We Require To Get Serious About Bullying So What This Poor Child Did Never Happens Again

15 days ago

With so much elation in their hearts and full lives ahead of them, it’s almost impossible to think of small children having suicidal thoughts.

But it should come as no surprise that severe depression and bullying can take their toll at any age. Nearly one in four children experiences bully, and as communication skills are limited at such a young age, most kids are unable to express what’s happening to them to their parents and educators.

In the death of eight-year-old Gabriel Taye, we find just how horrific the aftershocks of bully and harassment can be.

Gabriel Taye was a happy-go-lucky child who always had a smile on his face. He loved spending time with his friends and losing himself in good books.

But on January 26, 2017, Taye’s mother found her once-happy son dead in his bunk bed of what turned out to be a suicide.

Looking back on her child’s life and his untimely death, the devastated Cornelia Taye blames bullying.

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