10 Way To De-Stress If You Feel Like Your Mom Is Taking Over Your Wedding

4 months, 22 days ago

Everyone has heard of bridezillas and the destruction they can cause for their family, friends and even entire bridals with their abrasive the behaviours and ludicrous requests.

But sometimes, it’s not the bride who takes things route too far and steps her stilettos on everyone who is trying to help out with the wedding.

It’s the mom.

It’s super common for the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom to transform into a momzilla during the course of its wedding-planning process.

So if you’re a bride-to-be and are wondering if you should handle a momzilla by becoming a bridezilla, just know that’s the worst thing you could possibly do.

Try these 10 things instead 😛 TAGEND

1. Be real with her.

If you feel like you have a momzilla on your hands, the best thing you can do is have a conversation about the messy situation that’s going on.

Set limits and reinforce that you’re happy and grateful for an extra pair of hands to help out with the bridal, but the wedding is yours and merely yours. Oh, and your fianc’s, too. Don’t forget about that small little detail.

2. Ignore her.

If you’re not a confrontational person, that’s OK. Try to ignore the booming fights or petitions from a momzilla. Don’t let it crush your positive wedding vibe.

Playing the ignoring game may come in handy when you’re front and centre with making decisions. Remember to listen to yourself and your needs and wants first.

3. Use reverse psychology.

Sometimes momzillas are just acting like that because they are on a power journey. They want to have control over the bridal for many different reasons.

Using a bit of reversal phycology and only come to terms with what they say might actually work in your favor. You might notice this technique will induce them take their stance down a notch.

4. Give her a to-do list.

Instead of fighting flame with flame, act thankful for all the help your momzilla is devote. Then narrow down a couple of things you can maintain her busy with, and ask her to spearhead those tasks.

That way, she won’t interfere with wedding decisions and tasks you wishes to make and do on your own.

5. Say no.

Don’t be scared to take your wedding back into your own hands. Say no to things you don’t want to do or attitudes you don’t wishes to put up with.

In the end, bridals are about the people in their own homes getting married, so stand up tall and proud and put your foot down.

6. Get your guy involved.

If his mom is the one taking on the momzilla role, ask him to get involved and bring her back down to reality. Sometimes, having a second person involved in the momzilla mess is what it’ll take to knocking the situation back into order.

7. Take her out to dinner.

It may seem like something you perfectly can’t handle doing, but take your momzilla out to dinner. Sometimes getting together in a non-wedding setting is the perfect style to get everyone on the same page again and talk like humans.

8. Give her your ears.

You might be so aggravated and annoyed with your momzilla that you totally tune her out or dismiss her text. Instead, go with a listening approach.

Then you’ll really start to understand the reason behind the behaviour and can devise a plan based on that.

9. Put your wedding on hold.

If your bridal is like it’s getting out of control and it’s no longer something you even want, put the whole thing on hold. Take a step back. Run on a vacation with your fianc.

Don’t rush into a wedding where you’re feeling emphasized. It’ll easily show on your face in all of the photos.

10. Take a deep breath( a lot of them ).

Practice right now. Breathe in, and breathe out. Don’t stop doing this.

It’ll be the only way you make it through the bridal escapade with a momzilla( or two) by your side.

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