“National Poo Museum” Opens Up In The U.K.

23 days ago

Humans expend the majority of members of “peoples lives” physically and conversationally trying to get as far away from pooas possible. But for all our coyness when it is necessary to turd, theres no denying that people are curiously fascinated by it.

So you might want to head on over to the now-openNational Poo Museumat the Isle Of Wight Zoo in the U.K. The project is the brainchild of Eccleston George, a collective of artists, poets and musicians.The notion for the museum came to co-founder Daniel Robertswhile hiking in northern Sweden, when he stumbledacross a pile ofpoop on the ground. After noticinghow oddly intrigued the group became, he wondered if a whole exhibition on the subject could grab people’s curiosity.

Poo elicits strong reactions. Small children naturally delight in it but soon learn to avoid this yucky, disease-carrying stuff, told Nigel George, one of the museums founders, on their website. But for most of us, for the purposes of the layers of abhorrence and taboo, was currently fascinated by it.

A collection of the resin poop spheres on display.National Poo Museum

To preserve the poop, it is first desiccated by heating it up in a specially-built drying machine to evaporate any water. It is then sealed in a clear resin orb. Among the specimens on show is lemur poop, lion turd, human baby turd, meerkat turd, tawny owl turd containing bones and teeth, and over 15 other varieties.

The exhibition also features a selection of fossilized pooscientifically known as coprolites dating back 140 million years. The walls of the museum are lined with lavatories, which you can open the eyelid of and find random facts on the social sciences of pooand the history of our relations with it.

The museum opened on March 25 and will stay at the zoothroughout the following spring and summertime. The team are also hopingto bring the unusual exhibit on a tour of the entire U.K. soon.

The museum’s “poo tree” which, according to the museum, is “an experiment that tries help from the public to answer a question: why do people hang dog poos in trees? ” National Poo Museum

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