Mom’s Photo Breastfeeding 2 Kids Went Viral Because Of Her Inspiring Message

5 months, 9 days ago

I dont have kids, but from what Ive ensure, being a mom is like having a second full-time chore on top of already having a career.

Brooklyn-based artist Hein Koh doesnt let being a mother to her adorable twin daughters, Oneida and Amelia, get in the way of her passion, creativity and work.

The 40 -year-old posted an old photo, taken by spouse Jim Horowitz, that featuresher breastfeeding both twins at simply five weeks old while working on her laptop in bed.

#tbt 5/19/ 15 when my #twins were 5 weeks old and despite the sleep deprivation and frequent( every 2-3 hours, 24 -7, 45

Posted by Hein Koh onThursday, August 18, 2016

Wow. Thats taking multitasking to a whole new level.

But for Koh, it was necessary to work and take care of her children 24/7.

The photo, along with Kohs message, is inspiring to many( The Facebook post has been shared over 2,000 days .) because the image of a full-timemother and artist isnt quite the norm just yet 😛 TAGEND

Becoming a mom( of twins no less) has personally helped me become a better artist I learned to be extremely efficient with my day, prioritize whats important and “lets get going” of the remainder, and multitasklike a champ. I learned to function( even if barely) on very little sleep, and out of the chaos, lunacy and even torture at times, a deluge of new emotions entered into my work, becoming more interesting& layered as a result.

My mom is a successful entrepreneur, and Ill never forget how she workedtirelessly in a home office every day. She builther company from the ground up, while still taking care of me and my brother. Thiswas, and still is, on the more unusual side.

Kohs post was a response to artist Marina Abramovics point of view that children hold women backbecause having children would take precious energy away from run .~ ATAGENDShe also thought herphoto was hilarious, and she had no idea it would inspire so many women.

At the end of the working day, Kohs attitude shows that you can make the most out of any situation. She writes in her post,

Parenting is like any other challenge in life the biggest fucking challenge in my own life thus far and if you embrace it and figure out creative solutions, you can emerge a better person.

Koh knows that every mama, woman and artist is different. She only observed an efficient way to care for her children and hustle at the same time that works for her.

She demonstrates that you dont have to give up imagination if you become a mommy. You merely have to learn how to adapt, like with any other tough situation in life.

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