ideals to what they soaked up in their formative years. In 2005 Blair, who fronted a long-haired band while at Oxford University, told the Labour party conference that people should be swift to adapt, slow to complain open, willing and able to change. Collectivity was yesterdays thing; against a background of globalisation and all-enveloping liberalism, governments task was to encourage people to be as flexible and self-questioning as possible.

John Lennons response to the rebels of 68: the Beatles build Revolution rock

Go back 50 years, and you perhaps hear early stirrings of those ideas, soaked in patchouli petroleum and put to tape at EMIs Abbey Road studios. Try George Harrisons Indian-flavoured Within You Without You: Try to realise its all within yourself/ No one else can construct you change . Or what about John Lennons response to the rebels of 68 in Revolution( on the so-called White Album )? You tell me its the institution/ Well, you know/ Youd better free your intellect instead . As for a picture of globalised utopia, after the Beatles had broken up, Lennon released that saccharine anthem Imagine, with its key line: Imagine theres no countries .

And now? If youre a citizen of the world, youre a citizen of nowhere, says our new “ministers “. If we do indeed live in the post-liberal times endlessly analysed in academic papers, it is the inheritance of the 60 s that is in question. For sure, many of the changes that originated then have become irreversibly embedded in millions of lives. Positions to marriage, sexuality and matters such as race are seemingly more liberal than ever; wherever you go, youre never very far from the whiff of marijuana smoke.

But the dominance of post-6 0s individualism and globalisation is being weakened by the resurgence of collective identities meant to have withered away: class, nation, region. And if the events of 2016 and 2017 are anything to go by, political success now often goes to people whose values seem the polar opposite of the old counterculture.

Duty, nationhood, and regular trips to church: whatever values Theresa May affects to represent, they are surely redolent of a world that existed long before the 1960 s( consider also her parliamentary record, which includes votes against equalising the age of permission, lesbian adoption and the repeal of section 28 ).

Last year, a New York Post article contrasted Hillary Clintons embodiment of the campus 1960 s with the sense that Donald Trump was an unexpected throwback to the Rat Pack, those macho exemplars of everything the hippies wanted to sweep away. Trump, said the author, represented pre-Feminist Man, the guy who boasts about never having changed a nappy and expects subservience from his wives.

Sgt Pepper arrived two decades after the second world wars objective: approximately the same historical distance that separates the Brexit/ Trump age from the high point of the Clinton/ Blair era. Devote a 21 st-century polish, the albums music voices as thrilling as ever, though with a bittersweet sense of a credo abruptly falling victim to a counter-revolution.

On the last track of the old side two, the bell-like piano chords that begin A Day in the Life are applied to sound like the death knell of all the inward-looking, fusty, moralistic ideas the Beatles came to do away with. How strange to tune in half a century afterwards and find all that stuff back with a vengeance.

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A Week of Outfits: Nicole Bruno


As a communications specialist with a Manhattan law firm, Nicole Bruno is always brainstorming cool workwear. “The dress code is business-y for sure,” she says. “Yet I still want to look like myself and feel comfortable.” She has a knack for coming up with professional outfits that have small twists or fun details.… Read more
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Adam Levine And ‘The Voice’ Judges React To Christina Grimmie’s Death


In light of Christina Grimmie’s death, I need to borrow the words of Demi Lovato’s reaction: “What the fuck is wrong with people? ” That position seems to be the consensus after the 22 -year-old singer from “The Voice” was shot and killed Friday night.

Grimmie was reportedly headed to a meet-and-greet with punk band Before You Exit after a concert in Orlando, Florida, when a human shoot her.

After getting dealt with by Grimmie’s brother, the gunman reportedly turned the weaponon himself and committed suicide. According to police, the alleged shooter had traveled to Orlando trying the vocalist out, though hismotives remain unclear.

Christina Grimmie previously finished inthird place finish on The Voice in 2014 during the course of its show’s sixth season, and she had recently been working onnew music, so the seemingly random, extreme act of violence left friends and those in favour of Grimmie shocked, angry and confused.

Many well-known celebrities, including Nick Jonas, Carli Lloyd, Zendaya and judges Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine from “The Voice, ” left tributes for Grimmie on social media; check some of them out below.

After he discovered Grimmie succumbed, Adam Levine, who was her coach during her season on “The Voice, ” said in a post on Facebook,

Behati and I are perfectly devastated and heartbroken by Christina Grimmie’s tragic death. Our hearts go out to her family. Christina was a natural, a gifted talent that comes along so rarely. She was taken from us too soon. This is yet another senseless act of extreme violence. I am left stunned and confounded how these things can conceivably continue to happen in our world.

Mythoughts are with Christina Grimmie’s family as it goes through this difficult time.

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Important Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Stassi Schroeder


While betches are known for their endless supply of crazy boundless creativity, we’re also lazy as fuck and occasionally want guidance on how to best wrecking the lives of those around us achieve our goals. Enter the canon of on-screen how-to guides on peak betch behavior: believe Summer Roberts, Blair Waldorf, and now, Stassi Schroeder. These females, while wholly unhinged admittedly flawed, are true innovators in the world of scheming, appearing hot, and generally getting your style. As a recent convert to the cult of Stassi( all hail leader of globe ), I’m here to share some of the most important things I’ve learned.

On Saying Sorry

Some milder different forms of sociopath lesser beings have espoused the saying “act first and apologize later.” Stassi, as per usual, takes things one step further: act first and apologize never. If backed into a corner about slapping people or stealing their telephones her latest actions, she exclusively addresses her own emotions and/ or current requires until people give up on get any admission of remorse. Apologies are for people who want it on record that they’ve done something wrong–Stassi Schroeder has no interest in belonging to that category.

On Dressing For Success

Stassi’s outfit takedowns are magnificent. Not only are they spot-on and deeply mean, they basically skip past the outfit wholly and go straight for character assassination. A bad outfit isn’t just an aesthetic failing; it’s a reason to discredit anything that comes out of that person’s mouth.

Scheana: ** shows up in a turban **
Stassi : you’re wearing that, you lost already

Stassi’s also big on using attire as another way to establish her dominance, like when she designates one of Sur’s uniform colors as “hers, ” or when she half-jokingly uninvites Kristina from her birthday for looking too good in every bikini she tries on. Merely one can be the best-dressed betch; are actively involved like Stassi and make sure it’s you.

On Showing Weakness

Stassi Schroeder, like all betches worth analyzing, is like a tiger lion whatever animal is at the top of a given food chain and assaults wounded animals. She surrounds herself with success , not failing, and she has no time for your dead weight.

Scheana : ** picks up her crutches to go **
Stassi : hobble away bitch

This attitude is both fear-inspiring for those working hoping to appeal to her pity( sorry, Stassi’s sympathy can’t come to the phone right now ), and saves her the nuisance of doing things like listening to other people’s problems. When Jax called Stassi about a “cancer scare” and she responded by calling him a complete idiot and throwing out all his protein powder, do you think he was tempted to bellow her from his sickbed again? No, he was not. You don’t approach Stassi from a place of weakness unless you’re looking to be destroyed–not to complain about your cheating boyfriend , not to whine about your struggle to launching a sweater line, and certainly not to discuss your “recovery” from oral surgery.

On Drinking

Finally, Stassi is the queen of constantly drinking without get shit for it from her friends. This could have something to do with the fact that she’s a high-functioning alcoholic refused to ever address it( see above ), or only that she’s so batshit sober you can’t tell the difference. Either way, the phrases “workplace” or “9am” don’t have their usual “probs shouldn’t get wasted” connotations when it comes to Stassi, and she manages to do shit like carry around mini wine bottles in her purse without her friends voicing any fear. If I so much as chug a bottle of wine at my desk suggest Monday night cocktails, I get a judgmental text about “getting up early for SoulCycle, ” so I’m personally very impressed with Stassi on this front. In drinking and in life( is there really a difference ?), Stassi is the unapologetic, fearsome betch you always dreamed of being. You’re welcome for the starter pack.

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Carlo Ancelotti the archway firefighter who always pays his route | Richard Williams

2 days ago

Latest book about Bayern Munichs new director says he saw the end coming early at Chelsea and Real Madrid, and discloses the unstinting admiration of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The captains of industry and cultural rainmakers who form the usual casting of a weekly-newspaper feature titled Lunch with the FT tend to use the opportunity to make a public demonstration of their ascetic personal habits. A small salad and a bottle of sparkling water is usually enough to induce the point about what disciplined lives they lead.

Not Carlo Ancelotti.

When the man who has won the European Cup twice as a player and the Champions League three times as a manager sat down with an FT journalist last week at a favourite Italian eatery in Mayfair, he began by ordering an 82 bottle of Guidalberto, a red wine from Tuscany. I dont need to try it, he told the waiter. I know this wine.

The contents of the bottle vanished, along with a selection of starters and a doubled order of lobster with tagliolini. You like grappa? Ancelotti asked the journalist, who prepared to honour the FTs custom by paying the bill with a twinge of anxiety when it came to a few pennies short of 250. He got out his card, merely to discover that Ancelotti had already come to an arrangement with the proprietor. No fuss.

At Ancelottis home, you always eat well, Adriano Galliani says. The long-serving general manager of Milan, Galliani was the buffer between Silvio Berlusconi and Ancelotti during the latters eight years as the team administrator, from 2001 to 2009( quite a accomplishment, given that in the past 20 years Berlusconi has hired and fired 13 managers , not counting caretakers ).

Galliani is one of the witness whose evidence appears in Quiet Leadership, Ancelottis new volume of semi-autobiography. Co-authored with the management studies expert Chris Brody and the former Chelsea director of football operations Mike Forde, it is probably intended to be racked in the business studies shelves at airport bookshops. But like its predecessor, published just as Ancelotti joined Chelsea in 2009 it is also a treasury of anecdote and insight.

Everyone likes the man who is about to take over at Bayern Munich, which is why the books other voices include Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex Ferguson, Paolo Maldini, John Terry, Alessandro Nesta and David Beckham. They all have affectionate things to say about him as a human his personal warmth, his tactical flexible, his humour, his tendency to lapse into Italian on the rare occasions when he loses his mood in the dressing room but their narratives, and his, create a picture of one style of managing a football squad: a rational approach to the job of operating a team amid the climate of lunacy found at the top of the European club football pyramid.

At Real Madrid, Chelsea or Paris Saint-Germain, however, rationality is generally in short supply. There is nothing he would love more than to recreate the sense of family he enjoyed with Milan, involving himself in a long-term project, but age and experience please give him a philosophical posture to the whims of proprietors such as Roman Abramovich, presidents such as Florentino Prez and directors of football such as Leonardo, an erstwhile friend by whom he feels betrayed.

At Chelsea he was impressed by the requirement to attend 10 meetings to discuss his ideas before being offered the job. He won the Doubled straight away but in his second season, he writes: I find the end coming months before it did, just as I would subsequently at Madrid. He[ Abramovich] would try to convince me, with all my experience to the contrary, to be stronger, tougher and more rigorous with the players. Ive heard it before and Ive heard it since, but he was wrong they are all wrong. What they hire me for is to calm the situation at a club by building its relation with the players. At some later stage that is not the approach they want any more and the relationship with the owners not the players, but the owners begins to worsen. They hire me to be kind and pacify with the players and then at the first sign of trouble along the way thats the very characteristic they point to as the problem.

Those who think of him as soft might come away from the book watching virtue in a willingness to listen to the believes of others and to step back when necessary. He lets Terry take on the job of persuading Didier Drogba to stop diving and exaggerating traumata, knowing that the lesson in English football etiquette would come more powerfully from an English player. He describes consulting Andrea Pirlo on the revolutionary positional shift that turned a very good player into a great one.

He is impressed when Beckham, before making a deal with Berlusconi and Galliani for a loan period with Milan, calls him up first. He is smart enough to know that, with his profile, it could be that he is being pressed on to a manager for reasons other than football. So he contacted me directly and would like to know whether I wanted him to come to Milan. I told him Yes. We trusted one another to speak the truth.

He is, however, a pragmatist. If Berlusconi wants to come to the dressing room to tell his gags, he writes, I have to understand that it is his dressing room. When Ronaldo indicates that he does not want to play alongside another striker in a 4-4-2 formation, Ancelotti thinks to himself: Who am I to argue? How can I change the position of a player who scores 60 aims a season? So I had to find a solution.

If he moves to a club that does not want him to bring his own support staff, he simply adapts. Bringing in tried and trusted lieutenants sounds sensible, he writes, but presumably they were also at your side when you were sacked from your previous task. I giggled at that, and thought of the newspaper pictures of Rui Faria at Jos Mourinhos side this week, while the Portuguese provocateurs negotiations with Manchester United were going on.

Ferguson writes that he tried to persuade Ancelotti to succeed him. It didnt quite work up, he says. Another time, maybe. Thats an interesting statement which might even turn out to be prophetic, bearing in mind the fact that Ancelotti has some experience of putting out Mourinhos fires.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has played for and admires them both, and who currently appears certain to start next season in Uniteds colours, makes an interesting comparing between the Italian and the Portuguese. Jos Mourinho knows how to treat a footballer, he says, but Carlo knows how to treat a person. He also pays the bill.

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How To Survive The Full Work Week: Weekly Horoscopes

2 days ago

Lucky for all signs this week, everything is pretty cold. Sure, last week you were basically on vacation all week long even if you were technically at work. Who just sets Fourth of July on a Tuesday? Thanks, 2017. This week is one of slow transitions , nothing should feel too out of place and Mercury isn’t in retrograde or some shit so don’t worry about your whole world getting a shake up. It’s cool, it’s calm, it’s super casual. Basically, it’s your normal life in the most normal route possible.


Um, do you feel a Pinterest project coming on? As the artisan of the zodiac, you’re feeling especially craft the coming week. Even if you don’t usually DIY, hosting your own paint and sip or something will scratch that creative itch while giving you a chill route to drink with your friends. Let’s face it, after last week, you might need a slight breaking from reaching it so hard and your billfold could use the violate too. Find a way to be creative and social while also drinking fros. You’re not a bore harlot, you’re only more into the kick back than the rage for this week. Totally fine.


Your pace is pretty quick. You’re all over the place simply living life, running errands, and trying to maintain an active social calendar. You’re quick to say what’s on your intellect this week, which is probably a pretty good thing. You’re not about to beat around the bush with some creepy guy who keeps @-ing you on Tinder. You’re also not going to let your coworkers stroll all over you as they try to slip out for more summertime fun while you encompass their transformations. You ain’t about that life the coming week. Standing the fuck up for yourself now will let everyone know where they stand with you once and for all.


As per usual, Gemini betches are split between two lives this week. Half of you wants to hurl some cash around. After all, you work fucking hard for that fund and basically deserve to splurge. The other half of you is worried about having the funding to do something you really wishes to do in the future. Split the difference this week. Do some shopping or whatever makes you happy, but then put a decent chunk in savings so you can afford that analyze abroad semester or lengthy Caribbean vacation or whatever it is you have your eye on in the future. Don’t worry about going all cold turkey on not spending anything so you can have something in the future. A girl’s gotta eat, right?


The Sun and Mars are basically giving you shoots of bee pollen this week, entailing you’ll are particularly energized without ever having to see a sketchy LA doctor who inoculates you with that shit in a furnish closet. Wait, what. NVM. Anyway, you’ll have a lot of energy to keep the summer fun of last week rolling into this week. This week you’ll reach meditation high levels of lucidity so you know exactly what aims you want to reach and how to get there. Plus, you’ll have enough energy to start putting some of those plans into action. Nice.


You feel, like, really weirdly off your game this week. As a Leo, you usually want to be the life of the party with lots of attention and a take-charge posture. This week, you’re various kinds of okay will taking a back seat on pretty much all of it. Sure, it’ll feeling super weird and like you’ve entirely lost your mojo because you’re not out and about really going after everything you want. It’s chill, though. With your birthday around the corner, you’ll be well-rested to hit it hard and get back to 100% you.


You’ve been grinding away lately without anyone actually taking notification. Which is fine, it’s not like you NEED the attention or anything. Whatever. Well, the coming week, all your hard work will come to fruition and pay out some big dividends. Whether it’s just good karma or an actual create at work, it’s about hour you got recognized for not calling in sick when you’re simply hungover and for always asking your boss if they want a coffee when you’re out get your own. In fact, results of all that tedious attempt will be bigger than you even imagined.


Like, how may period did you see? If “theyre saying” just once, I don’t actually believe you because you’re really going for it with the superhero stance this week. You’re not backing down from big challenges and the position of the Sun is casting a flattering light on you for pretty much what it is you do. Even if you’re truly not doing anything different, boss, friends and basically everybody else will see you as super. Don’t try to fight it and merely use all of that fun attention to your best advantage.


You’ve been having, like, really deep and intellectual dialogues lately and you’re entirely not mad about it. This week, your craving to learn will increase. Like, you might even want to pick up a non-fiction work instead of your regular best-seller beach read before heading out on your next vacation. Your desire to know more about the world and others around you is entirely heightened. Kind of like how Kylie want to get “realize stuff” that one time, except, you actually will be doing that and no one will roast you for it.


With Venus opposite your sign, you’re all about the bargain this week. Not like, shoppingwell, I guess that too. But your the terms of reference of negotiation will be on phase. Want to rework your schedule in the office? This is a great week to plead your example and ask for some more vacation. Also, if you have an impending DTR with a summertime fling that kind of turned into more this early in the season, just go for it. Your powers of persuasion will make sure what it is you want the relation to be will become a reality.


After a July 4th week of a lot of social interactions with acquaintances and people you don’t actually give a shit about, your focus on your besties and family will return the coming week. Be forewarned, Mars is making you a little more judgmental of the life options of others. If you can’t keep your strong sentiments to yourself, try to put a little space between you and the person you’re casting shade on for a minute. Some day apart will give you a better perspective.


With Mercury opposite your sign, you really feel like your opinion is the most important and valid in the room. You might want to put that attitude in check at work before tensions with a coworker arise. Don’t maintain that shit bottled up, though. Picking a trusted source to ventilate to is especially important so you don’t, like, explosion. Likewise, don’t operate your mouth to just anyone. Not all betches can be trusted the coming week. Especially since most people are kind of bored with their own lives and would like nothing more than to stir the pot.


The party is following you wherever you go. You’re fun, flirty and attention-grabbing this week. Hell, blame the summer hot, but even your sex drive is up. Part of all this constructs you panic because you feel like you should be working harder and striving for you goals nonstop. Hey, give yourself a little break for the next few weeks. You’ll get back on track with the plans for the future and all of that shit before summer is over. You rarely take time to just enjoy your life and live in the moment so that’s basically all that should be on your agenda right now.

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Are You Daydreaming About Summer Trips?

3 days ago

Winter and I aren’t the best mix. I always arm myself with a sun lamp and a good book and a can-do attitude, but I still get draggy when the sun sets at 4:34 p.m.… Read more
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Advances in AI and ML are reshaping healthcare

3 days ago

Megh Gupta Contributor

Megh Gupta is a member of the investment team at OMERS Ventures.

China defends sanctions work after report of NK oil transfer

4 days ago

China’s foreign ministry has defended its enforcement of U.N. sanctions against North Korea following reports Chinese ships improperly transferred oil to Northern korean boats at sea.

A ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said Wednesday she had no information about the latest report. But she said China has “completely and strictly” enforced trade restrictions aimed at discouraging North Korea from developing nuclear and missile technology.

The South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo quoth unidentified officials this week as saying Chinese ships transferred petroleum to Northern korean vessels some 30 hours since October.

Hua questioned whether any country could make sure “not a single violate will happen.” She said, “the Chinese government has been completely and strictly enforcing Security Council resolves. We are taking a sincere and serious posture and forceful and effective actions.”

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