Madisson From ‘Siesta Key’ Is Totally On Board With Those LC Comparisons EXCLUSIVE

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Anyone who watched in 2004 will instantly acknowledge the format of MTV’s newest reality series. It’s no secret that MTV hopes to squeeze more success out of an old formula — after all, was not only hitting, but a pioneer of contemporary reality TV. The casting seems more than happy to embrace the inevitable comparings. I had the chance to sit down with Madisson Hausbaug, who’s been proclaimed the new Lauren Conrad, and she opened up about turning their own lives into a reality present, becoming a public figure, and aspiring to be LC.

A little background for those who haven’t caught the indicate yet: Like, follows beautiful, rich kids running about their beautiful, rich lives as they valiantly try to ignore the cameras. There’s Alex, the main character, who merely turned 22. He’s your average southern Florida bro, who’s lawyer father came up with the idea( and the funding) to start this show in the first place. Alex takes on the Stephen Colletti role, though he lacks Stephen’s charm. There’s Juliette, Alex’s sort-of girlfriend, except Alex cheats on her all the time. Her( understandably) possessive posture lands her the villainous Kristin Cavallari role. Then there’s Madisson, Alex’s high school sweetheart, who’s home from college and interested in starting things up with Alex again. Madisson is smart, likable, and sweet on camera( and even more so when I fulfill her in person) — a total Lauren Conrad.


How does Madisson feel about these comparisons? She absolutely loves it. She tells me,

I think it’s lovely.[ Conrad] is a wonderful female, and I mean, divinity, she’s so successful, she’s beautiful, she’s seems always, from what I’ve seen, very kind. So absolutely, I love that comparison.

Madisson tells me that other than the obvious storyline comparisons between herself and LC, she also just aspires to be more like the now-famous TV personality. “I would say if I had to choose who I was most similar to on I would say Lauren, ” she says. “She would also be the one I aspire to be most like.”

Like the rest of us, Madisson was also a big fan back in the day. She loved Stephen Colletti, and was #TeamLaurenAndStepehen all the way. “Lauren was my role model back then, ” Madisson says. “So it is fun to kind of, think,’ Oh, perhaps I’m playing into Lauren’s role.’”

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But of course, she clarifies, it’s still her life and her experiences , not Lauren Conrad’s. And Madisson does feel there are some key differences between and

I watched so long ago, and so much is different today, like with social media, it can’t be the same that it was. Reality TV has to be different, because of social media. And also because the world issues are changing, these things need to be addressed differently than the latter are back then. So it’s definitely different.

When I press her on how she feels social media has affected the show, Madisson say,

Back then, when there wasn’t Instagram. Now people go back and they judge everything you ever did, because you’re posting everything you do. It feels very competitive, like, who has the best painting, who did the coolest thing that day. So there’s a lot more judgement from spectators. Not merely are you being watched on television, you’re then being watched on Instagram, and on Twitter.

Social media certainly has been a problem for the indicate already — the show’s main guy, Alex Kompothecras, get in big trouble with animal rights activists when a video surfaced of two men in a boat, shooting and killing a hammerhead shark . Alex posted a since-deleted photo on Instagram posing with a dead shark, in the same attire as the shooter from the video, leading many to believe he was the shooter. However, a spokesperson for the network released a statement that Alex was not on the boat during the incident. It’s a hard to imagine a disagreement like that besetting the reality stars in 2004, so you can definitely ensure Madisson’s point.

Whether or not Madisson Hausbaug will follow in the famous footsteps of Lauren Conrad remains to be seen. Madisson went to school for engineering( because she’s great at math ), and she’s been interviewing for a few engineering tasks on camera, but she tells me the demonstrate has opened her mind to other career possibilities. She says,

Now I feel like now that I have this breather, to kind of step back and think about it, it’s like, OK I can do more than merely that. I can do engineering with something that involves maybe like community service, or something, those are alternatives, and I don’t merely have to jump into the corporate world right away.

I ask if she might consider a career in entertainment , now that the prove has opened a few doors for her.

“I had never thought about being a part of the entertainment industry before, ” she replies. “It’s very cool, ensure how it all runs and stuff, but I don’t know that that is necessarily where I will go. But who knows.”

For now, she’s focused on the show, which she says she’d be willing to do for two more seasons after this one. She tells me there’s more boy drama to come this season — and not just with Alex. A sneak preview of Episode 5 hints at a romance brewing with Brandon, who just happens to be Alex’s best friend.

Maybe a new Lauren Conrad is what we could all use on our Tvs right now. Catch all the drama of tonight and every Monday, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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