Roy Moore, Jerusalem and LGBT rights: Why is religion so divisive?

4 months, 27 days ago

Washington( CNN) Religion didn’t come up when Jack Phillips, a Christian baker in Colorado, told a lesbian couple he wouldn’t make their bridal cake in the summer of 2012. Shaken and embarrassed, Charlie Craig and David Mullins say they quickly left the shop without seeking an explanation.

“He shared his religion, and I shared mine, ” said Munn, who attends a nondenominational church in Wyoming. “Within a minute I knew there was nothing more to be said.”

After 5 years of litigation, the dispute between the lesbian couple and Christian baker reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday. But while lawyers debated the legal issues in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a different define topics could be asked about the conversation between Phillips and Munn.