Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Sleeping Baby

5 months, 17 days ago

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Senate Republicans start health care pushing with missteps

5 months, 17 days ago

Washington( CNN) It wasn’t long after the House eventually passed its bill to repeal and replace Obamacare that senators were already vowing to do it their style.

But in the week since, Senate Republican are quickly coming up against some of the same obstacles that dogged House Republicans — and dealing with new problems of their own creation.

Republican leaders have spent the early days of their Obamacare repeal effort pelted with questions about why they announced a 13 -man working group last week that didn’t include a single female senator.

Buddhist Monks Reveal What Goes Into Building A Traditional Mandala

5 months, 17 days ago

The sand mandala is a very important part of Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The custom involves the meticulous creation of a sand mandala followed soon after by its deconstruction. It is meant to typify the transitory nature of life according to Buddhist beliefs. This sand mandala was created at the Urban Dharma in Asheville, North Carolina.

Each mandala has a mantra associated with it, the mantra for the one being constructed in this video is “Om Mani Padme Hum.” It is a mantra of compassion. If you watch the video carefully you can see the mantra pop up subliminally at many points through the video. In total it shows up 108 times.

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Baby Seeing Chickens For First Time

5 months, 17 days ago

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Chelsea ready to sanction PS6 0m sale of Oscar to Shanghai SIPG

5 months, 17 days ago

Chelsea are ready to sanction the sale of Oscar to Shanghai SIPG after the Chinese Super League club tabled an offer worth up to 60 m for the Brazil midfielder

Chelsea have sanctioned the sale of Oscar to Shanghai SIPG after the Chinese Super League club , now managed by Andr Villas-Boas, formalised their long-standing interest and tabled an offer worth up to 60 m for the Brazil midfielder.

The Premier League leaders is cognizant of the fact that bid on the working day the latter are fined 100,000 by the Football Association for the portion they played in the touchline melee in stoppage day at Manchester City this month. The level of that sanction reflected current realities it was their fifth charge of failing to control their players within 19 months City, who had two players sent off, must pay only 35,000 but did mean Chelsea avoided a points allowance for recurred any infringement of rule E20a.

The incident has, however, served as a reminder to Antonio Contes side that the threat of the most severe punishment is real as they seek a 10 th successive Premier League win, at Sunderland, on Wednesday. They are expected to be without Oscar for that game on Wearside, with the Brazilian understood to have told his team-mates he will leave at the end of the month. The 25 -year-old had started the first five Premier League games of Contes tenure, but has been reduced to a bit-part role since and has played 36 minutes, encompassing four substitute appearances, of the nine-match winning run.

Villas-Boas, who endured an unhappy eight-month spell in charge at Stamford Bridge, is a long-time admirer and had first attempted to sign the attacking midfielder, then with Internacional, for Tottenham Hotspur in the summer of 2012 merely for the Brazilian to opt to move to Chelsea in a 19.5 m bargain. He has constructed 99 Premier League starts in the period since and won the Premier League, Europa League and League Cup. But, having grown frustrated on the fringes at Chelsea of late, he will now take over the lucrative new challenge in China.

Both Guangzhou Evergrande, coached by another former Chelsea manager in Luiz Felipe Scolari, and Jiangsu Suning, who built their own interest known last summer, had continued to way Oscar, but Villas-Boas is confident he will be able to deflect any late rival bids and secure the player. Oscar will join his compatriots Hulk and Elkeson at Shanghai SIPG and expects to double his wages in China. Hulk, who is believed to earn more than 300,000 a week, is currently the clubs record signing at 48 m, though that fee will now be eclipsed by the offer submitted for Oscar.

It will be the second January in succession that Chelsea generate a substantial fee for one of their Brazilian contingent, having sold Ramires to Jiangsu Suning in last seasons mid-winter window. That deal was worth in excess of 20 m, with the player signing terms worth around 200,000 a week.

This sale would award Conte considerable leeway in the market as he seeks to reinforce his squad, with interest likely to be expressed in the Southampton centre-half Virgil van Dijk. That potential move is more likely to progress at the end of the season, with the Dutch defenders club reluctant marketers. Regardless, the sale of Oscar will rule out any transfer for Cesc Fbregas mid-season, with Conte having reiterated on Tuesday that the Spaniard remains an important player.

Conte, more used to Italys winter break, is about to experience his first festive its own programme of matches, with the Sunderland game a first of five in 22 days. As part of his preparations for that period he will seek to dissuade his squad from arranging a formal Christmas party amid the cluttered schedule, though he has uncovered he is more than happy for his players to enjoy a beer immediately after games.

David Luiz posted a video on Instagram on Sunday of the post-match celebrations in the dressing room at Stamford Bridge after the hard-fought 1-0 win against West Bromwich Albion, with the footage proving Costa dancing with a brew in hand. The head coach has apparently sanctioned one post-match drink, when players are still effectively burning calories after their exertions out on the pitch. After the game, for rehydration, you can beverage Coca-Cola, or one brew, Conte told. Its good for recovery. But one. Not a lot. And, after you finish the game, you must drink it quickly , not an hour after the end.

Yet, while the club organise a festive event for the players and their families, Conte is more circumspect over his squad conducting their own pre-Christmas jaunt, conscious that focus must be on retaining the teams current momentum.

Im sure I have great professionals in my players so, with that the suit, I dont believe a coach-and-four or a director can say: Do this or Dont do this, said the Italian, who will develop his players on Christmas Day. I have great professionals and I know they will have the very best stance and behaviours in this situation. But, I must be honest, Id favor they stayed at home and celebrated with the family. Not[ have] a great party.

We are preparing to celebrate with our families during the week before Christmas, to stay together with most children, with our families, and on the 26 th we play the game[ against Bournemouth ], a tough match. So maybe a glass of red wine one on Christmas Day is good.

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From ‘covfefe’ to ‘the Bushkrieg’: Daily Show displays Trump’s best tweets

5 months, 17 days ago

The satirical present has erected a temporary pop-up museum to the presidents offensive, caustic and often contradictory 140 -character musings

At the Daily Shows Donald J Trump Presidential Twitter Library there are no books, for reasons that dont require justification. But there are tweets lots of them.

Conceived of and curated by the Daily Show team, the pop-up museum just around the corner from Trump Tower is arranged like the libraries of chairwomen past, memorializing Trumps tweets from 2009 onwards.

His greatest makes( covfefe, for instance) was contained in gilded frames aside context-providing posters, while other tweets are bracketed by category, pop culture reflections in one corner, admonishments of political rivals and heads of state in another.

Shouldnt the presidential library be at the end of a presidents term? Daily Show host Trevor Noah asked reporters in a makeshift Oval Office adorned with a golden toilet and chenille bathrobe( the letters DT emblazoned on the chest ).

Yes, thats true. Unfortunately, we do not know when his term will end. It could be next week, it could be never. So we decided to do it now, he added.

Trevor Trevor Noah. Photo: Getty Images for Comedy Central

The project is a sort of snark-laden salute to a chairwoman who communicates primarily in 140 -character aspersions, an undiluted look into his many grievances. He may not be good at president-ing, or leading, or geopolitics, but he is a damn fine Twitterer, Noah added.

The end result is a fascinating trip through the annals of his convoluted conscience, a irony thats equal portions jarring and funny, absurd and Sad !.

Upon entry, you first encounter the presidents notorious Cinco de Mayo tweet( I love Hispanics! he wrote, before hailing the taco bowls at Trump Tower Grill ), training exercises in how one panders to minorities while also plugging your business, as comedian Hasan Minhaj joked at a press preview.

He went on: Sometimes, when a person falls a new album, the blogosphere goes crazy about it, but dont forget his early mixtapes. People sleep on the early Cinco de Mayo tweet.

The exhibit goes on to chronicle Trumps many feuds, from the Bushkrieg, a series of tweets lambasting Jeb Bush( just watched Jebs ad where he desperately needed mommy to assistance him, one reads ), to Trumps late 2012 polemic against soda pop. I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke, he wrote, curiously.

In a section called Trump v Trump, a screen shuffles through past tweets in which the president holds diametrically opposed stances, explaining that while most politicians base their decisions on strongly held beliefs, Trumps brain is so uniquely good( or great) that it can hold many different faiths on the same subject.

The The Donald J Trump Presidential Twitter Library. Photograph: Getty Images for Comedy Central

The electoral college is a disaster for republic, Trump wrote on 6 November 2012. Almost four years to the day afterwards, after his own electoral college victory, he praised the system: The electoral college is actually genius in that it brings all states, including smaller ones, into play. Next up is a convenient bait-and-switch on Syria, the president having run from anti-interventionist grandstander to trigger-happy neocon.

Inside the library is a live feed of Trumps account, with sirens screaming aloud each time he posts something new. Theres also a monitor quantifying his Twitter habits, like the frequency with which he mentions different family members( daughter Ivanka clocks in at over 500, daughter Tiffany at seven) and attacks political nemeses( Barack Obama has, astoundingly, fielded more than 2,700 Trump Twitter tirades ).

Its about devoting context to the tweets, Trevor Noah told. Not absorbing them one bite at a time, but instead looking at them as a body of work.

When asked if Trump-centric comedy was being depleted, Noah rejected the idea outright. But with a one-man joke generator in the White House, comedians attempts to taunt the president have been generally met with either short-lived viral status or, in Kathy Griffins case, job loss.

The Daily Shows exhibit, though, is perhaps the best skewering of Trump yet, principally because it takes the tweets hes so proud of and uses them as a springboard to exhibit his bluster and blasphemy.

Its easy to willfully forget that the president once tweeted a message to the haters and losers on this special day, September 11 th. Or that he took particular umbrage at Modern Family writer Danny Zuker, who he told had the mind of a very dumb and backward infant. Or that he peddled his racist birtherism conspiracy for longer than Id initially realise. Or that he once tweeted, simply, We.

But the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library doesnt let you and, in that sense, its a kind of brick-and-mortar tribute to every American who considers the president a national shame, a moral and intellectual outrage.

That it stands simply a stones throw from Trump Tower is the cherry on top.

The Presidential Twitter Library is open to the public from 11 am to 7pm at 3 West 57 th Street this weekend

Al Smith V: Trump ‘took it a little too far’ at charity dinner

5 months, 18 days ago

( CNN) Al Smith V, whose family hosts the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York, said Friday that Donald Trump “crossed the line and took it a little too far” with some of his statements at this year’s charity gala.

“Donald had some very solid minutes early on and eventually he crossed the line and took it a little too far, ” Smith said in an interview on CNN’s “New Day.” “Hillary, on the other hand, was able to laugh at herself and at the same day not underplay any of the serious things Donald Trump has said or done.”

Don’t write off Texas shooter’s violence against girls as a mental health issue

5 months, 18 days ago

On Sunday morning, Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire into a Sutherland Springs, Texas, Baptist church, killing 26 people, including 14 “childrens and” a pregnant woman. President Donald Trump, who is in Japan on business, told at a press conference that the shooting isn’t about access to handguns. Instead, he said, “I think that mental health is your problem here.”

“This was a very, based on preliminary reports, very deranged person, a lot of problems, over a longer period ,” he told.” We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries. But this isn’t a guns situation .”

However, investigators haven’t released any information about Kelley’s mental health history yet. And given that Trump wasn’t his personal psychiatrist , nor is he trained to give armchair diagnosis, he isn’t qualified to speak to those issues. But one thing we do know about the shooter, whom Trump called ” deranged ,” is that Kelley was a violent human. He was a man, like many mass shooters, who was violent toward women.

In 2012, Kelley, who served in the Air force, was court-martialed and convicted on two counts of assaulting his then-wife and stepson, whose skull he had cracked, according to the New York Times . He was sentenced to 12 months in custody and subsequently discharged from service–which stimulated it illegal for him to buy pistols under the federal Gun Control Act. He was also investigated but not charged on a rape complaint.

Authorities Monday afternoon also said the church shooting was maybe motivated by a” domestic situation ,” as the mother of his estranged wife usually attended the church. “We know that he had attained threatening text, ” told Freeman Martin, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, according to the New York Times .

“This was not racially motivated. It wasn’t over religious beliefs. It was a domestic situation going on, ” he added.

Domestic violence, harassment, and a contempt for women cannot be explained away by mental illness. When 57 percentage of mass shooters have a history of being violent toward girls, according to Everytown for Gun Safety , what is clear is that “were living in” a country that is accepting–expecting even, and then dismissive–of men’s anger and violent outbursts.

The Las Vegas shooter, the man responsible for the largest mass murder in modern U.S. history, was alleged to have been at least verbally abusive to his girlfriend in public. The wife of the Pulse shooter said she was physically abused by her husband. The Virginia Tech shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter, the Schemed Parenthood shooter–all had histories of either abuse, hatred, or harassment toward women. Then there is the most blatant: The Santa Barbara, California shooter who admitted in a video:” All those girls I’ve desired so much … I’ll take a pleasure in slaughtering all of you .”

That isn’t to say there isn’t a mental health problem in this country. Indeed, there are two: There is a grand stigma associated with get therapy for mental health–and that stigma is definitely stronger for men, who are supposed to only “tough it out” and are often conditioned to bottle their impressions until they express them through anger and violence. Furthermore, it’s ironic to hear our chairperson bring up the nation’s mental health “problem,” when affordable mental healthcare is harder to access in this country than handguns and when he hoped to slash mental health services even further with an Obamacare repeal.

And yeah, I would like to deal with our” handgun situation ,” too. Because what is clearer than Kelley’s mental health status is that if he didn’t have access to the gun that was illegal for him to own, 26 people would not be dead in Sutherland Springs.

But before we reject white male shooters as mentally ill and brown-skinned religion shooters as terrorists, and before we condense the national dialogue into one about firearm rights that will soon be forgotten, we need to look at why many white men in our country think it’s OK to take out their fury and contempt on innocent people they believe they can have control over. We need to address why it is still hard for a country run by powerful white men to admit we have a violence-against-women problem.

Editor’s note: This piece has been updated to include the latest commentaries from Texas authorities .

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Live-shooting with Woody Harrelson at 2am: ‘There’s something about the terror of it I love’

5 months, 18 days ago

In 2002, the star ended up in jail after being chased through London by police. Now hes turning that wild night into a single-take movie starring Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson to be beamed live into cinemas. What could possibly go wrong?

It is almost midnight on Monday evening and Woody Harrelson is presenting me around the situate for his directorial debut, Lost in London. An unused building in the centre of the capital has been hijacked to house assorted places including a club with burlesque trimmings where gold statues hang from the ceiling and a police station complete with cells and interview rooms.

Theres just one problem: Harrelson doesnt seem to know where he is. Hold on, he mumbles. I lost track of what floor were on. Wheres the? His bleariness has always been a considerable part of his charm: that sleepy Texan drawl, that quizzical gaze, half-amazed and half-sceptical. But padding around in tracksuit bottoms and a fleece, his eyes faintly bloodshot, the 55 -year-old actor looks positively somnambulant. He smiles as he recognises his cinematographer, Nigel Willoughby. Nigel, wheres the room where I get booked by the policemen? An affectionate chuckle: Next floor up, Woody.

No wonder Harrelson is dazed. In stimulating Lost in London, he has taken on the biggest challenge of a 32 -year career that has stretched from the sitcom Cheers to Natural Born Killers, from True Detective to the Hunger Game series. Shortly before we gratify, it is announced that he will play Han Solos mentor in a new Star Wars spin-off due next year. But tonight he cant think about anything except why he decided to write, direct and star in a movie about the worst night of his life and then shoot it all in one unbroken 100 -minute take in 14 locatings across London, complete with chase sequences on foot and by car.

So far, so Victoria. But, while Harrelson was inspired by that German reach, which used the one-take, single-camera approach to tell the narrative of a frantic night in Berlin, he also needed to go one better. That cinema is genius, he tells. Its an inspiring work of art. Ours is a different animal. Willoughby explains: It was me who told Woody we had to do it all with one camera. He told, Victoria did that. How can we improve? Harrelson then came up with the idea of blending elements of theatre and film by live streaming Lost in London to cinemas as it is being shot. Im an adrenaline junkie, he grins. Theres something about the terror of it that I love. Its maintaining me up at night.

Though the movie cant claim to be the first to be broadcast as it is being shoot that honour goes to My One Demand by the interactive-art trio Blast Theory, which was transmitted online and to a single cinema in Toronto last year it is certainly the largest-scale project of its kind; it will hit more than 500 screens in the US on Thursday evening and one in central London in the early hours of Friday morning.

I was a freaking moronic Harrelson in rehearsals. Photo: Alex MacNaughton

The film has its origins in a long, disastrous evening that Harrelson spent in Londonin 2002. It began with a spat with his wife before progressing to a raucous evening at the West End nightclub Chinawhite. It was hellish, he tells ruefully. Im never going to that club again. By the time it was over, he had smashed up a taxi and fled the scene of the crime to hail another taxi, heatedly pursued by his first driver as well as the police, who eventually arrested him on suspicion of causing criminal injury. I was a freaking moron, he told newspapers at the time.

But that was 15 years ago. As a self-professed anarchist notorious for hell-raising, he must have had other, messier nights in his life. Why did this one stay with him? I guess it genuinely was one of those nights that I would have gone to quite a lot of trouble to erase from my life. I wish to God I could excise it. But I thought about it a lot. It stuck with me. Ive been to jail many times, but this one well, it wasnt just going to jail. It was the overall night. There wasnt a tinge of witticism in it. It was a complete bummer. But afterwards I believed, Hey, this could be pretty funny. A occurrence of tragedy plus hour? Thats it! Youve got comedy. Though he doesnt want audiences to dwell too much on its factual basis, the film nevertheless begins with a cheeky title card that reads: Too much of what follows is true.

The 30 -strong cast is predominantly British but also includes two of Harrelsons friends, the actor Owen Wilson and the vocalist Willie Nelson, playing themselves. Wilson was instrumental in keeping the cinema loyal to the live-streaming idea. There was one point when the obstacles seemed insurmountable, Harrelson recalls. I decided we wouldnt go live after all but it was Owen who said, Duuude, why wouldnt you? It was a great notion! Get back to that. His mimicry of Wilsons slow-mo surfer-speak is uncannily exact.

We stroll through the club, past a statue of Christ brandishing a neon toilets sign, and Harrelson maps out the movie for me between yawns. The band will be playing here, therell has become a flamenco dancer over there and this is where I gratify my buddy Owen. Ive had this upsetting thing with my spouse and the last place I wanna be is in this Sodom and Gomorrah. He gestures to the vast frescos of pre-Raphaelite nudes. I shouldnt be confronted with these temptations considering all thats gone on with the wifey-poo.

We retreat upstairs to the production office where Laura, wifey-poo herself, is waiting with their eldest daughter, Deni, who has a small part in the film. An performer dressed as Christ is enjoying a snack from the nearby all-vegan craft services table. Oh, this is Jesus, tells Harrelson casually, then waves at another Jesus in the doorway. More Jesuses. He believes for a second. Jesii?

Duuude! co-star Owen Wilson at a read-through for Lost in London. Photo: Alex MacNaughton

Two full, filmed run-throughs of Lost in London were completed last week. The first went like a dream; the second was a nightmare, with batteries running out on some of the lightings and whining feedback ruining parts of the soundtrack. If that happens on the night, weve got problems. There are 24 people only on the audio and theyve done the Olympics, marathons, all kinds of stuff. Every one of them agrees this is the most complicated thing theyve ever done.

Matt Adams of Blast Theory believes the cast and crew of Lost in London should consider a few problems as positives. I would advise Woody Harrelson to embrace the chaos, he tells me. The adrenaline is intense for everyone including, hopefully, the audience. Willoughbys main concern, though, is extreme cold. Lenses have a tendency to fog up if you go from cold into warm, he tells, out of his directors earshot. Its all a long way from his best-known work as director of photography on Downton Abbey. As much as he loved Victoria, Woody doesnt want that grittiness. He wants it to appear polished like Downton.

During the live run-through that I watch from the control room, there is a genuine frisson of hazard and exhilaration. In the first 20 minutes alone, the camera ways Harrelson from the stage of a theater during the curtain call and into his dressing room before accompanying him to the stage doorway where he signs programmes for fans. I miss Cheers, tells one, to which Harrelson answers gloomily: Me too. Then its on to a daringly complicated sequence following the comings and goings of several characters in a eatery before the crew joins Harrelson and other casting members in a van and zooms over to the main club set to continue the action there.

I make it out on to the pavement just in time to see Harrelsons vehicle screech up to the curb, followed by two police motorcyclists who place road closed signs in their wake to prevent other traffic from cluttering up the shoot. As night bus drift woozily by, Harrelson starts singing the Cheer theme song to a bouncer in front of a giant Banksy canvas while a clubber in chunky, colourful beadings scrolls through images on Jesuss mobile phone and something Willoughby had said earlier in the evening abruptly begin to construct perfect sense: Whats Woody like? Hes a natural born nutter.

Lost in London is in US cinemas on 19 January and at Picturehouse Central on 20 January. Tickets from

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Bed, Bath and Beyond the Truth? Retailer Says Ivanka Trump Line Still Available

5 months, 18 days ago

Is Bed, Bath and Beyond still carrying Ivanka Trump merchandise? THAT is the question.

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Bed, Bath and Beyond( BBBY) backpedaled over the weekend after a customer service representative claimed last week in an email that the company “re no longer” carrying Ivanka Trumps products.

Following a query from a is part of the #GrabYourWallet campaign, which promotes consumers to boycott companies that carry Trump family products, a Bed, Bath and Beyond employee stated At this time, we are no longer carrying Trump merchandise. #GrabYourWallet tweeted a picture of the email along with text that read: This is a big one: @BedBathBeyond now confirming to customers it’s no longer carrying Trump products. Just removed it from boycott list.

Following a social media outburst, Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday denied claims it dropped Trumps products, posting a written apology on its Facebook page and insisting the representative inadvertently provided information to a client that was not accurate.

We are not constructing our merchandising decisions based on anyone’s political beliefs. We have Ivanka Trump products in some stores and carry them where consumer demand and business performance justifies it, the company wrote.

However, a quick search on the home goods giants website on Monday returned no items under Ivanka Trump — in any department. Still, as of Monday, the retailer was back on the #GrabYourWallet campaigns boycott list.

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In recent months a few retailers have decided to stop selling Ivanka Trumps products, quoting apolitical motives. Nordstrom( JWN) announced in February it was falling Trumps line based on lackluster performance. The upscale retailer faced backlash from President Donald Trump who claimed the company was treating his daughter unfairly.

Some other retailers have followed Nordstroms lead, including Belk and ShopStyle.

In February, embattled retailer Sears( SHLD) and Kmart said they would stop offering Trumps home furnishing products online.

On the contrary, in China, as FOX Business previously reported, following the U.S. election there has been a rush among companies to trademark Ivanka for their business. At least 65 applications had been filed as of late February among businesses looking to get a bump from an association with the First Daughter of the United States.

#GrabYourWallet still has its sight set on many popular targets including Amazon( AMZN ), Zappos and Macys( M ).

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