8 Things You Need To Know If You’ve Ever Asked “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave? “

One week ago

The question that is always asked of victims of domestic abuse is” Why don’t/ didn’t you just leave ?” I know sometimes even victims don’t really understand why.

I’ve heard that question over and over. While there are many different reasons we dedicate for not lead, there is a” scientific explain” for why it is so difficult to leave an abusive situation. I will explain the cycle of indoctrinating as studied using Psychologist Robert Jay Lifton but will be discussing it as it specifically are related to domestic abuse.

Last year, after years of hiding my abuse from almost everybody I knew, I decided to publicly share my tale. Recently, after my research on brainwashing, I went back to read the tale I had written last year. I was shocked. Each experience I described was the step by step indoctrinating process. What’s even more shocking, is that my abuser was only 15 years old.

I am not a Psychologist, I speak from years of personal experience and from spending time with women who have suffered domestic abuse. When somebody’s only objective is to keep you loyal, they will go to great lengths to achieve it.

This is what the brainwashing process looks like 😛 TAGEND

Stage I- Breaking Down the Self

Step 1- Assault on Identity: When somebody is trying to control another, they begin to assault their sense of ego, their identity. They start to say things that cause the victim to doubt who they are.

” You are a slut .” ” You’re worthless .” ” You are not a good mama .” ” You are ugly , nobody will want you .” “This is your fault.” “,NN,[] You built me do this .”

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