Chelsea Handler’s Hillary pledge is no joke to her adherents

5 months, 9 days ago

Comedian Chelsea Handler, starring of the Netflix series” Chelsea Does ,” is no fan of Donald Trump, as a quick scan of her Twitter timeline makes abundantly clear. Fortunately for her, Trump( and the media covering him) don’t hesitate to provide plenty of gag material, such as his reference to his penis size during the most recent Republican debate, and his improvised pledge that looked suspiciously like a Nazi salute in still shots.

That tweet’s a couple of days old. Handler maintained things on the cutting edgetoday by tweeting about #InternationalWomensDay.

That tweet certainly looks like an attempt to squeezing one more gag out of Trump’s loyalty pledge, but Handler’s followers didn’t find it a laughter matter. If you’re a comedian and your audience isn’t sure if what you just said is a joke or not, it might be wise to drop it from the act.

President Hillary Clinton is no laughing matter to these folks.

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