Watch Amy Schumer& Goldie Hawn HIGHlariously Get In Formation In Their Beyonce-Inspired Music Video!

5 months, 19 days ago

You know what they say! Imitation is the highest form ation of flattery!


The actresses got into formation while filming a movie together, and now we get to see the HIGHlarious result!

On Friday, the blondes released a charade video of Queen Bey’s single — titled Get In Formation — showcasing the lovely dames lip syncing to the powerful anthem, attempting the iconic artist’s choreography, and also mixing in some moves of their own!

The Comedy Central superstar took to Twitter to explain how this video came to be, posting 😛 TAGEND

The funny clip is on Tidal , so if you’re not a member, you can ch-ch-check out a 30 -second snippet( below )!

[ Image via Tidal .]

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