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History vs. Henry VIII – Mark Robinson and Alex Gendler

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Check out our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/teded View full lesson: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/history-vs-henry-viii-mark-robinson-and-alex-gendler He was a powerful king whose break with the church of Rome would forever change the course of English history. But was he a charismatic reformer who freed his subjects from a corrupt establishment or a bullying tyrant who used Parliament for his own personal gain? Mark Robinson and Alex Gendler put this controversial figure on trial in History vs. Henry VIII. Lesson by Mark Robinson and Alex Gendler, directed by Brett Underhill. Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Elizabeth Parker, Sai Krishna Koyoda, Samuel Barbas, Maxwell Ingram, Victoria Soler-Roig, Abdulmateen Aderinto, Pavel Maksimov, Barbara Younker, Cyrus Garay, Yvette Mocete, Mike Azarkman, Patricia Alves Panagides, William Biersdorf, Michael Aquilina, Vinamr, FireWolfLasers , Kshitij Shah, Mohammad Said, Teach Me Dine -Navajo Language, Victoria Veretilo, Rebecca Reineke, Kyanta Yap, Brandon Thomas, Lewis Westbury, Ojas Kapoor, Mirzat Turap, Jaime Arriola, Emilia Alvarado, Javid Gozalov, Philipp Hiestand, Paul Beard, Deepak Iyer, Markus Goldhacker, Mihai Sandu, Keven Webb, Hendrik Mueller, Maurice Castonguay, Kristiyan Bonev, Maryam Dadkhah, Joshua Wasniewski, Michał Friedrich, Arlene Spiegelman, Doug Henry, Alick Au, denison martins fernandes, Daniel Nester, Richard A Berkley, Benjamin Chan, Dee Wei and Abdallah Absi.From: TED-Ed

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Arrogant Christians In The White House

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Mike Pence, the fundamentalist Christian whose views are so extreme that he cannot be alone with a woman other than his wife, and Donald Trump, who brags about sexually assaulting women and famously stumbled over an attempt to quote a biblical passage while on the campaign trail, seem to hold wildly divergent religious views. Yet both adhere to variations of Christianity inflected with arrogance. Together they represent two troubling trends in American Christianity, trends which appear to prove all the complaints secular liberals ever leveled against Christians.

Pence adheres to biblical literalism. Put simply, this view asserts that the Bible is a transparent document, one that prescribes specific behavioral guidelines. Glossing over the fact that the Bible is a complex text built of ancient fragments brought together by human hands, that it does not speak directly to many modern issues, and that even on its own terms it encompasses numerous contradictions, these Christians confidently declare that the Bible provides clear guidance for every Christian. Literalists arrived at this position only relatively late in Christian history, in response to various challenges from many quarters, including biblical scholarship, advances in science, and a rise in unbelief. Cutting through the complexities and the need to make choices, literalists declared all choice to be false and all discussion to be error. It was a comforting if simplistic and authoritarian solution to the problem of uncertainty.

Its arrogance lies in the hubris of those who believe that only their chosen answers are correct. Its potential to harm others comes when adherents gain political power and force their mandates on nonbelievers. One of the many dangers emanating out of the Trump White House is the power of Pence to impose not his religion but the behaviors his religion dictates onto the rest of us. Womens rights and gender equality are on Pences hit list.

Trumps religion, although very different, is similarly alarming. Unsurprisingly Trump accepts a religious viewpoint that tells him he is uniquely awesome. Whatever he hashowever he acquired itGod wants him to enjoy to the fullest. Although traditional Christian social practice mandates that believers exercise humility, charity and other virtues that put others before self, Trumps faith rejects all curbs on self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement. This religious position, known as Prosperity Theology, is newer than Pences literalism. It preaches that God wants the rich to be not only rich but selfish. Its attraction to a man like Trumpborn to wealth, selfishly guided by his own desires, endlessly demanding that others adore him but never judge himis transparent.

Trump accepts a religious viewpoint that tells him he is uniquely awesome.

The arrogance of Trumps faith can be found in its elevation of the financially successful individual above all others. The rich are rich because God wants them to be so, and he furthermore wants them to enjoy that wealth without qualms or any sense of obligation to others. A religion for the arrogantly wealthy, Prosperity Theology ignores much traditional Christianity. It must brush off Jesuss parable (Matthew 19:24). In that Gospel, Jesus said It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. With this warning, Jesus cautioned that the wealthy had to confront additional temptations unique to them, the temptations of arrogance, selfishness, and greed. In this life their road was easier, but their prospects in the next life were dimmed, if they just enjoyed their wealth without regard for others. Prosperity preaching asserts precisely the opposite: take what you can grab and if you succeed, enjoy it without a second thought, for your success proves you have Gods blessing.

Pences arrogance leads him to believe that he knows exactly what God wants us all to do and that he ought to force that on us if he has the power to do so. Trumps faith simply endorses his own self-regard, elevating his personal whims to Gods desires. The political marriage of the two men is obviously one of expedience, given the great disparities in their beliefs and goals. Yet between them, they can do a great deal of damage. Arrogant self-righteousness and egotistical self-regard together wield power over the rest of us.

Little wonder that the pope has been modeling Christian humility and singing the praises of Christian charity, or that the supporters of these two find his lessons in what it means to be a Christian so infuriating.

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Life Doesn’t Always Go According To Plan (And Maybe That’s The Beautiful Part)

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Jakob Owens

When you close your eyes and look back, did you see yourself here? Did you imagine you’d have this job, these friends, this apartment? Did you picture yourself with the same lover, with a future person, with some sort of relationship that was messy, or absolutely perfect and secure?

Chances are, you saw your life a certain way. Maybe your dream was to start a business, to be surrounded by success. Maybe your dream was to have a family, to find that special person and settle down. Maybe your dream was somewhere in the mix of all that, possibly in both a relationship and beginning a strong career. Maybe your dream was not about work or relationships at all, but finally coming to terms with the person you are.

And maybe you had it all figured out: college, job, love, self-love. Maybe you thought through the way you wanted your days to go, how you wanted to build, over time, a life you were proud of. Maybe you mapped out the ideal age for having children, for organizing a wedding, for leaving the company you didn’t feel connected with.

Maybe you had all these plans—and the universe thought otherwise.

I’ve always loved order, preparation, making sense of the world around me. Having a plan was the best way for me to look forward. When I knew what I wanted, how to get it, and where to go, I could step forward with confidence. I wasn’t afraid.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, time and time again, is that God’s plan won’t always align with my plan, what the world wants for me might not always be the same as what I want for me, and sometimes the best-laid plans fall terribly short.

When I look back on my life, I never would have imagined being in this place, having these dreams, loving these people. Five years ago, I never thought I’d move across the country, have friends in different corners of the world and a boyfriend 2,500 miles away. When I imagined my future self, I didn’t think I’d be this passionate about writing, that I’d be building a career out of something I love, that I’d have so many wonderful things around me, but still feel so damn lost sometimes.

I think that the world puts so much focus on preparation. In school we’re fed the lies that if we don’t do exceedingly well, we won’t make waves. We’re pushed to be the best student, best athlete, best person—but sometimes we don’t know what to push for because we’re just not sure who we want to be.

We’re encouraged to pursue relationships, to find ‘the one,’ to never settle—so we’re always scrambling for the next best thing or person, trying so desperately to fill our lives with something that makes sense.

We spend so much time getting ready for this future, stressing over what hasn’t happened, and setting plans for what’s next We forget to celebrate how far we’ve come. We forget that life isn’t always going to unfold how we want it to—but maybe that’s the most beautiful part.

I always thought my life would be ‘perfect’ if I just did all the things I wanted, if I had just a little bit more success, or money, or the ‘right’ person’s hand to hold. But that wasn’t true. (And none of those scenarios worked out, anyways).

Honestly, the best moments, and the moments I’ve grown the most haven’t been the ones I’ve prepared for. I spent hours upon hours upon hours searching for colleges, applying, visiting, questioning—and the school I ended up with wasn’t even one on my original list. I poured the entirety of my soul into a relationship only to discover he wasn’t truly the one. I got my heart broken, only to find in the healing process.

None of these moments were on the map; I hadn’t anticipated them coming.

And yet I became the person I am today because of them.

Life made its own plans for me—to fall, to break, to be confused, to lose people I loved, to face death, to question myself and my beliefs, to move across the country, to take a job I hated, to start completely over. And sure, I fought like hell against all that. Sure, I thought my world was completely crumbling apart a whole bunch of times.

But in those unknowns, I rebuilt.

In all those unplanned moments that I discovered (and learned to love) myself.

I have spent so much of my life trying to figure everything out (I still do this!) but the greatest lesson I’ve learned, and am still learning, is that I cannot control anything that happens to me.

But I control how I grow from it.

I used to have a roadmap, a ‘timeline’ if you will. But I threw that damn thing away.

Sometimes the best moments in life are the ones you can’t anticipate—you just learn how to both hold on and let go, and allow yourself to experience them, feel them, celebrate them, bloom from them. And continue forward, welcoming what comes.

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‘It’s going to make art great again’: the street artists taking on Trump


The new president has inadvertently inspired a range of angry and satirical pieces, from altered street signs to a drone writing derogatory graffiti

At an anti-Trump rally this weekend, the film-maker Michael Moore took the stage to say the president could be taken down with political satire. Lets form an army of comedy and we will bring him down, he said. He is affected by ridicule. That army of comedic artists has been pounding the pavement this weekend for a fresh crop of post-inauguration street art.

The movement of satirical Trump art, which began shortly after the businessman announced he was running for office, ranges from memes to murals. The New York street artist Hanksy painted Trump as a pile of dung in Manhattan (which was scrubbed shortly before the inauguration), and a nude portrait of Trump with a micropenis by the Los Angeles artist Illma Gore led to the artist being assaulted in public and receiving threats from Trumps legal team.

Anti-Trump art is more than just graffiti and paste-ups; it ranges from buses to drones and even dollar bills. And it goes beyond Washington, where thousands of protesters took to the streets this weekend for the Womens March. Certainly, Shepard Fairey made a splash with his poster of a Muslim woman wearing an American flag hijab but thats not where it ends. Art marking Donald Trumps inauguration stretched across the country and beyond, proving that political artwork has a healthy four years ahead.

One New York street artist named KATSU launched a graffiti-making drone on Monday, formed of a quadcopter carrying a spray can that writes out Scum Trump. The artist plans on releasing all the hardware and software specs so it can be used anywhere, especially in hard-to-reach places.

The t.Rutt art duo run by the Philadelphia artist David Gleeson and the New York artist Mary Mihelic bought a former Trump campaign bus off of Craigslist for $14,000 in 2015 with a bumper sticker displaying the date of inauguration day: 1-20-17. They drove across the country last year and spoke to Americans for a documentary-style art project after altering the bus to read Make Fruit Juice Great Again. On inauguration day, the artists added two golden teardrops to the bus. The teardrops reflect on how so many people felt on inauguration day and also reference the golden shower dossier, said Mihelic.

Their forthcoming project, Golden Shower, is a reference to claims about Trump in a leaked dossier. We are inviting all of those who have been directly disrespected by Trump, including Rosie ODonnell and Megyn Kelly, to donate urine to us, said Mihelic, who will be giving the bus a golden shower in Philadelphia this March.

Captain America in Somerset. Photograph: D-NEK

Thats not the only golden shower-inspired artwork. A Los Angeles artist who goes under the moniker Plastic Jesus has devoted a recent chapter in his art career almost exclusively to Trump art. He has created Trump golden shower head price stickers secretly left at Home Depot stores (in a public art phenomenon known as droplifting or reverse shoplifting), while he has fitted parking signs in cities across the US to read No Trump Anytime. Thats nothing compared to the mini Trump wall he built around the presidents star on Hollywood Boulevard. More recently, he has created a series of limited-edition of American $100 bills with Trumps face on them, one of which he sold to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump for $350.

For me its important to connect with people through my art, which is very much rooted in my own moral, ethical and political beliefs, said the artist. Before the election, I was looking forward to a time when I could start creating inconsequential cultural pieces again. It looks like thats not happening for at least another four years.

The inauguration has also sparked interest among street artists abroad. The street artist D-NEK, for instance, painted portraits of Trump as Captain America in the UK county of Somerset so they were in place for the inauguration, he said. Initially inspired by the release of the film Captain America: Civil War, the artist wanted to draw a parallel to the current political climate. I called it Captain Chump because I didnt want it to look like a pro-Trump piece and be destroyed by anti-Trump lunatics, said D-NEK. I did it because I thought he looked hilarious standing there all righteous.

On Sunday, the Australian street artist Lush Sux created a mural of Trump wearing a mask that belongs to one of Batmans villains, in Werribee, Australia. I think its going to make art great again, said the artist. So many people are gaslighting themselves as ignoramuses and manchildren on both sides of the political spectrum. Sad. But its great material, believe me.

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Wikimedia’s free photo database of artworks violates copyright, court rules

2 days ago

Wikimedia claims Swedish court decision means tourists who take selfies at famous landmarks and spread them online could be in violation of law

Swedens highest court on Monday found Wikimedia Sweden guilty of violating copyright laws by providing free access to its database of artwork photographs without the artists consent.

Wikimedia, part of the not-for-profit foundation which oversees Wikipedia among other online resources, has a database of royalty-free photographs that can be used by the public, for educational purposes or the tourism industry.

The Visual Copyright Society in Sweden (BUS), which represents painters, photographers, illustrators and designers among others, had sued Wikimedia Sweden for making photographs of their artwork displayed in public places available in its database, without their consent.

The Supreme Court found in favour of BUS, arguing that while individuals were permitted to photograph artwork on display in public spaces, it was an entirely different matter to make the photographs available in a database for free and unlimited use.

Such a database can be assumed to have a commercial value that is not insignificant. The court finds that the artists are entitled to that value, it wrote in a statement.

The amount of damages Wikimedia was to pay to BUS was to be determined by a Stockholm district court at a later date.

Wikimedia Sweden expressed disappointment at the ruling.

The Supreme Courts decision shows that we have a copyright law that is behind the times and insufficient faced with the digital reality we all live in, it said in a statement.

It noted that tourists who take selfies of themselves at famous landmarks and spread them on the Internet could be deemed in violation of copyright laws.

BUS meanwhile recalled that Wikimedia had refused to sign a licensing agreement that would have cost several thousand kronor per year (several hundred euros/dollars) and had instead chosen to spend hundreds of thousands of kronor on lawyers fees.

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This Is What I Can Promise You

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I cant promise you that Ill always be the happy-go lucky person you first met.
I cant promise you that youll be the first one I run to when I have a problem.
I cant promise you that Ill never shout at you or walk out on you during an argument.
I cant promise you that Ill laugh at all of your jokes; I might even roll my eyes at your corny jokes.

I cant promise you that I will always say I love you at the start and at the end of every phone call.
I cant promise you that I will be comfortable with all of your friends.
I cant promise you that all of your family relatives will like me.
I cant promise you that I will always understand your side and your choices.

I cant promise you that I will always admit what I did wrong.
I cant promise you that I wont get jealous when you talk to other girls or befriend them.
I cant promise you that Ill always be in a good mood; especially when its my time of the month.
I cant promise you that you will never disappoint or let me down.
I cant promise you that our relationship will always be full of happy memories.
I cant promise you that it will be a walk in the park with me.

I cant promise you that you will always be the first person I tell if something good happens.
I cant promise you that my scars will have those beautiful but tragic stories behind them.
I cant promise you that all my habits will be tolerable.
I cant promise you that all of my flaws will be easy to accept and love.

There are a lot of things I cant promise you, as you can see I have a lot of flaws as much as the next person does but here is what I promise you.

I promise to do the little things for you.

I promise to buy your favorite food whenever youre having a bad day.
I promise to randomly surprise you just because I miss you.
I promise to kiss your cheek when you least expect it.
I promise to sing along to the songs that we rock to in your car on the way home.

I promise to never miss a call from you to say good morning and to hear your snores which I love on the phone every night.
I promise to leave quote notes in parts of you room or even on your phone so that when you find them youll be reminded of me.
I promise to whisper I love you whenever you fall asleep beside me.
I promise to look at you at the movies while youre too engrossed in the scene to even notice.
I promise to hold your hand whenever youre nervous and pull your hand so that you can run with me whenever we want to have fun.
I promise to love your family as much as I adore mine.
I promise to remember dates that you often forget so that Ill pretend Im mad and you can tickle me and kiss my cheek to make it all better.

I promise to be open with you as you show me your scars that youre so afraid of.
I promise to remind myself that youre not perfect whenever your habits irritate me.
I promise to watch your favorite cartoons with you on a lazy Saturday morning.
I promise to play FIFA or UFC with you on your game console as your little brother cheers on the side.
I promise to be jealous so that you can remind me how much youre mine and that will never change.
I promise to always thank God when I pray for He has sent me such a beautiful miracle.

Honestly, I promise to love you no matter how hard it is, no matter how life gets in the way and no matter how much we change. I will always stay with you.

I promise to stay, because youre my person.

I hope that you can promise me one thing as well, that no matter how hard I am to love, please promise me youll stay.

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