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Image caption Rafe Spall’s character is based on the real-life engineer and clairvoyant researcher Harry Price

Rafe Spall will be leading the casting of ITV’s new supernatural feature length movie Harry Price: Ghost Hunter.

The Life of Pi actor will take the title role of Price, a conman medium who is given the chance to turn his life around when he is asked to tackle a haunting in a local politician’s home.

Joining Rafe is Downton Abbey’s Cara Theobold, who will play Sarah Grey, the family maid who helps Harry with the investigation.

The period film, set in 1920 s London is based on the novel The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring, a fictionalised account of one of Britain’s most well known scare tracker.

The real Price was an engineer and clairvoyant researcher who gained public prominence for investigating and uncovering fake spiritualists.

Here Spall talks about his character, what he feels about horror cinemas and his plans for the future.

What attracted you to this role ?

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Image caption Cara Theobold as Sarah Grey swaps her chore as a maid to help Harry Price in his paranormal investigations

I thought it was a really interesting world, the idea of it being set in the 1920 s after World War One where you had a whole generation of people who were lost and trying to reconnect with loved ones who were gone, so there was a big prevalence of media and fake seances and people saying they could communicate with the dead, which in my opinion is rubbish.

Can you tell us a bit more about your character?

He started off as a clairvoyant researcher and took a scientific approach to debunking the apparitions and hauntings, which then made him depressed because he was letting people down. So, he started telling people what they wanted to hear, and inducing people feel happy, and he loved that attention.

One day, someone came up to him on his doorstep and told: “Mr Price, thank you for helping me communicate with my brother , now I know what to do, ” and he pulled out a firearm and shoot himself right in front of Harry Price.

After that, the wife of a Liberal MP starts watching ghosts in her house and was threatened with being put in an asylum. Harry Price’s own wife was in an asylum and died. So, he[ Harry Price] takes on the instance to save the MP’s wife from the same fate.

Hearing you describe Price presents him in a totally different lighting, some may call him a conman ..

Well, he goes through stages. Initially, he wasn’t a conman then he became one, then he stopped because of its own experience. Price was an engineer and scientist who found his way into becoming a conman, then, almost like a retrieving addict, he spent the rest of their own lives saying that this is the wrong way to go – the personal transition Price goes through will be shown in the film.

Can you describe Price in a sentence ?

No, I think that’s so difficult. I couldn’t describe my personality in one sentence apart from telling: ‘I’m a legendary guy'[ laughs ]. It’s impossible to do but that’s what’s so great about playing the character because, like all of us, he’s wholly multi-faceted and organic – good, bad, mean, funny, angry, haunted, a showman.

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Image caption Richie Campbell plays Harry Price’s friend Albert Ogoro
Are you in any way similar to Price ?

I don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural , nor did he. We went to the same school. I grew up in New Cross, London and went to Aske’s[ Haberdasher’s Aske’s Hatcham College] and Harry went there too and if you go to the college’s Wikipedia page, under notable alumni, my name is followed by his name.

So you don’t believes in fate ?

No – I believe in the randomness of the universe. I don’t believe in the supernatural, I believe in goodness and the inexplicable thing created between two people, and that’s love.

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‘ The Bachelor’ Reveals Another Race Problem: Biracial Black Vs.’ Full Black’

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Its no secret that continuously fails to address race, diversity, and representation. Yet many non-regular viewers myself included were intrigued by the current season, which comes to a close next week. This is largely because of Jubilee, the Haitian-born American war veteran, who captured the hearts of many fans of the indicate, as well as non-fans.

While Jubilee left the show on the fifth episode continuing the tradition of black women invisibility as each season persists much has been expressed regarding how her presence on the present created uncomfortable questions of race and, its spinoff,, and the visibility of interracial dating as a whole. Full disclosure: I stopped watching the indicate after Jubilee left, and wrote about how her example serves as a microcosm of race, representation, and dating. But earlier this week, I watched episode, where all the rejected women from the season address their interactions, and ask and answer pertinent questions.

I was unashamedly merely interested in hearing Jubilees perspectives, and insuring if the issue of race on the Bachelor would directly be addressed( finally ). Jubilee was put on the hot seat individually interviewed by the host, Chris Harrison, along with a select few other women. She discussed her introversion, difficulties in conveying herself, and being( mis) understood. And race, to some amaze, was also addressed, but not in the way that many had hoped for, or anticipated.

Amanda and Jami were two women on the present this season. They identify as biracial black and white. In their day on the show, its relationship with Jubilee induced many spectators uncomfortable. From the flashings of reality TV which is always important to note they seemed to have a negative, if not wholly hostile posture towards Jubilee. At one point, Amanda even fostered a showdown of Jubilee that came across as ganging up, and for most spectators, it left a bad savor in the mouth. Especially so, I guess, for black women.

From a view of solidarity amongst women of coloring, and specifically those who identify with some degree of blackness, the relationship between Amanda and Jami, and Jubilee, seemed to exemplify that quote that is all too familiar in many black communities: All my skinfolk aint my kinfolk.

During the Tv prove, Amanda and Jami, the latter of whom was quite vocal for someone who did not feature much during her short bide this season, accused Jubilee of claiming herself as full black in opposition to the two biracial womens half black. That Jubilee called herself full black, was seen as negative by Amanda and Jami, who insinuated that it deemphasized blackness.

It voiced like Jubilee was insistent that she be known as” full black” as a matter of representation, in a show that doesnt feature many women of any blackness.( She was also central to the season’s dialogues, and constructed it the furthest of all three women .) But it was important to her, to proclaim this for reasons that a good host, or at least a racially conscious prove and/ or host, might have asked.( They didnt .) But Jubilee aimed up apologizing to Jami and Amanda for the declaration of her blackness.

Jubilee’s apology was absurd for two reasons. That the first person to apologize for a conversation on race, is the only full black woman on a show that centers whiteness, is distinctly ridiculous. And that she apologized because of her alignment to blackness and her declaration of it in( pun intended ), is preposterous.

What race dynamics are going on here?

The United States history of anti-blackness, especially as it shows in the one-drop regulation, plays a role in racial interactions between people who identify as black in varied degrees. Colorism, an expression of the results of racism, which affects all people of color in different ways, is also important in this discussion. This is because of how lighter-skinned people are often privileged institutionally, and in terms of individual interactions by all people and the subsequent disadvantage for darker-skinned people. But there is also current realities of not being considered dark enough to align with ones particular racial group of color when one is lighter-skinned. Jubilees full black experience is different individually, communally and in society at large, from Amandas and Jamis experiences.

Biracial identities are complex; biracial people also suffer from invisibility. The context in which these identities exist is largely dependent on their mixture, but overall these dialogues are of great importance in an increasing multiracial nation.

Within a biracial identity that includes blackness and whiteness, because of the history of the one-drop regulation, any( visible) degree of blackness, induces one black in the eyes of society, despite differing experiences. Amanda and Jami in particular, reasonably, Jami less so, are also arguably not inevitably visibly biracial to the naked eye, as a matter of national consensus. By this I mean they could be mistaken for light-skinned black women, and in fact there are light-skinned full black women who may look more biracial than either or both of them. This is not to discount the importance of their biracial identity and their claim of it, but it is necessary to locate the two women and their identities in the social reality that everyone is live in, and participate.

If it is of particular importance to biracial people to uphold their biracial identity as Jami and Amanda did( and have every right to do so) how is it then offensive for one to claim ones full blackness, so as not to be mistaken for anything else? Indeed, it is quite possible for biracial people to look like Jubilee too. Race may be a social construct with real outcomes, but genetics do interesting things.( Adrian Pipers is an excellent source for further reading .)

For many biracial people, the choice between having to claim one identity over the other is a real experience. It is also an unfortunate position, despite oftentimes benefiting from light-skinned privilege, and it is one that largely depends on how one looks. From my observation, and in listening to the narratives of many biracial women and men, identity and identifying is a challenging endeavor, and one that never seems to satisfy the two or more racial groups that make up their identity. But it cannot and should not be the burden of full black females to discount their heritage of full blackness, in order to fulfill the sentiments of biracial black women.

The conversation on race that appeared on was one on degrees of blackness. This is a complicated conversation for many of us who are black full, half, one-quarter, etc. But it did not do the Tv demonstrate any service, and might have left what is a very white audience, confounded. Not merely in terms of the complexity of the discussion itself, but of the implications that exist beyond a show that is also ultimately about a group of women vying for a mans love.

had a conversation on race, but not the one it should have had. It wasn’t one about the proves representation and lack thereof, and the role of race in dating, and of course how it shows beyond the black/ white binary. That is the conversation that some are waiting for, and that has yet again, failed to come.

For the rest of us who are acutely aware of race in media and organizations, and how it shows in ordinary life, and especially those of us who are some kind of black, we again confront the complexity of blackness. And we confront it in relation to the biracial identity that contains blackness.

What is blackness? Who does it include and omit? Does a persons identification with being biracial take away from their blackness? Do biracial/ black-white identifying people underline the identity in order to distance themselves from blackness? Do full black people exclude biracial/ black-white people in order to claim hold to blackness? What is the relationship between blackness and the biracial identity beyond white and black? In an increasingly multiracial country, and arguably, world, what is the future of blackness?

These are all questions that the black Diaspora continues to confront, and while there are no simple answers, we must remember that blackness is rich and diverse; it has always been, and it can contain many. But in answering these questions individually and collectively, we must make sure that we answer out of love and community, and not dread; from a place of agency, and not as a reaction to the rigid and prejudice organizations that is likely subject all of our( black) identities to other.

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Jennifer Lawrence, please keep your butt off our ancestors | J Kehaulani Kauanui

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The actor built illuminate of sitting on sacred rocks in Hawaii during a Hunger Games shoot. But were not laughing

How do you define sacred? One simple answer: its something you keep your butt off. Jennifer Lawrence get that memo, but decided to disregard it. In a recent interview she remembers her butt-scratchin on sacred stones while shooting Hunger Game in Hawaii. They were, to her mind, a useful tool to alleviate her of itchiness.

In specific comments, which she made on a recent episode of the BBCs Graham Norton Show this week, she says: There were sacred stones I dunno, they were ancestors, who knows they were sacred. She goes on to say: Youre not supposed to sit on them, because youre not supposed to expose your genitalia to them. But she did. I, however, was in a wetsuit for this whole shoot oh my god, they were so good for butt itchines!

She knew this was a gross culture breach that much is clear but Lawrence decided to go ahead and desecrate the rocks anyway.

A phaku( stone) can be sacred for a number of reasons. In some examples it is because it may be the physical show of a deity or ancestor. In other occurrences, it may have to do with the purpose of the boulder such as birthing stones imbued with mana( spiritual power) of the chiefs. None of these things mattered to Lawrence.

Lawrences story shores up a long line of Hollywood productions that have taunted traditional Hawaiian spiritual faith. As scholar Lisa Kahaleole Hall notes in an essay titled: Hawaiian at Heart and other fictions, Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum PI in the 1970 s and 80 s and Survivor today, set the stage for this attitude. Meanwhile, cable programming on Nick at Nite has introduced a whole new generation to the secret kahuna curse raised when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii.

This has to do with the kitsch-factor that continues to beset Kanaka Maoli indigenous Hawaiians and Hawaii. As Hall puts it: This has significant political implications, because by making Hawaiianness seem ridiculous, kitsch functions to undermine sovereignty struggles in a very fundamental style. A culture without dignity cannot be conceived of as having sovereign rights, and the repeated marketing of kitsch Hawaiian-ness leads to non-Hawaiians misunderstanding and degradation of Hawaiian culture and history.

Also, the retelling of this story for amusement value stimulates Hawaiians and our ancestors the butt of her gag. Consider her reply when the pkahu which she describes as a giant boulder was dislodged and supposedly virtually killed the sound technician on the set when it rolled down the mountain. As she tells it: All the Hawaiians were like, Oh my God, its the curse. And Im in the corner going, Im your curse. I wedged it loose with my ass.

It is high time that people realize that despite the unbridled colonial violence of modernity, for many indigenous individual and peoples, the sacred persists in our 21 st century world. Mni Wiconi( Water is life in Lakota) is the banner for many of the indigenous individuals, tribal nations and other collectives working to protect sacred water, the source threatened by DAPL. They have brought their understandings of the sacred into the mainstream though there is still much work to do.

Settler colonialism has historically deemed non-Christian concepts of the sacred as a form of barbarian superstition. This thinking persists today. Thats why we who are indigenous must assert and claim our monarch and spiritual connections to our respective deities and ancestral realms regardless of others laughter and dismissal. In the mean time, Lawrence should learn to scratch herself some other way.

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SNL’s Dead Poets Society Spoof Has Outrageous Surprise Ending

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Alex Ich on Renegades LCS debut:

8 hours ago

Yesterday we insured multiple hotshots from around the globe debut in the North American League Championship Series( LCS ), but theres one that no one seems to be talking about.

He didnt have the most exciting performance in his game on Saturdayhe played Orianna, a support mid laner, and didnt score a kill until 43 minutes into the match( finishing with a 2/3/ 12 KDA ). But Alexey Alex Ich Ichetovkin won the first LCS game hes played since April 15, 2014, and winning is enough for one of League s most legendary players.

The game didnt go as good as we wanted and expected, but the win is the win, he told me as Renegades filed into the press room, relieved after closing out an hour-long thriller against Team Liquid.

Ichetovkin is a mixture of tired and composed, likely ready to head home to relax and prepare for tomorrow. We chat about Diablo 3 he snuck in a little time on Friday for the launch of the new season, but hes merely level 43. His beautiful wife, Ekaterina, hovers around him with a phone, actively streaming to an audience of 40 or so Russians, die hard fans and friends happy to see their idol back in the big league. He asks if she can sit in on the interview, saying the viewers wont be able to understand us anyway. She defines up in the corner, telephone trained on Ichetovkin.

After over a year and a half of effort, hes returned to vying in the top league. When I ask him how he feels about it, he shrugs. Those 40 Russians watching are more excited than he is.

Well I gotta go to LCS again he sighs, slouching in his chair like a laborer returned from a dreary 9-to-5. Of course, thats only Ichetovkins patented dry humor. Hes clearly happy to be back on the big stage. But even so, for a veteran like him( one with multiple championships to his name ), it really is just another day on the job. Some might mistake such attitudes for indifference, a difficult place to stand in the extremely competitive world of esports. But in many ways that kind of level-headed mentality is enviable for a pro gamer. Ichetovkin just saves his flame for where reference is needs it.

I feel like LCS as a league is a bit tiresome for players, he says. Its a long run, so you need to be careful, you dont need to be super excited. You merely need to be chill and go in with a clear mindset.

The playoffsor relegationis when you need that intensity. The aim is to avoid relegation, Ichetovkin says, but Renegades will be happy with playoffs. In what looks like the strongest LCS field ever, itll be tough for Renegades to make it. But theyre on their way with a victory against Team Liquid in their LCS debut.

“You need to be careful, you dont need to be super excited. You simply need to be chill and go in with a clear mindset .

Not merely was the match the LCS debut of Renegades, the team Ichetovkin joined in March last year, but it was a good old fashioned grudge match against what should prove to be a bitter rival, Team Liquid. The founder of Renegades, Chris Badawiwho dedicated Ichetovkin a chance to play in America after his first squad of the states of the region fell apartwas accused of tampering by Team Liquid in May, eventually leading to a Riot Game ruling that banned Badawi from officially participating with the team throughout 2016.

Even for Ichetovkinthe consummate professionalthat entails something. Or it would have, if he remembered that detail before the match. When I asked him about it, he seemed perplexed for a moment. There would be a lot of rivalry, at least in my head, if I recollected it! I forgot about it, he said. Human … I wish I played better.

Of course, the 2/3/ 12 Orianna performance isnt what fans expect from Ichetovkin, a player famous for flying around a squad battle as Khazix, scoring kill after kill. But its the role he was tabbed to play in the team composition, providing control through devastating ultimates and using his shields to enable the Renegades superstar everyone is talking about, Ale Freeze Knnek. Ichetovkin actually teamed with Knnek on Ninjas in Pyjamas in 2014, but since then Knnek has shown the world hes a premiere marksman talent during two seasons in the LCS with the Copenhagen Wolves. The Czech AD carry was one of the offseasons hottest commodities, and Badawi managed to woo him to Renegades.

Any team would be lucky to slot a player like Knnek into the lineup. Squads like Team SoloMid and Team Liquid considered signing him this offseason. In a different world Knnek wears Liquid blue, but today, he was destroying themposting an 11/2/ 7 KDA on Kalista while dealing 38.7 percent of his squads damage.

Hes a really good mechanical AD carry so you can rely on him doing well just outplaying the enemy, winning the lane. You dont need to worry about that part of video games, Ichetovkin says. But in a League world where macro play and communication are becoming more and more important, getting superstar production from Knnek wasnt as simple as slotting him into the lineup.

I guess at first it went hard, Ichetovkin said. But now were detecting our ways to communicate with each other, our ways of playing. I think hes doing really well This was our main run, were working with him as a squad, and everyone as a squad. I think its running really for us.

Even last year, when some viewed Renegades as an all-star lineup ready to stomp the Challenger Series, they were not a squad that predominated through individual talent, but through better understanding of video games. Yesterday, Team Liquid may have fielded a more individually-skilled lineup led by solid performances from Chae Piglet Gwang-jin and mid laner Kim Fenix Jae-hun. But Renegades maintained Team Liquid on the back foot from the get-go, constructing a lead with skilled team play and never devoting an opening for Liquid to get back in the game.

Part of that success is likely due to featuring veterans like Ichetovkin and Alberto Crumbzz Rengifo in the jungle, but the coach-and-fours have had an impact, too. Coaching is a luxury new to even Ichetovkin, a five year veteran. The emergence of coaching in Western League of Legends is a relatively new phenomenon, and Ichetovkins been away from the LCS. While Gambit Gaming had a coach-and-four, it wasnt even comparable to Renegades resources.

It was much worse, Ichetovkin said. Now … its a super new experience and I think its working out for us really well. Coaching staff helped us a lot. He credits David Hermes Tu with helping the team out of a couple slump, and with discovering a squad identity that works for them when they are added Knnek. We started winning scrims, and now you can see it in the LCS.

Of course, coach-and-four Tu might have some words for his players after his team took nearly half an hour to close out a match where they had an 8k gold lead at 35 minutes.

We had three opportunities to close the game out but we ran for some weird stuff. We chased Viktor, it get people killed, it slowed us down super hard.

Its simply the first game of LCS. We played fairly sloppy. Well try to work out our mistakes and get better on stage .

So far thats par for the course during a new year and new season of the LCS. Renegades featured a dive composition featuring Kalista, launching an Orianna-ball laden Alistair into foes to grab pickings. But Team Liquid countered with Janna, allowing them to disengage fast. You wont ensure many gold graphs as smooth as the one proving the lead Renegades methodically built through 30 minutes in this game, steadily utilizing their map motions and engage ability to force Team Liquid away from key objectives and even farm. But a few key mistakes in the midgame constructed closing out the match a dicey affair. And with everyone in video games sporting Ionian Boots of Lucidity, devoting both teams more chances to use Flash, it was difficult for either team to start a fight late.

Its just the first game of LCS, he said. We played pretty sloppy. Well try to work out our mistakes and get better on stage. I guess all the mistakes, we could have avoided them.

If Renegades can do that, theyll be well on their route to success in what should be the toughest season of LCS in history.

It wasnt a glamorous return to the LCS for Ichetovkin, one of League of Legends formative hotshots. Hes likely not a superstar talent any longer. Maybe its okay fans arent cheering his return, instead turning to newer stars like Knnek. Ichetovkin isnt wholly aroused about it, after all. But Ichetovkins tale isnt always one of exhilaration, its the histories of a man who proves that when we call esports professional, we really mean it.

Photos via ESL& Riot Game | Remix by Jacob Wolf

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Showing Both Sides: ABC Is Balancing Out Roseannes Pro-Trump Politics By Airing A Scene After Every Episode Where Donald Trump Drowns In The Conner Family Bathtub

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Though ABC’s Roseanne reboot is a bona fide ratings success, the indicate has become a lightning rod for controversy, with Roseanne Barr’s right-wing notions drawing ire from the left and praise from conservatives in equal measure. Now, the primetime network is taking major steps to make sure the prove caters to viewers on both ends of the political spectrum: ABC is balancing out Roseanne ’s pro-Trump opinions by airing a scene after every episode where Donald Trump drowns in the Conner family bathtub.

Finally, a Tv show that both Democrats and Republicans alike can find something to like about!

Starting with next week’s Roseanne , each episode’s shutting credits will be followed by a short clip of President Trump flailing face-down in the Conners’ bathtub until he is completely motionless, a change that ABC hopes will counterbalance Roseanne Barr’s endorsement of Trump policies throughout the rest of the present. The studio audience’s reaction to seeing President Trump drown in a working-class family’s bathroom will be a mixture of applause and booing, an additional measure intended to guarantee that both liberal and conservative positions are represented on the show.

“Our programming is meant to be enjoyed by viewers of all political persuasions, so by adding a recurring segment where President Trump dies in 4 inches of bath water, we hope that Roseanne is regarded as fair, balanced, and entertaining to everyone, ” told Channing Dungey, President of ABC Television, in a press release announcing the news. “Our nation is more divided than ever before, and that’s why we’re striving to create a show that brings people together, whether they’re tuning in to watch Roseanne Conner rip into her sister’s liberal faiths or to watch her husband, Dan, screaming after he walks into the bathroom and detects President Trump’s waterlogged corpse mutely floating in his bathtub.”

Wow. Time will tell whether having President Trump drown in the Connor’s bathtub in a new way every single week will incentivize more left-leaning spectators to tune in, but in such polarized hours, it’s a noble move on ABC’s part either way. Other TV networks better take note, because ABC is bridging the divide between liberals and conservatives, and they’re build it appear easy, too!

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