Human skull found in California shop but ‘there’s nothing sinister’, police say

3 months, 3 days ago

Authorities say theres no evidence of homicide but its a question of whether the skull and maybe eight others were acquired properly

Authorities have found one human skull and eight receptacles with potentially more at a Los Angeles-area shop that sells spiritual items.

Los Angeles County sheriffs captain Steve Katz says deputies responded to the Compton business Friday after a woman complained of animal cruelty.

When investigators arrived, Katz says they found a skull inside a pot. He says the coroners office collected the skull and eight other pots that may also contain skulls. The sheriffs department said in a statement that they wanted to learn whether the bones were legally possessed skeletal specimens.

There is nothing sinister here, Katz told the Los Angeles Times. The skull and possible eight other skulls in ships were being used in Santeria. The topic is were the skeletal remains acquired appropriately.

Katz says theres no evidence of a homicide and that it appears the skull may have been purchased from a legal source and was being used for a religion rite. He says its unclear whether animal remains were found.

The sign outside the store reads Omi Relekun and describes itself in Spanish as a spiritual store and school.

Santeria developed out of the beliefs of west African slaves, brought to the Caribbean in the 16 th century, integrated within indigenous different religions and Catholicism. The religion includes ritual animal sacrifices, usually of chickens or a goats. Katz said police went to the store because of reports of animal brutality, which they are still investigating.

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