Chuck Todd under fire for ‘softball’ interviews with Antifa ally

2 months, 21 days ago

Anchor Chuck Todd is under fire for his softball therapy of an Antifa sympathizer on NBCs Meet the Press, with conservative media watchdog Brent Bozell accusing them of allowing a revolutionary to promote domestic terrorism with little push back.

Todd, following a similar interview on his daily MSNBC show last week, hosted a brief debate Sunday on the revolutionary left-wing groups violent tactics. Speaking in support of Antifa was Dartmouth prof Mark Bray, who justified what he described as the groups self-defense tactics as a legitimate response to white supremacist and neo-Nazi violence.

The group, however, has a history of assaulting not just neo-Nazis but conservative and pro-Trump crowd in general. Its allies infamously clashed with Trump supporters in a melee earlier this year in Berkeley, Calif ., leading to the cancellation of a Breitbart editors speech.

In that riot, protesters violated windows, hurled smoke bombs and started a bonfire outside the building that would have hosted the speech.

Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, detonation Todd and NBC for devoting a platform for such radical groups as Antifa.

He said in a statement posted to Twitter 😛 TAGEND

Violent leftists have broken into the mainstream and Chuck Todd is guilty of aiding and abetting. It is abhorrent that NBC and Todd believe it acceptable to normalize radical groups like Antifa which use terror to silence their opposition.

After last Wednesday’s softball interview, Chuck Todd had the opportunity to correct his mistake but instead chose to again allow a radical to promote domestic terrorism with little push back.

Can you imagine Chuck Todd inviting the states members of a militant right-wing group on his show to rationalize cases of violence against the left? NBC must cease devoting legitimacy to supporters of this violent left-wing movement immediately.


Fox News has reached out to NBC for comment.

Todds own Twitter feed reflected similar objections, with critics accusing the display of devoting a platform to the promotion of violence. Todd, in introducing Bray, did describe him as part of a “very small minority who is defending the idea of violence.”

Antifa is back in the spotlight after President Trump criticized both sides for the clashes in Charlottesville two weekends ago, when a counter-protester at a white supremacist rally was killed in a automobile assault. Trump was hammered for the observations and accused of equating neo-Nazis with those who would protest them.

But Antifas tactics at other rallies have faced increased scrutiny, with critics concerned they could trigger more violence.

On Todds show, that argument was induced forcefully by Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I think it’s a spectacularly bad notion to give one group of people the right to stillnes another group of people, Cohen said.

Bray, though, said, There’s a big difference between tackling fascism and confronting other forms of violence.

Todd gently pushed back, saying some critics claim Antifa is against free speech, bordering on censorship.

Well, let’s be clear that Antifa are not calling on the government to censor anyone, Bray said. And so the aim is, the real adversaries of free speech are fascists.

A is present in Bozells NewsBusters noted that Todd did not press Bray on Antifas broad definition of fascists.

The report said: There was no clarification from Todd of how Antifas definition of fascist only applies to those who dont hold liberal notions. Their definition blankets nearly everyone on the right and now covers those on the left who question their tactics of shutting down free speech.

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