21 Musicians Share The Craziest Things They’ve Seen On Tour

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The music, arts and technology festival Panorama kicks off this weekend on Randall’s Island in New York City with Arcade Fire, Kendrick Lamar and LCD Soundsystem headlining Friday through Sunday, respectively.

In anticipation of the celebration, The Huffington Post asked musicians performing at the festival this weekend to recall the craziest things they’ve watched on tour.

Here are their narratives 😛 TAGEND

Aurora ensure a man in panties playing an unusual sum of drums at once.

Amanda Edwards via Getty Images

“I once considered a man garmented in only a pair of panties playing a thousand drums in a little one-man band. That was quite nice.”

Listen : “Life on Mars

Caveman had some unfortunate experiences with animals while driving.

Mike Pont via Getty Images

“I don’t actually know. We nearly reached a deer once and somehow avoided it. A massive bird flew into our window once and it was pretty disgusting. We had a night off in New Orleans and got to see the band Night Wish. That was pretty crazy! ” Matthew Iwanusa, frontman

Listen : “Never Going Back

Classixx might have assured Jesus.

FilmMagic via Getty Images

“I once assured a guy strolling down a very desolate stretch of highway. He was shirtless and carrying a gigantic wooden cross. I couldn’t understand where he was headed.” Michael David, co-founding member

Listen : “All You’re Waiting For

Daughter got confused by a sunshine that wouldn’t set.

FilmMagic via Getty Images

“We once played a celebration in Sweden and the sun didn’t define. It was surreal and beautiful; we stayed out all night confused by it! ” Elena Tonra, frontwoman

Listen : “How

Ex Hex had a thing with a shrimp cocktail.

Robin Marchant via Getty Images

”It was crazy for me to see Lenny Kaye in person, but as far as wacky stuff, likely the shrimp cocktail in Porto,[ Portugal ]. ”

Listen : “Waterfall

Flosstradaumus witnessed a roundhouse kick down Russia.

Tim Mosenfelder via Getty Images

”We strolled out of the venue in Moscow and a dude got a roundhouse kick to the face right when we stepped outside. Never knew that move was used in a street fight.” Curt Cameruci, co-founding member

Listen : “Prison Riot

DJ Harvey always has a hard time switching from parties to lonely nights.

Foc Kan via Getty Images

“So many crazy tales. Honestly, though, the thing about touring that is the weirdest[ is] playing parties and receiving so much love from people, being on such a high, and then objective up solo in a hotel room afterwards. I used to be a lot crazier on tour but I don’t wishes to implicate myself in any way.”

Listen : “Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 007 Milan Set

Jai Wolf nearly crashed a car.


”Without going into too much detail, while supporting the last Gramatik tour, me and the Brasstracks guys virtually crashed our automobile in some random township in middle America because we all got severe food poisoning from some questionable middle-America meat. That was scary.”

Listen : “Indian Summer

JDH& Dave P. made memories in Mexico.


”I can’t go into exact detail or names, but generally, the craziest situations have been in Mexico. Specifically, places like Tijuana.” JDH

Listen : “The Lab NYC Set

Little Scream acquired a giant baby costume.

Gordon Stabbins via Getty Images

”I just finished reading Steven Tyler’s autobiography, and nothing feels very crazy after that. For instance, I’ve never had naked glitter-covered ladies hanging around my backstage that people are doing blow off of. My touring narratives have much more to do with internal hilarity and in-jokes. For instance, in my last band arranging, my leading player was a filmmaker who had just finished making a movie that had a giant newborn attire in it as a prop. He didn’t have a proper keyboard example, so of course “were in” stuffing the keyboard inside of this giant baby garb. Sometimes my guitar player Marcus would set it on. He’s 6-foot-7. Pretty much everything is wonderful when you’re traveling with a giant human in a newborn costume.”

Listen : “Love as a Weapon

Oh Wonder survived an 60 -mph attack from an umbrella.

FilmMagic via Getty Images

“An umbrella pole flew through the front window of our tour bus at 60 mph.”

Listen : “Without You

Grace Potter saw someone accidentally light their face on fire.

Andrew Chin via Getty Images

“I watched a lady catch on fire trying to show off[ by spitting] whiskey into a fire one time. Yeah, I assured her face catch on fire. … There are so many, it’s funny. Well, how about this one? We stopped at a Walmart, and everyone in the band and crew on my team bought these onesie nighties that are entailed for little children and set them on and strayed around the store totally normal until we were escorted out. Were we escorted out or did we escort ourselves out? [ Publicist: Well, I think we were escorted out but I think it was because it was closing or something ?] Yeah, they found a gentle reason to get us out of there, but we were definitely milling around in children’s clothing.”

Listen : “Stars

Preservation Hall Band had a musical moment with a founding member of Grateful Dead.

Tim Mosenfelder via Getty Images

“Watching our clarinetist Charlie Gabriel trade licks with Bob Weir was crazy … Crazy in a beautiful,’ I can’t believe this is happening’ way.”

Listen : “That’s It

Prinze George nearly got lost in a ghost town.

Kris Connor via Getty Images

“Twain Town in Missouri was probably the craziest thing we’ve considered on tour. It was a rest stop we made on the way to Chicago from Kansas. It was like a ghost town, super empty, and looked like something out of the 1930 s. Isabelle[ de Leon] and our tour director were freaking out and didn’t think we’d make it out alive. It was pretty creepy, but I was into it.”

Listen : “Victor

Nathaniel Rateliff& The Night Sweats assured a couple doing a very intimate thing right outside their tour bus.

Jordi Vidal via Getty Images

“Anilingus outside our bus, two days ago in Zurich. They had no notion that our bus was full of people watching.”

Listen : “S.O.B .

Rufus du Sol endured Russian policemen storming a club with assault rifles.

Jason G. Bahr via Getty Images

“Cops in Moscow storming a club with assault rifles was pretty intense. They ran behind the booth and had the DJ stop playing.”

Listen : “Say a Prayer For Me

The Julie Ruin has ensure Kathleen Hanna tattoos everywhere.

Tim Mosenfelder via Getty Images

”I didn’t realize so many people have[ frontwoman and former Bikini Kill founder] Kathleen’s face tattooed on them.”

Listen : “I’m Done

Silversun Pickups considered a burger truck engulfed in flames outside their show.

Bill McCay via Getty Images

”Outside of our show in Sheffield in the U.K ., a burger truck was engulfed in flames. People were cheering since they are apparently believed the food was’ shite.’ Also, I opened our bus door after a show in Arkansas and Judge Reinhold was sitting inside. No idea how he got there. Nice fellow … ” Brian Aubert, founding member

Listen : “Circadian Rhythm( Last Dance )

Lindsey Stirling had a driver who wove through traffic on the wrong side of the freeway.

Mark Horton via Getty Images

”One time, we were in the Philippines[ and] our driver went backwards in traffic. Traffic was so bad, we had a police bodyguard basically a policeman on a motorcycle in front of us. But traffic was so bad, and we had to get to the airport, that he literally jumped through this hole in the median and took us onto the other side of the superhighway so we could get to the airport on time.”

Listen : “The Arena

Tourist had fun on a cruise ship.

Jason Kempin via Getty Images

”At Ultra Music festival, the back stage area is a cruise ship.”

Listen : “Run

White Lung witnessed the disturbing disposal of a Saint Bernard.

Dan Dennison via Getty Images

”Our guitarist Kenny swears he saw a dead Saint Bernard flung on the side of the superhighway once. No one believes him.”

Listen : “Below

The Panorama Music Festival kicks off on New York City’s Randall’s Island beginning July 22, 2016.

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