These lawmakers want to make sure you can’t have an abortion so we asked if they ever had one

17 days ago

Image: vicky leta/ mashable

Lawmakers who are passionate about legislation that builds it nearly impossible for women to procure a legal abortion, it turns out, are not interested in discussing their own experiences with contraception and ending a pregnancy. They want to legislate the most personal selection a woman can make and yet, despite asking, we know little to nothing about their own decisions.

Last week, 77 Ohio legislators voted to ban abortion upon the detecting of fetal cardiac activity, as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, with no exception for rape or incest.

We contacted every single one of those 77 lawmakers, to see if they’d answer three topics 😛 TAGEND

1. What’s your preferred method of preventing pregnancy?
2. If you or your partner have been pregnant, at what week did you learn of the pregnancy?
3. Have you or your partner ever sought an abortion?

It was a genuine effort to determine whether these legislators would be willing to publicly take stock of their intimate lives and choices as they sought to drastically limit their own constituents’ options and constitutionally-protected rights.

“I like you all very much but I would never ask any one of you to come into a doctors office with me and make any decision for me.”

Like the average state legislature, Ohio’s official records of the general assembly is 75 percent male.

By our counting, of the 77 yes votes recorded 😛 TAGEND

66 of the “yes” votes were cast by men.

11 girls, all Republican, have voted in favour of the bill.

22 women, largely Democrats and many of them women of color, resisted the bill.

Ohio Sen. Kris Jordan( R ), Sen. Bob Peterson( R) and Rep.Timothy E. Ginter( R)( from left to right ). Peterson and Ginter declined to comment for this story and Jordan did not reply to inquiries.