Iowahawk’s suggestion for an angry uncle Voxsplainer updated with human who threatened Sen. Joni Ernst

10 days ago

It wasn’t even a month ago that David ” Iowahawk ” Burge dedicated Vox a great suggestion for one of those guidebooks to talking to family members about politics over the holidays that were so fashionable during the course of its Obama years. How about a piece on talking down your crazy Bernie Bro of an uncle from doing something violent? Since a Bernie Sanders volunteer opened fire on Republicans in Alexandria, two men have been arrested outside Sen. Jeff Flake’s office in Tucson, one of whom allegedly told a staffer that protesters like them were going to ” solve the Republican problem” by getting” better purpose “~ ATAGEND than the man who shot Rep. Steve Scalise. Add to that batch Robert William Simet, a Nebraska man who was arrested by the FBI Friday after allegedly telling employees at an Iowa motorcycle shop Wednesday that he” could kill” Sen. Joni Ernst at an event where she was scheduled to speak Saturday. Simet reportedly said that” everybody in the governmental forces needs to be killed off” but mentioned Ernst and the event specifically.

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