30 Photos Of True Love That Are So Touching, They’ll Give You The Colds

2 months, 29 days ago

As children, the concept of true love is presented to us in the form of fairy tale about princes and princesses that always end with a “happily ever after.”

I grew up hoping that I’d someday find my own prince who was perfect in every style, but the world has taught me that the best kinds of relationships happen when people are working together and love each other despite their flaws and the struggles they may face. I frankly wish now that I had focused more on real examples of true love as a little girl, because watching two people look at each other with admiration is so much sweeter than anything Disney could offer.

It’s easy to believe that soulmates exist when you look at these 30 couples, because their love for one another is so clear that it will bring tears to your eyes.

1. “I was having lunch with my mommy and this gentleman was having coffee with his late spouse. Everyone deserves to have a love this strong! “

2. This is what kids genuinely need to see from their parents.

3. “When your gf lives two period zones away and leaves you surprises.”

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Today’s my Grandmas 85 th. We had a mariachi for the first time since my granddad passed. Shes hugging his image [?] pic.twitter.com/ qqGWyNt4bV

— Alicia (@ aliciasalas6 53) September 18, 2016

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my grandma is in the hospital, but it’s their 57 th anniversary, so he showed up in a tux to astound her w blooms [?] pic.twitter.com/ wIS8rvcyDw

— reid (@ reidrussell_) May 21, 2015

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My mom made my dad dress up and presented him with the “Best Husband” Oscar
I want to be this extra as a spouse pic.twitter.com/ AJXJR6X 3a1

— coolie gyal [?][?] (@ Reggae_Beauty) February 27, 2017

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Before my granddad succumbed, he was in the hospital& wrote a love note to my granny in Italian. This is it burned into wood. [?] pic.twitter.com/ GYb8sN 1RLl

— MM( Maris) (@ marismargris) March 22, 2017

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found a box of letters my parents started writing eachother from age 15. I’ve never satisfied two people more in love. pic.twitter.com /8 KlgIylO1R

— A S H L E Y A N N (@ ashleeypalmer) December 23, 2015

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