Funny Guy Takes On His Office Dress Code With A Daring New Look

9 days ago

Unless you work in a very casual office or from home, you probably have a dress code to follow.

This can be helpful, specifying what’s appropriate and what’s not in each particular setting. Usually when we hear about people being punished for infringing a dress code, it’s a woman. Generally speaking, these “violations” involve outdated rules about what’s acceptable for women vs. humen.

One man recently found out, however, that there was one dress code area that wasn’t quite equal for men in his office. He decided to do something to show his boss exactly what he was prepared to do to adhere to the dress code in the future.

Because it’s getting highly hot outside, Twitter user @ jBarge_ decided to wear navy blue shorts to his bellow centre chore. He was sent home for infringing the dress code.

In response, he decided that in order to remain cool he would be following the dress code specified for female employees, totally trolling his bosses. He put on a( instead fetching) dress.

He documented his experience on Twitter, saying, “See you soon, Twitter. I’ll be sent home soon.”

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