Kentucky Governor Orders County Clerks’ Names Will Be Removed From Marriage Licenses!

5 months, 16 days ago

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is building some changes after that whole Kim Davis controversy.

On Tuesday, the Republican official issued an executive order that says district clerks’ names are no longer required to appear on wedding documents.

The 48 -year-old brought about the policy change so he could make sure that the “sincerely held religious beliefs of all Kentuckians are honored.”

When Kim first refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, she claimed she was breaking the law because providing those documents goes against her religion.

And since the 50 -year-old returned to her posture following her arrest, sources say she’s been altering the licenses so that her name and district don’t appear on the papers because she believes that would be a kind of endorsement.

So now, the newly-elected governor hopes that removing those names will resolve the religion hesitation.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky is not happy about this order. The Union — which represented couples whose licenses were initially denied — thinks this decision will only attain things more confusing.

ACLU legal direction William Sharp said:

“Governor Bevin’s executive action has added to the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over matrimony licensing in Kentucky. The requirement that the county clerk’s name appear on wedding licenses is prescribed by Kentucky law and is not subject to unilateral change by the governor confessed by the previous administration in court filings.”

He continued 😛 TAGEND

“Government officials, from the highest to the lowest, have a responsibility and responsibility to impartially administer the laws that is available, ” he added, “not the laws as they wish them to be.”

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