Anorexic Mom Uncovers What It Truly Takes to Dress as Anna Rexia This Halloween

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This Anna Rexia costume isnt so sexy when you play the skeleton in real life

For the last few years, this “Anna Rexia” costume has been stimulating its roundsonthe web every Halloween.

While some may take it lightly, to Jessi Davin, this costume is no jokebecause thatskeleton was her.


The costume mocking the disease inspired her to write a powerful blog post that is speaking volumes about the experiences of those who suffer from eating disorders.

In her blog post, Davin opens saying, “Real sexy huh? Not genuinely. This is “Anna Rexia’s” real monster face.


She continued, “Think Anorexia is funny? Sorry. I am a survivor and find Nothing cute about this.” Davin then outlined what it really takes to dress up like an anorexic…

All it takes is : -4 years of hospitalization
-A nasogastric feeding-tube because youve starved yourself so much that your body doesnt acknowledge food as a good thing and tries to attack itself .
-Re-Feeding Syndrome, which can kill you .
-Emotional fights for years .
-A parent crying and pleading on his knees begging for you to get help
-A mom who screams every time she sees you because you looking and SMELL like demise .
-Holidays missed, birthdays weeping in a hospital .
-Almost every major organ in your body failing .
-A shower chair- because you cant stand in the shower because youre too weak and the warm water could build you pass out .
-A wheelchair, because you are too weak to walking and it is unable to attain you go into cardiac arrest .
-A lifetime of drugs for anxiety and the health issues Anna Rexia caused .
-Plenty of money for multiple ER journeys due to Anna Rexia even in recovery .
-And if you dont get help like I do, or even if you do, a coffin. Because Ive lost more friends to this eating disorder then anything Ive ever faced .
-I nearly died as a result of this. I know its is expected to be funny[ and] yeah I get that, but severely .


to the shower chair she had to sit in to bathe herself…


tothe wheelchair she had to use to support her frail body that couldn’t stand on its own…


“I definitely didn’t expect it to get so big, ” she told BuzzFeed. “I’m very happy it did. Even if I did put myself out there into a vulnerable spot.” Davin’s just glad that her transparency has been able to raise awareness and paint an accurate picture of how dangerous eating disorder genuinely are.

It may look all cute and punny when tied in an adorably sexy “Anna Rexia” bow and draped on a full-figured woman.

But what that risqu little skeleton can’tshow is the excruciating pain behind those dainty ribs and the sheer mental torturing lying behind that cute little bone-bow on her head.

Eating disorders aren’t cute. They are serious. They are painful. They are life-draining. And when you’re caught in the middle of them, EDs are the deepest black holes of miseryguised as a girl who “just wants to be skinny.”

She concluded her post saying, “Want to dress as’ Anna Rexia’? Just go as a Vampire, or a Zombie. Because 1/3 of us are dead.”

I think eating disorder are a disease a lot of people truly dont take seriously in the first place, and to see that costume genuinely just made me believe, OK. I cant be silent about this anymore. I need to show the harsh reality that is anorexia. Its not a joke. So I did just that, said Davin.

I think attires like[ Anna Rexia] really show how much we as a society have to learn about mental illness and the style it affects the people around us, she said. People need to know that if you suffer from an eating disorderyou arent a joke.

Though it was scary to put herself out there , nothing could be as scary as watching daughters prance around in a costume that glamorizes such a devastating disease.

Her post has already helped so many people. Families of loved ones suffered by eating disorders have reached out to thank her for helping them understand, and some people have said that her post was the final revelation that they needed to get help for themselves.

Davin recently got married and has a daughteron the way. Because of her illness, it is a high-risk pregnancy.


But she’scurrently back in treatment to make sure her anorexiadoesn’t affect the health of her newborn girl.


The ED battle is a brutal one, but Davin’s not giving up until she wins. And her oppose has been an inspiration to so many.

If my post helps spread awareness for anorexia and other eating disorders and helps those who dont understand perhaps see simply a little bit more, she said, then Ive achieved what I set out to do.

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