There are so many great volumes here, but most kids won’t read them for school.

4 months, 29 days ago

I think it’s really weird that in school you always have to read books the hell is decades if not centuries old. Don’t get me wrong: They’re great books, and they should be read. But it irks me that there’s a derisive stance toward volumes written more recently, especially if they’re popular ( What, we can’t teach “Harry Potter” or “Eleanor& Park” in school ?), and I can’t quite figure out why. Is it because they’re writes to more modern speech that’s easier to understand? Is it because kids might actually enjoy them, and heaven forbid we stimulate learning fun and accessible? What is it ?

Here’s a list of fantastic books written in the 21 st century. It’s a great example of how many wonderful volumes have been written in our recent past, and I guess more of them should be taught in schools.

Except for “Twilight.” Burn the “Twilight” books.

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