What The Hell Happened To Our Compassion?

3 months, 10 days ago
What the actual fuck is happening to our compassion? I have noticed a slow leak over the past several months, but like whiplash to my heart, it has almost disappeared altogether overnight. Where has it run, and what can we do to bring it back ? I am a highly sensitive person( HSP) and empath- there is no wonder I am feeling the enormous weight of all the negativity I am insuring and reading. It is surrounding me, choking me. I woke up the morning after the global Womens March and couldn’t help but suppose- is this our new normal ?

Like an overnight sensation, peoples opinion on things and need to voice that belief seemed paramount over any type of compassionate understanding or healthy human conversation. With the absence of empathy, the criticizing and attacks, and deterioration of kindness in our media- especially the kind coming from the keyboards of many of my own friends- I am taking a break. I am taking a break from hate.

I vow not to involve myself or my terms in any thread that involves harmful or threatening confrontations.

Let me be clear I will not hide away, or stop sharing my journey on social media because I believe that love and kindness, compassion and humanity genuinely do subdue the repetitive dislike discourse thats blanketed this country but I also believe that those who remain in that negative narrative and space, and constantly share that with others, are not making any progress in their growth game and are actually constructing a digital wall of censure around themselves. And I refuse to be part of that .

Why is it so difficult to show compassion? Another question might be, why must people immediately jump to being so hurtful, deigning, to construct people feel inferior? The past few days, people can’t even peacefully protest on social media without feeling threatened. And by protest, I mean even make a statement that clearly wasnt written to invite argument or alternative truth.

Hell, the largest protest and rally in history, where more than 600 cities in this country, and millions and millions of people across the world came together sending messages of unity to defend human rights of all divisions and beliefs for many merely provoked rage and dislike as a response. In the most simplistic kind, the marchings were a beautiful reminder of what We the People can come together and do together- that We the People is not simply a preamble, but a collage of identities with a bodyof belief rising up From Sea to Shining Sea, went on to say that social justice and human rights will not be sacrificed or limited only to those who can afford them.

The message in my mind was pretty clear we have come too far and worked too hard for our rights to be taken away- and when rights are threatened( which is exactly what is happening ), rights that defend the color of our skin, protect the lady proportions between our legs, make public policies that prevent us from living in poverty, help people like me pay back student loans, allow for a diverse melting pot of amazing humans, or let mother earth to grow instead of deny climate change( just to name a few) when these are threatened we must rise up . If you disagree with me on anything that I post, please recollect there is absolutely no need to be entail and disrespectful, there is a difference between disagree and contempt. What I have watched, even by some who call me their friend is hate speech or use terms like rape, murder, fuck bitches, whiny newborns. Let me get this straight you think those words are going to win me over? You think those words are words that should be part of the current political disposition? You candidly believe that you sound intelligent by utilizing terms like that to defend your opinion ?

I cannot speak for anyone else, but what you are actually doing to me is frightening the shit out of me. I am profoundly moved by those that choose the high ground when communicating with one another, especially those with differing opinions, I love those humen so much but for those who have chosen to abandon compassion and kind behavior you scare me, and you have more than disrespected my voice as your friend – you have intersected a line.

I love you no matter your political opinion- but I will delete your comments and unfriend you if they are threatening to anyone or have an ulterior motive. If opinions alone insight so much intense disgust, then we have a problem- that’s not how this works. I don’t pressure or force-out my views on anyone- and I can be both conservative on many issues and also be a modern hippie at the same time- that is what being American is all about.

I know myself well enough to know what my limits are, what I am able to handle and emotionally espouse. I know that self-care must be a priority when you feel so connected to people, especially when my main purpose on social media is sharing my personal journey in order to inspire and lift onus on both sides.

When the burden becomes too heavy to carry however, it is time for a different approach- one that takes care of your sensitive heart, but that also allows you to remain strong enough to share your voice in what seems to be a climate of lost compassion .

I read this somewhere, forgive me for not remember, but whoever wrote it I want to be your friend. They wrote I give a fuck. I give lots of fucks, actually. I am basically a prostitute of feelings. Not only is this a big part of my truth as an empath, it reminds me that I wish people would wash their souls clean and start focusing on what rebuilds, restores and harmonizes with the very best that could come if we set all that energy into something other than what separates us. The only thing I have the energy to focus on isloveand what impacts myGrowth Game. Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity these days- So what do we do?

How do we cope when, for many of us, the world is one big emotional trigger- Answer: We wage the struggle by being our very best selves, rise above and crusade. So I focus on what heals me, what I considerself-careandtherapy, and allows me to bestrongenough to continue loving humanity no matter how ugly we get. I gettattooed, Ipaint, I write, Iroad cycle and operate, Ipuppy-love, Imentor, Idance, Icook, and I use the media as a platform for good, trying to show whatcompassionand healing looks like.

I embrace thediversityofhopeandresilienceacross any barrier. The weight of dislike is exhausting, and what’s worse is the constant chattering that surrounds it. Talk about love, talking here impactful advocacy, and be kind to each other. Use your voice to influence what’s hopeful, because our world is too focused on the things and people who want to take that voice away. Make your little world bubble impenetrable to anything but love .

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