Girls are sharing their clothing sizes to send an important message to the fashion industry

One week ago

LONDON Women are sharing photos on social media of their cothing labels in a bid to show the wild difference in sizings and to challenge the fashion industry’s approach to body image.

During London Fashion Week, the Women’s Equality Party( WEP) launched a hashtag exhorting women to share their garb size, using the #NoSizeFitsAll hashtag.

According to WEP, one-in-five women in the UK cut the label out of their clothes and 70 percentage nation they do so “out of shame and shame at their size.”

“The # NoSizeFitsAll campaign seeks to overturn the presentation and idolisation of uniform body types by the fashion industry. Let’s start by overturning the trend of label shame, ” read a message positioned on WEP’s Instagram page.

The need for more body diversity in the fashion industry has been backed up by scientific research. Researchers at Durham University found that using models who are more representative of the “actual population” could help girls and women develop a healthier posture towards eating.

Women on Twitter and Instagram shared their dress sizings during London Fashion Week, as part of the campaign.

Many employed the hashtag to highlight the fact that women’s dress sizes can range dramatically, depending on the clothing brand or type of garment.

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