OkCupid Shoots& Misses With Controversial Question About ‘People With Low IQs’ Being ‘Allowed To Reproduce’

2 months, 23 days ago

This is so not okay…

OkCupid is supposed to be place where people can go online to satisfy other single individuals and eventually fall in love.

However, users are

People familiar with the popular app are likely aware that there are a multitude of questions asked when creating an account to calculate match potential with other daters — but UK user Ciara Lawrence was shocked when she was inspired to answer a query about euthanasia on Thursday!

Ciara has a learning disability herself, so be careful to ensure that OkCupid wanted to know if she believed “the world would be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce” struck her to her core:

So much so, in fact, that she started a petition to get the courtship company to apologize, saying 😛 TAGEND

“The inclusion of a really hurtful topic on OkCupid’s site shows that these bad attitudes still exist.When I watched the issues to I felt disgusted. I don’t get why that should even be a question!

I hope that the petition changes OkCupid’s attitude. If they just satisfied people with a learning disability and talked to them I don’t think they would believe it was okay to ask this question.”

We completely agree, Ciara!

But are they asking because they think it’s a legitimate phase? Or so you can make sure to find a mate that DOESN’T think that way?

What do U think about the questionable OkCupid question in question ??

[ image via Ciara Lawrence/ Mencap .]

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