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19 People Who Clearly Don’t Know What Satire Is

3 months, 20 days ago

In the age of “FAKE NEWS!,” it can be difficult to discern which news items are real and which are spewing false, hateful information.

But satire? That stuff’s pretty obvious.


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While You Were Offline: Transgress the Internet and Rebuild a Better One

3 months, 20 days ago

It was a week bookended with violence, on the Internet as much as in the news. The tragic murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in West Yorkshire on Thursday resounded around social media in such a way that British politics rarely does, in big part because events in the USwhich is a clumsily euphemistic route of telling ” the the mass shooting that killed 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub last weekend” have left us so sensitive to violence and horror. That assault, as much a hate crime against the LGBTQ community as it was a terrorist action, prompted multiple answers both online and offline. Yes, this week on the Internet was, like everywhere else, dominated by the aftermath of that nightmarish attack.

Break the Internet and Rebuild a Better One

What Happened : In the wake of the Pulse shooting, LGBTQ people on Twitter constructed themselves visible in a show of solidarity.
Where It Blew Up : Twitter
What Really Happened : Within hours of the attack in Orlando, as details were still emerging, it was clear that there was a homophobic component to what had happened. As the discussion surrounding Omar Mateen’s motives stirred, a sideshoot of the conversation turned to the simple, frightening fact that for the LGBTQ community, simply existing can be a political statementoffensive to some with closed minds, but also inspirational to others who lack any role models.

From that beginning went the Twitter trend # GaysBreakTheInternet, the purpose of which was simple: members of the LGBTQ community posting selfies and had confirmed that they exist, and that they matter.

Underscoring the bravery of the movement, there was a wonderfully defiant aspect to some of the tweets, too 😛 TAGEND

The Takeaway : Actually, we’re not quite finished yet…

Short Stories

What Happened : A second self-identification tendency launched on Twitter, with a slightly different focus: introducing the person posting, and demonstrating the broad, varied spectrum of those who are queer and proud.
Where It Blew Up : Twitter
What Really Happened : While #GaysBreakTheInternet was still running, writer and musician Dylan Marron( You might know him as Welcome to Night Vale ‘ s Carlos) posted a tweet that took an alternate view of visibility as statement 😛 TAGEND

Arguably less about posting photographs of yourself looking fierce and/ or fabulous, #queerselflove quickly ran viral as those taking part simply told tales of who they were, accompanied with images or not, building a world in which they were represented, visible, and recognise, demonstrating that there’s not just one fag narrative, but a world of them 😛 TAGEND

Something that was especially beautiful about this hashtag was the number of messages like this 😛 TAGEND

The Takeaway : The tweets shared from the two hashtags above are just samplings; there are many, many more to be found. There’s a courage displayed by those invited to participate in either one, because as the Pulse shooting and the aftermath has shown, this is not a society that is totally comfortable with LGBTQ narratives yet, and only being yourself can end up being a dangerous thing to do. If there’s any upside from what’s happened in the last week, it might be watching the kindness and strength of people like those posting above.

Asked and Answered

What Happened : Donald Trump wanted to” ask the lesbians” about something.” The lesbians” made sure their answer was heard.
Where It Blew Up : Twitter, media reports
What Really Happened : Here’s another reason why it’s important for LGBTQ people to speak up: if you don’t, others will say things on your behalf. Like, for example, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who this week said the following at a campaign appearance:” For the homosexuals out thereask the lesbians and ask the peopleask the gays what they think and what they do in , not only Saudi Arabia, in many of these countries, with the gay community, be asking, and then you tell mewhos your friend, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton ?”

Yes. Let’s” ask the gays ,” shall we?

I don’t know, Donald. Seems to me like asking the gays just led to you getting publicly humiliated, to the media’s delight.( Not that Trump has done anything to upset the media recently; oh, wait .) But you know best, surely.
The Takeaway : Hillary Clinton’s social media squad said it best.

The Room Where It Happens

What Happened : Hands up, anyone who ever thought we would consider the live-tweeting of a filibuster. Well, funny story…
Where It Blew Up : Twitter
What Really Happened : Following the Pulse shooting, the gun control debate started back up–with a slight change. This time around, it seemed, Senate Democrats were going to try and do something about the political gridlock surrounding the questions, with Connecticut’s Chris Murphy launching into a filibuster Wednesday to inspire a vote on the issue 😛 TAGEND

At first, there was general, somewhat cautious support for what he was doinga sense that, yes, it was a good thing but would it truly matter ?

Others, however, considered it as a welcome first step towards sanity 😛 TAGEND

As the filibuster maintained running, however, people’s position towards it on social media started to change 😛 TAGEND

Of course , not everyone was thrilled 😛 TAGEND

But everybody else?

Actually, as Slate reported, Murphy was actually allowed to take bathroom infringes. But even Batman has to pis. And, anyway, others had possible solutions to that problem 😛 TAGEND

As the filibuster continued into the night, Twitter get more and more excited about what was happening.

It eventually aimed after more than 14 hours.

The mission, it seemed, had been successful, with Murphy winning promises for votes on two measures, but as he shared on Twitter, that wasn’t the end of the issue 😛 TAGEND

The Takeaway : Democracy wins! Well, kind of. The next day, you might have been forgiven for supposing the opposite was true 😛 TAGEND

Every now and again, this really does feel like the darkest timeline.

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

What Happened : Taylor Swift might have a new boyfriend. But he’s already the Internet’s boyfriend. What is going on here?
Where It Blew Up : Twitter, media believe pieces
What Really Happened : Let’s talking here something else to end on. Something more positive, more life-affirming. Like, tell, the start of a new relationship as captured via telephoto lens and uncovered via a tabloid tweet 😛 TAGEND

No, really! There are ” sensational paintings “ that you can see for yourself! But is the Internet is interested?

It wasn’t just Twitter, however; actual media outlets got just as obsessed, with particular attention paid to the response of Taylor’s ex. At least there wasn’t anything else actually important happening this week, right?

The Takeaway : The bar has been raised for Marvel-related puns 😛 TAGEND

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Maxine Waters in her signature style: ‘I cannot be intimidated’

3 months, 20 days ago

( CNN) “I am a strong black female. I cannot be intimidated.”

That was Rep. Maxine Waters’ response, fired back after Fox News host Bill O’Reilly mocked her hair Tuesday.

Congresswoman defends statement on impeachment

Rye: O’Reilly has history of racist remarks

Rep. Waters cleared of ethics violation

Explaining Humans

3 months, 20 days ago

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More Armed forces-out personnels calling confidential helpline – BBC News

3 months, 20 days ago
Image copyright PA

A confidential helpline has seen a virtually 90% increased number of requests for help from serving military personnel, an armed forces charity has said.

SSAFA said there were more than 3,000 calls to Forcesline from serving troops last year, up from 1,600 in 2014.

The service was set up at the Army’s request after four recruits died at its Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.

SSAFA said the rise in the number of calls “although not a cause for anxiety, is reason for concern”.

The charity’s chief executive, Air Vice Marshal David Murray, said: “Those who serve in our armed forces are by their very nature resilient characters. They are then trained to be the most robust versions of themselves, so for some asking for help can be a real challenge.

“It is interesting that the service men and women who are contacting us are choosing to come to SSAFA, rather than their own chain of command, as the ‘grin and bear it’ attitude within the serve community remains strong.”

He said it was “imperative” that the welfare of service personnel welfare remained a priority and troops did not feel they had to “deal with their issues on their own”.

“They have been there when our country has needed them and we must be there when they need us, ” he said.

Second inquest

A Ministry of Defence spokesman told: “The government is absolutely committed to the wellbeing of our armed forces and offer a wide range of support both during and after service.

“We enshrined the armed forces covenant in statute and have introduced a raft of measures designed to improve service life.

“The government works in close partnership with the service charitable sector on these issues and we value contributions such as this.”

SSAFA, formerly known as the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, has a network of 7, 000 volunteers providing support for serving personnel as well as veterans.

Between 1995 and 2002, four Army recruits died from gunshot wounds in unexplained situations at Deepcut, sparking allegations of bullying and abuse.

The Army said all of the deaths were suicides but, in all cases, the families disagreed.

A second inquest is taking place into the death of one of those recruits, Private Cheryl James, more than 20 years after her death.

Among other things, the coroner will consider accusations that there were “shortcomings” with barracks policies on sexual behaviour, supervising of young women, narcotics, alcohol and accommodation.

In total, the SSAFA helpline received 21,983 requests for help in 2015, up 6% on the year before.

Read more: www.bbc.co.uk

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