20 Dems for 2020: who might the Democrat field next time around?

2 months, 15 days ago

As Trump celebrates his first anniversary and Democratic thinks turn to the next election, we run down the contenders, from big names to dark horses

Democrats had thought they would be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton being elected the first female president in American history, at long last transgres that” highest, hardest glass ceiling “.

The Democratic party has instead been relegated to watching from the sidelines as Donald Trump continues to flout institutional norms, often choosing to govern in 140 characters or less.

In an ordinary political climate, Democrats would seem well positioned to attain Trump a one-term president. And yet one year after the election, the party remains in search of a leader.

But that’s not to say Democrat are without options as they look ahead to 2020. While there’s no clear frontrunner to claim the mantle- and responsibility- of the next presidential nominee, a long list of potential competitors is emerging as the Democratic party seeks to dethrone Trump.

John Delaney


Title US representative of Maryland’s sixth congressional district

Age 54

The only Democrat formally running is the one you’ve never heard of. The low-key congressman from Maryland announced his candidacy in July in a Washington Post op-ed, complete with the campaign slogan” Focus on the Future “. Delaney is a long shot, to say the least: an early New Hampshire poll focused on possible hopefuls detected Delaney with less than 1% subsistence- proving he’ll have to rise a long way from political obscurity.

Bernie Sanders


Title US senator from Vermont( an independent who has caucused with the Democrats)

Age 76

Hillary Clinton confessed to underestimating Sanders’ rebel candidacy during the 2016 Democratic primary. Now party operatives believe the Vermont senator may be gearing up for another run. Sanders remains broadly popular with the American populace, and his Medicare-for-All bill has been largely endorsed by Democrat, including potential challengers.

Joe Biden


Title Former vice-president

Age 74

Biden’s unhappinesover not running in 2016 is well known, even though his two past bids, in 1987 and 2007, failed. But while the party could rely on the former vice-president’s appeal to white, working class voters, a Biden candidacy would reinforce the notion that Democrat lack new blood. He nonetheless said:” I haven’t decided to run. But I’ve decided I’m not going to decide not to run. We’ll see what happens .”

Elizabeth Warren


Title US senator from Massachusetts

Age 68

Arguably the most prominent progressive apart from Sanders, Warren has induced moves signaling a possible run. She has met with donors, rallied activists and published a volume this year about saving America’s middle class. Warren is also a vocal Trump critic who gets under the president’s skin- a preview of what could be if she operates in three years.

Cory Booker


Title US senator from New Jersey

Age 48

A top contender for Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Booker has held a national profile since serving as the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, often arriving at the scene of a problem to assist constituents on the ground. Since his arrival in the Senate, he has attained criminal justice reform a core tenet of his agenda and is well known for his soaring oratory.

Martin O’Malley


Title Former governor of Maryland

Age 54

In the 2016 presidential race, O’Malley struggled to break through amid a Democratic primary waged primarily between Clinton and Sanders. The former Maryland governor nonetheless said he” merely might” operate again in 2020 and even returned to must-win New Hampshire this year. Supporters believe O’Malley’s reliably progressive record speak for itself.

Mitch Landrieu


Title Mayor of New Orleans

Age 57

Seen by many as a dark horse nominee, Mitch Landrieu was comparatively unknown on the national stage until the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August. After a white supremacist drove his car into counter-protesters, killing one and leaving several injured, Landrieu delivered a moving and instantly viral speech about the removal of Confederate monuments from New Orleans. Some liberals nonetheless caution the mayor is insufficiently progressive, often toeing the line to appease the center-right.

John Delaney and Kamala Harris. Composite: Sam Morris/ Corbis/ Getty

Mark Zuckerberg


Title Co-founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook

Age 33

Those close to the Facebook founder insist he has no presidential aspirations. But Zuckerberg’s swing through the battleground nation of Iowa and hiring of former Clinton aides fueled supposition over his intentions. What is uncertain is if he would run as an independent, as well as the toll of Facebook’s role in Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Kamala Harris


Title US senator from California

Age 53

Few challengers have attracted buzz comparable with that of Kamala Harris, the former us attorney general of California who was elected to the Senate in 2016. She wouldn’t be alone in inducing the leap as a first-term senator( recollect Barack Obama ?) and has already staked out ground on criminal justice reform and immigration as key priorities. Although viewed with skepticism by some progressives, Harris was first to embracing Sanders’ Medicare-for-All proposal.

Tim Ryan


Title US representative for Ohio’s 13 th congressional district

Age 44

Although relatively unknown on “the member states national” stage, Tim Ryan constructed waves in Washington by mounting a challenge to Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic leader in the House of Representative. Ryan, who hails from a state won decisively by Trump, has declined to rule out a 2020 bid and lately told Ohio employees Trump’s policies would “gut” them.

Amy Klobuchar


Title US senator from Minnesota

Age 57

While not boasting the same profile as some other Senate competitors, Klobuchar is building her name recognition with swings through Iowa, where she declared:” Those of us in the middle of this country will not be forgotten .” Though she must first clear re-election in 2018 in her home state of Minnesota, Democratic spies says Klobuchar is a sleeper candidate with potential.

Kirsten Gillibrand


Title US senator from New York

Age 50

Gillibrand says she isn’t running, but the senator has kept close relations with top fundraisers and participated in more than one profile piece portraying herself as “re ready for” battle. Though once branded a moderate, Gillibrand endorsed Sanders’ Medicare-for-All and has dropped more than one F-bomb while imparting passionate opposition to Trump. Ties to Wall street could nonetheless pose problems for the New York Democrat.

Andrew Cuomo


Title Governor of New York

Age 59

Though poised to win a third term as New York’s governor, Cuomo is often viewed as harboring national ambitions. He recently argued Democrats must” win back the middle class while pushing progressive values”, even as he faces scrutiny from the left for are members of the “neoliberal” class of politicians. Cuomo is also known for his blunt, take-no-prisoners attitude, which could be his biggest strength or greatest liability.

Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Brown. Composite: Sam Morris/ Bloomberg/ FilmMagic

Jerry Brown


Title Governor of California

Age 79

A veteran of Democratic politics, Brown first made a run for the presidency in 1976. He would be one of the oldest challengers in the race- but as Trump and Sanders demonstrated in 2016, age is not by any measure disqualifying. Last month, he signed a bill moving California’s primary elections to the beginning of March, meaning his home nation could demonstrate decisive by apportioning its daunting number of delegates after Iowa and New Hampshire.

Tim Kaine


Title US senator from Virginia

Age 59

As Clinton’s running mate, Kaine was praised even by Republican opponents for his mild-mannered demeanor and centrist record. His previous roles include serving as the governor of Virginia, the state’s lieutenant governor and mayor of Richmond. Kaine has spent his time in the Senate building a resume in both foreign and domestic affairs , notably as a leading supporter of voting time a new war authorization against Islamic State.

Sherrod Brown


Title US senator from Ohio

Age 64

A popular voice among progressives with strong ties to blue collar voters, Brown was branded in a recent profile as” the Democrat who’s attaining Trump Country Republican nervous “. He has resisted free trade bargains, citing concerns over worker protections, and pushed for stronger collective bargaining rights. But Brown must first win Senate re-election in 2018 in the all-important country of Ohio.

Oprah Winfrey


Title Talk depict host and entrepreneur

Age 63

A billionaire celebrity and TV host eying the White House sounds eerily familiar. There was a day when the prospect an Oprah Winfrey presidential campaign was somewhat of a joke. But what can’t she attain? As one of the most successful and influential public figure in the world, Winfrey could well be the unexpected foil to Trump.

Chris Murphy


Title US senator from Connecticut

Age 44

Though not a household name, Murphy has elevated himself to the forefront of key issues that range from gun control to foreign affairs. Having represented those affected by the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, Murphy has placed a personal stake in the fight over gun statutes and last year mounted a 15 -hour filibuster after the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. He is just one of Trump’s fiercest critics.

Eric Garcetti


Title Mayor of Los Angeles

Age 46

Although mayors have not traditionally proved to be successful presidential contenders, Garcetti ranks among the more popular figures on the Democratic bench. But even as his name routinely induces lists- and he was somewhat vague when asked about 2020- Democrat believe Garcetti might first attempt California’s governorship in 2018.

Jason Kander


Title Former Missouri secretary of state

Age 36

It isn’t often Democrats insist a candidate whose political career began with a loss is one to watch. But Kander, a military veteran, came painfully close in 2016 to unseating Republican Roy Blunt in the Missouri Senate race. Pitching an economic message rooted in progressivism, Kander is a rising star among grassroots activists who demonstrated rare crossover appeal in a staunchly red state.

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