A Mom Of 4 Filmed Herself Getting Her Babies Ready For The Day I’m Impressed!

3 months, 10 days ago

Having a kid is a ton of work. Anyone that believes being a parent is easy is sorely mistaken. You are molding a human being to be a productive member of society…at the same time, you need to clean up their nappies, feed them, teach them to speak — the listing goes on!

But if you think having one child comes with a ton of responsibilities, try having four !

This Canadian mom lately posted a video of how she gets her little ones ready for the working day — it just demonstrates that being a parent requires superhuman skills.

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Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

( via BuzzFeed)

I’m sure a lot of people aren’t envious of this family, but thankfully, this mama is a specialist child wrangler. No one is crawling away on her watch! Seem how efficiently she gets her tiny tykes ready for another day.

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