I’m 32, and I just watched all 6 ‘Star Wars’ movies for the first time

4 months, 13 days ago

Have you ever felt like a total outsider? Like everyone is in on the gag but you?

That is how I felt on Force Friday, when I expended an unhealthy number of hours at Toys “R” Us in Times Square waiting for the new Star Wars toys to be released. The whole hour I was hiding a huge secret. I had never seen a Star Wars movie.

Its not that I havent tried. My brother was of the view that we go to a midnight screening of Episode I, and I promptly fell asleep the second the room went dark. I tried to watch Episode IV last year … and fell asleep. Do I suffer from Star Wars-induced narcolepsy?

To be clear, I have not been living in a bubble my whole life. As Chris Taylor notes in his volume How Star Wars Conquered The Universe, “Star Wars become one movie series for which it is always perfectly acceptable in modern society to discuss spoilers.” Perhaps that’s because everyone assumes you’ve find Star Wars. So, I knew some things going into the movies.I knew who Darth Vader was and that he was someones father. I had heard that Jar Jar Binks was not well liked, but I didn’t know why. I knew that Han Solo shot first, but I had no notion who he shot.

While at Toys “R” Us, I ensure people of all ages get aroused about this world. What was all the hype about? What was worth standing in line until midnight for? I had to know. I needed to be in the in-crowd. I needed to watch all of the Star Wars movies. And I had one conveniently period vacation day to do it.

I was nervous about entering the Star Wars world. I know that the movies are hallowed ground for many, and I was not sure how people would react to a newbie watching the movies the movies for the first time while live-tweeting them. Fortunately, from the second I posted my first tweet, I was feeling the Star Wars love. Fans greeted me with open arms.