10 Things I Hate About My Husband( Because I’m Willing To Admit Our Marriage Isn’t Perfect)

13 days ago
Andrew Itaga

I’m being bad. I am employing the word “hate” and I shouldn’t be. In my household, I try to refrain from using that word…ever…but, since my children are too young and have no desire to read my articles, I will use it here.

Like we’ve talked about before, marriage and relationships are hard. This is common knowledge, this is nothing new. But, what may be new to some speak of those hard moments publicly and really opening up about your matrimony to others. Who in the hell wants to do that? Yes, I hear you and a part of me agrees with you.

However, another big part of me believes that it is time that everyone, myself included, stop faking the perfect life, the perfect wedding, and the perfect relationship. This is tough.

Each of us would prefer and ensure that our social media accounts reflect ideal images of our household — depicting what we want other people to believe is our true reality. But, it rarely is.

There is a definite divide between what we believe to be another person’s life, and what their life is really like. And that divide exists because we, through merely sharing positive moments, feelings, and events fake this admirable life that some others may long for.

Well today, at my husband’s expense, I am going to break down that obstacle. I am going to open up and put it all out there including the ten things I detest about my husband.

Here we go…

1. His relaxed nature . It is really annoying to live with someone who is so freakin’ “chill” all of the time, and constructing me look like a crazy lunatic( haha, very funny hunny, I know you think I manage to look like a lunatic without any assistance from you ).

2. His inability to be on time, practically ever . Well, according to him, he is always on time — on his time.

3. His unwillingness to change a poopy diaper or clean up vomit . I know what you are thinking, who in their right mind ever wants to do that, but still an offer every now and then wouldn’t hurt.

4. His morning moodiness before he’s “ve had enough” coffee.

5. His tendency to get exasperated with me . And I mean fast…in many situations. 6. His jokes . Okay not all of them, but some of them I could really do without.

7. His manly habits . Need I truly say more? The burping, the farting, the giggling about the burping and the farting…ugh, men!

8. His need to always drive
, when I am fully capable of driving us places too.

9. His tendency to expend 45 minutes in the restroom
because he “had to go”, where reference is and I both know that he is hiding out playing games on his phone.

10. His skill at arguing . He is really good at arguing. He thinks about what he says, he makes good points, and he counters every single point that I build. Honestly, it is super frustrating to argue with a good arguer…I lose every debate even when I am in the right!

So, how was that for some brutal honesty? Would you feel comfy telling the world and your spouse the ten things you hate about them?

You all must be fearful for me now — fearful that this will have pissed off my husband enough to start a fight, right? WRONG. Very wrong.

See, the thing about my husband is that one of the ten things I don’t hate about him is the fact that he is forgiving . He is also understanding and he knows how to take a joke. He could care less what other people think about him, and doesn’t dedicate a hoot if he is judged by anyone in an unfavorable lighting. He watches the humor in every situation( even when no one else does ), and he cares about his children and me more than anything in this world. You want to know something else I love about him? That he fosters me to write what I feel , no matter the topic — even if he is the topic .

I think that it’s about day we all got a little more real with one another, and a little more authentic. We need to all flaunt our imperfect authenticity because that is really all that we are. And, despite the fact that being who we are is scary, our imperfect authenticity is actually damn beautiful, and so are the relationships that are born and built from it.

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