Chrissy Teigen On What It Means To Be Real, Relatable And Always True To Yourself

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I exited the elevators on the 14 th floor of a gorgeous warehouse overlooking the Hudson River in Chelsea, New York City, to discover Chrissy Teigen perched by thewindow, her legs folded beneath her.

She was dressed in a pantsuit the colour of cherry roses and spurted off the coach as I approached her.

Hey! she exclaimed. I remember you.

The first time I gratified Chrissy was in October, 2016 and I was flattered yet astonished, of course to know she recognized my face.

She draped her arms over my shoulders and kissed me on the cheek while we reacquainted ourselves and I joked that I remembered her, too.

The Sports Illustrated model was in town to promote her partnership withSmirnoffs No. 21 Vodka, but I took it as a chance to catch up with an old pal.

Getty Images, Dave Kotinsky

We sprawled out side-by-side on the beige sofas and rested our backs on the pillows behind us. I was wearing black and sweating through my blazer because one, it was pretty warm in there, and two, because my body washaving a panic attack over breathing in the same oxygen as a real-life angel.

After a few laughs, I asked Chrissy to explain why she was the perfect person to promote Smirnoff and what it meant for her to be the face of this campaign. She perked up, jumped her elbows off her lap and told me,

Its not pretentious, its not trying to be something its not.[ Smirnoff] doesnt come with the sparklers and the bottle thats frosted with the angel wings or anything its just real, its relatable, its cool, its a very good vodka, its been around eternally, everybody loves it, itbeats any of those other vodkas in any other taste test and it doesnt need to brag they dont need to do that.

Chrissy superstars in a series of commercials for Smirnoff, one in which she admirably shoves a giant burrito down her throat while sipping on a glass of vodka.

( Goals, I whispered to myself the first time I watched her inhale every bite .)

The two-minute video garnered a lot of attention because, well, it was relatable. How many times a week am I running ham on Chipotle and taking shootings alone in my apartment?( Too many, but thats a dialogue for subsequently .)

The commercial stimulates it evident Chrissys partnership with Smirnoff was a seamless fit. She reflected on the collab and said,

Not to toot my own cornet, but were both very relatable. For me, its very important to trust the person who is selling a brand Im not in the position where I have to do anything that I dont believe in or love already. Ive been a Smirnoff drinker forever and I have no qualms about it.

Chrissy made it clear Smirnoff not only loves when she can beher true, authentic ego, but it encourages her to do so.

I love Smirnoff and I love they are so great and so open to the slapstick side of things. They know people think there are many fancy vodkas out there that would beat them we read a bunch of mean tweets the other day and I only love how self-aware they are. Theyre very self-aware and I love to think Im very self-aware. They know what people say about them and we dont give a fuck.

If you take one look at Chrissy Teigens Twitter profile, youll know the 31 -year-old doesnt hold back from speaking her mind.

She often retweets rude comments from online trolls and calls out dialogue she doesnt agree with.

Her social media following grows drastically every day because people subsistence her bold stance on social issues. They want to join her fight against the middle-aged white men hiding behind their computer screens.

If theres one person in the world who Id like to share a drink with, its her.

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Speaking of alcohol which arguably is my favorite thing on the planet I asked Chrissy for suggestions of what food I should chomp on next time Im chugging vodka.

She shared,

Well, definitely anything fried is always good. I believe salty and vodka go together very nicely I tend to love the sloppier, more mobile-type foods. I suppose anything you can keep in your hands, like the burrito is where that idea came about, but fried food.

She stared into the abyss, eyes shut probably visualizing a bucket of mozzarella sticks being poured into her mouth and added,

Yeah, fried food is the go-to. Its such a nice refresher for it. Im a salty person to begin with Ive never been a sweets girl.

We exchanged a glance andin that moment I knew something to be true: Chrissy Teigen was hintingshe wanted to get dinner with me it was just obvious, at this point.

I switched the conversation back to alcohol before we could solidify schemes( I didnt want to embarrass her, you know? I have a lot of friends) and asked her what her go-to beverage is.

Easy, she said. Pepper Thai.

Getty Images, Dave Kotinsky

Made with Smirnoff No. 21, fresh lemon juice, soda, got a couple of basil leaves and strawberry pepper syrup, the Pepper Thai is a delicious drink even your parents would want to try perhaps thats because it was inspired by Chrissys own mother.

The star explained,

It basically encompasses all that is my mom on Twitter, on Instagram, on everything. Its this really nice bite of basil it has this strawberry syrup in it and peppercorns that have been basically, for lack of a better word festering in this strawberry pureand its so delicious, it has a nice little bite to it and its actually freshening tasting, too, which is nice because obviously springtime is coming up and you want a lighter cocktail , not anything too crazy heavy.

Chrissys mother, Vilailuck, starred alongside Chrissy in one of the commercials for Smirnoff as well. In the clip, Chrissy and Vilailuck enjoyed drinks on a Moms night out.

When asked about her mothers acting debut, Chrissy joked,

She has quite the position! She did such a good job she was feeding me lines at one point she was like, 1862! OK, I get it!

She was ad-libbing and stepping over my lines with her ad-libs. She took it very seriously, but shes so proud of it. Its cool to consider her do her own thing and be proud of it, too.

Chrissy Teigen and Vilailuck seem like the perfect pair to guide little baby Luna into the world as she learns to say terms more than two syllables. I know shes merely 1 year old, but its never too early to download Twitter. You should follow me, Luna. Just sayin.

At the end of our chat, Chrissy asked to take a picture with me so she could recollect the moment eternally. I get it, Chrissy. You want to be my friend.

Its unclear if Ill be Chrissys date to the Met Gala( still have to get my dress !) but I know she wants me to come.

Johns a little jealous, so it might not work out, but I actually think he should take the night off and let us ladies made the town.

Im free on Monday, Chrissy. And Tuesday and Wednesday, well, all week, truly honestly fairly available for the rest of my life.

DM me on Twitter and well arrange something.

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